Utility Safety Light

We know workers in the utilities industry are at an increased risk of serious injuries and fatalities. A recent study researching 11 organizations in electric, gas and water found that workers in utilities had a incident exposure rate of 32 percent, compared with 25 percent for all other industry workers. The study also showed that motor vehicle incidents (30 percent) and line-of-fire or struck-by incidents (28 percent) were responsible for the most cases of this exposure. The main cause of these struck-by incidents is not being seen by oncoming traffic or your fellow workers.

We at Guardian Angel find these exposure rates deplorable and understand that identifying and understanding the risk factors is step one to getting them fixed. This is why our team is on a mission, working hand in hand with construction and utility workers world-wide to ensure that every worker can see what’s in front of them, and more importantly… be seen by oncoming traffic as well as their co-workers.

Our Guardian Angel Elite Series™ are lightweight 2-in-1 wearable and mountable personal safety devices with a 360º Illumination™ light aspect ratio, 5+ miles of visibility, multiple colored lighting options and a durable waterproof and shockproof casing that offers you complete peace of mind while keeping you seen and safe while your on the job.

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  • Elite®

    White/Yellow White/Yellow Wearable Safety Light

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  • Elite®

    Yellow/Yellow Wearable Safety Light

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  • Elite®

    Orange / Orange Multi-Functional

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  • Elite®

    White/Green & Yellow Wearable Safety Light

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  • Elite®

    White/Red Wearable Safety Light

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  • Helmet Strap w/ Two Magnetic Mounts

    Helmet Strap w/ Two Magnetic Mounts

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  • Magnetic Cone Mount Attachment

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  • Magnetic Suction Cup Mount

    Magnetic Suction Cup Mount

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    Jaw Clip Magnetic Mount

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    Device Tether

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Featured Reviews

  1. Visibility

    Tyler Less (verified owner)

    I got to use my light for the first time today and I am very impressed with it! It's easy to use, light weight and having the various mounting options is a major plus. The work lights on it are nice to see what your working on but the strobes are incredible. My coworker told me he could see the lights plain as day from .5 miles away with rain coming down pretty hard. I've gotten quite a few comments on it and I am trying to get my employer to purchase these for all of us as we work on the road and work at night from time to time. I highly recommend this!

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  2. Great for people working in or near traffic

    Jerry Gee (verified owner)

    The beauty of this device is when weather (fog, snow, rain) restricts visibility it is hard to see even brightly colored object. Look down the road in these conditions and at times, you cannot make out a car until the break light flash on. With the guardian angel this extra attention can be the difference between being seen and becoming a statistic. We outfitted out entire field tem with them. Also works in a pinch on top of your car if you have to pull off the road.

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  3. Incredible performance, design, and reliability

    Dean (verified owner)

    Purchased this to add to my personal safety when walking at night or if needed at the side of the road or elsewhere when safety may be compromised. It’s of solid construction and is highly durable. The lights are incredibly bright for a small compact unit and the multi-level brightness options are handy. Flash pattern options are great (although the directional mode would be better if you could alternate between having it move left to right but also right to left without having to pivot the entire device 180 degrees). The battery life is excellent and on the lowest brightness setting it does preserve the battery somewhat. This was a great investment in my personal safety and I look forward to seeing other products by this provider in the future.

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  4. Amazing device, must-have for the avid outdoorsman!

    Colin Urtes (verified owner)

    I have been looking at purchasing a Guardian Angel device for some time but could never justify the $100 price tag for the Elite version. Then they offered the Micro Series, and BOY do I regret not just pulling the trigger earlier. The device is incredibly well-made and has already aided me with the recent snow storms Wisconsin has received. I felt WAY more visible and confident other drivers saw me as I assisted folks who had slid off the road. I can't wait to use my Red/Green one for Dawn and Dusk kayaking adventures and for those super early morning hikes so people can see me. THANK YOU GUARDIAN ANGEL!!

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  5. Great Product!!

    Brian (verified owner)

    I use the Gurdian Angel to be seen at night so oncoming traffic can see me. I work as a project manager building fire stations, and we do a lot of early morning concrete pours and have several concrete trucks backed up, and sometimes onto the roadways. These are super helpful. I’ve also used them to warn other irrigating an intersection of people having car trouble.

