Rechargeable/Wearable Running LED Light

Whether you like running at the crack of dawn with the early birds or after the sun goes down with the night owls, being seen and staying safe is an issue you shouldn’t have to be concerned about as you pound out the miles. To keep your focus on the run and the road before you, make sure you have a light that is not only dependable, but versatile enough to handle any situation you find yourself in.

At only 3 oz., our devices won’t slow you down and can be mounted anywhere. With 360 Degree Lighting™ tested at 5+ miles, each device offers static lighting modes as well as flashing options in the front and back. Guardian Angel’s waterproof and shockproof construction will provide the confidence you need on every run, and give you the peace of mind that you’re running with one of the best performance lights you will find anywhere.

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  1. Arm Strap with Magnetic Mount

    Works Great

    Zachary Bleile (verified owner)

    This arm band seems to make it so much more safe for me running in the dark i recommend to eveyone.

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  2. Great alternative to the full size for cone use.

    C Siano (verified owner)

    At first, I didn't think I would like this. The lower LED count didn't seem to be as effective. However, this little device has a secret in the multiple flash patterns. Press the front or rear button and it goes on solid. Press a second time and you get a very noticeable inside-out flash pattern that I think catches attention far easier than a strobe without being exceptionally bright. Press a third time and you get a pattern that indicates motion. When placed on a cone, it's like having an indicator telling you which side of the cone you should pass on. The front and rear both move to the same side, so you can easily turn it around to indicate the other side. We set this on a cone next to a running water source with the indicator showing the side that was safe to cross. Several people remarked that the indicator caught their attention to slow down and the motion made it clear which way to proceed. Given the lower price point, these are ideal for traffic direction and similar uses.

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  3. Gregorio Alaffa (verified owner)

    Love this device it’s one of these safety lights I’ve ever owned. The bright long range visibility is perfect for many outdoor activities like running, biking, fishing and hunting. As a law enforcement officer it is a great tool to have during night patrol. I highly recommend this product to everyone.

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  4. Best safety for night time and foggy calls

    Brian Hultman (verified owner)

    As a Firefighter I have bought several of these devices. Here in the mountains there are no street lights anywhere and very often heavy fog. During accident calls which are 99% for our calls I always attach one of these on my turnout gear. The added visibility has saved my butt several times from people nit paying attention to the road because they are looking at the wreck and the light from these catching their attention and not running me over.

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  5. Universal Clip Mount with Magnetic Mount


    Rebecca A Alford (verified owner)

    The clip is amazing this gift to my husband was a great addition to his search& rescue/ recovery gear for his blood hound . The device has held up to running in the woods in training behide the dog. My husband doesn't get paid he does this volunteer and loves to be an asset to the community we live in. Thank you all so much.

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  6. law_enforcement_wearable_led_light

    A dynamic tool to keep you safe

    Arturo Gutierrez (verified owner)

    First of all I am very appreciative with the GA Team, because they helped me resolved satisfactorily some shipping issues I encountered! I bought my first GA Device a few days ago and had the opportunity to used it for the first time last night while I went for a night run. I was impressed by how comfortable it was to wear it on my shoulder while running 3 miles. I noticed that cars were able to see me, stopped and allow me to cross the street safely. The device performed though the 3 mile run and never falter. I am a SAR Volunteer and ordered a second unit two days ago. I highly recommended because of its quality and performance! Kudos to GA!

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  7. Arm Strap with Magnetic Mount

    Must have accessory for walking/hiking/runners!

    Mark Taylor (verified owner)

    I use a Guardian Angel light while working as a police officer. My son runs cross country and I purchased one for him to wear on early morning and late night runs with his team and solo runs. He often runs shirtless and the band allows him to attach the light to his upper arm and not worry about it falling off. He also loves the fact that he can turn the light downward and illuminate his path while running trails. The band stays on when he is soaked with sweat. We clean it with gentle soap in the sink and hang it up to dry. I want to buy myself another GA to wear while I walk/run to get in better shape. Awesome product!

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  8. Universal Clip Mount with Magnetic Mount

    Handy clip

    KRF (verified owner)

    I keep this for non-epaulet use, such as running, etc. I keep this clip on my go-pack so it’s handy. A little hard to clip onto thicker items, but it stays.

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  9. Game changer in the world of illumination!

    Erwin Aquino (verified owner)

    Definitely attracts attention from motorist when biking and running. So many useful applications.

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  10. Safety first

    ReSheá Tuff (verified owner)

    I love everything about it especially the stobe function. I use it at night when my kids on there light up scooters or just running around the yard

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  11. Nonmetallic Surface Adhesive and Screw Magnetic Mount

    Great tool

    R. Jay Phelps (verified owner)

    Have used it on my vehicle several times while running my K9 and it has assisted greatly

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  12. law_enforcement_wearable_led_light

    Great for Safety and Visibility!

