Portable Boat Navigation Light

Whether you’re catching the wind in your sails, entertaining on the pontoon, or opening up the outboard on the open lake, there’s a lot to concern yourself with, but seeing or being seen shouldn’t be one of them. Regardless if you need to light up an engine compartment, want a Coast Guard approved rechargeable wireless lighting solution, or just want to signal a fellow boater, Guardian Angel’s 2-in-1 wearable and mountable lighting devices have got you covered no matter what. All our devices are tested 5+ miles visibility, waterproof up to 3 meters (IP68).
So go ahead, enjoy life on the water knowing that our water-proof and multi-colored lighting devices allow you to illuminate what matters most while you’re cruising even-keeled.

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  1. Gr8 solution for a Kayak Navigation light

    J.B. Jones III (verified owner)

    I purchased the Red/Green Safety Light and the Nonmetallic Surface Adhesive; Screw Magnetic mount. It was easy to attach the mount on the front hatch of my SS107 Bonafide Kayak; thus giving me a place to mount the light via its magnetic attachment. The mount is low profile and doesn't get in the way of anything. The magnet on the light is a easy fit ...it mounts with an secure attachment that can be removed or added easily when I need the use of a navigation boat light for my yak. ..when I use a motor with my kayak. ...so far it all works fine and I have had no negative issues. I yak mostly rivers or close in flats in Tampa Bay area.

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  2. Perfect for low-vis/night SUP

    Nick (verified owner)

    Bought for low-vis/night paddling in high boat traffic area. I purchased the jaw clip spring mount to easily attach to gear, cargo bungee cord, or handles on the SUP. I definitely feel more safe and confident on the water knowing I can’t be missed out there.

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  3. Orange isn't Amber... Its way better.

    J.M. Kersey (verified owner)

    This is my 3rd GA light, I've used a Blue/Blue on duty now for 2 years and cannot be happier with its performance, brightness, and durability. This lead to my purchase of 2 additional GA lights for my off duty vehicles that I drive. I am an outdoors person when off duty and absolutely love the serenity of the wilderness. I wanted something that I could use in the vehicle, trail, boat, and for my dog when outdoors. This ORANGE/Oreange light caught my attention, so I purchased it, Couldn't be happier... Our aviation division flies over the vast wilderness known as the Everglades, and they had no trouble picking me out from over 10 miles away in the darkness. It was a simple test and the GA light outperformed my expectations, I highly having these around Just In Case. BTW did I mention > I purchased a RED/RED last week for my son to have in his vehicle, and couldn't be more impressed with it too. I highly recommend this light. I depend on it when I'm on duty and off. Worth every $$$, and the possibilities for its use are endless.

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  4. Window Mount Bracket with Magnetic Mount

    Great add on

    Mickey Holbrook (verified owner)

    To go along with my guardian angel flashing lights. This is a must have! I have it mounted on my windshield of my boat and use it to help keep me visible in bad weather conditions. It holds up extremely well in choppy conditions without a lot of banging around. I would not be on the water without my guardian angel products again.

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  5. Bright light

    KEITH TORBETT (verified owner)

    Got this light for biking, hiking, walking. Could even use it on the boat. Bright white lights for seeing where your going. Green lights so people can see me. It's going to come in handy

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  6. Fred Pope

    This awesome light worked just like it should and was extremely bright. I used it on our boat as marine warning to help slow down other boaters while we were on patrol keeping the safety zone clear of observers during several launch's from Cape Canaveral.

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  7. Multi-functionality for the outdoorsman

    Jay B. (verified owner)

    This thing is super bright in a very compact package. I use the red work light for pre dawn travel to the deer stand. The regular white light works great as a task light and navigation light in my duck boat.

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  8. Great Device

    Richard Aulicino (verified owner)

    I purchased this for my boat...its a must have. Super sturdy, high quality. My nave lights failed...this was a life saver!!! Super Bright...you can't be missed.

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  9. Perfect for my boat!

    Charles Kilo MD (verified owner)

    I bought six of them for my boat! I used the magnetic strap to mount them around my boat. Perfecto for night fishing and high visibility for other boaters. Highly recommended.

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  10. Super bright and multifunctional

    GARY chr (verified owner)

    I love this device i can attach it to my life vest as I go magnet fishing off the docks and boats coming in can see me well

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  11. Bike/Rail Strap with Magnetic Mount


    Jeff Darr (verified owner)

    I just bought the rail strap mount to have as a back up to mount my guardian angel red/green navigation light on our boat. I have actually not used it for that purpose yet, however I dropped my favorite pocket knife in the Chesapeake Bay in about 9 feet of water. A couple of days later I remembered this mount had a strong magnet on it. I took the straps off the mount and tied 15 feet of parachute chord to it. After fishing with the mount for about 15 minutes in the spot I dropped the knife, the mount latched on to it, and I brought it right up. The knife is somewhat large, about 9 1/2" overall. I am very excited to have my knife back and by the way, the red/green navigation light I bought is of very high quality also.

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  12. Very bright 360 degrees

    Dennis Hauf (verified owner)

    I am using this light for my kayak as I go lobster fishing at night and I want to be seen. It is very bright and I can easily be seen by other boats. Would recommend this light.

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  13. Easy to use

    john benson (verified owner)

    I bought the Multifunction light to try out on my boat for nighttime navigation but haven't had a chance to use it for that purpose. I've been using it for night time running for now; both for the safety of footing as well as to make myself seen by drivers. Depending upon how it works on the boat with the magnetic mount I may also use it on my kayak for easier identification/safety. Its very easy to use (even carry in my hand) and holds a charge for a long time. It seems to be made very well and should hold up to some rough use. The red and green lights are perfect for night use and won't diminish your night vision. I look forward to experimenting with it for mountain biking at night as well. More reviews to come as the light gets more use.

