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Rechargeable/Wearable Camping LED Light

It doesn’t matter if you’re blazing a new trail and roughing it in a tent or heeding the call of the open road in an RV, being prepared for anything is the motto we all can live by.
So, whether you’re doing some night trekking up in the mountains, need an outhouse light, or that ever handy spider finder; Guardian Angel’s 2-in-1 wearable and mountable led lighting for camping have got you covered no matter the task at hand.
This versatile water-proof, dust-proof and multi-functional lighting device allows you to see or be seen in any situation you may find yourself in – day or night. It’s literally the last light you’ll ever need… because we build the most advanced and dependable lights on the planet for one purpose… to illuminate what matters most.

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    Micro Series™ Wearable Safety Light – White/Green

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  • Micro®

    Micro Series™ Wearable Safety Light – White/Yellow

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  • Micro®

    Micro Series™ Wearable Safety Light – White/White

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  • Micro®

    Micro Series™ Wearable Safety Light – White/Red

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    White / White & Red Wearable Safety Light

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  • Elite®

    White/Green Wearable Safety Light

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  • Elite®

    White/Red Wearable Safety Light

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Featured Mounts/Accessories

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    Bike/Rail Rubber Strap Mount with Magnetic Mount

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  • Velcro Clip Magnetic Mount

    Velcro Clip Magnetic Mount

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  • Arm Strap with Magnetic Mount

    Arm Strap with Magnetic Mount

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  • Guardian Angel Jaw Clip Mount

    Jaw Clip Magnetic Mount

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Featured Reviews

  1. Timothy (verified owner)

    It’s a great bright light, I manage to keep buy GA devices because they can be so versatile if camping, hiking, biking, and or kayaking

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  2. What an amazing tool!!!

    Joel Tomaneng (verified owner)

    Perfect for safety while on the road walking at night. A must-have in your vehicle as a warning device when stranded in dark places. It is also great for signaling rescue when you're lost in the bush or camping. I've got an Elite full size (white/white) and two Micros (white/white and yellow/yellow). A highly recommended piece of gear. They are now part of my EDC (everyday carry) in my pocket and my vehicle. More power to Guardian Angel! I'm really happy with my lights!!! Merry Christmas to you all!!!

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  3. Simply rugged! Simply awesome!


    Been using a Red/Blue/IR combo Guardian Angel for years, spanning two different Agencies. Highly recommended to all LEO's, both day and night-shift, SRT/SWAT etc. to use as a scene safety light, for administrative tasks, and/or, using as a beacon for fellow LEO's to find your location. Loved my first one so much I just picked up another (and the new ones are improved in design/functionality) plus safety light variants (Elite and Micro) for my wife and kids for camping. Try one, you'll see why you can't do without it! Versatile for many applications!

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  4. So far so good

    Marc (verified owner)

    I purchased this as a safety light for hiking and camping. It mounted easily on a should strap and adds very little weight. It’s bright and all functions seem to work. The magnet is pretty powerful and it feels secure on its mount. So far, so good.

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  5. Just one problem.

    Jose Elizarraras (verified owner)

    The one problem with this thing is that it is just too good. I’ve eliminated several other flashlights out of my EDC and it is practical for everyday use outside of work. Looking forward to camping with it and using it during my field training exercises.

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  6. Awesome product!

    Matt Jones (verified owner)

    I have purchased 3 lights now. Two micro and one elite. My elite is used while I'm on duty. The two micro lights are for hiking, camping, kayaking. They are perfect for when you need to be seen. I'm sure I'll buy more later!

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  7. Super Bright White Safety Light for kids while biking, walking, camping, or a backup Safety light for the vehicle.

    Michael Varner (verified owner)

    I love these lightd!!! This is my fourth GA light--I keep them in all vehicles IOT utilize as safety/emergency lighting. Extremely well crafted LED light!!! Uses are.up to your imagination; biking, walking, jogging, camping, emergency lighting while traveling in vehicle or motorcycle--I've even used it in the pool for the kids to play/retrieve from 10ft deep. I love these lights!!!!

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  8. Super polyvalent

    Julien (verified owner)

    Je l’utilise lors des patrouilles autoroute pour voir et être vu. Ergonomique et intuitif dans le choix des nombreux modes. La batterie dur longtemps. Pratique pour le camping ou la mécanique avec son aimant très puissant. Super produit !

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  9. High visibility

    Vincent Lowe (verified owner)

    Love my red/green guardian. Use it camping and for night walks. Very bright. I really like how versatile it is.

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  10. Versatile

    Ryan Ayers (verified owner)

    Been using this light for a couple weeks and it has been great. Love that you can wear multiple ways due to the magnetic attachment or just attach to something you are working on. I have used this camping, working on a car, as well as safety light for working a parking lot. The brightness adjustment as well as all the different light functions make the applications endless.

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  11. Solid Light

    bprice4566 (verified owner)

    As a patrol officer of 26 years, (now retired) I figured this light would have to be built strong to withstand the profession of a street cop. Totally met my expectations of built quality and function!! Built better than I thought it would be. I wish I had the opportunity to use it working patrol. I bought it for everyday use, camping, biking, and vehicle emergencies. Buttons work great. Lights are bright. Solid case. Very strong magnet. Low profile.

