Portable Boat Navigation Light

Whether you’re catching the wind in your sails, entertaining on the pontoon, or opening up the outboard on the open lake, there’s a lot to concern yourself with, but seeing or being seen shouldn’t be one of them. Regardless if you need to light up an engine compartment, want a Coast Guard approved rechargeable wireless lighting solution, or just want to signal a fellow boater, Guardian Angel’s 2-in-1 wearable and mountable lighting devices have got you covered no matter what. All our devices are tested 5+ miles visibility, waterproof up to 3 meters (IP68).
So go ahead, enjoy life on the water knowing that our water-proof and multi-colored lighting devices allow you to illuminate what matters most while you’re cruising even-keeled.

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  1. Hits all the marks

    Scott Stanford (verified owner)

    I purchased these little wonders for my 14ft Kayak, after joining a paddle group that did a lot of night paddles I found my self looking at all sorts of options for lighting, then an ad for Guardian Angels popped up on Facebook. After doing a fair share of research I pulled the trigger on a micro with a white lamp, and I was hooked, after hours of testing, the next day I bought the micro Red/Green. These lamps really are little wonders, Battery life is epic, The brightness is amazing. If you are looking at outfitting your boat with lamps stop looking, you found your answer right here.

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  2. Bright

    Kenneth Saah (verified owner)

    Bright light with strong magnetic base. Works well on my John boat.

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  3. Same Quality as the Big Ones

    Butch Howard (verified owner)

    I love that this Guardian Angel Micro will work on my boat for an anchor light, instead of spending days tracing 12 volt wiring, I am now wireless with the brightest anchor light in the industry! It is awesome!

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  4. Awesome light

    Brian Pho

    Great lIght! works on my boat and bright as what was advertised.

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  5. These are perfect for my pontoon!!!

    Paula Brown (verified owner)

    Customer service was great and the product is AWESOME!!! Perfect for use on my pontoon, jon boat and sea doo! Love them!!

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  6. Excellent for boat navigation light!

    Brian Nicholson (verified owner)

    Very high quality device. I’m using this for my bow lights and a white/white for stern all around light to replace the older non led lights that are too weak for my taste. I’m able to charge the internal battery on these via USB port on my boat if needed, but it would be more convenient if these were capable of being wired to run directly off the much large range 12 volt battery on the boat. That is literally the only suggestion for how these might be improved, or possibly an alternative offering. Very impressed overall. Great value. Highly recommend to anyone on the fence.

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  7. Great kayak light!

    Christopher Dudley (verified owner)

    I bought three of these micro units so we could safely paddle into the middle of a local lake to watch the fireworks this summer on the 4th of July. Upon opening them I am super impressed with the size and features of them!!! We all will stash them in our dry bags just in case we get stuck out around dark. So many people in motor boats are nuts out there and these will keep us visible!!

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  8. Bought as a backup for the boat

    Steve J (verified owner)

    Had our bow light go out last year and costs us a night of boating. Added this so we can be out on the water at night safely.

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  9. large things in small packages

    Alan R Robidoux (verified owner)

    I was surprised at how much light this little device gives off, i bought this for tail light for my Kayak and I don't have any concern that I wouldn't be visible to any other boater out there, I recommend this product highly.

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  10. large things in small packages

    Alan R Robidoux (verified owner)

    I was a little surprised by the size of this thing but WOW! after I charged it and tested how bright it was, Im sure I will be visible to all the other boaters out there, i bought the red and green for running lights for my kayak.and I recommend this product .

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  11. Following the videos made life simple

    Edward Deverges (verified owner)

    Instead of spending time and attention to reworking, the wiring on our boat I was able to simply attach the guardian angel device and work done.

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  12. Compact, solid, reliable

    Chris Turner

    This is an impressive light and I would absolutely recommend it for boaters/kayakers, hikers, and hikers/backpackers. I’ve used mine for all of these activities and they have been dependable. I have the full sized red and green unit for my kayak and white micro version. The build quality is remarkable in both units. This micro light is heavy duty and quite light weight. I find that the magnet is plenty strong enough for my needs. The controls are not immediately intuitive, but for so many functions, I suppose it is difficult to have them really intuitive. Deserves all five stars.

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  13. Extremely bright and very well built

    Chris Turner (verified owner)

    This is an impressive light and I would absolutely recommend it for boaters/kayakers, hikers, and hikers/backpackers. I’ve used mine for all of these activities and they have been dependable. I have the full sized red and green unit for my kayak and white micro version. The build quality is remarkable. This light is heavy duty and the materials do not flex at all. The controls are not immediately intuitive, but for so many functions, I suppose it is difficult to have them really intuitive. I usually don’t give a full 5 stars, as I can usually find a negative to report so that others understand any flaw that I might find. I just couldn’t find one with this device.

