Utility Safety Light

We know workers in the utilities industry are at an increased risk of serious injuries and fatalities. A recent study researching 11 organizations in electric, gas and water found that workers in utilities had a incident exposure rate of 32 percent, compared with 25 percent for all other industry workers. The study also showed that motor vehicle incidents (30 percent) and line-of-fire or struck-by incidents (28 percent) were responsible for the most cases of this exposure. The main cause of these struck-by incidents is not being seen by oncoming traffic or your fellow workers.

We at Guardian Angel find these exposure rates deplorable and understand that identifying and understanding the risk factors is step one to getting them fixed. This is why our team is on a mission, working hand in hand with construction and utility workers world-wide to ensure that every worker can see what’s in front of them, and more importantly… be seen by oncoming traffic as well as their co-workers.

Our Guardian Angel Elite Series™ are lightweight 2-in-1 wearable and mountable personal safety devices with a 360º Illumination™ light aspect ratio, 5+ miles of visibility, multiple colored lighting options and a durable waterproof and shockproof casing that offers you complete peace of mind while keeping you seen and safe while your on the job.

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Featured Elite™ Devices

  • Elite®

    White/Yellow White/Yellow Wearable Safety Light

    (254) $109.99
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  • Elite®

    Yellow/Yellow Wearable Safety Light

    (130) $109.99
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  • Elite®

    Orange / Orange Multi-Functional

    (62) $109.99
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  • Elite®

    White/Green & Yellow Wearable Safety Light

    (100) $109.99
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  • Elite®

    White/Red Wearable Safety Light

    (399) $109.99
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Featured Micro™ Devices

  • Micro®

    Red/Red Wearable Safety Light

    (61) $49.99
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  • Micro®

    Orange/Orange Wearable Safety Light

    (59) $49.99
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  • Micro®

    Yellow/Yellow Wearable Safety Light

    (68) $49.99
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  • Micro®

    White/Green Wearable Safety Light

    (66) $49.99
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  • Micro®

    White/Yellow Wearable Safety Light

    (105) $49.99
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Featured Mounts/Accessories

  • Helmet Strap w/ Two Magnetic Mounts

    Helmet Strap w/ Two Magnetic Mounts

    (14) $21.99
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  • Magnetic Cone Mount Attachment

    (27) $14.99
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  • Magnetic Suction Cup Mount

    Magnetic Suction Cup Mount

    (8) $24.99
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  • Guardian Angel Jaw Clip Mount

    Jaw Clip Spring Mount with Magnetic Mount

    (263) $17.99
  • Device Tether

    Device Tether

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Featured Reviews

  1. Visibility


    I love this product. You can even see the light in broad daylight.

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  2. Super bright

    Douglas Petrie (verified owner)

    This is a super bright light that can be seen by anyone driving at night,well worth the money for my safety,I would recommend this to anyone who works on the road at night and needs to be seen

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  3. Great light for multiple uses

    Sean (verified owner)

    Purchased this when I became a motor officer. Great product for increased visibility on the roadway. Also great on day to day job tasks to keep my hands free. I had a clip on slight that was okay, but the Guardian Angel light is the best.

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  4. Forget the doubt and buy it…you won’t be disappointed!!

    Anthony M. (verified owner)

    As a delivery driver working on the roadways more than 8 hours a day the sun isn’t always out when you need it. And once it gets dark you’re less visible to traffic going by. I bought the guardian angel elite to make people more aware of me out in the streets as well as an extra work light on my shoulder. As the winter months approach here in California I’m sure this little guy will become my best friend!!’ Great job and great products!!

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  5. Nice product

    Shaun V (verified owner)

    I like the angel devices, they're very bright. And we'll get driver's attention when you're directing traffic or on a accident scene.unfortunately, the device only comes with part of blue and yellow, not the whole device blue and yellow. Unfortunately I had to buy two to be effective if wanted front and rear. Which cost me more money for what I needed to be seen on roads in the rural area. Hopefully someday they will make the front & rear yellow and blue.

