First Responder Safety Light

For EMS responders, saving lives is stressful enough; we feel you shouldn’t also have to worry about being seen while you’re doing your job. Research shows that 12% of EMS worker deaths are caused by personnel being struck by vehicles. We at Guardian Angel are on a mission to ensure you see not only what’s in front of you, but be seen by oncoming traffic as well as your fellow rescuers.

Our GA Elite Series™ are lightweight 2-in-1 wearable and mountable personal safety devices with a 360º Illumination® light aspect ratio, 5+ miles of visibility, multiple colored lighting options and a durable waterproof and shockproof casing that offers you complete peace of mind while you’re on the job.

Whether you’re trying to save a civilian life or find yourself injured, pinned, or in need of rescue yourself, our proven multi-use safety light is one piece of equipment you can count on to keep you seen and safe.

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  1. Drivers now can see me at night

    Brian Coffin (verified owner)

    I have now used this Guardian Angel for two months now. I can say that motorists and other officers on scene all comment about it. It makes drivers completely aware of my location. I also use it at night as a red light when I'm reading documents and working in my patrol truck on the computer. I work out in the everglades and I can be spotted miles away. I typically only use the "rear" illumination as to not block my night vision. The white flashlight function has been useful several times as well. I use the Arm Strap with Magnetic Mount that I wrapped around my lapel on my vest that seems to work the best mounting for me. I can quickly remove it and put it on the charger after my shift. The magnetic mount is very strong.

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  2. Great for Visibility when out at night doing traffic control

    Kevin King (verified owner)

    The items were shipped quickly and was well packaged. The Elite unit was small but very bright. charged for a few hours and then cycled it through the different methods of light display. was very bright and easy to operate. I found it a bit hard to get the charging door open with just fingers, but was able to get it with the edge of knife. being tight is good as it keeps things watertight. I have not had the change to have any runs since I have gotten the device but don't see any issues with it. I also got the vehicle window mount which is nice and the mount for on jackets with epaulet / strap mount.

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  3. My second device!

    Loren O’Donnell (verified owner)

    I have the first generation and loved it. White, red and orange. Decided I wanted a different color choice, white, yellow, green. The second generation seems brighter any way, but the yellow and green really stand out in comparison. I use it every day and put it on my truck on days off. If your on the fence about spending the money.... Do it!

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  4. Most versatile led light I've owned

    Warren Jacobs (verified owner)

    I have had zero issues with my GA Elite. All though I haven't used it on an emergency scene, per say. I have used at two music festivals we provide fire/ems coverage for. I'd have to say it is a people mover and allows me to be visible in a crowd of thousands. I was able to "mark" where I am at, so additional med crews can locate the patient better. I will definitely recommend GA and will post another review once I use it one a emergency scene. AAA+

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  5. Waylon Commander (verified owner)

    Seems to be bright, haven't had a chance to use, will be used directing traffic and other needs.

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  6. Time means safety

    Nico Vankrunkelsven (verified owner)

    Working every day in an international Airport means most of the time that there's a big crowd. Thousands of people surrounding you during foot patrol. In cases of incidents it is often hard to pinpoint the exact location of a Policeman in trouble and in need of assistance. These problems lie in the past thank to this light. Thanks to everyone from Guardian Angel for watching over us.

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  7. Amazing

    Nicolas Morin (verified owner)

    I’m working in EMS as Chief of Operation and ordered this light for my personal use for when I’m going on the road with my teams. I found this to be an amazing addition to our gear as it provides safety and working light on scene. I’ll recommend to my organization that we look for this to be a gear for our employees. Thanks for your amazing product. Looking forward to see if other light pattern can be suited for us too!

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  8. Great product.

    David Pelton (verified owner)

    Great functionality and very bright. Seems to be well made. Time will tell.

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  9. Window Mount Bracket with Magnetic Mount

    Working great so far.

    David Pelton (verified owner)

    Seems to be well made and does what is designed to do. Time will tell.

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  10. There is nothing more important than being seen on the Road!

