Roadside Wearable Safety Light

The Guardian Angel roadside safety light exceeds Class 3 Reflective Apparel regulations that dictate a 1,280 foot visibility distance. The portable and rechargeable Guardian Angel Elite Series™ device is the world’s most versatile, durable and wearable roadside safety light on the market today. We strive to make a led emergency road flare that is engineered to deliver unmatched, multi-use performance under any condition, in any work setting. This devices functions as an excellent tow truck safety light, roadside strobe light, roadside emergency warning lights, led roadside flares, or roadside beacon, depending on what your job requires.

Visibility while working on-or-near the road can be the difference between life and death, especially when completing roadside and nighttime projects. Low-visibility accidents can happen even on the most visible work sites. This danger increases exponentially when civilian drivers who may not be paying attention are added into the equation.

This virtually indestructible and waterproof wearable roadside safety light has several mounting options, including a powerful built-in magnet that easily attaches to anything metal, allowing you to effortlessly and wirelessly illuminate any area or create a beacon that can be seen for over 5 miles.

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  1. Extremely handy

    Hudson Durden (verified owner)

    So far, I have been using this light for about 2 weeks. I purchased the all blue version because the blue/red was out of stock sadly. I have really appreciated the red and white work lights for hands free roadside interviews or writing notes. I think this light is a great tool for law enforcement, especially officers that conduct traffic enforcement in high traffic areas. Being in South Georgia, I typically don’t have crazy traffic, but the rear lights definitely help when I’m conducting a stop on I75 or any of the other state routes. The lights definitely make you visible as I have seen several people “rubber necking” and slowing down once they approach the stop. Bottom line is if you are looking for a great tool to add to your duty gear, this light has served me well so far, and made the investment worth while.

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  2. Arm Strap with Magnetic Mount


    ALVIN KING (verified owner)


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  3. Stay Visible


    While taking on-site measurements at ongoing and even future project sites, it’s best practice to let people know that I am out there, for safety. High visibility vest and Guardian Angel Micro lights make sure I am visible as I walk around project sites. These are so easy to put on with the magnets. I also keep them in my vehicle for roadside safety if ever the need arises.

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  4. Great SAR/Hiking Light

    Glen L. Wagner (verified owner)

    I volunteer with a Search and Rescue (SAR) Team and our chief advised us he bought 5 of these for use as a team for call-outs. I wanted to look into the product a little more since we were only introduced to them on a zoom call. After reviewing on the guardianangel website, I thought it would be useful not only to have for my own SAR, but for hiking and biking. So I bought one for myself and my sister. IT DID NOT DISAPPOINT! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! The light is very durable, weather resistant and can be multifunctional for different uses with the various adapters. I have used it on my backpack, my bike, my helmet, and my Field Uniform. The light is very bright and can be used as a steady consistent light or a flashing strobe light. The lock function is great to prevent accidental on/off. I purchased the small which is perfect for outdoor use. I also carry in my pickup as a second safety strobe in case of roadside emergencies. The magnet is super strong. I highly recommend this light to anyone in Search And Rescue or Outdoor Recreation use. Great Job Guardian Angel Devices for a fabulous product!

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  5. John Bryan (verified owner)

    Best safety product I've ever bought. I do roadside service calls and having an extra light for safety actually on me is perfect. People see where your at all the time is key to safety. I couldn't be happier with the product

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  6. Innovative

    Brett Talley (verified owner)

    Very helpful at night while doing paperwork roadside. I can see where it can actually save one’s life in an instance where you’ve chased a suspect into a wooded area and can’t give an exact location for where you’re at with the suspect.

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  7. Edward (verified owner)

    I have the micro mini. I can wear it when I’m moving around unloading equipment on the roadside Very bright even in the day time It lets other drivers aware

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  8. Great for roadside safety

    John Miller (verified owner)

    When device is worn correctly and properly maintained it can save a life. I use this product for roadside safety and it has already gained its purchase. No matter what you do for a living this is a must have for vehicle safety kit.

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  9. Excellent piece of equipment

    henry.esquivel (verified owner)

    I have the Gaurdian Angel Elite device and have used it for several months now as an LEO and I now consider it to be a vital piece of gear. I received the micro GA device and it had been an excellent addition to my personal endeavors not necessarily related to my professional life. So far I have used the light for running, walking, hiking, and biking. I have also used it as a magnetic hands free work light while doing some work on my vehicle. I generally throw it in my car before trips with the intention of using it as a roadside emergency beacon if necessary. The light is impressively bright and I feel very confident that it is clearly visible to anyone that I sharing the road with. I’m asked about the light frequently and I cannot recommend either version enough. Excellent product.

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  10. Small, solid build and easy to carry in my car for that unexpected situation.

    David (verified owner)

    I love it, here in Australia we can't use red/blue (emergency vehicles on;y) but I bought one of these to use for the "if and when" situation that may occur at night. I'm a member of a local volunteer fire brigade and we use similar (but not as bright) items when working night or day on the roadside. They work a treat but they aren't as bright as these units. Well built, reliable and very bright!

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  11. Safety

    Jackson Hood (verified owner)

    I love the hands free forward light while performing field sobriety. Also the rear flashing red and blues provide great heads up safety while working crashes roadside.

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  12. Very bright and versatile

    JOHN (verified owner)

    I saw someone with one walking in the neighborhood with it , had to get some . Right now I’m just using one walking around to be seen. Will be using them once lockdowns are over in the parking lots at sporting events to be seen better by the public while working directing traffic in lots and on the roadside

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  13. Love this unit

    Kelly Tyler Gibson (verified owner)

    Used for rescue and roadside purposes. This light is phenomenally bright and does its job. I have a problem with it turning off completely while attempting to either turn it on or off. Otherwise I enjoy it and it serves its purpose

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  14. Safety light

    Charles Brown (verified owner)

    Small but powerful. Great for roadside safety. The light is bright and makes your presence known.

