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Rechargeable/Wearable LED Skiing Light

It’s never been easier to get on the mountain before the crowds arrive or make another few runs long after they’ve left. Light up the slopes with Guardian Angel’s 2-in-1 wearable and mountable lighting devices.
Whether you’re going on a cross-country trek or catching the rush from a downhill run, you’ll see exactly where you’re going with our hands-free lights. These rugged devices are waterproof and shockproof so they can survive a nasty spill too. Even if you aren’t the only early bird or the last one on the mountain, your fellow skiers will have no problem seeing you and you’ll have no problem seeing your way through a challenging and rewarding run.

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Featured Elite™ Devices

  • Elite®

    Green/Yellow Green/Yellow Wearable Safety Light

    (160) $109.99
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  • Elite®

    Red/Yellow Red/Yellow Wearable Safety Light

    (66) $109.99
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  • Elite®

    Green / Green Wearable Safety Light

    (53) $109.99
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  • Elite®

    Yellow/Yellow Wearable Safety Light

    (139) $109.99
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Featured Ski Mounts

  • Arm Strap with Magnetic Mount

    Arm Strap with Magnetic Mount

    (103) $17.99
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  • Universal Clip Mount with Magnetic Mount

    Universal Clip Mount

    (340) $14.99
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  • Guardian Angel Jaw Clip Mount

    Jaw Clip Magnetic Mount

    (298) $17.99
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  • Stabilizer Clip Magnetic Mount

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  • Device Tether

    Device Tether

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Featured Reviews

  1. Very convenient

    Mike Slivoski (verified owner)

    Fits firmly in cone, strong magnet on top good product.

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  2. You can never be too safe and flashing lights get attention

    Jerry Garczynski (verified owner)

    The Guardian Angel devices are extremely rugged and versatile. We use them both worn and attached via strap to the equipment in use. It is a mistake to think reflective clothing is enough, especially when the weather impacts visibility. We put these on all of our Field Associates .

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  3. Great for people working in or near traffic

    Jerry Gee (verified owner)

    The beauty of this device is when weather (fog, snow, rain) restricts visibility it is hard to see even brightly colored object. Look down the road in these conditions and at times, you cannot make out a car until the break light flash on. With the guardian angel this extra attention can be the difference between being seen and becoming a statistic. We outfitted out entire field tem with them. Also works in a pinch on top of your car if you have to pull off the road.

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  4. Alex k (verified owner)

    Very easy to use light weight and light up good Good for traffic control, and any calls you need it for I recommended to anyone in first responder field

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  5. Small but mighty

    Matt Lewandowski

    I was skeptical at first at the micro devices but they’re much lighter than the elites and pretty much disappear when you’re wearing them. As long as you don’t mind the smaller buttons they’re a great light to set and forget. Highly suggest.

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  6. Walking Dogs

    Dennis Skowronski (verified owner)

    I got this for the evenings that we need to walk the dogs, but it might be getting dark or during lower visibility. Works great to keep my wife and dogs safe. What a great product!!! Thank you.

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  7. Jawarski Shelton (verified owner)

    Really enjoying the light. The magnet holds well on my vest. Very user friendly.

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  8. Bought to use on my kayak

    Gerald Garczynski

    The lights are extremely bright and eye catching. Worth the portability and the fact it is rechargeable makes it much more convenient.

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  9. Great for people working in or near traffic

    Jerry Garczynski (verified owner)

    This product is amazingly solid and well made. The magnetic base and disc work fantastic to attach to a safety vest, jacket, pant pocket of vehicle. We are going to have all of our field survey crews wear these in addition to their safety vest. Everything you do to make yourself visible increases your chances of staying safe

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  10. Amazing product

    Timothy Pomierski (verified owner)

    Super durable. Great product. Looks awesome on my helmet. Would definitely recommend.

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  11. All LEOs should have this safety light!

    Michael Dowless (verified owner)

    I love that this light is so rugged and has blue/red/white LEDs and several patterns. I bought this for my son-in-law after asking him if his Sheriff's department supplied any auxiliary lighting for officers that have to step out into traffic during a stop. He said they don't but he would love to have one. I think you are going to get more sales after he shows his unit his Guardian Angel light. I can't wait to see his face when he opens it this Christmas because I'm sure he's forgotten that I said I'd get one for him.

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  12. Excellence in Safety & Versatility

    John Wojciechowski (verified owner)

    I first learned about Guardian Angel devices when I attended a Traffic Incident Management training with the State of CT DOT. I'm a member of my local CERT and we are often activated for events involving traffic and crowd control, including evening events. I wear a Guardian Angel on my shoulder during these events for maximum safety and visibility. The range of visibility is exceptional, they are versatile in regards to the mounting options and light patterns, and the battery life is excellent. I now own 6 devices in total, 5 Micros and one Elite. I also use the Elite as a safety light on the rear of my e-bike to improve safety and visibility. I purchased the family 4-pack of orange lights for use on Halloween and have also used them on top of traffic cones to help direct vehicles to the appropriate lanes. The possibilities are endless and I highly recommend investing in one or more if you are in the market for a wearable safety light.

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  13. Arm Strap with Magnetic Mount

    It Works!!

    AJ (verified owner)

    We all know how well the light works (seriously!) but I wanted an arm band for when I take walks/runs at night. I use my light on the job, but figured it would be great for walking and running as well. This arm band is fantastic! It stays put, does not bother my skin, and is quick and easy to put on. Guardian Angel, please make one for K9's as well!! For sizing, I recommend the bigger one as the smaller one appears to be more wrist size than arm size.

