Elite Series® for

Law Enforcement

Our Elite Series™ devices offer hands-free lighting ideal for area searches and writing citations. The 360° LED lights are visible over 5 miles, protecting you while working traffic stops and crashes. Trust the light 1,000s of departments turn to worldwide.

Elite Series®

Key Features


Long range visibility rated for 5+ miles using high powered LEDs.


Waterproof, shockproof, dustproof, IP68 rated.


A variety of mounts give you the versatility you need in the field.


Built-in, rare-Earth magnet and mounting system secures your light nearly anywhere.

360° LIGHTING Patterns

Front and rear LEDs can be set as constant on, constant flashing or scrolling sequence.

Elite Series®

More Information

How Law Enforcement Officers Use GA

  • 360° lighting (18 LEDs) keeps you visible from all sides while outside your patrol vehicle.
  • White LED forward-facing work light optimal for area searches, hands-free lighting and more.
  • Single red work light ideal for working in low-light conditions without sacrificing your night vision.
  • Most officers mount our lights to their shoulders, using either an Epaulet Mount, Universal Mount or Magnetic Jaw Clip.
  • Emergency mode quickly notifies fellow officers of your location.
  • Provides bike and mounted officers much-needed visibility.
  • Often used at crash scenes and for traffic/crowd control.
  • Scrolling LED sequence ideal for reminding drivers to move over.
  • Infrared feature on select Elite models allows your team to ID and track you using night vision.

Brightness & Visibility

  • 18 LEDs keep you visible from all sides while outside your patrol.
  • 4 high-powered white LEDs serve as an excellent hands-free work light., ideal for area searches and more.
  • Stealth work light, featuring a single red LED, is idea for low-light environments, writing reports at night.
  • Red work light won’t impact your night vision.
  • Four brightness settings – Low, Medium, High & Max
  • With up to 800 lumens of light, Elite devices can be seen from up to 5 miles away.
  • Single, 850-nanometer infrared LED beacon available on select models.
  • Infrared LED controlled independently from other device LEDs and activates when Emergency Mode (all lights flashing) is engaged.

Versatile Magnet Mounting System

  • All Guardian Angel lights include a powerful, built-in magnet that allows you to attach it quickly and confidently to any metallic surface.
  • Rare-Earth magnet is among the strongest in the world, meaning it stays put when you’re on patrol.
  • Magnet easily attaches to multiple law enforcement mounts, allowing you to attach it to your epaulet, carrier, K-9, patrol vehicle, radio strap and more.
  • Hard mount your light with included screws as needed.


  • Waterproof. Certified with an IP68 rating, meaning they can remain under 1.5 meters of water for up to 30 minutes without additional protection.
  • Dust proof. Tested to withstand dust particles, sand and more. Our lights won’t shut down when conditions are poor.
  • Shock proof. Whether you drop it or run it over, our lights are built to withstand the rigors of daily patrol. Industrial-strength polycarbonate ABS/rubber protects all sides of your light.

Charging & Runtime

  • Up to 150 hours of runtime on standard operating mode.
  • Fully charges empty battery in 90 minutes.
  • USB Type-C charging port standard on all lights.
  • USB Type-C charging cord included with all lights.
  • Easy-access charging port with door.
  • Quickly see battery life with the push of a button.
  • Lightweight at approximately 3 ounces.

LED Lighting Combinations

  • More than 20 color combinations, including red/blue, available on our professional Elite lights.
  • Quickly access multiple flash patterns, including:
    • Solid front/back
    • Solid front/flashing back
    • Solid back/flashing front
    • White work light
    • Single, red work light
    • 360° flashing
    • Top LED only
    • Scrolling sequence (ideal for indicating drivers should move over)
    • Emergency mode (all LEDs flash)

  1. Steve Bellows (verified owner)

    I work ORV and boat patrol. Having the extra lighting on blind curves is the best safety feature. I can wear it on my uniform which lights me up and makes me visible to on coming traffic. Thanks guardian angle

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  2. Linda D Elmore (verified owner)

    I have a friend who is with special units and he has one. I was so impressed with it when he showed me that i have a mission now. I plan to Donate the device to my local officers just to say Thank You. I would like to give the force one every month until all officers have one

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  3. MARTY TETRICK (verified owner)

    Having previously been a Deputy and retired U.S. Army, I unfortunately, didn't have access to this device for additional safety as it was not available at the time. However, it is now and both of my sons are Police Officers, one City P.D. and the other is a Sheriff's Deputy. BACK THE BLUE!!! I have seen these devices a few times in use and they provide great additional visibility throughout all hours of the day; however, it is improved with less daylight or during evening hours, especially when away from one's official vehicle. I believe that anything one can do to improve his/her odds is well worth its weight in gold. I purchased one for each of my boys and they love them. They work great, are extremely bright, the durability seems to match the claim, and have options for use. Thank you Guardian Angel for giving our men and women who walk that thin Blue Line something else to add to their respective tool belts and provide them with that additional safety. They definitely need it.

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  4. PAUL M LEIDENFROST (verified owner)

    Ever since switching to the Midnight shift, and living soo close to work, I decided to ride my bicycle in on pleasant evenings. I light up the night with the super-bright, flash selections these little lights offer. Guardian Angel offers a great product(s) for those after-hour Patrol/Security shifts.

