Rechargeable/Wearable LED Skiing Light

It’s never been easier to get on the mountain before the crowds arrive or make another few runs long after they’ve left. Light up the slopes with Guardian Angel’s 2-in-1 wearable and mountable lighting devices.
Whether you’re going on a cross-country trek or catching the rush from a downhill run, you’ll see exactly where you’re going with our hands-free lights. These rugged devices are waterproof and shockproof so they can survive a nasty spill too. Even if you aren’t the only early bird or the last one on the mountain, your fellow skiers will have no problem seeing you and you’ll have no problem seeing your way through a challenging and rewarding run.

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  1. The light is amazing

    Amy Askin-Beck (verified owner)

    We are so excited about the micro. We use them on our dogs for night walks, hikes, taking out an night for potty breaks when traveling. We do stop occasionally when traveling at night on the side flog the road. Hooks snug on their collars, extremely bright. Not any different from the larger one. I recommend this for anyone whose dogs travel and spend time outdoors in the evening. We got green for one dog and orange for the other. That way we can also tell them apart at night when we recall them.

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  2. A LEO must have!

    Jason Bradley

    Not sure how I got by without this! Flashlight hand freed up, extra protection on roadside at night, magnet secures device well, only negative remarks are those asking if I can turn it off when I’m asking for their license. Definitely would buy again and again!!!

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  3. David Edwards (verified owner)

    Great product, used it the first night I received it, directing traffic on a dark 4 lane road. Had several of my buddies asking me I got my Guardian Angel.

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  4. Visibility guaranteed

    Michael Harris (verified owner)

    This safety device allows you to be seen by other motorists, hands-free multi-tasking, and easy charging with the USB-C port. If you're looking to invest in a safety light for yourself or your team I would strongly suggest Guardian Angel as your one-stop-shop.

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  5. You’d better get one

    KRF (verified owner)

    Definitely a good idea, especially on outer vest carrier. Easy to knock off and you don’t want the light skittering away!

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  6. Great light!

    Mike Slivoski (verified owner)

    I’m with a local FD doing traffic control and this light is an excellent addition to my safety equipment. Very bright and mounts just about anywhere.

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  7. Great light!

    Mike Slivoski

    I’m with a local FD as traffic control and this light is a great addition to my safety equipment. Very bright and mounts just about anywhere.

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  8. John Mac Kalauli (verified owner)

    I am a Police Officer in Hawaii and this Safety Light is a must for all. I have coworkers asking where I got it from. Being hands free is Great when you’re on any type of call. It came in handy at a recent traffic accident providing more than enough light for all on the scene and being able to have hands on with helping out medics. I know I have coworkers that want this light and I will be bringing this up at our next Police Union meeting as an added equipment. It’s always been a question when directing traffic at night during accidents and this was the first time in 20 years that a motorist have told me that they could see my flashing blue and white from afar. Thanks for a Great Quality Safety Light, you have a Happy Customer. ????

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  9. law_enforcement_wearable_led_light


    Richard (verified owner)

    Brighter than all the other models. More functions on the front lights. I like magnetic lights.

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  10. Chris Gadomski (verified owner)

    This device works very well in storms allowing vehicles to see you in traffic. This device also works well as a hands free light either writing something or doing work in a dark area around the house. The quality holds up after time and again use and I personally own 2 devices as well as purchased one as a gift. Well worth the money !!

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  11. Matt H (verified owner)

    A fantastic device for safety. I particularly love the front facing white LED’s for patient care and extrication, working in EMS. It is also fantastic to be able to have the back lights flashing while I am out on an accident scene and away from blocker vehicles, or directing traffic. It has already worked and possibly saved my skin from some ornery speeders and rubber-neckers passing by accident scenes. They might only see the emergency vehicles normally, but with this light, they see my strobe and know there are additional hazards to look out for. I plan on using this for working special events too, since often times we are in golf carts, on bikes, or on foot in high traffic areas.

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  12. Worth it!

    Scott J.

    I was hesitant at first, thinking to myself "do I really need another light?" Eventually I decided to order one. Boy am I glad I did! It's small enough to fit in a cargo pocket, bright enough to light up a room and tough enough to take a beating and still work like new. I plan on ordering another one to keep in my bug out bag for emergencies.

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  13. Fantastic product, incredibly bright

    N Rippey (verified owner)

    I’ve been an LEO for 16 years and seen a lot of products come and go from the market. The Guardian Angel is one I hope sticks around. I work midnights and love the task light functions. The red/blue lights are incredibly bright but placed on my shoulder they don’t interfere with my vision. The IR beacon is visible through night vision for several hundred feet even through foliage. No more air units asking “Is that an officer or a suspect near that tree line?” The IR beacon allows me to remain covert on the ground but lit up like a Christmas tree to the FLIR. The visible lights are bright enough to light up a large area and would be fantastic at the end of a foot chase to aid backing officers in locating an officer in say a backyard or other area where one might struggle to provide an exact location. Overall I couldn’t be happier with my purchase and plan on making a pitch to the department to start issuing these to all our road patrol folks!

