Rechargeable Mechanics Light

Whether you’re working under the hood or under a vehicle, seeing what you’re working on is paramount to doing your job right. Hanging and “clip-on” lights just don’t cut it in these scenarios because the shadows cast as you move around are more of a hassle than you need, and sometimes getting those clunky lights into tight spaces just doesn’t work.

At Guardian Angel we took all this to heart as we developed our Elite Series lights, a lightweight 2-in-1 wearable and mountable lighting device. Each light can be mounted where ever you need it, whether on yourself or on any metal part via our powerful rare earth magnet. Offering four levels of front work lights at 800 lumens, these lights have the power and flexibility you need to illuminate any project.

We know your reputation and livelihood relies on the quality of your work, so when it matters most you can trust our versatile waterproof and shockproof devices to offer complete peace of mind while you’re doing your job.

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  1. law_enforcement_wearable_led_light

    The future of safety lighting is here!

    John Hanson (verified owner)

    Blown away by the intensity of the leds. Would not recommend looking directly into lights at close range. This one device has replaced 10 of the puck style lights I use to keep in the car. It’s that powerful and easier to see. Even in day light. I am a Production Mechanic in the DFW, TX area. Use this device to alert the forklifts and walkie riders of my toolbox location. Even attach to machine plugs when we lock out tag out the machines. Will be getting a few more for “what if” situations.

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  2. Keeps me safe

    Joe Reith (verified owner)

    I use my yellow/white in my job as a mechanic for the highways maintenance contractor. I got it on a recommendation from a co-worker, since we sometimes get called to work on a downed machine on the side of the highway, and with it being winter currently, the possibility of working in the snow on a broken snow plow. As the general motoring public drives faster and more distracted, I feel the shoulder (or hard hat) mounted beacon adds a little bit of extra safety.

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  3. Very well built!!!

    James from VA (verified owner)

    I am a highway department mechanic and am out quite a lot at night working on the side of the road. This light is very bright and can be seen from a great distance away and I think anyone who works out on the road should have one! Should become a job safety requirement!

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  4. Matt Beare (verified owner)

    As a fleet maintenance mechanic, for highway maintenance vehicles, i do a lot of roadside service calls. Its important to be seen, which isn't always easy. Especially in in the dark and rainy days of winter in the pacific northwest. Well this little unit completely changes that. My co-workers (numerous of whom also have these) have been able to see me miles away. The yellow strobe is great for letting people know you're there. And the white makes an excellent work light! Definitely a must have

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  5. Can see me now

    Cody ash (verified owner)

    I’m a mechanic for the department of highways so a lot of times I’m working on equipment out in traffic areas. This light helps me be seen night and day. It’s super bright and very user friendly. I recommend anyone that works In traffic areas to get one. Everyone needs to have a guardian angel watching out for them.

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  6. Better than expected

    James (verified owner)

    Good product. Makes my job easier being a mechanic, magnet strong enough to mount anywhere on the frames. Love it

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  7. DEBBIE PROZELLER (verified owner)

    I bought this light for my husband who is a mechanic that does road calls. I wanted him to be able to work safely and be seen in the dark. I am less worried while he is out on calls as this light lights up the work area and alerts passing vehicles that he is there. I am planning on getting one for each of my sons in construction, big equipment repair and general maintenance.

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