Wearable/Hands-Free Hiking Light

Ah the great outdoors. With all its splendor, sights, smells and experiences… we all love to take in what mother nature has to provide. Whether you’re hitting a day trail to unwind in nature’s beauty or off the grid blazing new paths in the wilderness, the last thing you want to worry about is seeing your way down a path, or being seen when you need it most. Our durable water-proof, dust-proof and multi-functional lighting devices allow you to see or been seen in any situation you find yourself in – day or night.

Guardian Angel’s wearable and mount-to-anything lighting devices are the most versatile lighting option on the market today. So, go ahead and lace up those hiking boots and throw on your pack because at Guardian Angel, we build the most advanced and dependable lights on the planet for one purpose… to illuminate what matters most.

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  1. Nice!

    Tui Tonga

    This is awesome and more visible to my surroundings and works great on the road and hiking at night.

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  2. Replacement Wearable Magnet Mount Base

    Strong magnet!

    David Chavalas (verified owner)

    I lost my original shoulder mount magnet and thought I could get by with another magnet I had laying around but nope, the magnets from GA are superior in every way to your average magnet! These are a must have for any roadside work. I even bring mine hiking into the mountains!

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  3. law_enforcement_wearable_led_light


    William Rivera (verified owner)

    One of the best products I’ve yet to come across. First responders or even those who enjoy walking, jogging, running, hiking, or any out door activities, should truly invest in one of the guardian angel devices. I use mine for work as a law enforcement officer and I can sure say never goes unproved. Safety is keen especially during low visibility traffic stops. Don’t put a price on your life, invest in the Guardian Angel Device if your choice. You will not regret it.

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  4. Great SAR/Hiking Light

    Glen L. Wagner (verified owner)

    I volunteer with a Search and Rescue (SAR) Team and our chief advised us he bought 5 of these for use as a team for call-outs. I wanted to look into the product a little more since we were only introduced to them on a zoom call. After reviewing on the guardianangel website, I thought it would be useful not only to have for my own SAR, but for hiking and biking. So I bought one for myself and my sister. IT DID NOT DISAPPOINT! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! The light is very durable, weather resistant and can be multifunctional for different uses with the various adapters. I have used it on my backpack, my bike, my helmet, and my Field Uniform. The light is very bright and can be used as a steady consistent light or a flashing strobe light. The lock function is great to prevent accidental on/off. I purchased the small which is perfect for outdoor use. I also carry in my pickup as a second safety strobe in case of roadside emergencies. The magnet is super strong. I highly recommend this light to anyone in Search And Rescue or Outdoor Recreation use. Great Job Guardian Angel Devices for a fabulous product!

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  5. Guardian Angel Elite Series Blue Blue Safety Light

    This is a piece of kit you need .

    KEVIN O CONNOR (verified owner)

    It’s compact but delivers , ideal for police , emergency services or hiking . I used it recently on a night hike , it lit up our path which meant others in the group could save their lights for another time . I’ve showcased it to my friends in LE here in Ireland and it’s sparked lots of interest.

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  6. Awesome

    antonio thompson (verified owner)

    I started out buying one for my daughter. because she bikes to work. The quality is awesome. the prices are fair. I liked it so much I ended up buying the whole family one. Including the dog lol. I need to buy one just to keep in the truck. I do landscape photography hiking in the desert a lot of times at night. Best investment ever.

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  7. Best Product on the Market

    Curtis Harder

    I have tried others safety strobe lights in the past and I have had seen nothing close to this for its size. So versatile from use on a vehicle to hiking to kayaking.

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  8. Excellent piece of equipment

    henry.esquivel (verified owner)

    I have the Gaurdian Angel Elite device and have used it for several months now as an LEO and I now consider it to be a vital piece of gear. I received the micro GA device and it had been an excellent addition to my personal endeavors not necessarily related to my professional life. So far I have used the light for running, walking, hiking, and biking. I have also used it as a magnetic hands free work light while doing some work on my vehicle. I generally throw it in my car before trips with the intention of using it as a roadside emergency beacon if necessary. The light is impressively bright and I feel very confident that it is clearly visible to anyone that I sharing the road with. I’m asked about the light frequently and I cannot recommend either version enough. Excellent product.

