First Responder Safety Light

For EMS responders, saving lives is stressful enough; we feel you shouldn’t also have to worry about being seen while you’re doing your job. Research shows that 12% of EMS worker deaths are caused by personnel being struck by vehicles. We at Guardian Angel are on a mission to ensure you see not only what’s in front of you, but be seen by oncoming traffic as well as your fellow rescuers.

Our GA Elite Series™ are lightweight 2-in-1 wearable and mountable personal safety devices with a 360º Illumination® light aspect ratio, 5+ miles of visibility, multiple colored lighting options and a durable waterproof and shockproof casing that offers you complete peace of mind while you’re on the job.

Whether you’re trying to save a civilian life or find yourself injured, pinned, or in need of rescue yourself, our proven multi-use safety light is one piece of equipment you can count on to keep you seen and safe.

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  1. Universal Clip Mount with Magnetic Mount

    Heavy Duty clip

    Dawn Naquin (verified owner)

    This versatile, heavy duty clip is perfect for Molle systems on rucksacks or weight vests. Training in the dark is no longer an issue.

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  2. Arnold Hamlett (verified owner)

    I have always looked for something to keep me safe while traffic was coming by me and this light is absolutely perfect. I have encouraged others who work ems and safety crew to order also and they are getting there Capt to look into, if you need something for saftey this is the light to get i want my son to get one next.

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  3. Amazing light

    Brian Bailey (verified owner)

    Amazing light. Very bright and very safe too. This will help keep fire and ems safe when visibility is low

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  4. law_enforcement_wearable_led_light

    Couldn't hurt

    Rob Black (verified owner)

    I've been working this particular intersection after the local college football team game in order to expedite the influx in traffic after the game for several years. I've almost been ran over by drunks a few times and the occasional texting motorist every game. So I figured I would put one of these on cause it couldn't hurt. Even though I have a flashlight hanging from my vest and the typical neon traffic vest issued by the department I was still nearly hit every game. I placed it on my vest and was honestly surprised at how much it helped. Idk if it was the flashing red and blue rather than my typical flashing white flashlight that I typically used but everyone seemed to see me earlier and I didn't have any close calls from motorists at all. I plan on using the flashlight portion and hat clip for an upcoming camping trip also. Would buy again for sure. 100$ and seems to be super sturdy. Buy one.

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  5. Mark Lefebvre (verified owner)

    It works great love using it when I’m on the highway or in the woods look for people when I’m on a ems/fire dept call

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  6. Great for firefighter

    Logan martin (verified owner)

    I have had the light for about 3 months and already love it. It works great for being out in the road way having to direct traffic at night. It’s a very bright light. I have had it and used it which has gotten the attention of other people on my crew and now they are talking about getting one themselves.

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  7. Strap and Epaulet Clip Mount

    A secure way to mount the Angel!

    Tommy Hughes

    This is my favorite and seems to be the most secure mount for my particular vest carrier. I have narrow straps over the shoulder and not the full wide shoulder piece which makes this attachment work great!

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  8. Game changing

    ALLEN MAHARAJ (verified owner)

    I currently work EMS in NYC. This product is amazing and I use it every single day. Working nightshift in NYC is dangerous in itself but especially during highway calls. While this seems to be the focus of the GA device, not all EMS calls are on a highway. I find myself using it way more as a shoulder-mounted flashlight to illuminate rooms, read an ID, or even to place advanced airways. I truly believe that the GA device will become standard issue one day.

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  9. Solid, well built, bright. Immediately noticeable.

    Rory Walton (verified owner)

