Industrial PPE Safety Light

We know workers in the industrial industry are at an increased risk of serious injuries and fatalities. A recent study researching 11 organizations in electric, gas and water found that workers in industrial and utilities had an incident exposure rate of 32 percent, compared with 25 percent for all other industry workers. We at Guardian Angel find these exposure rates deplorable and understand that identifying and understanding the risk factors is step one to getting them fixed. This is why our team is on a mission, working hand in hand with construction and utility workers world-wide to ensure that every worker can see what’s in front of them, and more importantly… be seen by oncoming traffic as well as their co-workers.

Our Guardian Angel Elite Series™ are lightweight 2-in-1 wearable and mountable personal safety devices with a 360º Illumination™ light aspect ratio, 5+ miles of visibility, multiple colored lighting options and a durable waterproof and shockproof casing that offers you complete peace of mind while keeping you seen and safe while your on the job.

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  1. Being visible

    DONALD FARIS (verified owner)

    Being a electrical serviceman that works at night it helps to make you visible when working on the streets at night very good safety tool to add besides a reflective vest.

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  2. Absolutely the BRIGHTEST lights for visibility at night

    Da Ying (verified owner)

    Mine may not be a typical use—I ride an electric unicycle through the streets of manhattan at night for fun. There’s a community of us, all searching for the brightest lights, with the most versatile attachments, that can take a beating during falls. The Guardian Angel Elite is the brightest, most premium light I own. I highly recommend it to anyone who needs the brightest light on the market. I believe it is worth it’s price. Following the YouTube link for my in-depth review of the product.

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  3. A must have

    Robert Rodriguez (verified owner)

    I’ll start by saying this device is a must have for anyone wanting to be visibly seen in public for safety or recreational.. I use it for recreational I use it when riding my Electric unicycle in traffic and it has boosted my confidence because of how amazingly bright it is and have been told by motorists that they spotted me blocks . Battery life is fantastic and so are the strong magnetic to hold them in just about anyway you want to clip it on. It has been a game changer for me and I highly recommend this to anyone...

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  4. Micro series

    Michael Godwin (verified owner)

    This micro series is awesome it basically weighs nothing you can't even tell when its on your hard hat I am a electrician by trade and I have found hundreds of uses for this device I can't to get more of them honestly. Would recommend this product for everyone its uses are limitless.

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  5. One Nice light

    Glenn Berndt (verified owner)

    I got the green and yellow Guardian light and it works great I put it on my helmet when I ride my electric scooter so people don't run me over if you need to be seen get the Guardian light I Love it thank's Glenn

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  6. law_enforcement_wearable_led_light

    Just Buy It!

    Nicholas Pregill (verified owner)

    One of the coolest and most vital piece of equipment I carry. I love this device! I use it on-duty and to be visible while riding my electric skateboard on the street. Amazing!

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  7. Let it shine..

    Robert Rodriguez (verified owner)

    Hi my name Robert from New Jersey..I have to say this is an amazing device for recreational or safety purposes ,first responders Skaters, bicyclist, if you want to be seen out in public in traffic guaranteed you will be seen with this device on you I highly recommend this to anyone looking to be outdoors and looking for the extra protection and to be more visible to the public you will not be disappointed.. I use my guardian angel device for recreational purposes I ride an electric unicycle and it’s imperative that I am seen by traffic and the public and with this I am absolutely spotted from many many blocks away so for me it’s a game changer.. If you’re thinking about purchasing this device stop thinking about it just get it you will be 100% satisfied..

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  8. Great safety light

    Mark Williams (verified owner)

    The Elite Guardian Angel was the safety light I have been looking for. I ride motorcycles , bikes and electric unicycles. The key to surviving urban traffic is assuming no one sees you and riding accordingly. The corollary to that is making sure you are as visible as possible and this light outshines the rest; literally. I love all the modes from flashing to steady. Most important is that it is visible 360 degrees around you. You can't predict where danger is coming from so this light covers you from all directions. Solidly built and very watereproof. I like all the different mount options and using magnets is brilliant so i is easy to move it from vehicle o vehicle to jacket or any metal surface so you get light where you need it. Highly recommended.

