First Responder EMS Safety Light

For EMS responders, saving lives is stressful enough; we feel you shouldn’t also have to worry about being seen while you’re doing your job. Research shows that 12% of EMS worker deaths are caused by personnel being struck by vehicles. We at Guardian Angel are on a mission to ensure you see not only what’s in front of you, but be seen by oncoming traffic as well as your fellow rescuers.

Our GA Elite Series™ are lightweight 2-in-1 wearable and mountable personal safety devices with a 360º Illumination® light aspect ratio, 5+ miles of visibility, multiple colored lighting options and a durable waterproof and shockproof casing that offers you complete peace of mind while you’re on the job.

Whether you’re trying to save a civilian life or find yourself injured, pinned, or in need of rescue yourself, our proven multi-use safety light is one piece of equipment you can count on to keep you seen and safe.

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Featured Elite™ Devices

  • Elite®

    White/Yellow White/Yellow Wearable Safety Light

    (231) $109.99
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  • Elite®

    White/Red White/Red Wearable Safety Light

    (192) $109.99
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  • Elite®

    White/Yellow Wearable Safety Light

    (156) $109.99
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  • Elite®

    White/Red Wearable Safety Light

    (340) $109.99
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  • Elite®

    Blue/Blue Wearable Safety Light

    (336) $109.99
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Featured Micro™ Devices

  • Micro®

    Red/Red Wearable Safety Light

    (41) $59.99
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  • Micro®

    Yellow/Yellow Wearable Safety Light

    (49) $59.99
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  • Micro®

    Green/Green Wearable Safety Light

    (37) $59.99
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  • Micro®

    White/Yellow Wearable Safety Light

    (69) $59.99
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  • Micro®

    White/Red Wearable Safety Light

    (150) $59.99
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Featured Mounts/Accessories

  • Sale! Window Mount Bracket with Magnetic Mount

    Window Mount Bracket with Magnetic Mount

    (70) $9.99
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  • Guardian Angel Jaw Clip Mount

    Jaw Clip Spring Mount with Magnetic Mount

    (208) $17.99
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  • Small Universal Clip Magnetic Mount

    Small Universal Clip Magnetic Mount

    (15) $14.99
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  • Clamp On Strap Magnetic Mount

    Clamp On Strap Magnetic Mount

    (57) $17.99
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  • Device Tether

    Device Tether

    (97) $10.99
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Featured First Responder Reviews

  1. Pleasantly surprised

    Richard Carreno (verified owner)

    I was skeptical at first at the usefulness of this but I trusted the reviews; I’m glad I did. I have a rail mounted light, a flashlight on my duty belt, but having something hands-free like is provides for more situational versatility. The magnet is good, maybe could use the same style mount as a body can mount (little lever to pry because the magnets are so strong). The size is perfect, smaller than a body cam, seems really well built. Hearty rubber buttons and plastic. Easy to figure out with the hints printed on the top of it. Lots of configurations. One of the things I love most is the red light. Coming from the military, I’ve learned to value the low intensity red light when handling business. Keep night sight intact, reduce your visible footprint at night, it’s great. I elected to go with the white light and not IR since we don’t have air, if I need to be visible via NVGs I’ll just use the red or white LED, cover a bit with tape or use glint tape, still visible through NODs. It’s not just for night either. You never know what environment or building you’ll be in. We chased a suspect into the woods and it was instantly dusk and hard to see anyone at distance. The light would’ve been perfect to find each other, especially when one officer has the suspect at gunpoint and we have to try and pinpoint the yelling because we can’t see well in that environment. Tons of uses and really well built. One of those pieces of gear that you don’t think you need until you need it. I also got the Jaw Clamp. Great addition. Comes with screws to hard mount it if you wish.

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  2. Good bit of kit.

    Ryan Bullock (verified owner)

    I purchased this for use within the Police force across the pond. Very well packaged and it came in a timely manner. First impressions, the device is built well and seems very sturdy, it’s very user friendly and intuitive. I have not yet used this on the beat however I plan to make it part of my everyday equipment, I purchased the tether and epaulette mount along side this so that it can fit nicely with issued kit and equipment and of course so I can’t lose it. It’s very well made and I believe it to be fairly priced, It will no doubt be a great asset to me on shift and I would highly recommend it. Overall very pleased with my purchase. Stay safe all.