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  6. Very bright

    Mime (verified owner)

    Works great and is very bright works great for traffic control on busy roads

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  7. You're doing yourself a disservice if you don't own one of these.

    SM (verified owner)

    Im really not sure why I didn't buy this device years ago. It's a must have if you work in any of the emergency services, construction, roadsides/highways and in the dark. Incredible visibility at night from all angles. The new micro series GA is a lighthouse on your shoulders. Thank you GA! You've increased my signal to be seen when it's needed most to warn others around in the elements. I'll be back. One satisfied customer up here in Canada.

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  8. Jarrett Lawson (verified owner)

    As a volunteer firefighter, I find this device very useful when working on the roads. The quality is very good, the light is bright. I recommend this to anyone that needs to be seen while working.

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  9. Easier than expected

    Erich Schultz (verified owner)

    I have seen other officers with these and I had seen them advertised. They just seemed a bit much and all those buttons looked intimidating. Well they went on sale at Christmas and i figured it couldn't hurt. Turns out all those buttons are pretty intuitive with just a read of the instructions. I work for a small village at night and it comes in handy with keeping my hands free when doing building checks. And if I'm on a back road the cruiser lights might distract drivers, but whit this thing I'm more confident ill be seen as well. I haven't had it long but it is quite a sturdy build and that magnet is strong enough that I don't worry about it. Be careful... it is super bright!

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  10. Great Safety Device

    Doug Deutsch, Paramedic (verified owner)

    This is a MUST for anyone who works nights or covers indoor concert venues!! Small but effective and easily seen for miles this lil light saves lives by making responders visible to those idiots on the road. This is one piece of gear you DON'T want to be without!

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  11. Works great

    Nina C (verified owner)

    I love this device, I put it on my dog’s harness and we get noticed even in broad daylight. It is lightweight enough that my dog doesn’t even notice or care that she is wearing it.

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  12. Roadside workers best friend

    itz.robert.eh (verified owner)

    Shipped fast, quality is top notch. You can feel the quality in it. The guardian angel elite is the brightest light i've ever seen. Yes theres stupid cheap ones on amazon that are junk and dont last. But these guardian angels are tough. Theyre durable. They are super practical and have so many uses. I've had so many people ask me where to get one that its actually mind blowing. 10 out of 10, highly reccomend getting one. If you dont do roadside work, keep one in your car even for roadside emergencies. This thing will keep you seen and safe at night if you ever have any vehicle issues.

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  13. Visibility

    Erick Guzman (verified owner)

    excellent purchase, the light works great super bright, charge lasts a long time! Magnets are super strong, very well made, I use 2 of these lights for alerting drivers when I was working on the side of the road definitely improve my safety, The absolute best safety device, I like the versatility of the various clips, the white front facing light is great for working, Thanks G.A. for making a great light

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  14. Great tool for night shift

    Will Sammut (verified owner)

    I purchased the elite red and blue for law enforcement and also received a green micro as part of a special holiday sale. I would recommend this device to anyone working nights or days, the red and white hands free lights great for taking statements or other tasks at night and keeping the hands free. The red and blue main lights give excellent visibility in traffic or on scenes where needed. The top mounted LED (I bought non IR version) is great for being scene especially if an air unit is around or even just others finding you in a wooded or urban area. Battery life has been great and it charges quickly out of the box. Magnet mount works well and I also got a clip mount for my outer carrier as well. The green micro is great for the size and price, intend to use it when my wife and I go hike or other outdoor activities and keep in car for roadside safety and signaling as I believe it would work well for us in that way.

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  15. Be seen be safe!!

    Randy Hermes (verified owner)

    Very bright, easy to use. Great battery life and recharges quickly. Any body who works along the roads and highways needs to have one of these! Absolute game changer.

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    D. L. COLLIER (verified owner)

    I got in on the last BOGO for myself because I work in Protective Services and sometimes assist first responders in major traffic incidents. When dealing with traffic control, in a dark uniform, it's important to be seen. This BOGO however was for my niece who I felt needed it for her personal safety in walking and in case her SUV had an issue while on the road. It would definitely help to notify those passer-by that there was an issue or that she was walking for exercise reasons. I recommend these to anyone who would benefit from having this device for any type of personal safety ??.......The alternative is too risky nowadays with distracted drivers or conditions on the roadway. The $50-$100 you spend on this product is worth it's weight in gold long term IMO !!!

