Rechargeable/Wearable Snowboarding LED Light

Whether you’re cruising along a trail, catching some serious air on the halfpipe, riding through the powder, or testing your mettle in the backcountry, make sure you can see exactly what’s in front of you – and that you can be seen as well. Guardian Angel’s 2-in-1 wearable and mountable lighting devices will help make you aware of any detours or dangers in the distance.

These rugged lights are waterproof and shockproof so they can survive a nasty spill too. With our hands-free devices, your group can safely hit the trails or hills no matter if the mountain weather report indicates the best time of day is early in the morning or closer to last lift.

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  1. Brighter than I expected

    Brian Pierce (verified owner)

    I ordered one to use at work as I work in the construction industry, and also Plow snow in the winter this will be Great to help keep me visible especially at night when I am out of my truck checking equipment, I ordered a second unit to affix to my motorcycle as an added safety feature.

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  2. State traffic signal technician

    Harry Alexander (verified owner)

    I work nights fixing malfunctioning traffic signals, and more freqiently, picking up fixtures that have been run over. Walking along the side of the road can be unnerving. This light is AMAZING. I can only imagine having this personal marker when plowing snow in the winter time. In the mean time, I will continue to feel safer and more visible in the urban environment as well as when I walk the dog at night. Thanks Guardian Angel

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  3. This light could be your Guardian Angel

    R Sauser (verified owner)

    This light is perfect! It is small, yet extremely powerful. The light can be seen from a long way off. I originally purchased this for night clam digs along the Washington coast, to make my truck standout so I could find my way back, but it is easy to see how this could have so many uses. If your car becomes disabled this light will ensure other drivers will see you. Should you accidentally go off the road or become stranded in deep snow or flood waters, this device could help rescuers find you. A woman alone could carry this easily in her purse and activate it if she feels threatened, and the bright flashing lights could frighten off a potential attacker.

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  4. Money well spent!

    Tj (verified owner)

    I love these lights! I just purchased my second one after somehow misplacing the first one. As soon as I realized it was gone for good I was placing a new order. The added safety of these lights when working at night on the side of the road (im a tow truck driver) makes the price more then fair to me. I also have to note how die hard lights are, through the rain and the snow, they never miss a beat and the batteries have an amazing life as well.

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  5. Exactly what my company needed!

    James Paolozzi (verified owner)

    I bought 2 of the GA Elite devices in amber and white. I was looking into installing a strobe system into my truck while I'm on the side of the road, backing up, and unloading equipment. That bill was alot more than I was willing to pay. The GA device allow me to mount them anywhere instantly, providing a bright strobe with numerous patterns. The versatility is undeniably the best around. Whether im snow plowing in my tractor at night, walking and working a roadside, or repairing equipment, my GA device is the best purchase I have made. Will be ordering more.

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  6. Incredibly Bright

    Jim Broyles (verified owner)

    I purchased this safety product to mount on the rear of my L&G tractor as I'm in the road with it quite a bit when blowing snow. Very impressed with the brightness and how ruggedly built it is. I know it will provide an extra margin of safety for me as I'm working with the tractor in the snow during the winter months.

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  7. Orange Safety Light

    Mike Wardle

    I have been looking for a flashing light to have on my ATV while I'm plowing snow in the winter. It's always dodgy going out on the road at night or in a snow storm with my ATV while I'm removing the snow from my driveway. This light is awesome. It's small with a magnetic base and very bright. I've had it on for hours and it's still going strong. I'll be getting another one of these lights for sure to carry in my truck for emergencies. Thanks for the quick shipping too. I can also use it for my bicycle when I'm out for a ride.

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  8. Be seen!!!

    Leo D. (verified owner)

    This little device is exactly what it is called! The Guardian Angel! Though I haven’t used it much now that the snow is gone and I’m not out plowing my driveway and some of my road on the ATV. I have noticed the LEDs are very bright and the wife easily seen me from at least a mile down the road (I live in the country). It’s safe to say any other vehicle would certainly see anyone on or near the road with more than enough time to slow down and react accordingly. Thank you GA!

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  9. Very versatile, many options

    Marcus Albrecht (verified owner)

    Compact, super bright, great for when out plowing snow, and tree clean up after storms.

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  10. Omg this light is super bright!! I will for sure stand out along side of the roadway

    Dave Schmitz (verified owner)

    I can use this light in my ranger when I'm plowing snow

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  11. Difficult to use buttons but nice lights

    A Brown (verified owner)

    I am a National Ski Patrol snowboard patroller. I needed to be visible while working the evening shift. The red and white blinking lights are perfect. The only button I can really find and use easily is the larger center button. If I want to use the other buttons, I need to take off my mitten, unclip the light, and find an ambient light source to see which button is which.

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  12. Added safety is never a bad thing

    DUSTY WINDHAM (verified owner)

    I love these lights. They add an extra layer of safety that my vehicle obviously cannot when I'm outside the vehicle on the side of the highway working a crash or whatever. And not to mention I work in all forms of weather and these things are impervious to rain/snow/etc.