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  3. AC Adaptor with USB Type-C cable

    Fast and reliable

    Justin Rexrode (verified owner)

    Fast charging. Seems durable. Gets the job done.Like it. Good product.

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  4. Window Mount Bracket with Magnetic Mount

    Best window mount

    Ernie Fuller (verified owner)

    This window mount is the best way to display your guardian angel in your vehicle the magnet mount is just as good but sometimes you just can't use it I have the Section cup mount in my window for awhile now with Extreme heat in northern California and haven't had any problems with it staying even with pulling off my guardian angel

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  5. Love the lights and the really neat mounts

    Kevin L Perry (verified owner)

    I really think these guys did a great job with this product. I’m very happy with the items I received. Im a volunteer firefighter. And it’s easier to mount these lights in the window of newer vehicles then just grab one to go with u while directing traffic. The lights are really bright, and it makes it easier for someone else to see you when their distracted by all the other activity going on around them. All and all very happy with this product and thinking about getting a Red/Green to mount on the bow of my kayak.

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  6. Very Visible

    Ryan Glidden (verified owner)

    This device is very easy to use, very bright, and seems very well built.

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  7. Best visibility safety device I’ve owned

    Lt. Todd Koogler

    I’ve worked in emergency services for more than 30 years. I’ve seen safety trends go from reflective piping to letters to high visibility fabrics and vests. All of those wear and fail over time and almost never provide the visibility necessary for scene safety. The Guardian Angel overcomes those deficiencies while providing 360 degrees of visibility, multiple functions to meet different operational scenarios, and a secure mounting platform. I’ve recommended them for use throughout my Fire/EMS department as well as to my peers in SWAT for the IR functions which can be useful during NVG operations.

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  8. Strap & Epaulet Clip Mount

    Better then first gen

    James Ferrara

    I had the previous generation of this clip, last one broke quite easily. This one seems more durable, time will tell.

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  9. Absolutely recommend getting one!

    Ian B (verified owner)

    This is my second Guardian Angel. Both have been in the red/blue configuration. I work the night shift and I constantly use this device. This device truly exceeds my exceptions and more. This device has been through rain, snow, extremely hot, and cold weather and I have never had any problems. One of the best things is the super strong magnet. If I need to put on a traffic vest or on a jacket, then I just move the magnet. It makes it simple and easy to use. This device is great for traffic control or just wanting to be seen. Definitely would recommend getting one.

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  10. Excellent Light

    Terry Gentile (verified owner)

    This light is bright, excellent for safety while on accident scene. I use it on my radio holster strap with the strap holder. Great front light for hands free use. Definitely a safety need for EMS and Fire.

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  11. Incredible light EMS

    Rachel Marlow (verified owner)

    I work as an EMS provider and a coworker of mine has a guardian angel light. I used it one night and had to order one immediately. When we are walking up to a patient’s house, in the dark night, this light comes in handy to see where we are walking. It is extremely useful when we respond to MVA’s. It is a must have for EMS personnel.

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    Chayde Wagner (verified owner)

    This device has been a great addition to my arsenal, keeping me more visible on day and night runs. I am on two departments and have had guys from both ask me how I liked it and if they should order one themselves.

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  13. Love it

    Collin Magee (verified owner)

    Love how I can have a light and both my hands. Comes in handy when working in ems

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  14. Multiple Mounting Options

    ANDY (verified owner)

    Best piece of kit to have as a LE Light. Multiple mounting options, Multiple Uses Horseback, Bicycle, ATV, Watercraft Operations, SWAT IR IIF or most important On your person Body Worn. Company is 1st Clas to deal with if you have any problems..... They Stand behind their products..

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  15. 6 Devices later and they’re still better than anything else.