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  9. SIMPLY AMAZING! The hype is REAL!


    I ride an Electric Unicycle in New York City and these lights are perfect for riding all over the city. The goal is to see and be seen and the Guardian Angel Elite and Micro series does both. I rode for over two and a half hours and my lights never stopped working. The Guardian Angel Micro is my go to light for my shoulder and my two Elites are clipped on my backpack so I can be seen by cars at night. A great solution for safety and high-visibility at night! Simply Amazing! I also have a YouTube Channel where I have field tested both the Elite and Micro series in a snowstorm during the day and at night. Check out the video here:

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  10. Awesome wearable safety light!

    Fred (verified owner)

    I ride an electric unicycle for fun, safety has always been my major concern, all I can find are bike blinking lights that I wear so I can be visible to traffics, somehow it is not very effective, I needed so many lights, till I found out about the Guardian Angel wearable safety lights than can be seen 360 degrees with 4 brightness option. Wow, this device is amazing, very well built, comes with different lights pattern, you will not be disappointed, a must buy if you right at night.

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  11. wow incredible safety device

    DAVID MALAVOLTA (verified owner)

    electrician by trade i find myself in places of low visibility where i need two hands at all times also dark basements tunnels pathways where pipes and wires need to be run this guardian angel light gives me the ability to see and be seen thankyou for making such a well made product

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  12. Strap and Epaulet Clip Mount

    Superior build strong hold

    Mark S Resler (verified owner)

    Holds tight no worries about losing the light Works very well with my light. Don't know how I lived without out this. I'll fel very safe on my new electric bike now. It holds firmly!!!! Buy one you'll be glad you did. Perfect accessory for the Guardian Angel. Thanks for making this. Sincerely Mark

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  13. Bike/Rail Strap with Magnetic Mount

    Very very!!! Durable now worries about losing the light

    Mark S Resler (verified owner)

    Holds tight no worries about losing the light Works very well with my light. Don't know how I lived without out this. I'll fel very safe on my new electric bike now. It holds firmly!!!! Buy one you'll be glad you did. Perfect accessory for the Guardian Angel. Thanks for making this. Sincerely Mark

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  14. law_enforcement_wearable_led_light

    Very very!!! Durable and bright!!!!

    Mark Resler (verified owner)

    Very very!!! Durable and bright!!!! This is one of the!!! Absolutely ? one of the best quality products I believe on the market to date! I am excited. Fir warm weather to get here so I can use this on my new electric bike. There is no doubt in my mind that people will be able to see me with this on the rear of my electric bike. Its just unbelievable that someone has finally made a high quality light worthy to be used without compromise and or worries. Thank you so much!!! Guardian Angel for designing this awesome!!! Light. I will feel much safer now either biking or walking. Sincerely!!! Mark

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  15. Strap and Epaulet Clip Mount

    A must buy for backpacks and straps

    Kevin Lau (verified owner)

    This accessory will ensure that your guardian device stays on at all times. Even with a strong magnet the additional screws just provide a added sense of security. I wear a backpack over my gear when riding my electric unicycle it’s good to know I that I can simply clip my device on without putting a magnet under my clothing.

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  16. A MUST BUY!

    Kevin Lau (verified owner)

    As a electric unicycle rider mostly doing it at night visibility is extremely important! None of the lights I have compare to the guardian angel! Between the strobe and 360 field of view I feel safer and more confident riding around. The battery life is awesome as well, if you need one I highly recommend the elite simply because usb c charges much faster. Thanks Guardian Angel!