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  6. Guardian Angel Elite Series Blue Blue Safety Light

    This is a SHINING STAR!

    James (verified owner)

    I work dayshift as a crash investigator and respond to two to seven vehicle accidents a day, five days a week.I have been trying to add an extra layer of safety to the job by using traffic cones in combination with the lights and placement of the vehicle. Proper vehicle is placement is of course extremely important but not always as easy as it would seem. The side of the road with heavy traffic is a very dangerous position to be in.Using traffic cones to move traffic a little further over helps but the motoring public has become, for the most part, totally oblivious of a stand alone cone because people use them from everything to marking the edge of the driveway at home to a birthday sign holder.I saw an ad for the GA light and the traffic cone mount and thought, HMMMM, this might be of use!! I’m am extremely excited to announce that the Blue / Blue GA light on top of a traffic cone placed next to the driver’s side is a life saver when trying to enter and exit the vehicle. Driver’s actually move over and give you that little extra room that is desperately need to perform the job with an added level of safety.The light is very bright and definitely gets attention. The magnets that secure the light to the mount are very powerful. They will not separate unless you physically pull them apart. I give this light a full five stars and would recommend it to anyone who finds themselves in a busy traffic situation.

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  7. Great visibility on roadways

    Adam (verified owner)

    My fire department uses the Guardian Angel devices daily, anywhere from the 2 interstates in our district, to the rural roads, to neighborhood streets. We've only had them a few months so far, but I see it coming in handy during the snowy months.

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  8. Runner

    Michaela Trudeau (verified owner)

    I’m in law enforcement and have fluctuating hours for shift, which can make finding safe time to run difficult on the roads. With the green mini guardian I can run in low levels of light and still feel safe. The green is usually the most visible and safest for runners.

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  9. Guardian Angel Elite Series Blue Blue Safety Light

    Super bright and easy to use

    Derek Strohl (verified owner)

    Great product to make sure you are seen when working a scene on the side of the road. Very bright and super easy to use.

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  10. Awesome product

    Matthew (verified owner)

    I came across the guardian angel while looking up safety lighting. I do heavy Diesel and heavy equipment repair. I work in a shop/highways/roadways/job sites. It's nice to have a pice of mind knowing you will be seen while wearing this light. I also love the forward facing white light so I can have a free hand instead of holding a flashlight. Great product and highly recommend for any one.

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  11. I love these lights!!

    Victoria McCarthy (verified owner)

    I am a retired Trooper and I have a GA that I used all the time. It is so bright and easy to see, and we know people on the roads don't always pay attention. I bought one of these lights for my son who is working as a tow driver while going to college. It makes me feel better as a mom to know he is a bit more visible.

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  12. this light is great for both fire and EMS

    JOHN T ENGLISH (verified owner)

    we tested this light at out monthly training and it makes you visible to traffic on the road as well as from air support units well worth the money

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  13. Sweetest light ever

    Aaron Marshall (verified owner)

    I love this light im a tow truck driver and I feel safer working on the side of the road day or night with this light it’s visible from miles away and super sleek design

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  14. Make Highway Workers Visible Again!

    Chad Engle (verified owner)

    Those in the road construction business know how dangerous it can be to be out on the road, especially at night. The average driver just doesn't care about our safety. This device is perfect! We noticed an immediate behavior change in the drivers entering the project area. This is a must to protect workers!

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  15. Exceptional quality

    Gary Broadway (verified owner)

    I purchased two different light systems for use up here on the North Slope, the micro and the elite. Both lights are durable and intense. The true intended use will be during the winter when the the snow is almost in whiteout with 60 mph winds and temperatures reach -30 to -50. In conditions as such, workers need to be seen and accounted for. I will let you know how these units stand up to the extreme temperatures.

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  16. Bright

    Daniel Wolfe (verified owner)

    As a firefighter on the sides of the road often. This light has been very effective at grabbing motorists attention and helping keep myself and others safe

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  17. Great Starter Kit

    Boyd (verified owner)

    The ELITE closeout deal is everything you need. From the ELITE device itself to extra mount and charger. I am happy I chose this as my first GA device. It is mega bright and has more setting and features then I know what to do with. Perfect for patrol/LE especially at night and on the roadside.

