First Responder EMS Safety Light

For EMS responders, saving lives is stressful enough; we feel you shouldn’t also have to worry about being seen while you’re doing your job. Research shows that 12% of EMS worker deaths are caused by personnel being struck by vehicles. We at Guardian Angel are on a mission to ensure you see not only what’s in front of you, but be seen by oncoming traffic as well as your fellow rescuers.

Our GA Elite Series™ are lightweight 2-in-1 wearable and mountable personal safety devices with a 360º Illumination® light aspect ratio, 5+ miles of visibility, multiple colored lighting options and a durable waterproof and shockproof casing that offers you complete peace of mind while you’re on the job.

Whether you’re trying to save a civilian life or find yourself injured, pinned, or in need of rescue yourself, our proven multi-use safety light is one piece of equipment you can count on to keep you seen and safe.

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Featured Elite™ Devices

  • Elite®

    White/Yellow White/Yellow Wearable Safety Light

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  • Elite®
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    White/Red White/Red Wearable Safety Light

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  • Elite®

    White/Yellow Wearable Safety Light

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  • Elite®
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    White/Red Wearable Safety Light

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  • Elite®

    Blue/Blue Wearable Safety Light

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Featured Micro™ Devices

  • Micro®
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    Red/Red Wearable Safety Light

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  • Micro®

    Yellow/Yellow Wearable Safety Light

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  • Micro®

    Green/Green Wearable Safety Light

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  • Micro®

    White/Yellow Wearable Safety Light

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  • Micro®
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    White/Red Wearable Safety Light

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  • Magnetic Suction Cup Mount

    Magnetic Suction Cup Mount

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  • Guardian Angel Jaw Clip Mount

    Jaw Clip Magnetic Mount

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  • Small Universal Clip Magnetic Mount

    Small Universal Clip Magnetic Mount

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  • Clamp On Strap Magnetic Mount

    Clamp On Strap Magnetic Mount

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  • Device Tether

    Device Tether

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Featured First Responder Reviews

  1. Guardian Angel Carrying Case

    A place for everything and everything in its place!!!

    Paul Jenkins (verified owner)

    I like to be organized and this carrying case is just what I have been searching for so smaller items are less likely to be misplaced. So much better than a ziplock plastic bag

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    Paul A Trujillo (verified owner)

    I have close to a dozen, Guardian Angel lights, and ZERO COMPLAINTS-PROBLEMS-ISSUES! Don't have anything else to add. The end.

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  3. EDC

    michaels garris (verified owner)

    This GA light has become part of my EDC items. I have ordered another pair of lights to put in my second. I have convinced my dad and brother to also add the GA to their EDC and work bags. A job well done.

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  4. Awesome little light with a big punch!

    David Martinez (verified owner)

    Like my title states, it’s an awesome little light with a big punch! I’ve only had it a for a short while, but it’s been getting some serious compliments from my fellow first responders. Law Enforcement, Fire Rescue, and EMS all like it and the fact that you’re easily identified as being there and not invisible. Don’t got me wrong, this light will never replace donning the appropriate PPE and/or safety class 2 or 3 reflective gear… safety first. This light is an added bonus to the equipment I use while ON & OFF duty.Side note… I did add a tether to it for added security. Nothing fancy, it’s just a string with a clip. Hope y’all enjoy the light as much as I do. Thanks for reading.

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  5. Arm Strap with Magnetic Mount

    Order short length if your upper arms are slender

    WD (verified owner)

    I am a slender person with a body mass index of 20. Unfortunately, the larger size wrap is too long to fit well on my upper arm (with or without clothes). It does wrap well around my calf, but it slides down when jogging (and it isn't comfortable to wear directly above the knee, where it would be more secure). It seems really well made but I would still prefer to use the jaw clamp secured to the top of the pants/shorts for comfort and ease of use.

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  6. Small Universal Clip Magnetic Mount


    Lee (verified owner)

    Small, compact, and super strong magnets. Seems to stay on no matter what

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  7. Guardian Angel Jaw Clip Mount

    Great addition for the mini!

    Ryan McMahon (verified owner)

    Got this so I could clip the mini to my pants for walking the dog at night. Works great and seems durable. Magnet is crazy strong so I don’t worry about the light falling off. It’s a multi purpose clip that should go anywhere I need to clip it. Worth a look!

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  8. Bike/Rail Strap with Magnetic Mount

    Versatile Bike/Trike mount

    Max Shaver Jr (verified owner)

    Tried it in a couple of locations on my ICE Adventure HD 26FS Recumbent Trike as part of a Test and Evaluation of three lights and three different lights. Seems to be easily mounted and hold the lights firmly in place.

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  9. Excellent Products

    Boling Fire Dept. (verified owner)

    This is just one example of the many items that we have purchased from Guardian. The products are well built and easy to operate. They are rugged and will withstand some abuse in the field. We would recommend them to anyone.

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  10. Guardian Angel Elite Series Blue Blue Safety Light

    Guardian Angel a MUST

    R. L. Clewis (verified owner)

    I have had my Guardian Angel for several years and it has been a life saver. As an officer working traffic it has come in very handy. I use it for warning drivers of my location while on traffic stops or accident investigations and while conducting vehicle searches. It has allowed me to be seen and avoid several close calls, while allowing me to keep my hands free to deal with the public and looking for items.I have now bought one for all my employees on my shift and I'm trying too talk my administration into looking at the Guardian Angel as issued equipment for everyone. I highly recommend this for any person who works with the public from security, tow truck drivers, and all emergency services.