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  9. It’s bright !!!!

    Michael Esquivel (verified owner)

    This super awesome product is being used for the night time walks and This summer for the hiking trips ....love love love this little thing

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  10. Very bright light

    Frank Delorenzo (verified owner)

    I waited to buy this light after checking all the reviews I could find. This light is awesome, It has several flash and steady light modes. It is a very handy tool when I am at work or out .I use it walking my dogs, hiking, and outdoors. I bought 2 units .

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  11. Universal Clip Mount with Magnetic Mount

    Amazing product line!

    Nathan Messer (verified owner)

    I love my Guardian Angel Device as well as all the accessories I have acquired so far. The magnet is amazing as I am a Game Warden. I'm beating always in the woods hiking and walking through brush and limb. Never had any problems with pulling it off my universal mounts or the padded mount that came with the device.

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  12. Phenomenal, BUT only magnets...no screw attachment

    Brian Fardellone (verified owner)

    Overall, absolutely love this light! The new modes and abilities are extriemely useful. Almost wish the larger versions have all the same modes as options. With the light being about two thirds the size, I wanted t replace my 2020 elite version on my hiking pack. Figured with the clip that fits molle, screwed to the clip, it would be phenomenal for an emergency light and/or beacon. That's the first disappoint, no screw mounting holes like on the larger versions. Yes, the magnets are strong, but the light does get knocked off going through brush. So, I'd rather not use it for that and lose it on a hike as I almost did already. Luckily I was on my own land and trails and found it. I'm sure I'll have plenty off uses for this light, but very limited in MY applications for the lack of screw mounts. Past that, would be my absolute favorite. I have two other elites, a 19 and 20. The 19(green/yellow) I use at work for looting access to areas as well as a personal marker in confined spaces. The other(20 orange/orange)is in my personal truck for roadside needs and has been incredible for keeping me visible and as a hands free light when I cannot hole my flashlight. I will continue to use my 20 Elite as my trail beacon light since I cann secure it to my pack. I assume my mini will become a secondary for roadside work as needed. Don't get me wrong, absolutely love the new version and options it has with modes and abilities, just not suited for MY intended application. Won't return, just find uses elsewhere.

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  13. law_enforcement_wearable_led_light

    Very bright and durable

    CHRISTIAN CINTRON (verified owner)

    This product is absolutely amazing. I work as an LEO and I must say it works very well, the lighting display is on point, very bright, you can an use it in all types of ways and can be seen at least a few miles out. My co workers put me on to it and I have no regrets about purchasing the device as I plan on buying another one when I go hiking or even bike riding. Product was worth the cost and I would recommend anyone and everyone to purchase this device. Well put together, great idea to the makers who created this device.

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  14. Be safe everywhere - AWESOME

    Tobias Richter (verified owner)

    Great Product. I use it when night hiking on or near public roads (the built in flashlight is very helpful too). It stays in my car for safety... Highly recommended!

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  15. Bright light

    KEITH TORBETT (verified owner)

    Got this light for biking, hiking, walking. Could even use it on the boat. Bright white lights for seeing where your going. Green lights so people can see me. It's going to come in handy

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  16. Everbody needs a Guardian Angle looking over their shoulder

    Denis Kelleher (verified owner)

    I was so impressed with this device, I bought four. I use it every day at work, home, walking the dog and I have the Guardian Angle in my vehicle for emergency. I bought the IR version because I am a serving member of the Defence Forces and in civilian life, I carry it as an emergency device when out hiking in the mountains. Would highly recommend this device and it would make a great gift for a loved one.

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  17. Brightness

    Michael Darnell (verified owner)

    I like this light because of how bright it is for something so small. I use it every where I go. Whether it’s hiking, camping, rock climbing, or floating down a river on a kayak. Being a nursing student and volunteer EMS/wilderness search and rescue in the western part of North Carolina this light breaks through any type of weather allowing others to see me and where I’m at.

