Bike Light – Rechargeable/Removable LED

Whether you’re biking through nature, or cruising the city streets to get to work danger is always looming. It doesn’t matter if it’s the early hours of the morning, mid afternoon or evening being seen and visible is paramount to your safety.

Our Guardian Angel is a multi-functional and mountable lighting device that can be worn anywhere on your body or safety vest as well as mounted to the front and back of your bike. This versatile, durable, waterproof and shockproof lighting device allows you to be seen 5+ miles in any situation you may find yourself in – day or night.

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  1. Safety

    Keith McGuire (verified owner)

    This light is more than I expected. I often bike ride on not only roads but also trails along with many others. I am now very visible thanks to the light!

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  2. Safety

    Keith McGuire (verified owner)

    This light is more than I expected. I often bike ride on not only roads but also trails along with many others. I am now very visible thanks to the light!

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  3. Bike/Rail Strap with Magnetic Mount

    Must have for bike patrol

    Eli Drake (verified owner)

    This is a must have. I mainly bought the GA to use while on bike patrol. I am on a university campus and it is bright enough for cars to see. Might just be my handlebars but it will slip back and forth some when I go down steps or hit a hard bump. I wish my whole bike patrol team had this on all our bikes.

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  4. Safety 1st By Beeing Visible

    Phillip (verified owner)

    Beeing Visible Is Always A Safety key for Prevention of Accident,I Worck on. The Highway & Some Nights This Will help me Alot so people can See me,I Am Reccomending this Product to Co-Worckers & Some Friends in my Line Of Worck.I Like How Durable It feels & The Re-Chargeable USB. On the Device with built in Battery,The Magnet is verry powerfull I Clip It on My Shoulder but I Noticed you can Also Place It On Veichles or Bikes Wich Is Super Kool

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  5. Bike/Rail Rubber Strap Mount with Magnetic Mount

    Works amazing

    Travis McAndrew (verified owner)

    Works amazing and holds on no matter if Im going over dirty roads or tree roots on my mountain bike.

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  6. An absolute must have!!

    Andrew Ellis (verified owner)

    Working as a Security Supervisor this device definitely comes in handy during night and day patrols. Great as an area light patrolling buildings and work yards. Awesome when at alarm calls and clearing buildings. I also use this light while walking at night and while touring around on the bike. Makes a great camp light as well.

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  7. Great light with great accessories


    I just got this unit and love it. I got two free mounts a jaw clip and the epaulet strap. This is so versatile and easy to use I am also going to order the strap to be able to use this on my bike. The magnets are super strong this is a great setup.

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  8. Bike/Rail Strap with Magnetic Mount

    Great product

    David (verified owner)

    The system doesn't look as tough, but when you place it and test it I was surpirsed, it's very safe for bike use (what we use in our service).

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  9. My garden angel

    Charles Bruton (verified owner)

    I like this light and there are some scary roadside and not enough room for a bicycles here in Oregon I've had this light for a week now and have noticed a difference with cars moving over to pass me it come with a bike mount. Thanks to the company that made this product of lights!!!

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  10. These are powerful devices!!

    Johnny the K (verified owner)

    I picked up a Micro earlier this year--just before the cycling season was about to get underway. Since 'daytime running lights' are now a 'thing' for cyclists, I've adopted them and try to get extremely bright lights for my bike. Mine is a Red/Red and I clip in to my left shoe when I'm cycling with the Jaw Clip--which works spectacularly well, by the way. The reason I do this is twofold: first, aside from my left shoulder, my left foot is on the outermost plane of my body--and, the closest to cars--when I'm riding. Second, the constant motion of my foot, through each pedal stroke, definitely catches the eyes of motorists as they come to me from behind. The end result is that motorist now give me plenty of room and I am a LOT happier as a result. Update: just bought a second one to give to an ex-girlfriend and occasional cycling partner. She loves it, too!!

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  11. Safety First

    Johnny H (verified owner)

    I responded to a lot of fatalities involving cyclist in my career. This device is great for allowing motorists to see you during the early morning or late evening rides. Highly recommended for rides on bike lanes but I prefer bike trail parks and they’re great there too!!

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  12. Bike/Rail Strap with Magnetic Mount

    Great for flat bars

    Clay H. (verified owner)

    I have this on my road bike and it fits with plenty of room on the flat part of the bars, so I don't have to have it closer to the stem.

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  13. law_enforcement_wearable_led_light

    being visible on nightshift.

    Brian Higgins (verified owner)

    This is an awesome product. I am an IPMBA officer and I work in a rural area and light is very limited at night. When I'm patrolling on my Police mountain bike in the evenings this device lets everyone see me for my own safety. I also work events on a college campus and when there are events and large crowds it is hard sometimes to find your fellow officer when assistance is needed. This device allows you to be seen by other officers to locate you quickly. A very usable device and has provided extra safety for law enforcement in these trying times. Thank You!!

