Safety Device Reviews

They say praise for what you do is a sure sign of your success.  We are proud of our Guardian Angel Devices and could not be more thrilled that our devices are quickly becoming a trusted and essential tool for thousands of hardworking people around the world both on AND off the job.

Our innovative devices are being used in various fields from Law Enforcement, First Responders and Tow Operators to Construction, Roadside Safety, Security Personnel and everything in between.  We could tell you how awesome our product is,  but we figured it’s better to have actual Guardian Angel users tell you what they think – Be seen, be safe!

4.9 out of 5

Rated 5 out of 5
  1. Orange Micro

    Eric Kovacich (verified owner)

    Works great, got to keep us visible when walking the dog

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  2. Green micro

    Eric Kovacich (verified owner)

    Works absolutely as described

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  3. Best Piece of Equipment I Own

    Joe (verified owner)

    This is hands down one of the most important pieces of equipment that I own. I am a police officer who works nights and this has changed how I work. No more holding a flashlight under my arm or having a partner shine a light for me. I love the red white version of this light. It's so convenient being able to have full white or the single red light to the front. When I need a brighter red I spin it around and use the full red. This is a great piece of equipment and I don't leave the station without it. This is the best money I've spent

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  4. Strap and Epaulet Clip Mount

    Great Product

    Dany Couture (verified owner)

    Very good attachment for my uniform. Very solid accessories at an affordable price.

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  5. Casey D. (verified owner)

    Ridiculously bright. Used for police and ems. Most devices are not very visible during the day however this one shows up great even in sunlight. I now have two devices. Will buy again.

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  6. Strap and Epaulet Clip Mount

    Casey D. (verified owner)

    Very strong hold, even through a jacket and a traffic best.

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  7. Great Product

    Dany Couture (verified owner)

    Great product and great service. An awesome little device that can keep you safe.

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  8. law_enforcement_wearable_led_light

    Alex C

    Alex c (verified owner)

    I would recommend this to anyone that is a first responder or works in the safety department or any night construction on any main roads even in the inner cities grate for all and extremely user friendly

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  9. law_enforcement_wearable_led_light


    Alex C (verified owner)

    This product works grate for what I need it for and the light weight strong magnet and all the usage for it is amazing I recommend to anyone in first responders and anyone that works in public safety

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  10. Great device

    James Tiffany (verified owner)

    I love this device it’s great for doing work with your hands without having to hold the flashlight keeps visible to the drivers I work out in the snow and the cold keeps me visible from the long distances it’s very versatile I can use it at home work while camping and even read bedtime stories to my kids with it just an all-around great device

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  11. Amazing Light


    This light was one that I was able to beta test before it was released. I personally didn’t have anything negative to say about it. I do know that some changes were made to the newer micros that were released. If I thought the beta light was perfect, I can’t imagine how much better the newer models are that were just released!! This is a PERFECT light for the size it is!! You won’t be disappointed in picking up this light. Also, this is my own personal opinion. I was not “coached” into saying something positive. This is me speaking freely! Pick up a micro or two, you’ll love them!!

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  12. Very bright

    Brandon M.

    I got this light for hunting as most critters can't see in the green spectrum. I am very impressed with this light and how bright it is. It will make my hunting trips so much nicer and early morning or evening hunts will be much nicer.

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  13. Strap and Epaulet Clip Mount


    Brandon M.

    This attachment is very solid and feels like it will hold up for a long time. I have only had it for a couple weeks, but I am very impressed.

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  14. Joe Girouard

    The micro is a awesome addition to the GA line. The small size makes it great to carry inside a pocket on my jacket and easy to deploy when roadside. For the smaller size the micro still packs a punch when on max brightness.

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  15. law_enforcement_wearable_led_light

    Great for traffic control visibility!

    David Green (verified owner)

    I purchased the Guardian Angel to assist in visibility when directing traffic. It has been a great tool in my safety. Driver's have even commented that they saw me well in advance of seeing my traffic vest.

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  16. light weight!

    Ben (verified owner)

    Awesome product. Very light weight. The strong magnets are a plus for officers that find themselves in foot pursuits, etc.