    I bought this tool as a safety light for a night time road cycling, kayaking, Open water swimming, and in the future some trail running. I also like the potential use in a vehicle to keep it in the glove box and pull it out if you're on the side of the road for whatever reason on a blind curve and don't want to get hit. This light eliminates and draws attention immediately in a way that greatly enhances my safety when I'm off doing adventures. I like that you can change the direction of how you choose to mount it and which lights show which direction. I'm well known for destroying equipment because I can be a little hard on my gear. However I don't think that'll be the case with this piece of quality lighting. It's also light and designed in a nice compact simple way that it's very easy to throw in with your stuff or slap the magnet on something to keep it handy. The mini red and white light is perfect for cycling because I can have the white facing forward and the red-facing backwards. The light is much smaller and more sturdy than I expected. The port for charging has a solid looking waterproof seal that I actually feel okay with putting on a swim buoy if I'm out there doing a swim close to dusk and I want to keep a boat or a jet ski away from me. It's actually been really hard to find a truly waterproof light to use for that purpose and this one seems to fit the bill. It's also very cool looking to boot. There are so many mounting options that I've only scratched the surface as far as where I could apply this in my life. This feels like one of the most well-built and quality products I've purchased in years. Thank you for the quality you guys have put into this it really shows!

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  10. Great Product

    Joshua Fullbeck (verified owner)

    I like the mount, it fits on my epaulette for my external vest. The one thing that I would like to see is a larger version of this mount so it can fit on larger items. The magnet is very strong and the light doesn’t move around at all.

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  11. Bright!

    Byron Haupt (verified owner)

    I'm a system tech for an ISP. A lot of our equipment is street-side and I have to partially block lanes of traffic to boom up to work on it. My reflective vest seems more like a target than a safety device. With the Guardian Angel on my vest, people actually slow down and move away from me. Thanks!

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  12. Strap and Epaulet Clip Mount

    Does not fil epaulet

    Todd A Shook (verified owner)

    Seems like a good product. Magnet is strong. However it does not fit all epaulets. It does not fit on any of my uniform shirts. Tried on coworkers leather radio strap and it would not latch over it as the leather was too thick.

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  13. Make the purchase, you will be happy you did

    Mykel Kroll (verified owner)

    I got my Guardian Angel just a couple weeks ago and I have used all the features of this light on many different scenes for several purposes. I’m glad I purchased one. It seems to be higher quality and very durable.

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  14. Simply Brilliant

    berryml (verified owner)

    The Micro clipped to my vest near my shoulder illuminates the scene and frees my hands to perform EMS examinations and evaluation in the darkest of conditions. The versatile flashing strobe combinations are an attention grabber on dark nights alerting drivers of my presence on and near the roadway. The visible distance of five miles out performs a reflective vest of only a few yards. The weight of the Micro is negligible and the various mounting accessories assure the ability to place the brilliant Micro anywhere you want. The Micro is a small device but huge on performance, versatility, and dependability. Co-workers that have seen my device want one of their own. The Micro is well worth the investment.

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  15. Safety

    Alex Sattizahn (verified owner)

    I have highly recommended this product to anyone I with in law enforcement or fire/ems. I was surprised on the actual brightness of the unit makes me feel a lot safer working accidents.

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    Joshua Ford (verified owner)

    I wrestled with the price vs. the size of the light for a couple months and I have to admit I doubted it for a while. I have been in fire and EMS for 23 years and I have had all kinds of flashlights and helmet lights etc. The GA is hands down the brightest light I have used and I love how strong the magnet holds on my shirt or even my job shirt (tested only not worn on a call yet its still summer) I love the warning lights and the report light on the front. The only feature I wish it had was to turn off without cycling though the other settings. I am retired from EMS and only run with my Fire Dept now but I love this light and if they make one that could take the heat interior of a fire for helmets I'd be first in line for one. Great work and trust me you won't regret this purchase for your jump bag or an add on for your radio sling.

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  17. Baby you’re a firework!

    Yvonne Slagle (verified owner)

    I had seen these advertised, and finally someone I know tested one out and purchased it. I work rural EMS on I-95, as well as other very poorly lit stretches of road where vehicles zip and zoom past first responders with little to no regard to our safety. I want to be seen in the next county and let me tell you, this is the thing to do it ! I goofed and bought the white/white instead of red/white but I’m not upset about it and will most likely just purchase a second device. The micro is very compact but puts out enough light to light up your life. All of it. Childhood included. I love the flashlight feature as well as the red light feature for low light situations that require charting. Even though this is a micro don’t let the name fool you. I purchased the trap attachment with this to wear on my radio strap, but it does come with a magnetic piece that allows you to simply place it on your uniform anywhere. I’ve worn it on my pants, shirt etc with no issues. The magnet is extremely strong, lights are adjustable and have different patterns. This is a must have for anyone in a first responder role. If you’re on the fence about getting one let me help convince you…. You need one. Simple as that. It will never be a bad investment to ensure your safety. I hope you never end up needing it for a life/death situation but I’m confident you’ll be glad you have it.