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  14. Quick - Easy to Use - with 360 Safety

    CT Pham (verified owner)

    I ride Electric Unicycles , E bike, and One wheel at night often. so the need for lights to illuminate myself is a must. needed a system that works. pros: - the light guards you from every direction (360 performance) - the lights flicker so you have most everybody's attention when you ride by - the lights are super bright - the buttons are easy and quick to use with many modes - the mounting options are fantastic, i used the strap mount and the magnets are seriously strong and easy to use - solid construction and long lasting - i am good for 5 - 8 hours of riding will continue to tell all my friends about this product because it works and designed. - professional safety lights. BTW i wear a red light on my left shoulder and a green light on my right shoulder, kinda like the airplanes or boats..

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  15. Bike/Rail Rubber Strap Mount with Magnetic Mount


    Anthony Mobilio (verified owner)

    This was purchased for my bike riding. It holds the device very securely in place without any movement. It also fits many widths of bars as I use the Guardian Angel on more than one bike. I would purchase this again for sure.

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  16. Bike/Rail Rubber Strap Mount with Magnetic Mount

    Quality you can count on!

    Nickolas Stuart (verified owner)

    I ordered this attachment for our Bike Patrol division we started for the security company I help manage. I couldn't be happier with the overall prices and fast shipping that Guardian Angel continues to amaze me with. Guardian Angel has developed amazing products that fit the need of any first responder and beyond. I only wish we would of had something like this 10 years ago. Great work Guardian Angel!!

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  17. Amazingly great

    Susan Gottler (verified owner)

    I bought this for my son when he rides his bike at night. It is perfect. He says he feels so much safer than an ordinary bike light. He clips it on his shoulder so he can be seen from front and back. I feel better knowing he has this. Thanks for making everyone safer.

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  18. Bike/Rail Rubber Strap Mount with Magnetic Mount

    Fantastic for bike patrol

    Mike Bell (verified owner)

    I got this strap for my bike. It works way better than I expected! I would definitely buy another one if I need it!

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  19. Used in a bike helmet

    Nick Carter (verified owner)

    I got this magnet and used it on a bike helmet. I cut out some foam on the inside and stuck this on the inside of the plastic shell. Now I have a super sleek and undetectable attachment point. The guardian angel just sticks right to the top. The magnet is so strong I’m not worried about it coming off. I like that when I am not using the guardian angel this mount is invisible and when I need it the guardian angel just sticks to the helmet like magic

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  20. Strap and Epaulet Clip Mount

    Nice mount

    Dan M. (verified owner)

    Holds the light secure and positioned perfectly, keeping your hands free.

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  21. Bike/Rail Strap with Magnetic Mount


    Dan M. (verified owner)

    This strap holds the light with the magnet alone over some of the roughest terrain and descending some pretty long sets of stairs.

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  22. law_enforcement_wearable_led_light

    Should be standard issue.

    Dan M. (verified owner)

    I've been a LEO for 22 years and I don't know why I didn't get one of these sooner. The epaulet clip holds tight and makes for easy hands free lighting when searching cars. I also got the bike strap which holds tight even over the toughest terrain. One of my best investments.

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  23. Window Mount Bracket with Magnetic Mount

    Window Mount Bracket with Magnetic Mount

    Louis W McClure (verified owner)

    Removed the suction cups and used the holes to bolt the mounts directly to our bikes, works great!! I don't know how to send a video from my phone.

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  24. Yellow/Yellow Wearable Safety Light

    Louis W McClure (verified owner)

    I purchased of these to use in City traffic for mine and my wife's new electric bicycles, I also purches the window mounts for them. I removed the suction cups, and bolted the mount into the front tire fender mount, and to the storage boxes on the back of the bikes. We've had numerous, positive comments about their effectiveness from everyone, include Police Officers. These lights can be seen in traffic for a long, long distance, making our rides safer for us and drivers.

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  25. Rotatable Bike Strap with Magnetic Mount

    Adrian McGuire (verified owner)

    Overall this Rotatable Bike Strap with Magnetic Mount is decent and I have it attached to my HiBoy S2 Pro E-Scooter for my Elite lightbar but this bike mount has a few flaws though. 1- when i first got the bike mount the velcro strap didnt hold very well, so i had to buy a adjustable 2" hose clamp to securely the bike mount to the scooter handle bar shaft. 2-the magnet is strong, however you can lose your light bar if you hit a bump good enough. Sadly I lost my Elite light bar recently when i hit a bump but didnt realize my Elite light bar fell off (thinking of that strong magnet that has always held my light bar from many other bumps ive rode over) until i got to work. By that time the Elite light bar was long gone. So i did order a new Elite light bar to replace my lost one but i also ordered a tether strap w/ my new Elite light bar that i can attach to the Elite and the scooter so if i hit a good bump and the magnet failed to hold the tether will safe my Elite kind of what a safety harness does for people to prevent them from falling. So make sure you regularly check your Elite when you hit bumps with this product hoping to notice if it fell off so you can retrieve your Elite before realizing it later and its long gone. Of course Im still keeping my Rotatable Bike Strap with Magnetic Mount with my own modifications I mentioned as that seems to work well and its still a good product overall but just needs some upgrades. I really hope Guardian Angel redesigns the Rotatable Bike Strap with Magnetic Mount to make it a little more durable.

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