Rechargeable/Wearable Running LED Light

Whether you like running at the crack of dawn with the early birds or after the sun goes down with the night owls, being seen and staying safe is an issue you shouldn’t have to be concerned about as you pound out the miles. To keep your focus on the run and the road before you, make sure you have a light that is not only dependable, but versatile enough to handle any situation you find yourself in.

At only 3 oz., our devices won’t slow you down and can be mounted anywhere. With 360 Degree Lighting™ tested at 5+ miles, each device offers static lighting modes as well as flashing options in the front and back. Guardian Angel’s waterproof and shockproof construction will provide the confidence you need on every run, and give you the peace of mind that you’re running with one of the best performance lights you will find anywhere.

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    White/Green Wearable Safety Light

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  • Micro®

    White/Orange Wearable Safety Light

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    White/Yellow Wearable Safety Light

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    White/Red Wearable Safety Light

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    White / White Multi-Functional

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    White/Red & Yellow Wearable Safety Light

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    White/Green Wearable Safety Light

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  • Elite®

    White/Red Wearable Safety Light

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    Arm Strap with Magnetic Mount

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    Jaw Clip Spring Mount with Magnetic Mount

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    Small Universal Clip Magnetic Mount

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Featured Reviews

  1. Smaller than expected and works better

    William Pavone (verified owner)

    The Micro is so small I can carry it everywhere, it may even replace my daily carry LED emergency light. Very bright wide area lighting yet dims to very useable output with long battery life. The super strong magnet allow me to attach this anywhere, even on walls with metal studs, corner edging or even just drywall screws like a built in stud finder. The disk magnet allows me to mount onto clothing even when running, it even has a little safety loop to attach a lanyard. Bought the dash mount & clip accessories that are useable on all models. Wahoo !

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  2. Absolutely Phenomenal

    James Tommer

    I got this device for attaching to my plate carrier that I use for running after having a few close calls with cars on the side of the road. This thing is BRIGHT. It absolutely advertises you to all drivers on the road and keeps you safe. The device itself is sturdy and all of the buttons are strong. The magnet is super strong and you never have to worry about it falling off. I have not tested it, but I assume this device could be dropped from low orbit and survive the fall.I would recommend this device to everyone and anyone .

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  3. Extremely versatile light!

    Patrick Kerr (verified owner)

    One system for all my nocturnal hobbies (kayak fishing, jon boat fishing, biking, running). I used to have a different lighting setup for each activity, each having a number of shortcomings. This is the best setup I’ve found so far. I primarily use the micro series on the water (red/green in front, white in back). I’m confident in the micros on the water and don’t have to worry about AA, AAA, 3v batteries corroding or petering out at the wrong time. Just keep the micros charged up and you’re g2g.

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  4. Perfect for traffic enforcement

    Dane Money (verified owner)

    A large part of my job is running stationary speed control, so I’m walking out in the road on a regular basis. Since using the guardian angel (red/blue) on my vest, I feel much more visible, and I’ve noticed cars seem to react to me much faster than before. Love this thing!

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  5. Great for police work!

    Chris Beloin (verified owner)

    For our needs, we use the blue/red Guardian Elite Series for traffic control, accidents and other occasions where high visibility needs are present when we are deployed in Wisconsin. Most often these are attached on our shoulder epilates or on traffic vests while outside the vehicles. For a couple years now, we have supplied these lights in each of our vehicles. Most recently I did traffic control for a local non-profit running event and this device delivered great visibility while guiding runners and vehicles in an otherwise uncontrolled road situation. It was easy to use the magnetic clip to attached to my uniform.I have not found a more powerful on-body safety light which can be easily recharged between events, and it offers water resistance against rain and snow. It is small and compact, yet offers a strong lighted signal to drivers that we (and those we are protecting) are present in road situations and cautions them to slow down or heed our directional instructions.For me, it is an essential part of my everyday uniform gear and works very well for traffic control work. Thanks for offering this great technology.

