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Bike Light – Rechargeable/Removable LED

Whether you’re biking through nature, or cruising the city streets to get to work danger is always looming. It doesn’t matter if it’s the early hours of the morning, mid afternoon or evening being seen and visible is paramount to your safety.

Our Guardian Angel is a multi-functional and mountable lighting device that can be worn anywhere on your body or safety vest as well as mounted to the front and back of your bike. This versatile, durable, waterproof and shockproof lighting device allows you to be seen 5+ miles in any situation you may find yourself in – day or night.

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    Wireless Bike LED Light Kit

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  • Build Your Own Elite® Series Wearable Safety Light Set

    Build Your Own Elite® Series Wearable Safety Light Set

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    Micro Series™ Wearable Safety Light – Red/Red

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    Micro Series™ Wearable Safety Light – White/Yellow

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  • Micro®

    Micro Series™ Wearable Safety Light – White/White

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  • Micro®

    Micro Series™ Wearable Safety Light – White/Red

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    Red/Red Wearable Safety Light

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    White/White Wearable, Rechargeable Flashlight LED

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  • Elite®

    White/Yellow Wearable Safety Light

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  • Elite®

    White/Red Wearable Safety Light

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Featured Mounts/Accessories

  • Bike/Rail Rubber Strap Mount with Magnetic Mount

    Bike/Rail Rubber Strap Mount with Magnetic Mount

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  • Rotatable Rail Rubber Strap Mount

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  • Bike/Rail Strap with Magnetic Mount

    Bike/Rail Strap with Magnetic Mount

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  • Helmet Strap w/ Two Magnetic Mounts

    Helmet Strap w/ Two Magnetic Mounts

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  • Guardian Angel Jaw Clip Mount

    Jaw Clip Magnetic Mount

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  • Device Tether

    Device Tether

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Featured Reviews

  1. Highly recommend for safety and recreation

    JOANNE GORDON (verified owner)

    I work in traffic safety, and wanted to be more visible to traffic while in the street. It has makes me feel safer especially in inclement weather. I will also be using when I ride my bike. I wasn't sure if the magnet would be strong enough to attach through my vest or jacket. It's extremely strong when the velcro can't be used.

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  2. Safety

    Juan Vargas (verified owner)

    I actually like the device a whole lot. I the day after to ride from Brooklyn to Jersey City and it was 8 pm. I went for a ride with friend on our ebikes and the boy's loved it. They said they let me ride ahead and saw the device from far away It is an amazing device. My friends are about to purchase it. Thank you so much

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  3. Good for both running and cycling

    DerekM (verified owner)

    I appreciate that this compact device is very durable and fits well on a shoulder. I recommend using it on the shoulder facing the road. I've started wearing it on my bike rides as well to supplement the lights on my bike.

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  4. Amazing device!

    Corey (verified owner)

    I purchased this to increase my visibility while I'm riding my bike. This little thing is worth the money! I've noticed cars slowing down and giving me much more room since I've been using this.

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  5. Great visibility

    Keith Kindle (verified owner)

    I bought the GA light for my Letric 2.0 bike. It's mounted on top of an ammo box on the luggage rack. Everyone see me day and night.

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  6. Incredible

    Josh (verified owner)

    This is my second device. Loved the first one so much, had to buy a second one. These lights are extremely bright and 100% will get someone’s attention. I have the solid green and the green and yellow. What’s great about the green is when it’s on strobe, it gets the brain to say “what’s that” then the brain says “oh that’s a light and a person on a bike” I have an E-bike and enjoy night rides along the beach but obviously the main concern is to be seen. Attaching two of these to my bike, one on front and one on the back, it’s almost too much but I promise I’m seen by every car and I make it home each night to my dog. Amazing product. Just buy one

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  7. Dee Thomas (verified owner)

    I enjoy the brightness of the multiple devices and accessories that I have purchased. I use them on my mountain bikes and helmets to be seen by others while riding with my children. (Safety First).

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  8. Jerry Weiland (verified owner)

    This device is bright and makes me easily seen from a good distance. I got the bike mount and clip along with the magnet to be used as often as possible. No fault of the light, but I just need to learn which button does what without looking. I can't complain that it has too many functions. Great light!

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  9. Bike/Rail Rubber Strap Mount with Magnetic Mount

    Excellent Safety Light

    Joseph M Brearman (verified owner)

    I use this light on my bike as well as when I am duty directing traffic at crashes at night. My co-workers loved it so much they all got one. This is an essential item. This bright day or night - I have the large light as well at the small light. Love the product and will continue to utilize - Also makes a great gift for someone - Joggers, Bikers, First Responders etc..

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  10. Perfect for bike safety!

    Dan (verified owner)

    I bought one of these with a helmet mount for my young kids bike helmet. The mount is super simple to attach and very secure, and my kid loves the light!

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  11. Bike/Rail Strap with Magnetic Mount

    Perfect for Kayak Handle

    David Welker (verified owner)

    Bought this bike rail strap hoping that it would work for my Old Town kayak front handle. It fits perfectly and the magnets are very strong. Allows the light to stand a little taller on your kayak opposed to flat mounting it behind the handle. Love it!!

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  12. Multipurpose, for on duty and off.