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  18. Safety net

    DaveB (verified owner)

    If you can attach a lanyard do it, One of the many things I use the short lanyard is on my hiking pack. I would of lost it many times if not for the lanyard. The lanyard also has a nice clip to disconnect it and reattach quick. Highly recommend.

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  19. Strap and Epaulet Clip Mount

    A hiker must have

    Dave Barnett (verified owner)

    I attached the mount super easy to my hiking pack and it fits perfect. As with all the Guardian Angle products the magnets are beyond strong. I also installed the short lanyard to a loop to further secure the light to the bag. Options are endless for this great product.

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  20. Universal Clip Mount with Magnetic Mount

    Well Built

    David Kennedy (verified owner)

    I bought this clip to attach my Guardian so I could use it on the side of my hard hat at work and on my backpack for night hiking. Works great , has a good grip so I don’t worry about my light falling off.

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  21. Amazing to have for personal safety.

    Alex Salmeron (verified owner)

    The GAD is great to have for anyone as it has a 800 lumen output. This device has multiple uses like for biking or hiking and it's easy to use.

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  22. Versatility!

    Jeremy Sanchez

    My new guardian angel is just that, a guardian angel! I use it for many different tasks at work. I am an open space deputy and have to hike, bike, and ride enduro in the mesas. I know for one when I am out in a rural areas I would like to have a little more piece of mind. I use my guardian angel device as a light, Marker, beacon for air support and much more! I even used it to guide in a department helicopter while on a mountain side recovery. The IR feature is also a added bonus! I have several mounts for it as well one for the handlebars of my enduro or bicycle, one for my wrist, and one for my backpack while hiking, all come in very handy!

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  23. Best Safety light

    Rich Allen (verified owner)

    This is hands down my most favorite safety light I own. I wish I had prior to my retirement from the military! It would have made night time Aviation Operations easier. I use now for hiking, bike rides, walks with kids. I know cars and other vehicles can see me no matter the time of day!

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  24. Perfect light for the job

    donniesherman2000 (verified owner)

    Whether it’s changing a tire, working on an engine, or staying visible at night, this is the perfect light. The new models have also switched to a USB Type-C input. This is a welcome change because I don’t have to figure out which way to face the cable when charging the device in a dimly lit location. The work light options provide the right amount of light for almost every situation. The settings for the work light are press once for one red LED, second press for three red LEDs, and the third press activates two bright white LEDs. Finding the perfect amount of light is easy to do with the four light level settings: max, high, medium, and low. When all of the front LEDs are on, the white LEDs are still bright enough that you can still see color, but in more of a deeper warm white light. You can still distinctly see all of the front LEDs, and they're bright, vibrant colors; the red LEDs provide a nice transition in between the orange and white LEDs. The rear LEDs are incredibly bright and pure orange. You can be easily spotted from behind because of their vibrant color. The SOS feature is great to have in case you are lost in a remote area or your phone died and can’t contact help. When SOS is in the max light setting, the LEDs are incredibly bright, and would be hard to not notice. The battery level indicator is such a useful feature. Before, with my older Guardian Angel devices, I could only tell when the battery was running low when the lights dim. A bonus to the battery level indicator is that it looks like a traffic directory light bar, and appropriately placed in the rear of the device. Overall, I believe this is the best multipurpose, all around Guardian Angel device I own. It out performs the older models by far because of its innovative features. This will be the #1 light I will always take with me whenever I go driving, hiking, or I know I’ll be out of the house for an extended time.

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  25. Awesome Lights!!!

    Chris Orbits (verified owner)

    I wear this when running/hiking on busy roads during the day and evenings. When using it as a work light, the bright light is too bright and I have to select the lowest setting, but that's not a complaint! I plan to use this in multiple situations; hiking, biking, boating and motorcycling. It's an excellent way to see and be seen.

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