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  6. Arm Strap with Magnetic Mount

    Game changer.

    Josh F. (verified owner)

    I like this because now, I can use my GA elite while running and, in a limited role, while using my firearm. I can have visibility on the ground or in front of me.

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    Ronnie Floyd (verified owner)

    The Guardian is SO BRIGHT that a motorist cannot miss seeing you from enough distance to safely avoid and pass you. The patterns and intensity of the LED's help to instill a confidence in you for walking/running/biking in darkness or dimly lit areas. Easy to use, easy to re-charge, easy to attach and so light in weight.

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  8. Arm Strap with Magnetic Mount

    A Must for Running

    Dave Endlich (verified owner)

    Outstanding for strapping to my forearm for running in the dark. It will give you your hands back since you won't need a flashlight again.

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  9. Very Bright and Versitile

    Dave Endlich (verified owner)

    I own 3 of these devices. I use one for police work and the other two for running. Cannot beat the battery life and you can beat these things up without worry. They hit it out of the park with these things. I recommend the arm strap if you plan on running with one.

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  10. Guardian Angel Jaw Clip Mount

    Jaw clip Spring Mount, Durability:

    Ron Parker (verified owner)

    This Jaw clip Spring Mount Durability is Massive on staying in place whatever you are during running, jumping or just standing its like a stud inside a 6" wood frame home, Highly recommended.

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  11. Very bright little device.

    Andres Acevedo (verified owner)

    I bought it because I saw a few coworkers using the same device and found it really useful as an extra safety precaution. I work night shift at a medium size city police department and use it while running traffic and to illuminate my work space. It is incredibly bright and the red dimmable light is really useful. Buttons are big enough to operate with gloves.

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  12. Awesome Product

    Jason Rock (verified owner)

    Purchased this product for visibility while running shoveling snow along roadside. The quality is excellent, the light patterns/brightness levels are perfect for visibility in various weather situations.In the summer, this will be part of my motorcycle safety kit along with the suction cup mount. Would highly recommend this product to anyone who may find themselves in a precarious situation where visibility could save injury. Jason RockNova Scotia

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  13. A must for safety!

    Matt M (verified owner)

    I purchased my micro green/white Guardian angel after using my elite for awhile. Don’t let the word Micro fool you when it comes to this product. Yes it is smaller than the bigger models but it is very bright and visible from a distance. I purchased this for my personal use when I go running or biking when I’m off duty. The light patterns make you very visible while enjoying your outdoor off duty hobbies. I also purchased the bike mount strap to attach my bicycle. I would highly recommend this bright little micro if you’re looking to stay visible and safe!!

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  14. Guardian Angel Micro Series IR Infrared

    Great product

    Jose Castro (verified owner)

    This is a great item if your are running tactical night operations. Easily visible with night vision at a pretty good distance. Only complaint was that the battery doesn’t last very long while In a continuous use. Other than that it’s a great product.

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  15. Jason G. Jacob (verified owner)

    I purchased this light for the purpose of having a safety light for running at night. The light is very bright and really grabs the attention of passing cars in the area. I feel very safe with this light on while exercising. The construction is very durable and you can tell that it’s of a high quality . The magnet is very strong and really sticks to the base. I have the armband and the clip attachment and they both hold the light securely. I highly recommend this light.

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  16. Whoops! battery died.. but still amazing! lol

    Trung Nguyen (verified owner)

    Perhaps I greatly underestimated how often this little guy needed to be recharged.. Fully charged, I took it out one evening for a ride which was probably only 30 min or so... Didn't think to check the battery level before putting it away.. or even to check before I used it next..Second evening in on a little longer ride.. maybe 40-50 min or so.. never even noticed the light had turned off because it was positioned behind me.. Got to destination and was like.. uh oh..Had been running full brightness both times.. but lesson learned.. tiny thing at max brightness.. battery isn't going to last too long.. alas.. it charged up again really quickly and still an amazing little thing. It keeps me visible to other vehicles on the road and that's why I got one.