    G. (verified owner)

    The white all around micro is useful on duty for lighting in both steady or attention getting flashing. Additionally it is useful at home, on the trail, in the car, on the bike, at camp or any other lighting need. The usb-c recharging capabilities make it super easy to recharge via traditional means or solar. The magnetic mounting ability paired with just about any mount you could need make it super useful. I recommend the white light all around over color coded versions, even for us first responders.

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  13. Very functional and easy to use and can take some bumps and accidental drops like a champ

    Chris johnson (verified owner)

    Once I received my first orange and white micro it came in super handy working at night using the magnetic back along with a simple metal washer in my safety vest pocket to light up the reflective strips on the vest I also used this mounted on my handlebar of my bike along with a red one on the seat post facing the rear

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  14. Worth it

    John (verified owner)

    Love it nice and bright. I work for highway maintenance in Wyoming. Plowing snow in the dark it nice to be seen. I am thinking about getting some for my kids when they are on there bikes.

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  15. So Glad I Found This Product

    Ryan (verified owner)

    This is an outstandingly designed product. Tough as nails and amazing brightness. I bought it for my son who is on his bike a lot. I feel much better with him wearing this when he rides. It would be really hard to miss him with this on.

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  16. Safety light

    Joe Sabater (verified owner)

    I seriously love this product! I love the fact it’s super bright. I wear it for bike riding and it removed a lot of fear for me. It’s a huge safety concern to not be seen by a car that’s why I never leave the house without my safety light and I highly recommend it to anyone.

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  17. It's a very useful piece of equipment.

    Otani Takahiro (verified owner)

    I use it for security work, and since it is always attached to the epaulettes, even during the day when there is an urgent need to respond in an underground parking lot, by immediately flashing the GA on the epaulettes, you can ensure safety. I use it even when I'm not working, riding my bike or walking to ensure safety. It's a very useful piece of equipment.

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  18. Bike/Rail Strap with Magnetic Mount

    Super convenient

    Tavish Sweeney (verified owner)

    This strap makes moving my GA light between my vest and bike super convenient!

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  19. Great device

    Tavish Sweeney (verified owner)

    I needed a bright emergency light that could be installed on a bike and a vest that was easy to move between the two. The GA light was perfect for this and I have a very high level of confidence in the equipment. 5 stars easily!

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  20. Disappointed in the lack of mounting hardware that comes with it.

    Adam (verified owner)

    Very disappointed in the lack of mounting hardware that comes with these lights. For what you pay you should have more options.

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  21. The brightest, most vivid and coolest safety light I’ve ever seen

    John W (verified owner)

    I have a ton of toys; skateboards, electric skateboards, OneWheels, bicycles, e-bikes, electric scooters. I’ve purchased clip on lights from Amazon and other vendors. I can’t even tell you how many I have because I never use them. The Guardian Angel is absolutely the brightest, most vivid of all of them by far. Not even in the same league, The best part is that because of how bright they are, they have a cool factor, which makes me never forget, bringing one with me. My friends that I ride with even ask me for one before we go, and they never wore anything. Let’s be real, it doesn’t matter how bright it is, if you forget to use it. I use them for all of my recreational activities, even walking the dog. They’re fun and the amount of visibility they give you is undeniable. I only use these for recreation, not an eight hour work shift, so I can’t comment on how long the battery lasts. I always leave mine on the brightest setting and I’ve been out for hours and hours and have not had a problem. I love them so much I bought one in every color.

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  22. Just as great as the elite!!!

    Nicholas t johnson (verified owner)

    I got my mini during the BOGO offer. I chose the white and orange for all the other uses I could get out of it. Flat tire on the side of the road, place it on top of my car to alert oncoming traffic. Riding my bike for exercise, BOOM..... cars can see me a mile away. Also for those early morning runners, this would be great for visibility. This mini GA has sooooo many uses, im still coming up with different ideas of where to use it. It's tiny enough to fit in your pocket yet bright enough to compete with the elite GA. I got mine free, but it is definitely worth $50. It has the same craftsmanship as the elite and the magnet is just as strong as the elite. Almost too strong, jk. I have already shown my Officers that I supervise and they are looking to get one as well. This could also be used for boating if there is a green/red combo. Not sure, if there is.

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  23. It is very bright and visible. The magnets are strong.

    Nicholas Johnson (verified owner)

    I was very cautious about making this purchase. But once I got my GA in hand I was very impressed. It is very bright and the magnets are very strong. It also came with a velcro strap for other applications other than my shoulder. We sometimes use bikes and atv's at my agency and I can see that my GA will be of great use there. Also, I have had passersby during a crash saying they couldn't see me directing traffic even though I had a neon yellow reflecting vest and strobing flashlight. This device has made me more visible. I've had a couple close calls in my 14 year career. The GA has helped greatly. I always thought the $100 price tag was a bit much until I had it in hand. It is very well made and durable. Worth every dollar.

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  24. Wonderfully bright and compact.

    Minh (verified owner)

    I wear this when I ride my onewheel at night. Allows me to be seen. I bought a second one for my wife for when she rides her bike. Another layer of protection.

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  25. Lightweight and Intensely Bright

    Jason R Stoner (verified owner)

    I have the Hard Hat mount and when on an Emergency run at work, I forgot this was attached to my helmet. Someone had to let me know it was still on when I was walking into my office. There has been a few tell me they can see the light flashing before I get to the door. I use it as my safety light while riding my bike through the plant. Powered Industrial Truck drivers have stated they dislike following me for to hire bright these lights are.

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