Bike Light – Rechargeable/Removable LED

Whether you’re biking through nature, or cruising the city streets to get to work danger is always looming. It doesn’t matter if it’s the early hours of the morning, mid afternoon or evening being seen and visible is paramount to your safety.

Our Guardian Angel is a multi-functional and mountable lighting device that can be worn anywhere on your body or safety vest as well as mounted to the front and back of your bike. This versatile, durable, waterproof and shockproof lighting device allows you to be seen 5+ miles in any situation you may find yourself in – day or night.

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  1. Great for my motorcycle, now for the car!

    Scott Clemmons (verified owner)

    This light is awesome, and helps you be seen. The orange is a fantastic caution color, and when I recently had a flat tire in the middle of San Mateo bridge on my motorcycle with just my blinkers, I was on a mission to find something to make me more visible. Trying to deal with a breakdown using reflectors and emergency blinkers just doesn’t cut it, especially during the day. Cars and trucks continue to fly by 70+ mph like you’re not there. We are all taught to pay attention to police blue/red lights and emergency orange lights, and anything moving catches your eye as well. See those and most people slow down or move over. While I’d love to use the red and blue lights, I don’t think the CHP or police anywhere would take too kindly…don’t want a ticket or worse for impersonating an officer! After testing this light out, and seeing spots from looking directly, I’m pretty sure this baby is going to come in handy. It’s small, so it’s easy to carry on my bike. I’ll be buying 3 more to give to my kids and my wife to have in their glove boxes. Even without an emergency, those red work lights are great for reading something without blinding a drivers night vision, and the white light is great when you need it.

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  2. Bike/Rail Rubber Strap Mount with Magnetic Mount

    Durable and stays in place to hold light steady.

    David Mcgriff (verified owner)

    Mounted it on my bike and it stayed right where I put it. The magnet held my guardianangel in place and it never moved.

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  3. Gives my bike great visibility

    whcallaghan26 (verified owner)

    This light really gets peoples attention when I take my bike on crowded paths. Very bright and makes me feel safer.

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  4. Great for biking

    CJ Goldberg (verified owner)

    Wear device on my left arm to alert vehicles to my presence on the road. Have had too many close calls with cars pulling on to the road in front of me because they aren't specifically looking for bikers.

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  5. Nonmetallic Surface Adhesive and Screw Magnetic Mount

    VERY Bright, but compact and LONG battery life....

    BlueKnight1600 (verified owner)

    As a retired LEO, and member of a law enforcement motorcycle club, we do a lot of group rides, charity runs, and even funeral escorts. I bought 6 of these units, and mounted them on various, non-painted, high visibility parts of my bike, because, I believe, you can't have too many lights on a motorcycle, when safety is a major concern. The day I bought my first 2 units, I tested them by running them for 13 straight hours, in the fully lit configuration. After 13 hours, they were still running bright. I ran them all day, on my dining room table, until I went to bed at night. They have never gone dead on me yet. I just recharge them before each use, just to top off the charge. I also charged them 2 years ago, and didn't use them at all last year, because of the virus, and 2 years later, they still have their full charge. And the true beauty of them is that there is no wiring, no permanent mounting. When I'm done with the run, I simply take them off, and stow them in my tail pack. Smaller than a pack of cigarettes, you can stick them in your pocket, if you choose. And the variety of different mounts is endless. I bought the rubber, magnetic mounts, with the 3M adhesive, that once you put them on, they're not going anywhere. And the magnet strength on these units, and their mounts, is EXTREMELY strong...there is NO WAY these are blowing off the bike, until you pull them off, and you feel the strength of the magnet when you pull them off. I also bought the arm strap magnetic mounts as well, and just like their many other other mounts, the magnets are rock solid, and going nowhere. Waterproof, and flashing from ALL sides (beside the bottom, where it mounts), the added safety, and visibility, goes without saying. My only little gripe is that I bought a set of 6 Elite Series units, but had to go online to buy a carry case for the units, the extra mounts and instructions. My only suggestion to GA is to offer a hard case, with foam interior, for easy, protective, long term storage, or just for stowing in your pack, or patrol bag. Also a good place for GA to advertise is on the case. But these lights are great. However, they are much more effective at night, than in the daytime, but I use them on day runs anyway, when riding in large groups. The flashing lights are still and attention-getter, as opposed to having none at all. A definite thumbs-up on these cool safety devices....

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  6. Bike/Rail Strap with Magnetic Mount

    Universal fit

    Bob (verified owner)

    Got two of them. They fit perfect around moving radar antennas on a police motorcycle and or around the flashlight holder. Secures the light to the bike during long sporting event egress.

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  7. Bike/Rail Rubber Strap Mount with Magnetic Mount

    a necessity patroling the city streets with a guardian angel light

    Edward Deverges (verified owner)

    I am so glad I obtained this attachment for my bike light. safer and easy to use! At easier than attaching to a uniform

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  8. battery over heat during charging.

    STATION10.LFRD (verified owner)

    So bought one of these may 13th. the light in less than a month melted my charging cable. the light itself overheats relatively easy.. got in touch with customer service, they sent me a replacement in 3 days. love the lights, and the customer service of guardian angel devices. would recommend to anyone. I also bike in all weather and in the road so having different color of lights helps a lot.

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  9. Bike/Rail Strap with Magnetic Mount

    Great product

    Steven duryea (verified owner)

    Such an amazing product. I highly recommend to anyone whether or not your riding on the street or on the trail. Can pretty much be placed anywhere on the bike you want.