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  15. Safety and versatility in one!

    Jase Brooke

    Have seen these being used in the UK by fellow police officers and I can't understand why all emergency services don't use them as standard. The blue/blue combo works brilliantly for police in UK and I could imagine other colours eg green/green being used for paramedics etc etc. Also, the civilian construction sector would benefit from these amazing safety devices. If all staff working in hazardous areas had helmet mounted versions then lives may be saved. Although they are not official issue, they are permitted to be worn by my county police force. The most obvious everyday benefit is that you can instantly access a forward facing light when at an incident, whether it's taking notes, searching or delivering CPR - you can safely remain hands free and work more effectively. For conspicuity at an incident the all-around blue LEDs are incredibly effective at alerting others of danger and showing other officers where you are. A great example of its versatility is being able to instantly dismount the GA Elite. This is very useful if you need to mark a position or RV point for other resources to aim for eg support teams, dog teams, heli support. As it's magnetic, you can also attach to broken down vehicles at the roadside as a warning beacon to other road users, thus preventing that secondary incident. A great safety device with so much potential. UK has only 2 distributors, both have zero stock!! Shame as I need one now!! JB, TVP.

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  16. Updated review with video!!! Buy this light!!!

    Thomas Atkins (verified owner)

    Worked on a little video for this, again I can’t emphasize how versatile this light is. Best by far for Towing or roadside for both seeing and being seen! Check out what it can do in my video!

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    Jason Veilleux

    I LOVE my Guardian Angel device. It has already saved my butt a few times from being hit by cars working alongside a busy road. Love the STRONG magnetic mounting system and accessories, which allows me to pretty much place this device anywhere! I not only use it for busy roadside work, but will also use it on search & rescue missions, walking my dog, and doing some snow throwing at nighttime. Love the 360 degree lights with 3 power settings. The battery is rechargeable and lasts a long time which is amazing! Just can't say enough positive things about this device.

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  18. Excellent product

    Chris Zastrow (verified owner)

    I got this device for work bc I do roadside assistance in rural areas and allows me to be seen when away from recovery vehicle

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  19. Roadside warning

    Mark (verified owner)

    I purchased a pair of the micros for my roadside emergency kit along with my roadside flares. We travel with our fifth wheel camper, and these will provide some piece of mind. Super bright and will alert others at a greater distance than flares on the ground. I selected the bicycle mount and strap it to the trailer ladder. The other one I will wear when I’m out on the road. I also appreciate how the lights can function as a mini directional arrow. However, the pattern will only direct to the left, so if for some reason you need to direct to the right, no such luck. Overall great product, and I think it’s at a great price point. I’d like to see them made in the same color configurations as the full-size.

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  20. law_enforcement_wearable_led_light

    Hands down the best device made!

    Patrick Spoerl (verified owner)

    I do roadside assistance.. I've used it several times working n it gets the attention of drivers. The magnet is great n durable.. I have talked to my coworkers about it n they are impressed by the brightness n quality of it!

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  21. Phenomenal, BUT only screw attachment

    Brian Fardellone (verified owner)

    Overall, absolutely love this light! The new modes and abilities are extriemely useful. Almost wish the larger versions have all the same modes as options. With the light being about two thirds the size, I wanted t replace my 2020 elite version on my hiking pack. Figured with the clip that fits molle, screwed to the clip, it would be phenomenal for an emergency light and/or beacon. That's the first disappoint, no screw mounting holes like on the larger versions. Yes, the magnets are strong, but the light does get knocked off going through brush. So, I'd rather not use it for that and lose it on a hike as I almost did already. Luckily I was on my own land and trails and found it. I'm sure I'll have plenty off uses for this light, but very limited in MY applications for the lack of screw mounts. Past that, would be my absolute favorite. I have two other elites, a 19 and 20. The 19(green/yellow) I use at work for looting access to areas as well as a personal marker in confined spaces. The other(20 orange/orange)is in my personal truck for roadside needs and has been incredible for keeping me visible and as a hands free light when I cannot hole my flashlight. I will continue to use my 20 Elite as my trail beacon light since I cann secure it to my pack. I assume my mini will become a secondary for roadside work as needed. Don't get me wrong, absolutely love the new version and options it has with modes and abilities, just not suited for MY intended application. Won't return, just find uses elsewhere.

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  22. A LEO must have!

    Jason Bradley

    Not sure how I got by without this! Flashlight hand freed up, extra protection on roadside at night, magnet secures device well, only negative remarks are those asking if I can turn it off when I’m asking for their license. Definitely would buy again and again!!!

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  23. Joe Girouard

    The micro is a awesome addition to the GA line. The small size makes it great to carry inside a pocket on my jacket and easy to deploy when roadside. For the smaller size the micro still packs a punch when on max brightness.

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  24. Matt Beare (verified owner)

    As a fleet maintenance mechanic, for highway maintenance vehicles, i do a lot of roadside service calls. Its important to be seen, which isn't always easy. Especially in in the dark and rainy days of winter in the pacific northwest. Well this little unit completely changes that. My co-workers (numerous of whom also have these) have been able to see me miles away. The yellow strobe is great for letting people know you're there. And the white makes an excellent work light! Definitely a must have

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  25. Compact and Bright

    Ryan Brightman (verified owner)

    Finally bucked up and purchased my first GA. This one is to keep in my truck for roadside emergencies etc...I also got the epaulet clip and the windshield mount for my truck. First impressions are excellent, solid build. Super bright LED's and love the different modes from, back, front or all on options. Good job on this product, next is the blue and red version for work.

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