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  14. Best bit of kit brought

    Stephen Bowskill (verified owner)

    The unit is smaller than I thought it would be which is good thing asI use it mounted on the adjustable arm strap, so the smaller size means less weight hanging on my arm. The light output is amazing for such a small device, very bright & visible with plenty of lighting options dependent on use & time of day. I work as a roadside vehicle recovery operative which often puts working on live highway lanes, so visibility is paramount to my safety. Drivers take minimal notice of a person wearing a hi-vis garment, but a intense & bright flashing light draws attention & gets you noticed.

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  15. Multi-purpose tool for multiple situations

    Joel Shelton (verified owner)

    I am a semi-retired police officer. As any officer can tell you being seen by drivers at night when they come up to an emergency scene has been a constant battle. I personally have come very close to being hit several times by drivers who say they could not see me due to other lights distracting them, even though I was wearing reflective gear and using flashlights. Since purchasing the Guardian Angel and using it drivers now see me better and this is one tool that better protects me while out on the road at night. I am also the President of a volunteer Fire Department and I am looking at trying to find funding to purchase a few units to have in our fire police vehicle for use. Also I am an EMT and member of our county Search and Rescue team. As an EMT the Guardian Angel comes in handy when I need a flashlight in lowlight situations. This allows me to see what I am doing while keeping my hands free to allow me to provide better patient care. Also helps others who have come to the call to get what other equipment that may be needed without causing a hazard to themselves at night. During Search and Rescue operations this light lets me see at night just like carrying a flashlight so my hands are free to either carry other equipment or provide help to a patient or other team members. Also it allows other team members to see me at night when line of sight is hard to maintain. During auto extractions I can attach this light to areas where a flashlight would not work or a larger portable light. As has been mentioned in other posts it would be nice to have the ability to have a shoulder mount. Some people may not like the feel of the base setting on their skin. I would recommend this product to anyone. It can be used in more situations then what I have talked about here. Definitely worth the money.

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  16. Officers Love It

    Hunter Tobey (verified owner)

    I’m a new Community Service Officer for a Cape Cod Town I purchased this to start my career in law enforcement. After working a night shift and almost getting hit. I decided to buy this product. The layout makes sense and is easy to remember, I get many comments from other officers asking what it is and where they can get one. I will send all of them direct to this page. It’s worth all the money the first time someone sees it before you.

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  17. Best little light ever

    Michael Swertinski (verified owner)

    This little thing is the best light I have in my truck. Red or white it’s a great little light

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  18. Takes eyes off phones !

    Kim Pozorski (verified owner)

    I ride and commute to work on bicycles , E-scooters , and Electric Unicycles hundreds of miles a year . Having visibility up high really improves the time it takes for the everyday idiots looking at phones while driving to make eye contact which is critical when moving at 20-35 mph silently . Also helps on pathways with walkers doing the same on phones . Greatly improves safety .

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  19. Dante Letsch (verified owner)

    I absolutely love them. They have so many uses its crazy. I use them on my 4 wheeler for snow plowing as an emergency light. I have put it on the skid loader for snow removal. They work great for kayak fishing at night/ fishing in general. Working on cars. I literally can't find anything they don't work well for. I do wish there were more options with the mounts to screw the device to it. The magnets are great but I have had them come off.

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  20. Greatly increases visibility!

    Colin Moore (verified owner)

    As Ski Patroller who works both day and night shifts, I will use the guardian angel to increase our invisibility at an accident scene to warn other skiers from getting into our first aid scenes. While it’s super visible at night, it’s even visible during the daytime. We also use them to allow other patrollers to find our accident seems more easily given the high level of visibility the light provides. Great tool!!

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  21. Sterling Dembowski (verified owner)

    Had been incredible in the time I’ve used it. I got the full size and micro so what i’ll do is attach the micro to the vehicle I’m loading up and the full size on my shoulder. Has definitely made a huge impact on drivers moving over for us at night

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  22. Ski safety light - very visible, but battery run time could be improved

    Peter DeMaria (verified owner)

    I own both the full size and the mini green lights that I use to ski. Green was the color recommended to me by Guardian Angel given the need for visibility while skiing. The goal is that other skiers/snowboarders will see me and do not hit me. The battery life seems superior on the larger version. However, if you run either large or small size with all of the lights flashing, this will give you the best visibility on the mountain but the shortest battery run time. I find that the best move is to turn the lights on while on a ski run and to turn them off on the lift. Overall, happy with the product.

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  23. Great light!

    Mike Slivoski

    I’m even more impressed with the newer style lights as they are brighter than he older ones. Great lighting system!

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  24. Super !

    Richard Contant (verified owner)

    Used my micro for safety on the trails, when "intercepting". Love it. Will use the "regular" as my "Trail Agent" light on the ski-doo for "interceptions". Super simple to install and remove, VERY bright at night and enough during the day. With the "stick on" magnetic mount it is super easy to install where you want. No need for fixed 12 volts light anymore, and I can use it on my truck or UTV also. No need for the big cumbersome old led light bar that take a lot of room for nothing.

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  25. Ski light

    Peter DeMaria (verified owner)

    I purchased the green/green for skiing, upon recommendation of the Guardian Angel sales staff that green would be most visible in the snow. The device came with a free mini version, courtesy of Thanksgiving sales. I also purchased a clip on mount. The lights are well made and very bright. Buttons intuitive and easy to learn to use. While I think the magnet is a good idea, even as strong as it is, if I take a tumble while skiing I think the light would fly off the magnet and thus use the screw on attachment. I've used in the daytime skiing to see if there is value... the white flashing LED on the top of the device is most visible at that time. The green LED around the side are more useful for night skiing conditions. I would recommend for skiing, however it is a pricey light so I am worried about losing it. I think the screw on mount options are the best way to go.

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