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  11. Great product

    Lee Jones (verified owner)

    I am a retired Police Officer now working in a 911 EMS system. I wish I would have had these working patrol. I have a red / green micro for my kayak, a white / red for working crashes in the ambulance and got the orange Halloween special to put in my wife’s car and my truck. The GA is very practical, it provides you with a work light in the front and a warning light for your back. These should be an issued piece of equipment.

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  12. They make wonderful gifts!!

    jcwu48 (verified owner)

    I am a flashlight fanatic and have been collecting flashlights since I was 5. Now I know Guardian Angel devices are not flashlights but they drew me in just the same and are far more useful, especially in times of emergency. I must have a personal collection of over 20 of them with different sizes and color combinations. I also found that giving them away as gifts to my family, friends, and clients is just as wonderful since this is not something most people are aware of or would buy for themselves. Keep them coming and I will continue to buy!

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  13. Being seen

    Phillip M Jump (verified owner)

    I work for an EMS. When we're called out for something on the Highway. It let's people know that we're there. It keeps me safe.

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  14. Small Universal Clip Magnetic Mount

    Small compact; No Screws though..

    Nicole @ Complete Service & Towing LLC (verified owner)

    I like the size of the clip, it seems to be a more efficient design. Still wish it would come appropriate screws for options on mounting. Wonderful product though.

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  15. Intense light

    Kathy Riddell (verified owner)

    Really love the brightness and strong magnetic strip. The only thing that I did not like is that it comes with ZERO instructions on how to mount and difficult to mount to rear of bike. I got two other mounting items with it and same, zero instructions.

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  16. Window Mount Bracket with Magnetic Mount

    Perfect product

    Douglas (verified owner)

    Sticks great to my windshield, no problems with it moving around at all ,even on bumpy roads ,never has it come loose or fallen off

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  17. Greece/ Europe

    Giorgos Kousoulis (verified owner)

    I need something bright, something for hard useEasy to use…Finally I find itI am EMS with Moto .Thanks a lots, from Greece

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  18. Super Bright!

    Andrew C Carleton (verified owner)

    I have seen these for a couple years now and wanted to buy one so I finally made the purchase. The day it arrived I had a medical at an event and needed to get fire and EMS to a certain spot way back in a field. The light was handy for the flood function so I could see what I was doing and then I was able to be seen from across two fields to show the first responders where they needed to be. This was super useful since my squad was sitting at the entrance. After the party was taken away by EMS I talked with the Fire chief who was first on scene and he said it looked like a beacon from two fields away! If you want to be seen and need to have a product that is dependable, this is the light for you!

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  19. Guardian Angel Jaw Clip Mount

    Well built. Solid.

    Kris M (verified owner)

    Very well built. Seems very sturdy and strong clasp. The magnet attachment is a nice and the ability to screw in the light permanently is a nice feature too.

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  20. AC Adaptor with USB Type-C cable

    Wyatt Smith (verified owner)

    Lost my original charger and order a new one and it was delivered fast with no problems glad it comes with the block and cord love the product used it on every wreck I’ve made with the fire department

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  21. Arm Strap with Magnetic Mount

    Scott Finnerud (verified owner)

    I haven’t had to use the arm band yet but it appears it will be very versatile once winter hits, the magnet is very strong and the velcro seems more than adequate.

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  22. Guardian Angel Elite Series Blue Blue Safety Light

    This is a SHINING STAR!

    James (verified owner)

    I work dayshift as a crash investigator and respond to two to seven vehicle accidents a day, five days a week.I have been trying to add an extra layer of safety to the job by using traffic cones in combination with the lights and placement of the vehicle. Proper vehicle is placement is of course extremely important but not always as easy as it would seem. The side of the road with heavy traffic is a very dangerous position to be in.Using traffic cones to move traffic a little further over helps but the motoring public has become, for the most part, totally oblivious of a stand alone cone because people use them from everything to marking the edge of the driveway at home to a birthday sign holder.I saw an ad for the GA light and the traffic cone mount and thought, HMMMM, this might be of use!! I’m am extremely excited to announce that the Blue / Blue GA light on top of a traffic cone placed next to the driver’s side is a life saver when trying to enter and exit the vehicle. Driver’s actually move over and give you that little extra room that is desperately need to perform the job with an added level of safety.The light is very bright and definitely gets attention. The magnets that secure the light to the mount are very powerful. They will not separate unless you physically pull them apart. I give this light a full five stars and would recommend it to anyone who finds themselves in a busy traffic situation.

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  23. Solid equipment

    Alfred DiOrio (verified owner)

    Purchased for EMS highway calls. Well-built unit. Bright lights.

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  24. Fantastic product

    Dan J. (verified owner)

    Whether out on a scene or jobsite, this little device is a Big help. At night with all the other lights that can be on a scene whether they be EMS/LEO vehicles or regular traffic, it’s easy to blend in and not really be seen by approaching traffic but, the Guardian Angel helps you stand out more even with the Hi-Vis clothing or turn out gear you wear. During the day, same deal. I turn my device on when approaching the areas where heavy equipment is operating. Seeing people in vests is one thing, but when you have one of these things flickering on your shoulder, it really does make you more visible to the operators. The magnetic mounts are 2nd to None.

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  25. Great seervice

    Robert L Odenwalt (verified owner)

    Online order got messed up. Talked to the guardian and they sent correct items that day. We will be buying more

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