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  17. Incredibly helpful

    Richard Silvano (verified owner)

    I use these lights to attach to oversize loads and equipment. They work perfect for placing lights exactly where you need them to provide the greatest coverage and decrease our chances of an accident or strike. During low-light conditions you can see oncoming traffic move much farther over than when we're not running these lights on the extreme ends of loads. Couldn't be happier with the performance of these lights. Bought 2.of them and then bought 2 more after the first use.

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  18. Everybody needs one!

    Maya Ptak (verified owner)

    I work days and my husband works nights. I bought this for him and ever since, he’s told me how helpful it’s been. Especially on the interstate at night. He has used his light on traffic stops, accident scenes, searching cars, and searching for those that get a kick running from us guys and gals in blue. He brags often about it and now has half of his department planning on getting one for themselves!! I no longer work nights, but I do find myself out at night quite often. I knew this was an awesome product when I purchased it, but figured I may not really need it any longer because of my shift change. Now, I’m reconsidering after seeing it up close. I realize this light isn’t just helpful for the nightshifters…. It’s also helpful for us daytime folks, especially those like me who end up leaving their flashlight in their car and not on their duty belt!!

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  19. Very usefull!

    Samuel Tremblay (verified owner)

    I have my device for 3 weeks now and I love it! It's hands free with the accessories and very bright. The red led in front is perfect for low-light reading and the white is powerfull for seeing what's in front of me. The red flashing light at the back is perfect for trafic stop to be visible. Still having my pocket flashlight on me, but i'm rarely using it now! Even off-duty, my device is very usefull when I go out running with my dog! I just have to pop one of the accessories on his harness and we're fully visible. I curently have the White/Red version.

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  20. Arm Strap with Magnetic Mount

    Essential Accessories for Runner

    DW (verified owner)

    If you plan to buy a GA device for running, I highly recommend the (Arm Strap) accessory. The 15" Short arm strap is best used if you have a light jacket or if it's directly strap on your arm. If you run during the winter season I recommend buying the 19.50" Long arm strap the extra length allows the user to wear a thicker jacket while still providing comfort and a secure fit.

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  21. Works great and very bright

    Craig (verified owner)

    I can't believe how bright this is while running on a battery. I bought this to put on my atv for plowing at night to be seen. I feel very comfortable with this device doing that. This is my fourth one I bought. I might buy another one to keep in my truck.

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  22. Brighter than I thought

    Craig (verified owner)

    I got this to put on my atv when plowing at night. I'm sure I will be seen with this. And the plus is I don't have the hassle of running wires to power it

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  23. Incredible light…. Period!

    Rudy Capelo (verified owner)

    Incredible power to use in the guard and running club! We definitely alerted traffic and they moved away from us. I highly recommend this light and if you guys sent me some, I could easily sell these!

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  24. Very Dependable Unit

    JEFF DAWSON (verified owner)

    I use this product when I'm our running in the morning I love how bright it is. People can see the flashing lights. The fact I can place it on my shoulder and not worry about it falling off is also a huge plus. The heavy duty magnet that attaches to the unit make it a secure and confidence builder. I would recommend this for anyone who works or has outdoor activity.

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  25. Safety and Staying Noticed - A+

    Albert Quackenbush (verified owner)

    For the past two weeks, I have used my GA light for my nightly walks with my dog. Having the bright white front light on full power and the back orange liner light going ensures people in front and behind can see me. It's been a great help! I plan to use it on my hunting trips, too. I have a couple suggestions though. Offering an optional tether of some sort for those who wear this on their back would be one. If we are busting brush, the light could come off (it has, I verified). The lights, on full power, last around 2 hours before going completely dead. There is no warning that they are running low that I have found. Having the light go dim would be a benefit and allow someone to get a flashlight out of their pack with a little light left. Overall, this is a great light and I am glad I purchased one!

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