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Dog Walking Wearable LED Light

Looking for the perfect light to take with you while walking man’s best friend? Look no further! Guardian Angel provides you with a magnetic, hands free lighting solution that attaches to almost anything!

Walking your dog early mornings or at night can bring a lot of risks. Guardian Angel can provide you and your pooch the safety you deserve. Clip it to the shoulder of your shirt, your dogs collar or leash to light up the path ahead and behind you so that you are visible to both oncoming traffic and pedestrians.

P.S. Why struggle to use a flashlight or your cell phone while picking up after your dog? You’ll never need to worry about dropping your cell phone into a pile of doo-doo again.  

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Featured Reviews

  1. It’s bright

    Doug (verified owner)

    I bought one to use on my dog for running her at night and it works great. Wish I would of bought one sooner

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  2. Small but mighty

    Alex Chen (verified owner)

    Despite the small size, this little thing is as bright as it gets. I'm big on color schemes and attention-getting at night, and if I remember anything when I'm out doing traffic at work, or out walking my dogs, these GA micros are the first on my person!

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  3. The best safety light I've ever purchased

    michael mcneill (verified owner)

    I absolutely love this light. As a union tradesman and a dog owner the absolute function of this light is unparalleled for me.

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  4. Perfect Daily Safety Light

    JJ Hansen (verified owner)

    I've been using this light for personal use and it's perfect for everything from walking my dog to going for a nigh time fishing adventure.

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  5. Great for day and night walks

    Arthur Gross (verified owner)

    My town has had several pedestrians and dogs struck in the past couple of years. I feel much safer now with one of these strapped to me and one to each of my dogs. Use them in the day and night. Solid, well built and durable. Happy with purchase Multiple mounting options are a real plus as well

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  6. Amazing New Micro device

    chevdog1 (verified owner)

    Absolutely amazing product. Crazy bright and is very easy to use. This is a great product for recreational use as well as first responders. A must have!

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  7. Nina C (verified owner)

    I have both the Micro Series and the Elite Series, I love them both. The first flash pattern really grabs the attention of vehicles and makes my dog and I more visible while walking. When people see the light, they either move over or slow down. It doesn’t matter if I’m wearing the light or my dog is wearing the light, drivers see it, drivers notice it, and drivers give me and my dog space.

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  8. Guardian Angel Infrared IR Micro Device

    Micro Series IR

    Elisandro Oyar…. (verified owner)

    The IR Guardian Light has proven to be an excellent addition to my k9 harness for night operations. It holds up well, ensuring the dog is easily visible. The user-friendly design makes it easy to operate, charge, and remove. I'm particularly pleased with the smaller size, which seamlessly attaches to the canine harness without hindering its functionality. Overall, a great product that meets and exceeds expectations. Highly satisfied.

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  9. Snap-Lock Mount (Dog/K9 Safety)

    Very Secure

    Nina C (verified owner)

    I put this on my dog’s harness and the light stays right where I put it. She can adjust her harness all she needs to and the light stays put.

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  10. Works great

    Nina C (verified owner)

    I love this device, I put it on my dog’s harness and we get noticed even in broad daylight. It is lightweight enough that my dog doesn’t even notice or care that she is wearing it.

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  11. Snap-Lock Mount (Dog/K9 Safety)

    Works great for dog harness

    Frank Ayers (verified owner)

    I use this on my dog harness. Working night shift I frequently take my dog for nighttime runs and walks. It remains securely on, even as my dog moves and shakes. It makes me feel much more secure with her. It is small enough that it doesn’t add too much weight or bulk. Recommend for dog use.

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  12. Jerry Bryant (verified owner)

    I’m retired now but could’ve really used a hands free device like this back in the day. As for now, I use it walking the dog or on my boat. It’s great!

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  13. Walking Dogs

    Dennis Skowronski (verified owner)

    I got this for the evenings that we need to walk the dogs, but it might be getting dark or during lower visibility. Works great to keep my wife and dogs safe. What a great product!!! Thank you.