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  14. Gr8 solution for a Kayak Navigation light

    J.B. Jones III (verified owner)

    I purchased the Red/Green Safety Light and the Nonmetallic Surface Adhesive; Screw Magnetic mount. It was easy to attach the mount on the front hatch of my SS107 Bonafide Kayak; thus giving me a place to mount the light via its magnetic attachment. The mount is low profile and doesn't get in the way of anything. The magnet on the light is a easy fit ...it mounts with an secure attachment that can be removed or added easily when I need the use of a navigation boat light for my yak. ..when I use a motor with my kayak. ...so far it all works fine and I have had no negative issues. I yak mostly rivers or close in flats in Tampa Bay area.

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  15. Perfect for low-vis/night SUP

    Nick (verified owner)

    Bought for low-vis/night paddling in high boat traffic area. I purchased the jaw clip spring mount to easily attach to gear, cargo bungee cord, or handles on the SUP. I definitely feel more safe and confident on the water knowing I can’t be missed out there.

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  16. Orange isn't Amber... Its way better.

    J.M. Kersey (verified owner)

    This is my 3rd GA light, I've used a Blue/Blue on duty now for 2 years and cannot be happier with its performance, brightness, and durability. This lead to my purchase of 2 additional GA lights for my off duty vehicles that I drive. I am an outdoors person when off duty and absolutely love the serenity of the wilderness. I wanted something that I could use in the vehicle, trail, boat, and for my dog when outdoors. This ORANGE/Oreange light caught my attention, so I purchased it, Couldn't be happier... Our aviation division flies over the vast wilderness known as the Everglades, and they had no trouble picking me out from over 10 miles away in the darkness. It was a simple test and the GA light outperformed my expectations, I highly having these around Just In Case. BTW did I mention > I purchased a RED/RED last week for my son to have in his vehicle, and couldn't be more impressed with it too. I highly recommend this light. I depend on it when I'm on duty and off. Worth every $$$, and the possibilities for its use are endless.

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  17. Window Mount Bracket with Magnetic Mount

    Great add on

    Mickey Holbrook (verified owner)

    To go along with my guardian angel flashing lights. This is a must have! I have it mounted on my windshield of my boat and use it to help keep me visible in bad weather conditions. It holds up extremely well in choppy conditions without a lot of banging around. I would not be on the water without my guardian angel products again.

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  18. Bright light

    KEITH TORBETT (verified owner)

    Got this light for biking, hiking, walking. Could even use it on the boat. Bright white lights for seeing where your going. Green lights so people can see me. It's going to come in handy

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  19. Fred Pope

    This awesome light worked just like it should and was extremely bright. I used it on our boat as marine warning to help slow down other boaters while we were on patrol keeping the safety zone clear of observers during several launch's from Cape Canaveral.

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  20. Multi-functionality for the outdoorsman

    Jay B. (verified owner)

    This thing is super bright in a very compact package. I use the red work light for pre dawn travel to the deer stand. The regular white light works great as a task light and navigation light in my duck boat.

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  21. Great Device

    Richard Aulicino (verified owner)

    I purchased this for my boat...its a must have. Super sturdy, high quality. My nave lights failed...this was a life saver!!! Super Bright...you can't be missed.

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  22. Perfect for my boat!

    Charles Kilo MD (verified owner)

    I bought six of them for my boat! I used the magnetic strap to mount them around my boat. Perfecto for night fishing and high visibility for other boaters. Highly recommended.

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  23. Super bright and multifunctional

    GARY chr (verified owner)

    I love this device i can attach it to my life vest as I go magnet fishing off the docks and boats coming in can see me well

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  24. Bike/Rail Strap with Magnetic Mount


    Jeff Darr (verified owner)

    I just bought the rail strap mount to have as a back up to mount my guardian angel red/green navigation light on our boat. I have actually not used it for that purpose yet, however I dropped my favorite pocket knife in the Chesapeake Bay in about 9 feet of water. A couple of days later I remembered this mount had a strong magnet on it. I took the straps off the mount and tied 15 feet of parachute chord to it. After fishing with the mount for about 15 minutes in the spot I dropped the knife, the mount latched on to it, and I brought it right up. The knife is somewhat large, about 9 1/2" overall. I am very excited to have my knife back and by the way, the red/green navigation light I bought is of very high quality also.

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  25. Very bright 360 degrees

    Dennis Hauf (verified owner)

    I am using this light for my kayak as I go lobster fishing at night and I want to be seen. It is very bright and I can easily be seen by other boats. Would recommend this light.

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