    D. Rich (verified owner)

    I recently received the new model of the Elite B/B. At first when I began playing with it I was weary only because of the previous simplicity and muscle memory of the controls. I’ve played with it now for the last day and I’m already used to it. I have to say it’s much more advanced than the last. Definitely some changes to the actions you can do but if you’re dedicated to GA then it won’t be a problem. They’re very easy when you get used to the new ones.My favorite feature that’s unlike any of the previous models is the ability to activate just the topside beacon on either a strobe or constant on. This definitely allows user visibility from above while eliminating possibly compromising yourself from the front or rear. When it comes to the settings over all, during any action you can use on the device, you can choose to have the strobe on. While using the L/E work mode you can now activate the beacon if you wanted to. The red work light, you can activate the beacon if you want. While in emergency mode, you can deactivate it which is definitely a long wanted feature on my end. The new device is very well improved and user friendly.I noticed the the light arrangement versus the previous models (laying on top facing the bottom reflecting off an angled mirror) is now facing straight out which in my opinion makes it a more raw, bright light. You definitely see a more clear and seamless candela if you will when it’s activated in any mode.From Law Enforcement, to EMS, to Construction or Road Side, and even recreational use this device is a must have addition to your gear. I’ve already gotten a couple of my colleagues interested in them and gotten some colleagues from previous agencies into them. Overall, 10/10, GA. Keep up the good work guys!

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  16. Best gear I carry on me

    David Baldwin (verified owner)

    Great light and as EMS it gets other people to see you

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  17. Great Color COmbo

    Brad Brody (verified owner)

    The Elite "Orange/Orange G/A is super visible to oncoming traffic for anyone who works on/near roadways. This model has settings for 1 or 3 red steady leds - for night vision/warning. 2 steady white leds to the front and 2 steady orange leds to the front. Orange seems much brighter than amber and does seem to penetrate better for foggy type conditions. I can use this for biking as well, or jogging/walking because of the super brightness. Like all G/A lights there are various flashing, SOS, and distress modes. If you want to be noticed just hit the switch. It just does all that you should ever need, except for making your coffee. Battery sure holds it's charge and the build is simply mega-rugged. Easy to charge and the magnet holds tight just like they say.

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  18. Very bright

    Dalton (verified owner)

    I ordered this mainly to use the front all white flood feature. Every shift I am using this for writing down information on my notepad on EMS and fire runs when it's dark. I also love how I can dim the light so if I have to talk to a patient I'm not blinding them.

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  19. Perfect for those late night calls

    Victoria Lewis (verified owner)

    I am an emergency responder and this light is great for those late night calls. Our unit got a grant to receive the first ones and I was so impressed that I came back to purchase another one. There are 2 problems that I've had with my guardian angel device 1. My boys like to commandeer the charging cord and 2. The fire department likes my light so we'll that I've had to search for it after a call.

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  20. Holy Brightness!

    Brent Ast (verified owner)

    This device is by far the brightest, smallest, and most portable emergency light I've ever seen and/or worked with. Working in both the EMS and Fire field this device is very beneficial and useful in many aspects of our everyday jobs! I would recommend this light to anyone to keep them and others safe in some of the riskiest situations!

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  21. PERFECT…

    Brian Jenkins (verified owner)

    It is perfect for all around use in EMS…. Never hold a light again. And it is easy for others to spot where I am at all times even on chaotic scenes…. Love it. Think I will buy my partner one…

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  22. Albert Salinas Jr (verified owner)

    Love this light. Works perfect directing traffic control in low light situations. Three co-workers saw my device and loved it. They all ordered one for themselves. Not a gimmick, it’s an awesome tool.

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  23. Guardian Angel Jaw Clip Mount

    Andy (verified owner)

    Great strong clip, works as designed and also has numerous ways it can attach to many different items. Best clip of them all in my opinion.

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  24. Joseph R. Wirtz (verified owner)

    I bought this to help with Visibility at night directing traffic. The unit seems to be Very well constructed and very bright.

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    michael pattison (verified owner)

    I am an EMS flight nurse. I admit I was a little skeptical before it was in my hand, about quality, brightness, size, price point. NO REGRETS. Buy one! I love the low red light for in cabin use, the white front for use with anything in front of me and for the highway scenes I love the blue and yellow back light. Super bright but adjusts if you want less light. Strong construction and magnet!. Elite series light is only 1.75 inches wide and 2.5 inches long: perfect for my shoulder epaulet mount. Also have the alligator clip for other uses. And when not getting used at work I bring it home and walk the dog with it! I feel safer knowing that I can be seen much easier now. Quality build, quality product. quick shipping and I was lucky to catch a sale with 2 mounts and car charger. This would be a great emergency light for side of the road too, just magnet it to the car!. BUY ONE!

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