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  13. Great product

    Kim Crane (verified owner)

    I purchased the micro unit to use primarily when I ride my snowmobile. Yellow light signals oncoming riders there is somebody riding behind me. Green light signals oncoming riders that nobody is following me and the trail is clear. The only improvement I can suggest is to offer a unit with yellow and green combination. I purchased 2 units to have a yellow and green light. Numerous mounting options are great. Magnetic mounts are strong and keep the unit in place even on very bumpy trails. Light weight and easy to use. Highly recommended.

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    Jason Veilleux

    I LOVE my Guardian Angel device. It has already saved my butt a few times from being hit by cars working alongside a busy road. Love the STRONG magnetic mounting system and accessories, which allows me to pretty much place this device anywhere! I not only use it for busy roadside work, but will also use it on search & rescue missions, walking my dog, and doing some snow throwing at nighttime. Love the 360 degree lights with 3 power settings. The battery is rechargeable and lasts a long time which is amazing! Just can't say enough positive things about this device.

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  15. Nonmetallic Surface Adhesive and Screw Magnetic Mount

    Perfect for mounting to a plastic or other non-magnetic surface.

    C Siano (verified owner)

    This mount comes with a strong 3M adhesive pre-applied to the back. A single mounting screw can also be used down the middle. While the mount is a flexible rubber like material, it contains a powerful magnet so that once your light is attached, it isn't going anywhere. The slots fit the cross pattern on the larger GA devices to prevent them from pivoting. This mount works well to attach the GA device to the plastic housing on my Snow Machine. The GA device is fantastic for aiming to the rear when I'm last in line. Far more visible than the taillight.

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  16. Literal Lifesaver


    I’m a Sheriff’s deputy in Idaho. My family purchased a Guardian Angel device for me for my birthday and I immediately put it to good use. Within the first week of having the device, our area experienced a nasty snow storm. One night while responding to multiple rollovers on the interstate, I came across an unknown rollover accident and stopped out with it. I was unable to safely slow or stop quickly enough due to the icy road and my patrol vehicle ended up in front of the crash scene. The crashed vehicle was a full size truck on its side and mostly obscured my emergency lights. I was able to activate the device and be seen by oncoming traffic even in the midst of blizzard like conditions until I could establish additional traffic control devices. The crash scene partially obstructed the lane of travel and there were a few near misses. I will never not have the device in my kit from this point forward and recommend it to anyone who could be in a similar situation.

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  17. Brighter then old one

    Jordan (verified owner)

    This guardian angel device has already payed for its self during a bad snow storm Visibility was bad as i cleared snow along a busy road i had it flashing and cars slowed down as passing me

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  18. SIMPLY AMAZING! The hype is REAL!


    I ride an Electric Unicycle in New York City and these lights are perfect for riding all over the city. The goal is to see and be seen and the Guardian Angel Elite and Micro series does both. I rode for over two and a half hours and my lights never stopped working. The Guardian Angel Micro is my go to light for my shoulder and my two Elites are clipped on my backpack so I can be seen by cars at night. A great solution for safety and high-visibility at night! Simply Amazing! I also have a YouTube Channel where I have field tested both the Elite and Micro series in a snowstorm during the day and at night. Check out the video here:

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  19. william colvin (verified owner)

    Soon after receiving my light we had a snow/ice storm. I used it while directing traffic with wonderful results. I was easily seen by all.

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  20. Great device

    James Tiffany (verified owner)

    I love this device it’s great for doing work with your hands without having to hold the flashlight keeps visible to the drivers I work out in the snow and the cold keeps me visible from the long distances it’s very versatile I can use it at home work while camping and even read bedtime stories to my kids with it just an all-around great device

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  21. Keeps me safe

    Joe Reith (verified owner)

    I use my yellow/white in my job as a mechanic for the highways maintenance contractor. I got it on a recommendation from a co-worker, since we sometimes get called to work on a downed machine on the side of the highway, and with it being winter currently, the possibility of working in the snow on a broken snow plow. As the general motoring public drives faster and more distracted, I feel the shoulder (or hard hat) mounted beacon adds a little bit of extra safety.

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  22. Must have

    Yves Zogba (verified owner)

    At first I thought that it was another scam, and was awaiting for a device with weak lighting and not durable. But honestly this was beyond anything I imagined. I’m a cop in New Jersey and I must say that this device saved my life, because thanks to the bright LED I didn’t get hit by the plow trucks while I was directing traffic during the snow storm.

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  23. Be seen to be safe

    Carl (verified owner)

    Never have I had a light that projects so well.Part of my job involves snow removal so when I’m out in the elements I wear this so not only does it light up my work area but it makes me visible to other people that might not otherwise be able to see me so well.It is very well made and handles the elements extremely well.Thank-You.

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  24. Awesome product

    Jordan Lange (verified owner)

    I use it for work and love the small size and light weight. Fun story for all cops. If your vehicle gets stuck in snow and you find yourself in a snowstorm and can no long be in your vehicle (for warmth) because it is not safe, this product comes in handy when you need people to find you. This product is easy to use and very bright, I definitely recommend this product.

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  25. GREAT Safety Light, Front Light Not As Bright as Needed

    Jae L Hansen (verified owner)

    This is a great safety light, and I feel people can see me from a distance. However, one of the biggest reasons I purchased the Elite is the front-facing light. It is not as bright as I was hoping for. It's great for close distance, but nothing more than a couple of feet. That is not enough for me or my needs. Maybe they will develop a unit that has a super bright headlight that is made for distance.

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