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  17. Wow.... amazing bright

    Adam Ellis (verified owner)

    This is incredibly bright. I use it for my electrical contracting jobs as we all know that drivers don’t pay attention to too many things. I especially love the cone attachment too.

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  18. Excellent versatile light for multiple uses

    Raul rivas (verified owner)

    I have to say that I absolutely love this light. I work in a target store and unload trucks and use this light In every truck I unload. It gives me all the extra light that I need and I love the 360 range. I also use it on low strobe on me when I am using electric pallet jack on sales floor so that I remain very visable. I rave on about my gardian angel light with my coworkers. I plan on getting more lights.

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  19. New car, No wires, No problem

    Jonathan L Rodman (verified owner)

    First Respond often in my POV, I have a new car that doesn't agree with add on electrical and I don't want anything drilled... perfect solution!!

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  20. Essential to electrical unicyle riding

    Tan Ho (verified owner)

    I started riding my EUC (electric unicycle) at night, so needed something to keep me safe at night by making me more visible. A friend told me about Guardian Angel lights, so I checked it out and though the price seemed a bit high to me, I figured I needed to buy the best I can in safety gear. Having used it now for over 2wks, the Guardian Angel is well worth the money. It is light, has 360 visibility, ability to control front & rear lights individually, different levels light intensity, and a red light to preserve night vision. It’s so small and light that I do not even notice I am wearing it until someone comes up to me and asks me “hey what’s that on your arm?”.

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  21. Invaluable equipment for safety in riding a scooter

    eric_bautista (verified owner)

    Retired and enjoying the countryside on an electric scooter. Safety is paramount while riding and I chose the GA Orange/Orange Multifunction LED light to let everyone know that an “old” man is around. ??

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  22. Peace of mind for the sports enthusiast

    chulander (verified owner)

    I ride an electric unicycle capable of going up to 40mph and have these lights attached to my backpack. I would hate to lose these and am glad these tethers exists. The only minor annoyance is attached the straps to the unit initially, other wise, it has been great so far

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  23. Scooters, Electric-bikes,unicycles,long boards, even walking.


    Simply Wow factor. I saw someone on Facebook post a video with this light and immediately ended up ordering one. This device goes with me at night times regardless of the activity - walking, running, and all the electric vehicles I have. I got the white and red, the white portion does act great as a flashlight (will deplete your battery faster if constantly steady). I leave this unit on flashing for it to last me through the night. The longest duration I have tested was about 5-6 hours at night in flashing mode, and it did not die on me throughout the night. Addicted, and will pick up another unit to be even more visible.

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  24. Guardian Angel Blue/Blue - Germany

    Jürgen Müller (verified owner)

    Hello my name is Jürgen. I come from Germany, more precisely from the vicinity of Berlin. I work in the emergency medical service. I have had my Guardian Angel for almost 2 weeks now. I am very enthusiastic about the lamp because it gives me a feeling of safety during my work and is absolutely reliable and of high quality in every situation. I have so far remembered 2 missions in which the lamp helped very well. The first mission was an ambulance accident in the middle of the night. Through the lamp with its blue light, I was immediately visible in flowing traffic and the other drivers also reacted to me much faster and more carefully. The second application at night was a plot of land and a house where there was absolutely no electricity. In order to find the patient and also to go a safe way, the Guardian Angel with its white LEDs illuminated the surroundings very well, so that my colleague and I could find the patient safely. I am really excited and happy with the performance and quality of the Guardian Angel and recommend it to anyone interested. Take care of yourselves. Warm greetings from Germany.

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  25. Great for electrical use

    rhouseman (verified owner)

    As a controls technician at a package sorting facility, I purchased this for use in our truck yard. There, it works perfectly, leaving my hands free while making sure I'm compliant with our policies requiring lights. I have also found it very handy when working inside an electrical box, as I can stick it to an edge or the door, once again leaving my hands free while I'm working inside, and the white work light means that I can easily read the wire labels. I do want to see a USB-C version in the future, though.

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