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  14. Great for the canoe or kayak!

    Barry (verified owner)

    This light is very well built and is very bright when used at night. I’m using it as a navigation aid for boat navigation and I feel confident being seen on the eater even from a small vessel like a canoe. The emergency function is a nice addition. Holds a charge plenty long went out crabbing at night and saw no noticeable dimming. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a convenient an. on intrusive way to add nav lights to a small vessel. I purchased this with the non metallic surface magnetic mount and it works like a charm fort application. Look forward to kitting our more of our water craft in the near future!

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  15. Awesome light for Kayaking and outdoor safety

    John Bratcher (verified owner)

    This light is bright and can be seen for a long distance. The enhanced visibility during early morning or late evening kayaking increasing boating safety. The quality of this product is second to none!

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  16. Wonderful Kayak/Boat light

    Victor (verified owner)

    Amazingly bright for it's size, can be seen for a mile, the best part is that there's so many options to mount it that I can switch it between my 2 kayaks and my boat, I use it for night fishing and it's coastguard approved, I feel safe with this light, very dependable

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  17. Perfect for a kayak

    PK (verified owner)

    When heading out to watch the fireworks this year, I needed to navigate around multiple pontoon boats. This not only made it easy, multiple people commented that they thought the light was attached to a larger boat. This helps me feel safe when the night sky hits.

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  18. Great personal safety light for night fishing in my kayak

    Dennis Bowers (verified owner)

    The red light is perfect for changing lures without losing your night vision plus the white lights provide safe travel across the lake and allows other powerboats to see you The S.O.S. feature gives me great peace of mind

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  19. Awesome Lights!!!

    Chris Orbits (verified owner)

    I wear this when running/hiking on busy roads during the day and evenings. When using it as a work light, the bright light is too bright and I have to select the lowest setting, but that's not a complaint! I plan to use this in multiple situations; hiking, biking, boating and motorcycling. It's an excellent way to see and be seen.

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  20. Bright and works well

    RICHARD WALSH (verified owner)

    Super bight light that has multiple flash modes. I like the SOS feature on the device as well as the durability. I bought this light to use as a Nav light on a 12' aluminum fishing boat which is one of its advertised uses. Altough it will work great for this purpose, it does not meet coast guard requirements due to the white LED's being constantly on which does not meet the motorized boat requirement. I would change the set up to be more similar to the Law enforcement light where one half of each side is red/green instead of having the front red and the rear green. If you did this and had the rear with the white LED it would be perfect for mounting semi elevated and meet coast guard requirments for powered water craft. I will still likley use it on our local private lakes but most likely not on the public ones.

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  21. Nonmetallic Surface Adhesive and Screw Magnetic Mount

    Jeffrey Jackson (verified owner)

    The surface mount is perfect for attaching the Guardian Device to the front of my Hobie Kayak. Definitely won’t lose this off the boat while out on the water.

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  22. Oustanding Depndability / Versatility

    Jonathan W. Norris (verified owner)

    These Guadian Angel Safety Devices, are a great *First-Alert* tool for just about any situation, first responders working a roadway scene, hikers lost in diverse terrain, biking at night, boating, or open water emergency, ... this little gizmo can be used just about anywhere! Ultra Light, Adaptable with outfitted attachments, suitable for any lawful justification, or excursion warranted reliability. I would, AND have -- recommended This Product to peers, and friends who wish to be seen, or found in their line of duty, or potential hazard-awareness situation(s). As a freeway safety patrol agent, helping to establish quick-safe-clearance for operators and responders working a scene on the roadways, visibility is paramount...Today's Drivers are ever more distracted with bright colored on-board notification screens mounted in their standardized vehicles, and even handheld devices....these Archangel Devices are super bright, have rapid flashing micro dot LED lighting, in distinctive color options for visibiltiy at night, in rain or fog conditions...absolutely worth every penny! AND These guys back their product 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!! I was sceptical, until I saw it save my life, around a partial blind curve on a down-slope....in a raintstorm, traffic was doing at least 60mph coming around that bend and headed straight for us...all you need is one driver to tap a brake pedal...its magical, everybody starts slowing down. I questioned the cost...100 bucks, or me getting run down while trying to assist stranded motorist(s)...worth it? YES Sir/Ma'am....absolutely, worth it!!

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  23. Nonmetallic Surface Adhesive and Screw Magnetic Mount


    John o brien (verified owner)

    I got two guardian angel units for bike marshalling. I use them on my motorbike attached with the boat marine outdoor base. I have one on the front mudguard and one on the back box. They are very solid and sturdy and whatever speed I am doing both units stay firmly attached with the magnets. I travel a lot of bumpy roads and no problem. Great units great accessories and a great service

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  24. Please, make a better boat mount

    Robert M Franklin

    Kayak light needs a way to clip/secure to the boat (gopro style, mlock, LockNLoad, tbolt, slide track, or something like this). a magnet will not hold when a fish pulls your rod into the light. nice light, just need a way to secure to a boat

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  25. law_enforcement_wearable_led_light

    A Must Have For Any LEO/Firefighter/EMT/and those who work outdoors

    Brian LaRoque

    I have been using the guardian angel products for about 5 years now. It is a great tool for anyone and everyone who works outdoors in any capacity. Use it for hiking, hunting, boating, etc to give you a hands free light to move about and an emergency mode if you need assistance that can be seen from a distance. Officers utilize this tool to stay visible when performing traffic stops or traffic control. Also a great tool to help keep our construction workers safe on our roadways. I recommend this tool to everyone I know and I never work a shift without it. I also keep a unit in my personal vehicles. Make sure you order yours soon.

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