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  18. Best bit of kit brought

    Stephen Bowskill (verified owner)

    The unit is smaller than I thought it would be which is good thing asI use it mounted on the adjustable arm strap, so the smaller size means less weight hanging on my arm. The light output is amazing for such a small device, very bright & visible with plenty of lighting options dependent on use & time of day. I work as a roadside vehicle recovery operative which often puts working on live highway lanes, so visibility is paramount to my safety. Drivers take minimal notice of a person wearing a hi-vis garment, but a intense & bright flashing light draws attention & gets you noticed.

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  19. Fantastic for EMT

    Dylan Turner (verified owner)

    I ordered mine as working on an ambulance frequently puts me in situations where more visibility is never a bad thing such as roadsides and fire grounds. The hands free work light is great for patient care. The magnets are super strong, and the device feels super high quality. I think this is something I’ll be using for years to come. Thanks Guardian Angel!

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  20. A need for roadside safety

    michael scott wild (verified owner)

    What an incredibly powerful little light! Daytime, nighttime doesn’t matter! I work for NYS DOT so I’m always on the road. feels safer with this on

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  21. Awesome!

    Josh Scott (verified owner)

    Very very bright!!! Love the light! If you work in the roadway you need this light!! Very easy to use fits my hars hat Very well with the mount.

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  22. Multi-purpose tool for multiple situations

    Joel Shelton (verified owner)

    I am a semi-retired police officer. As any officer can tell you being seen by drivers at night when they come up to an emergency scene has been a constant battle. I personally have come very close to being hit several times by drivers who say they could not see me due to other lights distracting them, even though I was wearing reflective gear and using flashlights. Since purchasing the Guardian Angel and using it drivers now see me better and this is one tool that better protects me while out on the road at night. I am also the President of a volunteer Fire Department and I am looking at trying to find funding to purchase a few units to have in our fire police vehicle for use. Also I am an EMT and member of our county Search and Rescue team. As an EMT the Guardian Angel comes in handy when I need a flashlight in lowlight situations. This allows me to see what I am doing while keeping my hands free to allow me to provide better patient care. Also helps others who have come to the call to get what other equipment that may be needed without causing a hazard to themselves at night. During Search and Rescue operations this light lets me see at night just like carrying a flashlight so my hands are free to either carry other equipment or provide help to a patient or other team members. Also it allows other team members to see me at night when line of sight is hard to maintain. During auto extractions I can attach this light to areas where a flashlight would not work or a larger portable light. As has been mentioned in other posts it would be nice to have the ability to have a shoulder mount. Some people may not like the feel of the base setting on their skin.I would recommend this product to anyone. It can be used in more situations then what I have talked about here. Definitely worth the money.

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  23. Very durable and extremely bright

    Joshua Marks (verified owner)

    I work in a rural to suburban agency. Many of the areas are not well lit, especially certain roadways. While doing road sides, the GA helped keep a car away from the area I was working. One suggestion would be make a Velcro cut fit option for helmets. I fabricated one to put the GA on my helmet while on an ATV

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  24. Ethan Karol (verified owner)

    The GA provides greater visual acuity when reviewing credentials roadside while keeping my hands unencumbered by a flashlight for improved tactical mobility. The high visibility grants an improved sense of safety particularly during inclement weather or low light ambient conditions.

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  25. Amazing!

    Ben Mueller (verified owner)

    This is an absolute lifesaver! Super bright, charge lasts a long time! Magnets are super strong. This is great for nights where I’m working on the side of the road away from my vehicle with my strobes on. This light absolutely gets attention because it’s not an everyday thing where you see a little amber light flashing on the side of the road with a strobing white light. Even without a reflective vest this still works miracles! Would definitely recommend for anyone in the roadside assistance, towing, law enforcement or first responders, or anyone who bikes/runs late at night. The more you are seen the safer you are. These lights are quality made and built to last. This is absolutely my guardian angel while I’m working.

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