Safety Device Reviews

They say praise for what you do is a sure sign of your success.  We are proud of our Guardian Angel Devices and could not be more thrilled that our devices are quickly becoming a trusted and essential tool for thousands of hardworking people around the world both on AND off the job.

Our innovative devices are being used in various fields from Law Enforcement, First Responders and Tow Operators to Construction, Roadside Safety, Security Personnel and everything in between.  We could tell you how awesome our product is,  but we figured it’s better to have actual Guardian Angel users tell you what they think – Be seen, be safe!

4.9 out of 5

Rated 5 out of 5
  1. law_enforcement_wearable_led_light

    Great Device

    Bins Thomas (verified owner)

    I work in Law Enforcement and this device is a no brainer especially when it comes to working nights. I like the ease of access to operate it. The LED light up front helps replace having to hold a flashlight as it is super bright. I like the added capability to select which flashers you want on when on a car stop and how quickly it can be turned off for tactical positioning as well.

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  2. Great for directing school traffic

    Michael Jarrell (verified owner)

    Really attracts the attention of drivers, helps them focus on me in the low light of the morning when stopping traffic to get the busses to the school. Highly recommend this product!

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  3. The brightness is insane

    William Norman (verified owner)

    I got one of these light when I first became a tow operator and it's a very nice tool to have at your disposal and the work light is amazing

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  4. Piece of mind made easy

    Jason Haid (verified owner)

    Bought this for myself as I do a lot of roadside work. The ease of use and intensity of the lights is phenomenal. Really makes people aware and slow down

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  5. Greatest Angel to have on your shoulder at night

    Brian Muser (verified owner)

    Working the streets at night is always a difficult task. Having the Guardian Angel is nothing short of having a TRUE ANGEL watching over you! Since having this little bit of extra light I have not had a single "near miss". I only wish there was a way to alternate the flash patterns out of the stock patterns.

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  6. Excellent choice for a kayak

    William Zoellers (verified owner)

    This is a great fit for kayak use. Fantastic for temporarily mounting a navigation light on my kayak. I'm using the supplied mount but may purchase a surface mount later. Love the easy on/off ability. Meets navigation requirements and with no additional wiring. Great light and very satisfied with the purchase.

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  7. Larry Gonzales (verified owner)

    Great product!! Love it and will be buying more. It can be used on several different kinds of calls.

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  8. Versatile

    Jason C. (verified owner)

    Only have one light for now so I took one mount off until I get a another Elite light. This mount looks and works great on my fire helmet.

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  9. Super bright

    Jason C. (verified owner)

    Havent had a chance to run this light on a call yet. but the ease of use of this light and its brightness are the key points. I would recommend this to anyone in the field.

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  10. law_enforcement_wearable_led_light


    Kendra Poland (verified owner)

    This is small and light but WOW the lights are bright. The magnet is strong and won’t let you down - love this

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  11. law_enforcement_wearable_led_light

    Saved by the angel on its 1st outing

    Peter Miranda (verified owner)

    I purchased this for an old squad mate of mine and in its first week it has already saved his life. As a traffic cop its already a dangerous job and on a recent intercept my old buddy had just placed the device on his shoulder. He heard the sound of a horn and swiftly.moved to the edge of a road , narrowly Being hit by a on coming vehicle. The On coming vehicle had not seen the lights in the unmarked police vehicle but noticed the flashing light on the angel. I couldn't think of a better name for a device that says what it does.

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  12. Best light ever

    Brandon DeGrand (verified owner)

    I love how bright it is for fire fighting being able to see me on scene, very light weight, if I had an issue with it I'd say I'd rather see an off button and a separate button to flip through flash modes, soo I didnt have to see hitting the button to get the light on,off,change modes

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  13. Very Dependable Unit

    JEFF DAWSON (verified owner)

    I use this product when I'm our running in the morning I love how bright it is. People can see the flashing lights. The fact I can place it on my shoulder and not worry about it falling off is also a huge plus. The heavy duty magnet that attaches to the unit make it a secure and confidence builder. I would recommend this for anyone who works or has outdoor activity.

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  14. law_enforcement_wearable_led_light

    Great product

    Alfonso Galvan (verified owner)

    I like how bright this light is. I have used it during traffic stops, while searching vehicles, and tracking with my K9.

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  15. Visibility second to none!!

    Eric Meyerhoff (verified owner)

    Outstanding product; brighter then I could have ever imagined. Highly recommend to everyone! Keep in your car; you never know when it will come in handy. Love this light.

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  16. Strap and Epaulet Clip Mount

    Top Notch Customer Service!

    Justin Lewsader (verified owner)

    I chose this clip with my device purchase as one of the free mounts - it's has been very versatile. Works great on my backpack and radio strap. After over a year of use, I ended up breaking it the other day - I contacted GA and they sent me a new one no questions asked free of charge! Talk about customer service! I will be buying another device very soon!

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  17. Great attachment

    Chris Lingerfeldt (verified owner)

    I keep my GA on this clip stacked to my visor. Pull the GA and use the shoulder attachment. I love this set up.

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  18. Perfect size and brightness

    Chris Lingerfeldt (verified owner)

    So far it works perfect. I bought extra attachments and I love them all. I wish my department would provide these for everyone.

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  19. High visibility!

    STEPHEN BENEDUM (verified owner)

    I work along the side of major highway systems as an inspector for highway construction. Day or night the Guardian Angle provides extra visibility that keeps me safe.

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  20. Great product

    Drew Jackson (verified owner)

    I believe this is a must for every officer that works during the night. It is bright and extremely visible. Stay safe out there!!

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  21. Bike/Rail Rubber Strap Mount with Magnetic Mount

    James ketcham

    I purchased the bike mount for additional options for using the guardian angel.

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  22. Strap and Epaulet Clip Mount

    James ketcham

    I purchased the clip based on the reviews. It was definitely worth getting. It holds the guardian angel securely. No worries about it falling off.

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  23. Well built

    James Ketcham

    I have had the guardian angel for two weeks. The unit is well built and very bright. The unit is light enough you forget it is there. Highly recommend the Guardian angel to anyone who needs extra protection.

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  24. Very Strong

    Jason L Stewart (verified owner)

    I really enjoy this jaw clip, it is very strong and can clip to almost anything, and the magnet makes sure it stays in place.

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  25. Bike/Rail Strap with Magnetic Mount

    Feel so much more safe

    Craig Jones (verified owner)

    Bought this to use on patrol on the bikes. Works as described and does a great job at getting the attention of motorists.

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