    Art Peralta (verified owner)

    The GA Elite is as versatile as you need it to be. I put mine on the back of my three wheeled motorcycle. I routinely ride in the rain and anyone who has been in a vehicle on the freeway knows that the rain isn't the only problem......its the fog like mist created by the spray from car tires. Since I control the brightness level, the GA provides just enough of an eye catcher day or night to increase my safety and the safety of vehicles around me. I see other drivers turn on their emergency flashers to make themselves more visible, but it cancels out their turn signals. I need my turn signals and the the GA Elite does the job. The GA Elite is tough enough to handle the rain and it is bright enough to make a difference.

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  11. Very bright and compact

    Aaron Reeves (verified owner)

    This device is something I never knew I needed until I saw an ad and decided to get one. I use it for my work when I operate a scissor lift or when I operate the sit down forklift. To make sure I am seen and people are aware. This device is excellent. Very bright and compact. Easy to use and charging is a snap. A couple co workers liked so much they themselves want to purchase their own.

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  12. Best light

    Darren (verified owner)

    I have been in and around EMS nearly my entire life and thus is the best and most versatile product in emergency lighting. Whether on your vehicle or your person, Guardian Angel devices are an absolute necessity in the field. Not only are their products fantastic but their customer service is truly wonderful. They respond to questions and inquiries within one day and they rebated my shipping charge when I forgot to put in my coupon code. I recommend Guardian Angel to everyone.

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  13. Very sturdy

    Gerry Matthews (verified owner)

    Surprised by how bright this for such a small device,will definitely be using it on a regular basis.i bought the micro edition but already considering a second purchase of an elite device.magnet is very strong so doubt it could easily fall off.would recommend to my ems colleagues.

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  14. Randy (verified owner)

    Great item I work road construction usually on the road it’s nice having this device just for extra security seems to me that cars notice you more with it on and with it off

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  15. Arm Strap with Magnetic Mount

    It does what it says and its comfortable.

    Harry (verified owner)

    I use the guardian elite device while at work in the NYC EMS system. I use the armband while cycling and running. It is comfortable and barely noticeable. Have used lesser combinations before only to be disappointed. The magnet is super strong and combined with a super tough light you have a reliable and indestructible way to be seen and stay safe no matter what activity you are doing.

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  16. Strap and Epaulet Clip Mount

    Works good

    James Grohman (verified owner)

    Came free with my purchase. Currently using it with the magnetic attachment only, device came with one screw missing... but seems to work good with just the magnet.

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  17. More useful than you know.

    Curtis Jacques (verified owner)

    Law enforcement. I recently got reassigned to a downtown assignment and started seeing more occasions I thought this device would have come in handy. I finally caved and made the purchase after considering it for a few months. I’m the first in my department with one and as most have said it gets mixed initial attention from coworkers. “Hey inspector gadget”, “my flashlight was only $20”, etc. Most people are curious from seeing advertisement but like me hadn’t talked themselves into needing it. I bought primarily for the hands free lighting, red forward for paperwork and white forward for traffic interactions. I was skeptical about using the red blue flash on traffic as I deal with a high DUI area and had concerns about drivers being attracted to the flashing and veering towards me. I have been pleased with how much it assists in drivers slowing down or giving more room while I’m at the drivers vehicle, I guess it makes people realize that there is an actual person ‘beyond’ the patrol vehicle. Unexpected results: In my current assignment we are tasked with a high level of deescalation when dealing with large crowds, instead of enforcement. My partner and I were separated from the rest of our squad as the bars began letting out the mass crowds. Our Sgt informed us that there was reports of a large group in the beginning stages of a fight just beyond our view on our side of the road. We were able to locate the group quickly and realized the size was too large to intervene with just the two of us. So just for the heck of it I engaged the emergency button on my GA and what do you know, everyone scattered. I made the purchase to improve my visibility in the event I was caught up in a group fighting, but I didn’t anticipate using it as a deterrent in crowd control. Coworkers can judge all they want but I’m happy with my purchase and have found a use for it on every shift since I’ve stated wearing it. As for battery life, I run mine until about half battery and even then I only have to charge it every two weeks.