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  14. The brightest, most vivid and coolest safety light I’ve ever seen

    John W (verified owner)

    I have a ton of toys; skateboards, electric skateboards, OneWheels, bicycles, e-bikes, electric scooters. I’ve purchased clip on lights from Amazon and other vendors. I can’t even tell you how many I have because I never use them. The Guardian Angel is absolutely the brightest, most vivid of all of them by far. Not even in the same league, The best part is that because of how bright they are, they have a cool factor, which makes me never forget, bringing one with me. My friends that I ride with even ask me for one before we go, and they never wore anything. Let’s be real, it doesn’t matter how bright it is, if you forget to use it. I use them for all of my recreational activities, even walking the dog. They’re fun and the amount of visibility they give you is undeniable. I only use these for recreation, not an eight hour work shift, so I can’t comment on how long the battery lasts. I always leave mine on the brightest setting and I’ve been out for hours and hours and have not had a problem. I love them so much I bought one in every color.

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  15. Awesome micro light

    Cor (verified owner)

    I bought this micro to go along with my full-size light for night walks with the dog. The micro fits in his harness perfectly and really lights up the area for him (he is black as coal) so this light makes him very visible at night. Definitely Recommend these lights for any night time work or activity!

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  16. Power in a Small Package

    Kent Latimer (verified owner)

    The Guardian Angel Micro is power in a small package. Lightweight, bright, 360 degree long range visibility, very strong magnet, long battery life, rugged, what’s not to love. I wear this on my shoulder while walking with my dog in my neighborhood at night. At times there can be a lot of traffic at night and there are places where it’s not well lit. I feel safe with the Micro on my shoulder because I know with confidence that I can be seen. I actually hear the cars slowing down when they come up on me because they can see the flashing lights from the Micro. I’ve received several compliments from people passing by telling me they could clearly see the flashing lights from a distance and it made them slow down. I’ve also had people thank me for making sure my dog and I can be seen at night while walking. Thank you Guardian Angel you are indeed living up to your namesake!

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  17. Small but powerful

    David Cook (verified owner)

    Put it on my dog at night when I first received the product and I can see the orange flash really well from a distance.. used the front white light as a flashlight and it lights up the whole area for ease of view. Definitely feel safer at nighttime working on the highway with it.

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  18. Clamp On Strap Magnetic Mount

    Great Product

    Jody Macks (verified owner)

    Very secure no fear of losing light!! Great Product Phenomenal service

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  19. Super bright

    Brandon Workman (verified owner)

    Super bright and hands free. I use it for taking walks with my dogs at night. It turns into a rave light if you hit the GA button

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  20. Very happy with this purchase

    Craig (verified owner)

    Both the light and the base are strong magnets. I put both in my car attached to the ceiling. I am storing it out of site but available when needed.

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  21. For the dogs security

    Sam Schaal (verified owner)

    I mainly use it for the dog. to protect him first when visibility is poor and to make it easier to see him when he goes for a walk in the evening

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  22. used privately and in rescue

    Sam Schaal (verified owner)

    I use it to protect myself when walking with the dog and to illuminate my path so that I have my hands free. In the rescue service, it is used most to illuminate my surroundings and, if necessary, to provide security

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  23. Great hi-visibility beacon in low light situations

    Alex (verified owner)

    I got this primarily to attach to my dog's harness during the late evening and sunset walks with him. This is an absolutely great device for high visibility that ensures we're both seen, in a small package that doesn't give too much bulk and weight.

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  24. Very impressed with this device

    Chris (verified owner)

    I had heard about the GA lights a while back and thought it was a great product. I recently purchased one after a neighbor was struck by a vehicle while crossing the street (they are OK). My wife and I enjoy taking our dog and child for walks regularly and with this unfortunate event and other near misses, I want to try and stay as visible as possible to help keep my family safe. It makes me feel just a little safer when going on walks, especially during these dark, winter months.

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  25. LOVE IT

    Chuck George (verified owner)

    I bought this light for the dogs harness. Attaches easy and different modes for off leash versus walking on leash. great safety tool for your pups!

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