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  5. Jerry Weiland (verified owner)

    This device is bright and makes me easily seen from a good distance. I got the bike mount and clip along with the magnet to be used as often as possible. No fault of the light, but I just need to learn which button does what without looking. I can't complain that it has too many functions. Great light!

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  6. Arturo Chavez (verified owner)

    Love it, easy to use and very helpful when you’re out on the field.

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  7. Marc (verified owner)

    I manage a armed school guarding program and we use the Guardian Angel Strobe to mark our location for responding law enforcement officers. These lights are very bright and are extremely easy to use and built like a tank! We bought 50 of these lights and will continue to buy these lights as we add to our staff. Thank you for manufacturing such a great product!

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  8. James (verified owner)

    I wear this at night on my vest carrier and use it when working any kind of traffic. This Guardian Angel is so bright and I especially love the white light so that I can use it to do paperwork. I also purchased one for my son who is in law enforcement. All my people at my agency has them as well.

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  9. Steph Wehr (verified owner)

    This product is an amazing investment! I am currently in a position to bicycle a lot at work and it is something that makes it so easy to be seen. Overall, love the product!

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  10. Lisa Shrosbree (verified owner)

    This device is essential for safety while in or directing traffic in both day and especially at night. The white light is so convenient if doing paperwork at night without having to hold a flashlight. Highly recommend

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  11. Craig Richards (verified owner)

    Love the size of this powerful little light. Hands down the best secondary warning light I have ever bought.

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  12. Justin Rosete (verified owner)

    I use it as an emergency light on my lapel and u love how easy it is to use. Click the button and you are up and running. People can see you from all over and every direction no problem. The lights are bright and there is no mistaking what they are

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  13. Christopher Vickrey (verified owner)

    This product is great. I work midnights and I use it every day. I feel safer on traffic stops because I can have a great light and not worry about having anything in my hands. The strobe and infrared have also helped out when having a suspect in custody in a wooded area and waiting for assistance. My assists were able locate me quickly and without any serious injuries. Your product is so great I bought one for my girlfriend to use on her patrols. Thank you GA.

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  14. Major Darryl Milligan, Bristol VA Police Department (verified owner)

    Our agency recently purchased one of these for every officer. Traffic vests are great, but the Law Enforcement Red/Blue Wearable Safety Police Light is exceptional. Especially at night, it adds a layer of visibility when the officer is beside the roadway on traffic stops, crashes, etc. The steady white light gives an officer illumination for writing in the dark without holding a flashlight as it radiates from his shoulder. This is a valuable tool and one we will continue to supply for our officers.

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  15. Joshua (verified owner)

    This is the second one if these lights that I have purchased. I've been a user of this product for over a year and I still get coworkers or people from neighboring agencies who are impressed by this light's capabilities. If you have to think about whether you should buy this, you already know the right answer.

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  16. Rickey J Whitmyer (verified owner)

    This is a total lifesaver not only is it visible and very bright to warn people but also hands free light to keep your arms and hands accessible at all times in case of emergency situation instead of fumbling for a flashlight

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  17. Mark A.J. Rea, Jr. (verified owner)

    Hi, I am the dad of a newly sworn in police officer. Wanting him to have the best possible protection as an officer, I purchased your best model, and it is already on its wsy to him. Thanks for making a superior product, Our first responders deserve the best of everything. Mark A.J. Rea , Jr. Retired Commissioner Taylors F.D.

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  18. Matthew Black Jr (verified owner)

    I absolutely love this product. I'm a law enforcement officer and I works nights. I have use this device on traffic stop, writing citations, and while on safety check points. Having this device has allowed me to perform many of my day to day operations hands free now. No more having to hold a flashlight. I also love how bright the lights are on this device. Buying this device was a great investment.

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  19. Mariselli Rodriguez (verified owner)

    Its increible. Its great. The batteries is always full. Easy

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  20. Greg cunningham (verified owner)

    I really like how easy it is to use , from the di$event ways to attach it to clothing or a backpack or anything else and it is extremely bright.

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  21. Walker252 (verified owner)

    As a LEO, I work a lot of crashes out on the interstate and out on county roads. I am glad my agency decided to give these out. I was very skeptical about these devices at first. It just seemed but silly to me. BUT let me tell you, after using these out on busy rainy, foggy, low vis environment, I’ve learned to appreciate it. They are truly a life saver! I ended up losing the one my Department gave me and I ended up buying one to replace it and I bought another Elite and a Micro because I loved them so much. Hope this review tells you enough! I hope they make some adjustments on brighter brightness! Nothing they could do about me losing the device since my department didn’t provide tethers with them. But if you are a first responder GA lights are a must have!

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  22. Gloria Barbara Otuagoma (verified owner)

    Nothing to dislike here, I have the white light on patrolling the building exterior and if I run into a problem I'll turn on all lights then get on the radio calling my police officer colleagues. Like i told my Sgt, yall find me quick with this device, well he has one himself and tried to tell everyone it would be good for them to have on too.

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  23. Waldemar Soto Rivera (verified owner)

    I like this product because do my job more easy. I am a police officer in Puerto Rico.

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  24. Will Robert Jennings (verified owner)

    This light helps keep me safe when doing traffic control having it on my shoulder flashing alerts vehicles and the red light to help me report write and not lose my night vision. Highly suggest anyone working on busy roads to get one or 2.

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  25. Jimboxz (verified owner)

    This is a must have for night electric skateboarding. Extremely bright! The magnet holds well This light is one of the best 100%. They can see me now!???

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