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Roadside Wearable Safety Light

The Guardian Angel roadside safety light exceeds Class 3 Reflective Apparel regulations that dictate a 1,280 foot visibility distance. The portable and rechargeable Guardian Angel Elite Series™ device is the world’s most versatile, durable and wearable roadside safety light on the market today. We strive to make a led emergency road flare that is engineered to deliver unmatched, multi-use performance under any condition, in any work setting. This devices functions as an excellent tow truck safety light, roadside strobe light, roadside emergency warning lights, led roadside flares, or roadside beacon, depending on what your job requires.

Visibility while working on-or-near the road can be the difference between life and death, especially when completing roadside and nighttime projects. Low-visibility accidents can happen even on the most visible work sites. This danger increases exponentially when civilian drivers who may not be paying attention are added into the equation.

This virtually indestructible and waterproof wearable roadside safety light has several mounting options, including a powerful built-in magnet that easily attaches to anything metal, allowing you to effortlessly and wirelessly illuminate any area or create a beacon that can be seen for over 5 miles.

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  • Elite®

    White/Yellow White/Yellow Wearable Safety Light

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  • Elite®

    Yellow/Yellow Wearable Safety Light

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    White/Blue & Yellow Wearable Safety Light

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    White/Red Wearable Safety Light

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    Hard Hat Mount

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    Magnetic Suction Cup Mount

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Featured Reviews

  1. Cone mount

    Tony Van Der Wal (verified owner)

    Great for roadside emergency service when broken down or warning of incident ahead

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  2. Orange on Orange

    Tony Van Der Wal (verified owner)

    Works for me as a vehicle warning marker for a roadside breakdown

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  3. Very Bright

    Jeff (verified owner)

    Product is very bright and easy to use… I definitely recommend it for any public safety employee or for safety use in roadside.

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  4. You're doing yourself a disservice if you don't own one of these.

    SM (verified owner)

    Im really not sure why I didn't buy this device years ago. It's a must have if you work in any of the emergency services, construction, roadsides/highways and in the dark. Incredible visibility at night from all angles. The new micro series GA is a lighthouse on your shoulders. Thank you GA! You've increased my signal to be seen when it's needed most to warn others around in the elements. I'll be back. One satisfied customer up here in Canada.

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  5. Roadside workers best friend (verified owner)

    Shipped fast, quality is top notch. You can feel the quality in it. The guardian angel elite is the brightest light i've ever seen. Yes theres stupid cheap ones on amazon that are junk and dont last. But these guardian angels are tough. Theyre durable. They are super practical and have so many uses. I've had so many people ask me where to get one that its actually mind blowing. 10 out of 10, highly reccomend getting one. If you dont do roadside work, keep one in your car even for roadside emergencies. This thing will keep you seen and safe at night if you ever have any vehicle issues.

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  6. Great tool for night shift

    Will Sammut (verified owner)

    I purchased the elite red and blue for law enforcement and also received a green micro as part of a special holiday sale. I would recommend this device to anyone working nights or days, the red and white hands free lights great for taking statements or other tasks at night and keeping the hands free. The red and blue main lights give excellent visibility in traffic or on scenes where needed. The top mounted LED (I bought non IR version) is great for being scene especially if an air unit is around or even just others finding you in a wooded or urban area. Battery life has been great and it charges quickly out of the box. Magnet mount works well and I also got a clip mount for my outer carrier as well. The green micro is great for the size and price, intend to use it when my wife and I go hike or other outdoor activities and keep in car for roadside safety and signaling as I believe it would work well for us in that way.

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  7. Bright!

    Will Craig (verified owner)

    This thing is great! I have used it to light up the roadside and alert drivers to my presence without having to give up using both hands. It also sticks to the rear of my golf cart to be in compliance when in operation on the road.

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  8. Highly recommend

    Jeff (verified owner)

    This is a great little device if looking to aid in roadside safety. It is compact, easy to use, and shines very bright. Can’t recommend enough!!

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  9. Awesome light

    Jay Moody (verified owner)

    I purchased the BOGO with the elite blue/blue for my son who is a police officer to wear at motor vehicle crashes. I received the micro free with red/red as I am a fire & explosive investigator and hazmat response team member and will also be roadside with moving vehicles . The elite will be a birthday present for my son and I have already used the micro at an 80 hour long hazmat response. It is a great device and highly recommend for any public safety personnel!

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  10. These are AWESOME! I buy two for each of my drug Agents and one per canine.

    West Tn. Drug Task Force (verified owner)

    My Agents love these. I am the director of an interdiction unit and three undercover units in West Tn. My folks love these for night ops. I buy the LE one and am all clear for each agent. The LE helps with visibility on road side and the clear leaves a hand free of their flashlight. Every night shift officer should have them especially traffic and roadside officers. Just ordered my second round of them and issue them to each agent and canine.

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  11. Chris (verified owner)

    As a full time DOT foreman, part time landscaper, and an avid runner I purchased the all amber micro device. It's an amazing product to add visibility on long runs and working on the roadsides during the wee hours of the day. It is not a heavy product, does not feel out of place when worn on a hard hat, safety vest, or the arm band. With the short daytime hours I've even been using it for Lawncare work when working near the street.