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    J B (verified owner)

    Well I was contacted shortly after purchasing this light about providing a review. I responded that I would when I had adequate time to assess the light and how it works- quality, performance, application and reliability. Well here’s my 1 year review. After a year of using this light while working patrol with it, I can honestly say this light is priceless in the field. I use this light in almost every situation during night shift, and countless situations on days as well. It illuminates subjects at night well enough to see small details on body camera during review. It provides free hands when dealing paperwork, tickets, securing handcuffs, being seen etc. I love the strobe pattern and the ability to control individually, either the front or rear strobe. Comes in handy when responding to traffic collisions, can have the white light on to provide first aid while the rear is strobing to allow other responds or civilians to easily spot our location. I use the all direction strobe in situations where I want to be found- whether it be after a foot chase and I apprehend the subject and I want responding units to come directly to me or if I’m first on scene to a collision and I’ll inform dispatch to tell EMS to come to the strobing light for primary casualty needing medical aid first. The light works amazing on day shift when entering a low light residence without the worry of asking to turn lights on or carrying a handheld flashlight (yes it’s thats bright!) One and only Negative for me is that there is no battery meter on the device. Sure some would say “just have a charge schedule” but I try to only charge batteries when they are almost dead but prior to losing function, to prolong battery life (especially on such an essential device). I don’t know if anybody else has my luck, but it always seem to begin dimming or die when I need it the most. All in all I would HIGHLY suggest this device to any and all. Even if you just want a great emergency light in case of a natural disaster or in your “Go” bag. I personally have demonstrated this light to many other officers, ems, fire and even people on calls who have purchased and thank me everytime they see. You won’t regret it.

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  15. Awesome Light

    DOUGLAS HOLMES (verified owner)

    I absolutely love this light. This is the 2nd one I own. Use it with the suction cup mount on my truck when working on a congested jobsite, or attach it to my vest when working around heavy traffic areas. The amount of light it puts out is incredible and no doubt with get anyone around you attention. Get light to have for safety. Can't believe I waited so long to purchase the first time. Very heavy duty construction. I get a lot of people asking where they can get theirs.

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    Chris Borowski (verified owner)

    I work in the tow industry, which means I get to play on the side of highways and other busy roads , my shifts are at night time, this light is absolutely amazing, clip it to your short turn it on and it lights up the whole work area and beyond, I feel much safer wearing it knowing that people can see me and well if they can’t they are clearly blind and shouldn’t be driving at all! Overall this product is a undeniable 10/10:)

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  17. law_enforcement_wearable_led_light

    Instant recognition!

    Waylon Klutts (verified owner)

    Not only is this device bright and visible, the guys on my squad noticed it on my uniform right away. They asked about where I bought it, and how well it works. I was all too happy to share your website. Citizens see it to, and usually comment “that’s a cool light,” or “that light is really bright.” Amazing product! The quality and functionality of this product make it worth the asking price. Buy one, you will love it.

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  18. law_enforcement_wearable_led_light

    The uses are completely practical and effective.

    B. Kaszubski (verified owner)

    I had the honor of helping escort the mobile wall that heals memorial for my humble little community. I also did it in an unexpected downpour. My very first use of the guardian angel proved it will remain a tool to use for me. Not only did it prove it's water resistance, but DOT workers and fellow leo's in my community remarked at the visibility it provided while i provided traffic control. I wish i had a second for my part time gig. Highly recommend.

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  19. Wojciech (verified owner)

    even my dog ??is happy - now we walk safely

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  20. Fantastic product!

    George McKeever

    I am a volunteer first responder with Saint John Ambulance and a member of their bike patrol team. This device has saved my hide on a few occasions from vehicles trying to run me off the road and is a great method for indicating where help is needed if I need to call for back up. Thank you GA!

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  21. Window Mount Bracket with Magnetic Mount

    Helps me execute my job

    Frode Skibrek (verified owner)

    Makes me more visible to other ROADUSERS and also serves as a cruise light when off work

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  22. Strap and Epaulet Clip Mount

    Great accessorie

    Frode Skibrek (verified owner)

    This helps me to easier use my GAD. It can connect to epaulets and straps easy.

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  23. This can save lifes.

    Frode Skibrek (verified owner)

    I love this. GAD is a valuable tool in my line of work. I feel safer working when I carry it.

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  24. Great out of the gate with plenty of stamina!!!

    Ed Baron (verified owner)

    Found the perfect warning light for my skid steer. I can place it anywhere on the machine with the super strong magnet. Looks amazing on the boom arms when I raise the bucket. Much added attention of warning lights to the side's of the machine.

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  25. Even in the daylight its bright

    Jeffrey Collinsworth (verified owner)

    Great light to make yourself visible when its raining or just out of your vehicle on the side of a road. Plus the front light works great for working on paperwork while in a dark vehicle. The magnet works great for securing it to your vest shoulder strap. I have plenty of officers at work asking me for the address to get one because it works that good.

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