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  18. Huge Officer Safety Tool

    Philip L Graham (verified owner)

    I ordered this to test, the unit itself is extremely bright. It's compact and lightweight. When positioned on your shoulder during traffic stops IT illuminates the entire interior of the vehicle leaving both hands free. While on traffic accident scenes or other things of that nature it is an amazing tool to be able to be more visible while working in the roadway. The IR allows you to be located very easily by other officers using night vision. The unit itself is extremely lightweight and intuitive to use. The controls are simple and easy and easily remembered. The fact that it's rechargeable is a perfect option and the battery seems to last through an entire shift at least. I believe every department should be issuing these.

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  19. Universal Clip Mount with Magnetic Mount



    Great clip for me to use during work, I work EMS and came great during this past storm we had drivers were able to spot my device on me with my clip. And many ask me about it. It’s sturdy, strong and definitely worth its price.

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  20. Very useful

    Edward Hobbs (verified owner)

    Very nice for illuminating scenes on Ems calls, saved my life the other day on I40, my entire department now wants to order some. The micro is visible at .5 mile or more. Very satisfied

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  21. Extremely Visible

    Steven Lindsay (verified owner)

    I purchased this for work as a police officer. Great visibility for directing traffic. Great hands free white light as well. Excellent IR light, works amazingly with NVG's/scopes. Strong magnet, and seems very durable.

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  22. law_enforcement_wearable_led_light

    safety first

    EDRIC SMITH (verified owner)

    i work as a traffic officer and we are out in the elements without cover light and bars. this small device has helped us during dwi checkpoints, night traffic details and ever in the day with accidents etc. we are looking to add several of these to ever person because of it great visibility during the day and night. all the different mounting items is great to have because sometimes we need to move it from our lapels to our belts and so on. this is a life saving device all around

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  23. Rotatable Bike Strap with Magnetic Mount

    Adrian McGuire (verified owner)

    Overall this Rotatable Bike Strap with Magnetic Mount is decent and I have it attached to my HiBoy S2 Pro E-Scooter for my Elite lightbar but this bike mount has a few flaws though. 1- when i first got the bike mount the velcro strap didnt hold very well, so i had to buy a adjustable 2" hose clamp to securely the bike mount to the scooter handle bar shaft. 2-the magnet is strong, however you can lose your light bar if you hit a bump good enough. Sadly I lost my Elite light bar recently when i hit a bump but didnt realize my Elite light bar fell off (thinking of that strong magnet that has always held my light bar from many other bumps ive rode over) until i got to work. By that time the Elite light bar was long gone. So i did order a new Elite light bar to replace my lost one but i also ordered a tether strap w/ my new Elite light bar that i can attach to the Elite and the scooter so if i hit a good bump and the magnet failed to hold the tether will safe my Elite kind of what a safety harness does for people to prevent them from falling. So make sure you regularly check your Elite when you hit bumps with this product hoping to notice if it fell off so you can retrieve your Elite before realizing it later and its long gone. Of course Im still keeping my Rotatable Bike Strap with Magnetic Mount with my own modifications I mentioned as that seems to work well and its still a good product overall but just needs some upgrades. I really hope Guardian Angel redesigns the Rotatable Bike Strap with Magnetic Mount to make it a little more durable.

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  24. Excellent product

    Eli Turnage

    I bought this product about a month ago, I work for a private EMS company out of Missississippi. Primarily primarily work night shift and this is an amazing device. While doing patient care it's so nice to not have to hold a flashlight especially if you're far away from the unit. 10 out of 10 would recommend.

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  25. Makes the sun look dull

    Constantine Clark (verified owner)

    I have my guardian Angel device on my person whenever I walk out the door. I am an arborist, and a volunteer firefighter. I find myself in many dark places, on the road and in forests, where I also always need both hands to be free. So this device is the solution to all lighting problems. I recommend it highly.

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