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  12. Guardian Angel Lights Are The Best

    Henry (verified owner)

    This light is wonderful and very bright even during the day…. I work as a roadside assistant technician and I use my light every time I get out of my truck

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  13. Used during any nighttime operation for Towing and Roadside Assistance

    Omar Aburish (verified owner)

    At DMV Towing and Roadside, we cover Northern Virginia and The Greater Washington, DC area metropolitan area. Our operations are 24/7 in very dangerous traffic. Our operators use guardian angels to be seen, be safe, and get home to our families. We wear these devices on our bodies as well as use them to direct traffic away from us and alert drivers of our presence on the roadside. For towing or roadside assistance in Northern Virginia and Washington, DC give us a call at 571-418-2869 or visit our website at

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  14. Great Halloween Safety Light for Adults and Kids

    Timothy Helsing (verified owner)

    I purchased the family 4-pack of the Micro Series safety lights in orange color that were on special price for Halloween. Both my wife and I, along with our two grandkids, wore them on Halloween night while trick-or-treating. The grandkids loved them and we all received compliments, especially from other parents, on how bright and distinctive the lights looked. It was a great way for my wife and I to keep track of the grandkids, who always seemed a step or two ahead of us, and really made the four of us noticeable when crossing the streets. The lights lasted on the high setting for the 3 hours we were outside. Going to keep two of them in each of our cars just in case of a roadside emergency, so this was more than a one-time investment. Many people asked where we got them and I was happy to refer them to Guardian Angle.

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  15. Best bit of kit brought

    Stephen Bowskill (verified owner)

    The unit is smaller than I thought it would be which is good thing asI use it mounted on the adjustable arm strap, so the smaller size means less weight hanging on my arm. The light output is amazing for such a small device, very bright & visible with plenty of lighting options dependent on use & time of day. I work as a roadside vehicle recovery operative which often puts working on live highway lanes, so visibility is paramount to my safety. Drivers take minimal notice of a person wearing a hi-vis garment, but a intense & bright flashing light draws attention & gets you noticed.

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  16. Fantastic for EMT

    Dylan Turner (verified owner)

    I ordered mine as working on an ambulance frequently puts me in situations where more visibility is never a bad thing such as roadsides and fire grounds. The hands free work light is great for patient care. The magnets are super strong, and the device feels super high quality. I think this is something I’ll be using for years to come. Thanks Guardian Angel!

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  17. Ethan Karol (verified owner)

    The GA provides greater visual acuity when reviewing credentials roadside while keeping my hands unencumbered by a flashlight for improved tactical mobility. The high visibility grants an improved sense of safety particularly during inclement weather or low light ambient conditions.

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  18. Amazing!

    Ben Mueller (verified owner)

    This is an absolute lifesaver! Super bright, charge lasts a long time! Magnets are super strong. This is great for nights where I’m working on the side of the road away from my vehicle with my strobes on. This light absolutely gets attention because it’s not an everyday thing where you see a little amber light flashing on the side of the road with a strobing white light. Even without a reflective vest this still works miracles! Would definitely recommend for anyone in the roadside assistance, towing, law enforcement or first responders, or anyone who bikes/runs late at night. The more you are seen the safer you are. These lights are quality made and built to last. This is absolutely my guardian angel while I’m working.

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  19. Volunteer fire fighter

    Ben Taylor

    I love the multi functional lights of the unit. I am a member of a volunteer fire department where the roads are very dark and lack street lights. The gardian angel light system improves my visibility when responding to roadside assistance calls.

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  20. Cool little lights

    John leyva (verified owner)

    I bought 2 micros just to have in the truck. I do roadside assistance on freeways and they both help to keep me visible any time of day or night. Very well made. Magnets are very strong too.

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  21. Super bright, great find for my safety!

    Dan Leard

    Great for making my day safe and getting me home each day from roadside work on foggy day and dark rainy days. Setting out traffic counters I’m kind of on my own, I need this to help make sure I get back to the office and my family at home.

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  22. Build Your Own Elite® Series Wearable Safety Light Set

    Must Have, Worth Every Penny!

    Randy (verified owner)

    I purchased the Build Your Own Elite® Series Wearable Safety Light Set with the jaw clip, and arm band options as a gift for my fiancée who is a CERT member. He's really impressed with the brightness and quality. It gives me piece of mind knowing the Guardian Angel will ensure he's highly visible in any situation whether it's roadside or inside a dark building. The sheer brightness is something you have to experience in person; videos, pictures and words don't do it justice. It charges quickly and lasts a long time on one charge. I was so impressed I purchased 2 all white Guardian Angel Micro devices for night time dog walking, I can see anywhere we walk. Our household has 3 Guardian Angel devices, soon to be 4! I'm going to purchase another Build Your Own Elite® Series Wearable Safety Light Set after I complete this review. I want to have one for times when I sweep the street gutters end to end down our block.

    (0) (0)

  23. This magnet is incredibly strong!

    Alford Cole (verified owner)

    I am a Deputy and love having this for roadside stops especially. It also comes in handy to have hands free light while searching houses and vehicles. The red light makes writing a ticket so much easier without illuminating my whole car.

    (0) (0)

  24. Window Mount Bracket with Magnetic Mount


    Branden Sullo (verified owner)

    I do a lot of roadside work and this mount is perfect for me to have my elite device visible so my vehicle does not get hit.

    (0) (0)

  25. Super bright

    Aaron Whitford (verified owner)

    The guardian angel is a super bright safety device that is compact and functional. I use it every time I am working roadside at night. It increases my visibility to oncoming traffic.

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