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  10. Great for cycling and illumination

    suprstar298 (verified owner)

    I originally bought this as a test for a lot of my outdoor activities. I found this device to exceed my expectations farther than I could imagine. Coupled with the bike mount I was able to conduct a 3+ hour bike ride in pitch black conditions and into the early morning with amazing illumination. The multiple flashing and steady light combination allowed me to tailor the lighting needs while I rode and as daylight emerged so that I felt very comfortable in traffic. After the ride the light was still as bright as ever and I maintained the highest setting throughout. I am extremely proud and impressed by this product and will be recommending this to all of my fellow weekend warriors. Thank you GA!!

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  11. Universal Clip Mount with Magnetic Mount

    Light and small strobe that is very bright easy to wear on your clothing or attached your bike or anything you need your dad’s address for your safety

    ROBERT SCHRAY (verified owner)

    Light and small strobe that is very bright easy to wear on your clothing or attached to your bike or anything you need for your safety, I use a mobile scooter because I’m disabled and when I go to the mailbox it is very dangerous due to high speed traffic. May I also add that a lot of people walk the roads on my country road with dark clothing and you don’t see them until you are upon them. A Guardian Angel Could very well save their lives. I lost a good friend who was hit by a tractor trailer while changing a tire on his car. A simple little strobe could have prevented this! The magnetic arm band is the perfect fastener to put on for safety with your elite play

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  12. Outstanding product!

    David Alan Ernst

    This is a great product to keep you seen at night. It is bright, waterproof, hooks onto your bike, uniform, or anything else available to you.

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  13. Bike/Rail Strap with Magnetic Mount

    Works Great

    Christopher L Wall (verified owner)

    Works great clamps down hood and tight to the bar no vibration or rotation even over rough terrain. Will definitely be outfitting our bike team with these.

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  14. Bike/Rail Strap with Magnetic Mount


    Paksar (verified owner)

    This is one of the best bike mounts I have owned. quality is very good, and sturdy. material feels great. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a bike mount.

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  15. Great SAR/Hiking Light

    Glen L. Wagner (verified owner)

    I volunteer with a Search and Rescue (SAR) Team and our chief advised us he bought 5 of these for use as a team for call-outs. I wanted to look into the product a little more since we were only introduced to them on a zoom call. After reviewing on the guardianangel website, I thought it would be useful not only to have for my own SAR, but for hiking and biking. So I bought one for myself and my sister. IT DID NOT DISAPPOINT! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! The light is very durable, weather resistant and can be multifunctional for different uses with the various adapters. I have used it on my backpack, my bike, my helmet, and my Field Uniform. The light is very bright and can be used as a steady consistent light or a flashing strobe light. The lock function is great to prevent accidental on/off. I purchased the small which is perfect for outdoor use. I also carry in my pickup as a second safety strobe in case of roadside emergencies. The magnet is super strong. I highly recommend this light to anyone in Search And Rescue or Outdoor Recreation use. Great Job Guardian Angel Devices for a fabulous product!

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  16. Great product

    James Russo (verified owner)

    Purchased one for myself and work, and one for the wife for her bike. The unit is super sturdy, and the magnet mounting system is awesome. I've been looking for something like this for years that works for both recreation as well as work safety. Can't really come up with anything negative at all. Very bright, easy to use, and I love the adjustability of the front and the back operating independently, in addition to the selection of brightness. Couldn't be happier, would recommend to anyone.

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  17. Great Bicycle Light

    KG (verified owner)

    The Guardian Angel White/White Wearable, Rechargeable Flashlight LED is a great addition to my bicycle lighting system. I have 800 Lumen head light and 150 Lumen rear light. I originally bought the Guardian Angel to keep in my saddle bag as a back-up (2 is 1 and 1 is none). However, after using the Guardian Angel I’m sold. The strobe feature and make my bike visible for miles and the constant on feature brightens trails with zero visibility. My Guardian Angel is also handy to clip on my waist for night runs or night hikes.

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  18. Very bright and visible

    Marco Raposo (verified owner)

    Bought my Guardian Angel in green color and I’m very happy and impressed with how visible it is. Lots of light in a small package that has plenty of ways for its use. I also received the bike and windshield mounts with my purchase.

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  19. Awesome

    antonio thompson (verified owner)

    I started out buying one for my daughter. because she bikes to work. The quality is awesome. the prices are fair. I liked it so much I ended up buying the whole family one. Including the dog lol. I need to buy one just to keep in the truck. I do landscape photography hiking in the desert a lot of times at night. Best investment ever.

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  20. Extremely Bright and Durable

    Kelley Dinsmore (verified owner)

    I bought the red/white combo so I could use it for both fire calls and bike rides. Very bright and easy to use!

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  21. Versatile, visible, venerable

    Alberto Tanikawa (verified owner)

    I love all the ways this can be mounted to my vehicle, on my backpack, on a bike, etc. It’s visible from quite a distance, and the yellow/white strobe is very crisp. USB-C charging is icing on the cake.

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  22. Extremely Bright and Durable


    I bought the red/white combo so I could use it for both fire calls and bike rides. Very bright and easy to use!

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  23. Rotatable Bike Strap with Magnetic Mount

    James cormier (verified owner)

    Great product and i use it on my bike and it holds great

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  24. Great product

    James Cormier (verified owner)

    Great product I use it for my work and while riding my bike

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  25. Great product

    James W Cormier

    I use it for my work and while riding my bike

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