Rechargeable/Wearable LED Skiing Light

It’s never been easier to get on the mountain before the crowds arrive or make another few runs long after they’ve left. Light up the slopes with Guardian Angel’s 2-in-1 wearable and mountable lighting devices.
Whether you’re going on a cross-country trek or catching the rush from a downhill run, you’ll see exactly where you’re going with our hands-free lights. These rugged devices are waterproof and shockproof so they can survive a nasty spill too. Even if you aren’t the only early bird or the last one on the mountain, your fellow skiers will have no problem seeing you and you’ll have no problem seeing your way through a challenging and rewarding run.

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  1. Most versatile clip

    William Trumbore III (verified owner)

    This is a perfect match for my Guardian Angel to enable me to attach it to my uniform. The width of the clip perfectly fits in the epaulets of my shirts and firmly holds the light in the best position to keep light where I need it. Excellent accessory to the Guardian Angel!

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  2. Kristopher Fowler (verified owner)

    I absolutely love these lights. They're bright and durable. More than convenient. Overall useful in many applications. I love how long they stay charged. And let's not forget the magnit. Being abe to stick it anywhere I need it just about makes things a breeze. I really love where you are going with these. I drive a flat bed wreaker a lot at night in a rather large city and won't leave the house without them now. They light myself up on the side of the highway as well as the vehicle I'm on scene with fixing to tow. They're also a bright flashlight hands free on my shoulder the way I ordered the light set up. I have people daily asking what they are and where I bought them, asking if they can take a picture of one. Ive bought 6 of them so far. 2 Micro and 4 Elite. I honestly can't wait to see what you come out with next. I'll be waiting.

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  3. Very Happy Feeling Extremely Safer

    Jonathan J. (verified owner)

    Before receiving this Elite Series Guardian Angel I'm an Roadside Assistance Technician, I wear extreme Hi-Vis reflective clothing and a electronic LED hat saying Roadside Assistance, when doing a Small/Big (vehicle LockOut - Tire Change - JumpStart). Most people ignore the clothing and turn into captain obvious, stopping me, asking if I need help or to point out the problem that I'm repairing. After receiving the Elite Series Guardian Angel Device, I wear it everyday, turn it on before I exit my vehicle when arriving to all my calls. No one comes up to bother me, I'm able to pay attention to the environment and focus on securing customers vehicle('s) for them to continue their adventures safely. Next time I'm definitely ordering a Yellow/White Elite Series next.

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  4. Solid, well built, bright. Immediately noticeable.

    Rory Walton (verified owner)

    I bought this tool as a safety light for a night time road cycling, kayaking, Open water swimming, and in the future some trail running. I also like the potential use in a vehicle to keep it in the glove box and pull it out if you're on the side of the road for whatever reason on a blind curve and don't want to get hit. This light eliminates and draws attention immediately in a way that greatly enhances my safety when I'm off doing adventures. I like that you can change the direction of how you choose to mount it and which lights show which direction. I'm well known for destroying equipment because I can be a little hard on my gear. However I don't think that'll be the case with this piece of quality lighting. It's also light and designed in a nice compact simple way that it's very easy to throw in with your stuff or slap the magnet on something to keep it handy. The mini red and white light is perfect for cycling because I can have the white facing forward and the red-facing backwards. The light is much smaller and more sturdy than I expected. The port for charging has a solid looking waterproof seal that I actually feel okay with putting on a swim buoy if I'm out there doing a swim close to dusk and I want to keep a boat or a jet ski away from me. It's actually been really hard to find a truly waterproof light to use for that purpose and this one seems to fit the bill. It's also very cool looking to boot. There are so many mounting options that I've only scratched the surface as far as where I could apply this in my life. This feels like one of the most well-built and quality products I've purchased in years. Thank you for the quality you guys have put into this it really shows!

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  5. Nonmetallic Surface Adhesive and Screw Magnetic Mount

    Frank CASHMAN (verified owner)

    This mount work great on the front of my Jetski. It gives me extra visibility and peace of mind when out late

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  6. Justin (verified owner)

    Works well as a white light requirements for my skiff boat. The magnetic adapter sticks well the the boat cowling. Works for about 2 hours but can use an external battery pack to go longer.

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  7. Mike Slivoski (verified owner)

    Very good light! I use it for Fire-Police traffic control duty for the local FD.

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  8. Exactly what i was looking for!

    Peter Hoskin (verified owner)

    For a while I had been looking for an integrated lighting unit that was small, robust and had different options. I had mucked around with RGB lighting strips and USB powerbanks on velcro which worked well, but was not rugged or robust. This has met and gone beyond all of my needs. An added bonus was the quick shipping from the USA to New Zealand. We struggle to get shipping options to here especially in a timely manner. I ordered monday and got friday via DHL - AMAZING. Don’t change from DHL.