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  17. BE SEEN!

    Jared Hansen (verified owner)

    the best device for any first responder, law enforcement, police. be seen on the side of the road. these lights are extremely bright and can be seen from MILES away.

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  18. Highly recommend this product

    Joey Leslie (verified owner)

    The Guardian product I chose is red / Blue because I’m a Firepolice officer I block roads and need to be seen for safety purposes our Fire trucks approach me and say they can see my light flashing from a distance away I love my Red/ Blue Guardian if you’re working at night fire, police, ambulance or whatever ever never had anything any better this this product

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  19. Turned out to be true

    Christine (verified owner)

    I bought this for my so. When I received it I told him it was here. He asked me if It was bright. So I played around with it and wasn't paying attention to the buttons I was pushing and got blinded by the top flashlight. It took an hour for me to stop seeing blotches, heck I was seeing them without blinking. I highly recommend this light to keep your emergency responders safe on the side of the road. As for the rest, like battery life, I have no answers.

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  20. High Quality Versatile Light

    Tom Foley (verified owner)

    This is a very well made, durable product. It feels very solid in your hand. The magnet is very strong and you won’t have to worry about the light falling off any metal it is attached to. The white lights are very bright making this an excellent flashlight or task light. The colored lights are equally bright and visible from a distance. The light has several flashing and solid lighting modes making it an excellent safety device. It also has an SOS mode that blinks SOS in Morse code. I purchased this with a Micro Series light during a bogo sale and I couldn’t be happier with both lights. I plan to carry both in my truck in case of an emergency to use one as a work light to see under the hood or while changing a tire, and the other as a safety signal to warn other vehicles that there is a vehicle on the side of the road. This is an amazing product and I highly recommend it!!

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  21. Every Officer needs one!!!

    Parker Robinson (verified owner)

    This device is exactly what I've been needing. I am all about being hands free and this does exactly that. I love using the red light for reading and writing at night. Also, I work on the side of the road all the time, so having the rear flashing light is a life saver. If you don't have one yet and you are waiting for a sign to get one....here is your sign! get it an you won't regret it. You'll see why it's a must for all officers.

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  22. A must have

    Jordan Bosch

    Haven't found a light better than this. A great tool to stay visible during operations on a roadway. I can't wait to see how it operates during an overhaul.

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  23. Ryan (verified owner)

    I love how bright this thing is and you can be seen from a far distance while outside working or anything outdoors. I work for a public works dept and working night shifts can be pretty difficult with people not paying attention seeing people out on the roads and these help out alot for our safety.

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  24. Just as great as the elite!!!

    Nicholas t johnson (verified owner)

    I got my mini during the BOGO offer. I chose the white and orange for all the other uses I could get out of it. Flat tire on the side of the road, place it on top of my car to alert oncoming traffic. Riding my bike for exercise, BOOM..... cars can see me a mile away. Also for those early morning runners, this would be great for visibility. This mini GA has sooooo many uses, im still coming up with different ideas of where to use it. It's tiny enough to fit in your pocket yet bright enough to compete with the elite GA. I got mine free, but it is definitely worth $50. It has the same craftsmanship as the elite and the magnet is just as strong as the elite. Almost too strong, jk. I have already shown my Officers that I supervise and they are looking to get one as well. This could also be used for boating if there is a green/red combo. Not sure, if there is.

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  25. Joshua Powell (verified owner)

    I got my first GA in 2021 after seeing "Rotator" Ron Pratt of Midwest Truck use them on YouTube. This past holiday season, I took advantage of the special to buy another one, specifically colored for use on my boat. I am a SAR volunteer who does wilderness, high angle, and maritime ops, and this new GA will eventually make it to a permanent mount on my helmet, but for now it is attached on the shoulder strap of my PFD. They are great and handy little devices, and I have used them more than once to mark disabled vehicles on the side of the road, and have even used them as "flags" on over length loads carried at night! Since I got my first one, most of the professional SD,FD, and PD units have them now! My only regret is that there is not a red/white or red/amber with the IR strobe, which would be useful for being spotted by drone or helicopter mounted FLIR during search operations!

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