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  12. product well made

    Eduardo Menendez (verified owner)

    I ride motorcycles and do camp on and off ..phenomenal for camping and hiking

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  13. Family Member's Safety

    Carlene (verified owner)

    I purchased the Guardia Angel for my son. As a former Paramedic I know the dangers of working in our roadways. I purchased this to both make my son safer as he works on our country roads. They do not have the safety factors that are provided for out workers on the hiways. Also, what I first intended to buy it for was for his camping and hiking trips. I feel much better knowing that he has something within his reach that could mean the difference in his survival if he became lost or injured. I choose the Elite because the light can be seen much farther. My son was extremely pleased and plans to purchase additional devices. And possible see if his supervisor will consider supplying the same for all of the other workers.

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  14. Kat (verified owner)

    Small and lightweight but very bright. Intuitive controls. I will be keeping this in my car and bringing it camping with me.

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  15. Never knew how helpful a light like this could be

    Melissa Rankin (verified owner)

    This light is perfect for so many uses! I am a volunteer firefighter, and I also work in residential code enforcement. Not only does it work great as a hands-free flashlight when walking around at night, but having the flashing lights for that extra safety feature when on a scene is so reassuring. The red light on it is also great for paperwork during night shifts; I never have to worry about always needing a few minutes to readjust my eyes back to night vision after writing up paperwork. This light would be great for recreational uses as well, whether walking the dog or setting up a camping site, I will definitely be using the Guardian Angel in the future. These lights really are versatile and highly, highly recommended!

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  16. Great visibility

    Steve (verified owner)

    I was a little skeptical about purchasing this device; however, I recieved a promo code and figured I'd give it a try. The device is very well constructed. The LEDs are brighter than I expected and provide adequate lighting when using it as a hands-free light source. I use it for camping with the family and it works flawlessly. The red lights are bright enough to illuminate the way and easy on the eyes (preserving our night vision). It's great when directing traffic because it increases your visibility, while allowing your hands to be free for hand signals and/or holding a traffic wand. The magnetic mounts provide enough grip to secure the device in position. This device is extremely versatile having so many uses. I recommended this device to family, friends and co-workers.

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  17. Couldn't hurt

    Rob Black (verified owner)

    I've been working this particular intersection after the local college football team game in order to expedite the influx in traffic after the game for several years. I've almost been ran over by drunks a few times and the occasional texting motorist every game. So I figured I would put one of these on cause it couldn't hurt. Even though I have a flashlight hanging from my vest and the typical neon traffic vest issued by the department I was still nearly hit every game. I placed it on my vest and was honestly surprised at how much it helped. Idk if it was the flashing red and blue rather than my typical flashing white flashlight that I typically used but everyone seemed to see me earlier and I didn't have any close calls from motorists at all. I plan on using the flashlight portion and hat clip for an upcoming camping trip also. Would buy again for sure. 100$ and seems to be super sturdy. Buy one.

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  18. Awesome Paramotor strobe. High quality and super bright

    Nick carter (verified owner)

    I got this to be my Paramotor helmet strobe for those sunrise and sunset flights and this thing is super bright! I was impressed on how high quality it feels and how strong the magnet is. I was initially worried when I ordered it about the magnet not being strong enough and it falling it off in the air. Took all of about 2 seconds to realize that would not happen, the magnet is SUPER strong. I attached this to the bicycle helmet I use for flying by cutting out some foam and embedding the hard had mount into it. Now the light just magnets to the surface of my helmet. The 360 lighting and the many strobe patterns make this very versatile. I used it camping as a lantern and it worked great and lit up the whole area.

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  19. You will not be disappointed! Get one or two!

    John M (verified owner)

    We are a family of first responders, my wife is a paramedic and I a police officer. I bought one for my wife and she loves it; uses it all the time at work. It frees up her hands when uses the flashlight to work on a patient. An uses it while she's out on wrecks. So then I bought an all green for my son who's in boy scouts. He has used it several times for camping. He was excited to get his. They are extremely bright and very versatile. Now it's my turn to get one.

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  20. FELIX BARAJAS (verified owner)

    Hello I wanna leave a small review on my guardian angel device I’m so glad I bought it it’s comes along with me on every camping adventures with me and my daughter and I always carry it to work in surgury in labor in delivery and I’ve used it for power outages

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  21. Green is the way to go.

    Michael Glista (verified owner)

    What a great light from the product right down to the packaging. The green light works well on a fire scene breaking up the color scheme from all the red and white lights flashing from apparatus parked, know where your people are at. Personal use doesn’t hurt your eyes at night if you are out hunting, camping or star gazing. I would recommend this product.

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  22. Caleb scercy (verified owner)

    No words can describe how amazing this light is its outstanding in all areas. I have searched everywhere for the perfect light to go running and camping with i love it so much.

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  23. Great device

    James Tiffany (verified owner)

    I love this device it’s great for doing work with your hands without having to hold the flashlight keeps visible to the drivers I work out in the snow and the cold keeps me visible from the long distances it’s very versatile I can use it at home work while camping and even read bedtime stories to my kids with it just an all-around great device

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  24. Excellent Product

    William Poon (verified owner)

    Works exactly as advertised. Perfect for flooding the area with white light when camping and also great for low light conditions with the red lights.

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  25. Brightness

    Michael Darnell (verified owner)

    I like this light because of how bright it is for something so small. I use it every where I go. Whether it’s hiking, camping, rock climbing, or floating down a river on a kayak. Being a nursing student and volunteer EMS/wilderness search and rescue in the western part of North Carolina this light breaks through any type of weather allowing others to see me and where I’m at.

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