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  17. Keeps me safe

    Joe Reith (verified owner)

    I use my yellow/white in my job as a mechanic for the highways maintenance contractor. I got it on a recommendation from a co-worker, since we sometimes get called to work on a downed machine on the side of the highway, and with it being winter currently, the possibility of working in the snow on a broken snow plow. As the general motoring public drives faster and more distracted, I feel the shoulder (or hard hat) mounted beacon adds a little bit of extra safety.

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  18. law_enforcement_wearable_led_light


    Andrew Levesque (verified owner)

    I was hesitant at first about purchasing a GA device. I though it was a bit over top. After I saw a guy I work with using his, I thought I would order one but wasn't sure I'd use it much. Well, I use this thing multiple times every shift. The battery rarely needs charging and this thing is durable and well built. Needless to say, I love it.

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  19. Great product

    Tami potirala (verified owner)

    I am an otr truck driver and I got this item to make myself more visible on the side of the road or even walking thru the parking lot at night. It works very well.

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  20. A must for active workers

    C. Kehoe (verified owner)

    It is quite honestly a must have. I can imagine it would be difficult to lose your Gaurdian device while it's activated, however it's not impossible, and if it's off when it gets dislodged it may be all the . More difficult to locate. I bought the tether at the start with my GA and it has saved me from having to track down my device sever times already. As an active LEO, worrying about gear retention is somthing that we don't have time for and the tether will save you from the worry and effort of tracking it down after a pursuit, scuffle, dining and doffing gear, or the occasional accident bump as your moving around. I can't recommend it more.

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  21. law_enforcement_wearable_led_light


    Michael Esquivel (verified owner)

    I purchased this for my brother as soon as I saw it ....he is a sheriffs deputy and I think these should all be mandatory for Law Enforcement so they can be safe and come home safe .....very cool tool

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  22. SAR best device

    Rebecca A Alford (verified owner)

    Love the device the magnets are strong durable and will be a great asset to the gear for my husband and the bloodhound he uses . To locate missing individuals and help our community

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  23. Universal Clip Mount with Magnetic Mount


    Rebecca A Alford (verified owner)

    The clip is amazing this gift to my husband was a great addition to his search& rescue/ recovery gear for his blood hound . The device has held up to running in the woods in training behide the dog. My husband doesn't get paid he does this volunteer and loves to be an asset to the community we live in. Thank you all so much.

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  24. law_enforcement_wearable_led_light

    Hooked after First Deployment

    Madison Winchester (verified owner)

    This is an excellent piece of equipment and as a Chief I have been receiving great reviews from my officers. I am considering purchasing more in order to equip all of patrol while on street. These handless devices are ideal when you just don't have an extra hand to hold a light, or you don't want to place your light in your armpit. We recently had a major crime scene and this device proved useful and durable for officers. Well worth the investment for officers who already have to much to deal with on the street. Why should they have to worry about ample light and enhancing their safety!

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  25. Guardian Angel Saved my Life

    Mark (verified owner)

    My name is Mark. I am a Police officer in Alabama. This device saved my life! I’m on an accident on the interstate & it’s foggy. The vehicles were in the middle of the road and side of the road between #2 & 3 lane. Troopers not there yet, trying to assist injured drivers and passengers. No one can see us on the interstate at this point until they get right on us from under a bridge & curve. Flashlights aren’t working. I turn on my Guardian Angel Device at this point to flash all the way around. Approx, 100 yards out is three 18 wheels coming in my lane while I am trying to get a scared dog out of an SUV. We are pushing traffic to the fast lane as fast & safe as possible. The number three truck can’t see anything until 1&2 move over & sees me at the last second and swerves to miss me as I’m getting the dog out and clips the SUV! Spinning it. The driver stops just 50 yards past us, jumps out, scared that he ran me & the dog over. Can’t be mad at this point. It’s not his fault. But he did hug me and wouldn’t stop apologizing. I am a Christian man. That’s Gods work! The Guardian Angel was also Gods work through you, helping you create a device to save lives!! Like mine and Scooby (dog name). He said, if I’d hadn’t had that on my shoulder he would have never swerved to miss me. This device saved my life! This device should be mandatory in all First Responders “GO” bag! Thank you for my device! I am actually looking to purchase one for my rookie, which stated wanted one but can’t afford it yet! God Bless you guys & your company!

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