Dog Walking Wearable LED Light

Looking for the perfect light to take with you while walking man’s best friend? Look no further! Guardian Angel provides you with a magnetic, hands free lighting solution that attaches to almost anything!

Walking your dog early mornings or at night can bring a lot of risks. Guardian Angel can provide you and your pooch the safety you deserve. Clip it to the shoulder of your shirt, your dogs collar or leash to light up the path ahead and behind you so that you are visible to both oncoming traffic and pedestrians.

P.S. Why struggle to use a flashlight or your cell phone while picking up after your dog? You’ll never need to worry about dropping your cell phone into a pile of doo-doo again.  

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  • Build Your Own Elite® Series Wearable Safety Light Set

    Build Your Own Elite® Series Wearable Safety Light Set

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    Device Tether

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Featured Reviews

  1. Build Your Own Elite® Series Wearable Safety Light Set

    Must Have, Worth Every Penny!

    Randy (verified owner)

    I purchased the Build Your Own Elite® Series Wearable Safety Light Set with the jaw clip, and arm band options as a gift for my fiancée who is a CERT member. He's really impressed with the brightness and quality. It gives me piece of mind knowing the Guardian Angel will ensure he's highly visible in any situation whether it's roadside or inside a dark building. The sheer brightness is something you have to experience in person; videos, pictures and words don't do it justice. It charges quickly and lasts a long time on one charge. I was so impressed I purchased 2 all white Guardian Angel Micro devices for night time dog walking, I can see anywhere we walk. Our household has 3 Guardian Angel devices, soon to be 4! I'm going to purchase another Build Your Own Elite® Series Wearable Safety Light Set after I complete this review. I want to have one for times when I sweep the street gutters end to end down our block.

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  2. Highly Recommended!

    Michael Parchomenko (verified owner)

    I saw a coworker wearing the Guardian Angel Elite and asked a few questions about it. I ordered one on my lunch hour that same day! After watching the videos of the durability tests the device went through I knew I made the right choice. I am a Security Officer that works at night a lot and this has changed my life and will probably save it as well. The battery life is insane and I use it every day I am on patrol. If you are a jogger, dog walker, biker, or someone that works after sundown, the Guardian Angel Elite is a MUST have. The multiple light patterns, reading light, and SOS features are innovative and easy to use. If you're not convinced by now to get one, go watch the videos I mentioned earlier and I am sure you will want one just like I did. Best purchase ever!

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  3. Makes dog walking at night a whole lot safer.

    Gregory Sills (verified owner)

    I have a 2022 version for work and I have a 2020 version for dog walking. These lights are awesome to have. People slow down and give me and the dogs safer.

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  4. Brightness

    EYE John (verified owner)

    I am retired. I do a lot of walking, usually towards sunset and almost always into the night. It's quiet and I prefer that time period. I had noticed a number of distracted individuals.. not just automobile drivers but bicycles both electric and non electric, scooters and an occasional walker. Frequently I encounter dog walkers with those hundred foot leashes that are virtually invisible at night. This is my second GA light I bought since retiring in October 2021 and I have to say it is singly the best light I have ever worn. I frequently receive comments from other walkers as well as some delivery people on bikes wanting to know where they can get one as well. My reasoning for buying a second light is very simple. The light works well only when it is clearly visible. I noticed quickly that by placing the GA light on my shoulder my neck and or collar of the garment I am wearing blocks the light from being seen on the opposite side of where it is placed and since there are intersections on both sides of me everywhere I walk it is just not practical to move the light from shoulder to shoulder, so two was really the best and only way to go. I love my Guardian Angel.. it makes me the brightest thing in plain view, though it can not replace a persons due diligence to be aware of their surroundings at all times it does significantly reduce the likelihood of being run down by a distracted person.

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  5. What a godsend!

    Greg Staman

    This is the third Guardian Angel device I have purchased, and I could not be happier with the quality and craftsmanship! I walk 5-6 miles each morning, often beginning before dawn, and having your GA Elite clipped to my jacket has become a safety game changer. I have been stopped repeatedly by motorists who comment on the visibility and intensity of the strobe, and want to know where I purchased it. I have since bought two more and sent them to my daughter in Anchorage, Alaska……where the nights are long this time of year, and visibility while dog walking is a priority!Thanks for a fabulous product!

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  6. Turn it on, you’ll be seen!!!

    Thomas Maleport (verified owner)

    I am here in Upper Michigan. A dedicated dog walker. It gets dark by dinner time. But still have to walk my rescued boy Roman the Handsome. Snowmobiles are a lot of fun, they are also a serious threat to us night walkers. On our dark country roads it can be crucial to be visible to oncoming traffic both snowmobilers and vehicles. The first time I wore this awesome light, EVERYONE slowed down. I’m guessing they were thinking “what the heck is THAT!!!The fact that it is small but heavy suggests quality product. I am totally impressed with this light system, and absolutely recommend it for anyone wishing to be seen out there in the dark.

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  7. Everyone can see us!

    Walter Ciano (verified owner)

    I attach two to my coat and one to my lead dog when we take our last walk of the evening. Car drivers would have to be blind not to see us on our walks. These devices give us optimum visibility during our evening walk. Several of my neighbors have commented that we look like Christmas trees walking down the street, But We CAN see you for sure! That's what I was striving for when I purchased these devises. I liked the first two so much that I bought two more one for my wife, when she assists on our two dog walk and a second one for my coat tab. I wish we had found these sooner.

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  8. Great for off leash dog walks

    Ross Harmon (verified owner)

    Very bright for high visibility, great for those early morning or late night dog walks whether it's at the beach or just down the road.

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  9. Awesome!

    Scott Whitehead (verified owner)

    Like the other devices I bought, this does not disappoint. I use the Red/White for dog walking along busy roads and a dangerous intersection and I am convinced that the lights have made me 100% more visible and have prevented me from being hit. The GAs are must have safety lights for dark conditions!

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  10. Great Device

    Brian Parker (verified owner)

    I use this for nighttime dog walks, it allows us to be seen and for us to see. It is easy to use, reliable and very adjustable. Shipping was very fast.

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  11. Be seen for miles on a dark night in Atlantic Canada!

    Kevin Cormier (verified owner)

    The Guardian Angel is just a amazing light. This light is so bright and so powerful. I have attached my Guardian Angel to my dogs collar for those dark rainy nights when being seen is so important. Other dog walkers have commented on how they have been able to see my dog and I coming from blocks away! If being seen at night is important to you the Guardian Angel won't let you down!

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  12. Best Nighttime Dog Walking Item on the Planet

    Steve Hampton (verified owner)

    Purchased for my daughter, for her nightly Newfoundland Dog walk this is a lifesaver. The neighborhood streets have few if any street lights so conditions are less than great for walking at night. Using the arm band attachment this light works to insure she can be seen. It's a five star buy.

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  13. Quality Built Product! Super Bright! Nice Accessories!

    Aviator (verified owner)

    I purchased this product to use as a dog walking strobe light in our neighborhood (very dark with no street lights). After receiving the product it is apparent that it is well built and very easy to use. Is it more expensive than some? Yes. Is it worth it? Absolutely Yes! If you are looking for a high intensity LED strobe/light, then go ahead and order it. You won't be disappointed.

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