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  9. Guardian Angel Blue Blue Infrared Safety Light IR

    Great device

    Boban (verified owner)

    It‘s truely a great device which allows you to be visible and recognisible at night or bad wheather conditions

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  10. Strap and Epaulet Clip Mount

    Love it!

    Jeff Attison (verified owner)

    I’ve used this device for months and loved it.I like how it keeps my Guardian Ange in place. Recently it was broken due to a scuffle with a subject. I emailed Guardian Angel and asked if it was under warranty. I received an email in less than an hour, asking if my shipping address was the same. Not how did it break, send it back or anything like that. The company sent a new one, no questions asked and it arrived within 5 days. The device is great, but the company’s policy and standing behind their products is what sets them apart and makes them the best!

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  11. Awesome JetSki Light

    Steven Rickard (verified owner)

    I purchased two of these units to use on my Jetskis for night time bottom fishing. When I received the mini guardian lights I was actually surprised initially on the packaging followed by the construction and attention to detail on the unit itself. I removed the units and charged them that didn’t seem long at all. As I cycled through the options i was amazed on its brightness and ease ability of use. I really like the fact that The light isn’t permanently installed allowing me the flexibility of also using the unit on my kayak or vest as an emergency beacon locator etc. Highly recommend device (Quality, Flexibility and ease ability)

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  12. Paul kawczynski (verified owner)

    This is an awesome device i really highly recommend it

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  13. Love it...

    Buck (verified owner)

    The jaw clamp opens wide and grips what ever your clamping it to,super strong magnet makes it easily interchangeable with other mounts...

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  14. Bike/Rail Strap with Magnetic Mount

    Pretty secure

    Leo D. (verified owner)

    Very good strap, it holds well. Asking as you are putting it on a bike or the rack of and ATV something of that sort. I need to think of something to put it on my ROPS bar on my tractor. Unless there is a mount available already. I certainly recommend!

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  15. Trustworthy outdoor safety light

    yaping jiang (verified owner)

    I like it very much. I often go out, go outdoor mountaineering and skiing. This lamp meets my requirements, and there are many accessories. The installation method is very convenient and stable.

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  16. Difficult to use buttons but nice lights

    A Brown (verified owner)

    I am a National Ski Patrol snowboard patroller. I needed to be visible while working the evening shift. The red and white blinking lights are perfect. The only button I can really find and use easily is the larger center button. If I want to use the other buttons, I need to take off my mitten, unclip the light, and find an ambient light source to see which button is which.

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  17. Well designed and built

    Jeffrey Baker

    Use this for ski patrol when dealing with a wreck and when on an ambulance call that puts us on the road side. It definitely draws attention. The controls are simple, the battery has good endurance. The variety of mounts gives a solution for almost any situation. Plan to put one on my wife's bike for her short commute to work this Spring.

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  18. Exceptional!

    Matt (verified owner)

    I have used this micro device for about 3 weeks now. I was wondering how it would match up to the ELITE model I own. I love this micro. It is VERY bright for its size. It may be small but don’t think that it is not bright due to its size because it is very bright. Despite having less LEDS than the larger model it is still VERY visible. I chose the green and white model for personal use to while I run in low light conditions for exercise. Guardian Angel did not skip any corners with these micro devices. I love it.

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  19. The light is amazing

    Amy Askin-Beck (verified owner)

    We are so excited about the micro. We use them on our dogs for night walks, hikes, taking out an night for potty breaks when traveling. We do stop occasionally when traveling at night on the side flog the road. Hooks snug on their collars, extremely bright. Not any different from the larger one. I recommend this for anyone whose dogs travel and spend time outdoors in the evening. We got green for one dog and orange for the other. That way we can also tell them apart at night when we recall them.

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  20. Guardian Angel Blue Blue Infrared Safety Light IR

    A LEO must have!

    Jason Bradley

    Not sure how I got by without this! Flashlight hand freed up, extra protection on roadside at night, magnet secures device well, only negative remarks are those asking if I can turn it off when I’m asking for their license. Definitely would buy again and again!!!

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  21. Guardian Angel Elite Series Blue Blue Safety Light

    David Edwards (verified owner)

    Great product, used it the first night I received it, directing traffic on a dark 4 lane road. Had several of my buddies asking me I got my Guardian Angel.

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  22. Visibility guaranteed

    Michael Harris (verified owner)

    This safety device allows you to be seen by other motorists, hands-free multi-tasking, and easy charging with the USB-C port. If you're looking to invest in a safety light for yourself or your team I would strongly suggest Guardian Angel as your one-stop-shop.

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  23. You’d better get one

    KRF (verified owner)

    Definitely a good idea, especially on outer vest carrier. Easy to knock off and you don’t want the light skittering away!

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  24. Great light!

    Mike Slivoski (verified owner)

    I’m with a local FD doing traffic control and this light is an excellent addition to my safety equipment. Very bright and mounts just about anywhere.

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  25. Great light!

    Mike Slivoski

    I’m with a local FD as traffic control and this light is a great addition to my safety equipment. Very bright and mounts just about anywhere.

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