Safety Device Reviews

They say praise for what you do is a sure sign of your success.  We are proud of our Guardian Angel Devices and could not be more thrilled that our devices are quickly becoming a trusted and essential tool for thousands of hardworking people around the world both on AND off the job.

Our innovative devices are being used in various fields from Law Enforcement, First Responders and Tow Operators to Construction, Roadside Safety, Security Personnel and everything in between.  We could tell you how awesome our product is,  but we figured it’s better to have actual Guardian Angel users tell you what they think – Be seen, be safe!

4.9 out of 5

Rated 5 out of 5
  1. Fantastic nav lights for my American speed boat in Italy!

    Andrew Poole (verified owner)

    I bought two micro devices, one red/green for starboard/port position and one white for stern position, which are nav lights for my classic Glastron American speed boat, which is based on Lake Maggiore in Italy. As my boat doesn't have power, (only has a manual start outboard), there are no nav lights as standard, so when I saw the Guardian Angel devices I immediately knew they were for me. They are super bright and can be seen at least 5Km away as I've tested them on the lake with a friend. Amazing purchase, you can fully rely on these devices and I don't know any other company that makes similar lights anywhere near as good. Don't hesitate, put these on your shopping list!

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  2. Excellent Device

    Terry Frost (verified owner)

    I had this for a week and put it to use right away. My co-workers all think its the coolest thing to have. I've put it to use right away. The white light is great to use for searching and when I need to put handcuffs on in the dark. I've showed some the IR with our NVG's and it will be in use when on a track or search for persons with air to locate officers. The multiple light settings for front or rear are a great safety when conducting traffic stops in the County. Great investment!

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  3. Jason Kilgore (verified owner)

    Love the device overall. Bought an epaulette clip but that didn’t work well because the device was pointing down instead of forward. So I use the magnet mount that came with it and have the base under my vest strap. My only complaint the front and rear facing light have three modes so I have to click through the other two to turn the light off.

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  4. Durable and compact

    George Ramos (verified owner)

    I am a Forensic Technician and this light is handy with the magnet in lapel for hands free use. The low profile and adjustable light intensity is great for oblique lighting at crime scenes.

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  5. Tanner Patterson (verified owner)

    Was hard to get onto my radio strap and the screws were barely long enough. Does not slide around though. Could use some padding on the bottom of the mount. Very solid and strong. Definitely better than a clip mount.

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  6. Bright

    Brian Koehler (verified owner)

    Beyond bright and i use it regularly and everyday to help me be seen on the side of the road while working

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  7. Mark Lefebvre (verified owner)

    It works great love using it when I’m on the highway or in the woods look for people when I’m on a ems/fire dept call

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  8. Perfect Size for Emergency Stops

    paul-0443 (verified owner)

    I put this in our minivan for emergency stop usage and this thing is so bright. We tested it at night and it truly makes you visible. Did I mention the size? This thing is super compact and can run for hours, and charges super quick. Also, as with all flashy things the little kids love it as well.

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  9. Guardian Angel safety light:

    Ronnie Parker (verified owner)

    What I love about my guardian Angel safety light is that its very "ON-POINT," and highly accurate during the nights with the job I have especially dealing with traffic at nights. Superior and Outstanding as it helps me do my job during traffic checkpoints and its Amazing while working at nights and keeps you not only safe but keeps you on your toes and drivers very aware of your presence known, I recommend this guardian Angel light to all my friends in law enforcement and Security enforcement its a must-have incredibly needed for Safety Awareness!!!

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  10. Tom B (verified owner)

    I chose the Blue/Yellow because it think it offers some of the best visibility to oncoming motorists at nighttime. So far I’m very impressed with all of features and would recommend it to any uniformed law enforcement officer!

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  11. Strap and Epaulet Clip Mount

    Tom B (verified owner)

    Holds my GA very securely!! It fits perfect on my epaulet and looks sharp.

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  12. All around amazing

    John surabian (verified owner)

    Bright, versatile and rugged all in one reasonably priced product

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  13. law_enforcement_wearable_led_light

    Visibility, Visibility, Visibility

    Louis E Adkins III (verified owner)

    I am a Police Officer in the city of Selma, AL and this is a great product. Despite having my emergency lights going on my patrol car, sometimes the drivers seem to not pay it any attention. With the Guardian Angel, I have notice that drivers slowing down significantly when there is an extra set of emergency lights blinking as well. I do feel these are much needed for night shift. Drivers don't always see you always see you at night, but with the GA, you can force visibility. Respect.

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  14. Being seen, from a distance...

    Edward J Woodward (verified owner)

    As a "road ranger", important to be seen. This Guardian Angel has saved me three times, so far

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  15. Chief webber (verified owner)

    I am a search and rescue team leader and have been using mine in the wake of hurricane Ida in one of the hard hit areas that took 20 feet of water and at night it is still dark.

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  16. Great for firefighter

    Logan martin (verified owner)

    I have had the light for about 3 months and already love it. It works great for being out in the road way having to direct traffic at night. It’s a very bright light. I have had it and used it which has gotten the attention of other people on my crew and now they are talking about getting one themselves.

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  17. Great for Fire Fighters

    Gabriel Seal (verified owner)

    I just received my Guardian Angel device and have already put it to use. It fits perfectly on my gear, the magnet is very strong and stays attached even while I'm working. This is definitely a device that you can depend on in a wide variety of different applications, definitely looking forward to using it more in the future.

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  18. Jim Everhart (verified owner)

    This is my second Guardian Angel device. I really like the smaller size from my original light. This is a great device for people looking for a person safety light to their increase visibility. It's very easy to operate.

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  19. Handy

    Sam Herald (verified owner)

    Easy way to switch from my left or right shoulder depending on which side traffic is running while I’m milling an interstate

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  20. Window Mount Bracket with Magnetic Mount

    Handy and useful place to store

    Sam Herald (verified owner)

    When I’m not using it I’m my safety vest. I use it as a windshield light. Better to be seen

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  21. The size and brightness

    Sam Herald (verified owner)

    Love everything. Use it as a road construction foreman on interstate at night. Love it that I can be seen . Walking in and out of trucks waiting while marking out

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  22. law_enforcement_wearable_led_light

    Invaluable Tool

    Kevin Lapointe (verified owner)

    Only having this device for 1 weeks I have put it to use more than I expected. I work day shift 06-1800 but I still put it to heavy use during morning traffic stops. I have even used it in broad daylight when I enter a dark room as a backup flashlight. I was on the fence on whether I would need it, I'm glad I picked it up.

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  23. Strap and Epaulet Clip Mount

    Guardian Angel Light

    ClarkJ (verified owner)

    As a member in todays Law Enforcement, it is very important to find way to stay safe. The Guardian Angle Light and clip allows me amble lighting when working in dark areas and at the same time keeping me hands free. It quick to install, stay in place and easy to turn off and on.

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  24. Ben (verified owner)

    I use this for walking at night and I feel safer walking with this

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  25. Better than expected

    Troy Norton (verified owner)

    Only used this for two shifts so far and mainly only to see where I'm going in back yards or dark environments (night shift). It works great for what I have used it for already. Very sturdy and, they sent me two attachments. The first is a clip light that I have yet to use, and a lapel mount thats absolutely fantastic. Easy on and easy off without worry about it coming off during activity. Overall it's great and can't wait to use it on my next shift!

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