    J. Leal (verified owner)

    I use my GA to stay visible for motorists while I am running. I run ultramarathons and run many miles in the street where there are no sidewalks. After purchasing this device, I have noticed that vehicles are now moving away from me and give me space. Before I had a GA, motorists would drive extremely and dangerously close to me.

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  13. Arm Strap with Magnetic Mount

    Comfortable and Stays in Place!

    J Leal (verified owner)

    This band allows me to keep my GA on my arm while running. I run ultras, and this band stays in place and is comfortable to wear.

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  14. Absolutely worth every penny !

    Shaun Gary (verified owner)

    I’ve had my device for two weeks now and wear it everyday. While working a fatal crash with interstate closure I was told by a motorist that I was very visible and that they had seen the device from a long way off. We work several crash’s and this device may prevent someone from running me down. Worth every cent and very easy to use. I’m completely satisfied with my purchase.

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  15. Arm Strap with Magnetic Mount

    Comfortable and nice fit

    Jake (verified owner)

    I use this if i’m running or cycling was really surprised how good the magnet is I have no worry’s about losing my GA

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  16. Bright!

    Jake (verified owner)

    I use it for work when i’m checking my vehicle in the dark or if i’m working in the road. When i’m running on the road or cycling you can see the cars slow down much earlier and move round you much wider great product

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  17. Great Safety Light For Runners

    Fred Harris (verified owner)

    I recently purchased a Guardian Angel Device for my wife with yellow and white LED’s specifically for running. Whether she runs on the road shoulder or in town, the Guardian Angel Device is an outstanding safety device that has exceeded all expectations. Traffic can now see her VERY clearly and has now eliminated those close calls due to distracted drivers. It has also been a great help at intersections where drivers now see her without question. The safety that this device has provided creates a safe running environment. Thank you Guardian Angel.

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  18. How blindingly bright it is

    Sam Randel (verified owner)

    Running tow trucks day an night I'm on the side of the road or in the back woods a lot. The steady glow helps a lot trying to see where I'm walking or cleaning up car parts. The strobe setting has saved my life so far more then a few times. I LOVE my.little anhel

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  19. Absolutely love it

    Spencer Wasden

    Best light I have ever purchased for running/taking out the dogs/working on the car. I love how bright the light is and that you can adjust the brightness easily. I will definitely be purchasing more in the future

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  20. Universal Clip Mount with Magnetic Mount

    Perfect belt clip!

    J Leal (verified owner)

    This clip allows me to carry my GA on my belt. It does not give me any issues when running.

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  21. Perfect Clip

    J Leal (verified owner)

    I use this clip to attach my device to my vest. The spring loaded clip allows me to quickly take the device off/on my vest. The clip is strong and will not detach while running.

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  22. Exactly what I needed

    Alex (verified owner)

    I purchased the law enforcement blue edition about 2 months ago and love it. You cannot beat the durability or capability of this light at this price point. If you add in the multiple attachment options, there is nothing else like it on the market. Definitely recommend for anyone looking for a safety light or even for a hands free option for running/biking at night.

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  23. Never knew I needed it until I got it.

    Michael Bethke (verified owner)

    One year ago our county suffered the loss of one of our deputies due to being struck by a vehicle while at an accident on a busy highway. Since that time all agencies in the county have become more diligent about traffic safety like adding more traffic cones to the scenes education about traffic safety, etc. A Texas State Trooper from a neighboring county showed us his Guardian Angel device and we were amazed and how bright it was given the small size. I bit the bullet and spent my money to purchase one since I work full time on the ambulance and volunteer at the fire department. The first day I had it I was trying to write a patients medications down in a driveway on the hood of a patrol vehicle with no light. I remembered I threw my new Guardian Angel light up in the cubby hole in the ambulance and turned on the work light and it made my job a whole lot easier than trying to jungle my handheld flashlight. The next morning when I got off, it was cold and raining and the fire tones dropped for a turned over trailer on the busy highway running through our county. I popped the magnetic mount under my bunker coat and was surprised that it actually stayed on through the heavy material. I put it in full warning mode and went about directing traffic. I came to realize how it got its name that day. You feel a little safer knowing you have your “Guardian Angel” on your shoulder. It doesn’t take the place of “keeping your head ona swivel” but it is definitely a good tool to have in your arsenal. Our fire department is about to purchase a device for all out members for Christmas Presents.

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  24. Arm Strap with Magnetic Mount

    Sturdy, proper mount for running

    T (verified owner)

    Bought the L variant, looking at the size the Small version is for kids. Nice fit and strong velcro. Does not slide down during running. Magnet is sown in the strap with genuine leather. GA device does not rotate, remains firm in place.

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  25. Jaron Londono (verified owner)

    Great clip, easily attaches to me uniform shirt or my external carrier to carry my GA device. I love that it has the added option to use the screws to give that extra security in the device not coming off the clip while one running or in a fight.

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