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  18. The most innovative product I own

    Martin (verified owner)

    I purchased the Elite series for use while working security, volunteer EMS and SAR, and now I’m almost looking for excuses to use it. It works great as a substitution for a head mounted light when dealing with patients in the dark (it’s actually preferable to many since they can see my eyes without getting blinded), it works extremely well as a beacon while working in traffic, and the magnetic mount makes it extremely versatile when it comes to placing the unit for best visibility. Not only can I put it on my helmet, vest or hip, I can also stick it to a car roof, a guard rail, sign post or any other such object. The battery life is excellent, and charging is easy. I could not be more happy with mine, and I will probably buy more in different colors soon.

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  19. Strap and Epaulet Clip Mount

    Strong and versatile

    Martin (verified owner)

    This mount is amazing if you wear a uniform with epaulettes. I wear this for security work, SAR and EMS, and I absolutely love it. I usually keep my Elite series device in my vest pocket and slap it onto the mount when I need to use it. Works through sweaters, jackets, body armor and heavy duty high visibility vests without problem, and it even works for when you need to hold on to something else that is magnetic while using both your hands for other tasks, i.e. multi tools, trauma shears or keys. Amazing mount, will not fail you.

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  20. Super Bright Light

    Ian Huntley (verified owner)

    I recently purchased the full size Orange/Orange Multi Function Light and I must say that I AM COMPLETELY IMPRESSED!!! It is amazing that they packed so great lighting options into such a small package. The light charges fairly quickly making completely hands free after fully charged and the lights themselves are super bright. You definitely do not want to look at them. I plan to use mine as a safety flasher when and if I have a breakdown in the side of the road because it not only has the safety orange flashers on all sides but you can even program a clear white light to shine on 1 side. So you could use the magnetic mount to stick it to the side of your vehicle while you change a tire in the dark and be completely safe. I plan to buy more as gifts for my friends in the near future.

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  21. Trying a new way to wear light

    Jeff (verified owner)

    I am a career firefighter and I had an idea to wear this light on my turnout coat far it seems like it would work out but I haven’t had a chance to try it in a fire yet...the magnetic mount is strong but I hope it doesn’t get knocked off during work...overall happy with purchase and the micro is very very bright, I ended up going green/white to contrast every other blinking strobe or flickering red...only complaint is that this thing strobes while charging, pretty annoying. Quality seems tough

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    Chris S. (verified owner)

    These safety lights are invaluable for our crew. The EMS department love them and are hard to miss at night! ** PERFECT !! **

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  23. Be Seen! Be Safe!

    C.C. Teague (verified owner)

    This is a must have for personal and work use. I have been using the Micro for my early morning walks, and to be honest it's been a great safety tool for anyone who wants to be seen in the early mornings or at dusk when the risk for anyone to be involved in a very bad situation of being struck while walking. The magnet on the Micro is incredibly strong, and attaches to my shoulder area and stays there throughout without fail. So far I have used the Micro on 2 weeks of walking, and haven't had to charge it yet. That's approximately 16 plus hours of use! There are so many pluses for this device, not only does it allow you to be seen, it can be used as a forward facing light to light up your walking path in the dark or near dark times. As an EMS Paramedic, I feel that all Emergency workers, LEO's, tow truck drivers, everyone whether in emergency services or not have a Micro (or Elite)for personal and work situations. The Micro clips on to your shoulder tab of your uniform shirt, and allows you to be seen for safety for miles... This is a great product, and I am very happy with my purchase! BE SEEN! BE SAFE!

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  24. good but let’s make it better 🙂

    Artie Strong

    seems to be a well made device. the only thing I didn’t like is that it flashes a strobe when charging. not a fun thing to see in your car at night driving and having it charge and blind you with strobe. I suggest removing that feature or adding a led indicator to indicate charging status.

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  25. Best light I have ever owned!

    Mike Wilson (verified owner)

    I wear many hats both for my career job and as a volunteer. I have 27 years in the Fire/EMS Service and now as an Asst Chief. I have bought and used many warning and lighted devices. This by far top them all! What a great product they have put together to keep us safe on the Interstates and roadways. I use it both as a Fire Chief and as an EMT. I carry it everywhere I go! It’s virtually indestructible! Awesome product!

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