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Rechargeable/Wearable Hunting LED Light

We know for all you hunters out there hunting is more than just the thrill of the chase. No matter if you’re rising at the crack of dawn or staying put till the sun goes down, you shouldn’t have to let the time of day or bad lighting situations come between you and your trophy.

Whether you need some light in your treestand or blind, tracking your prey or want that extra sense of safety as move to a better vantage point Guardian Angel’s 2-in-1 mountable and wearable lighting devices provide unlimited versatility and maximum illumination options for hunters of all kinds. Our durable water-proof, dust-proof and multi-functional lighting devices allow you to see or been seen in any situation you find yourself in – day or night.

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    Red/Green Multi-Functional

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    Orange / Orange Multi-Functional

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    White / Orange Wearable Safety Light

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    White/Green Wearable Safety Light

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Featured Reviews

  1. Hunting safety

    Robert Clark (verified owner)

    I ordered the green/green mini and plan to use it when I am hunting. The light function would serve well to see into my pack without, hopefully, scaring away game and giving away my position. Also as I hunt alone 90% of the time it will give my wife a sense of peace that should something happen to me, the flashing light would guide help to me quicker. I like the C charge port, it can be charged as I head to my hunting spot and adds little weight to my carry. It's convenient and has served me well so far.

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    I bought this light in I break down at night . I drive a lot and wanted a warning light that can be seen clearly. The magnet is very strong and will hold on to truck sides without falling off. I got a mini for hunting but haven't been able to use it yet. The quality feels great . I will recommend to all my freinds .

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  3. Volunteer Firefighter

    Robert Padgett (verified owner)

    I have 3 of the mini guardian angle device. There all yellow I use them when I plow my driveway I attach them to my front and back racks. Me and the wife use them when we walk around our development when it’s dark. Me and my son also use one while walking in the woods during hunting season morning and night. Very bright and they do the job to keep my family safe.

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  4. Game changer

    Chris Riddle (verified owner)

    This light is an absolute game changer. I do a lot of kayak hunting for duck and have a blind on my kayak with grass on it and you can never see the grade or the green lights that I clip on from side the side this light is so bright you can sit from probably 2 miles away not only do I feel safe, I’m now in compliance with state laws and regulations. I would recommend this life for everyone to purchase.

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  5. Excellent all around safety, utility and sport light

    Derek Svenson (verified owner)

    Just purchased the all orange light for walking after dark, a safety light for the truck and just general all around easy to find and use light for using outdoors. Lights are very bright for the size of the unit, put it on the top of my truck with the light on flash mode and was amazed how bright it is from a distance. Sure there are brighter ones out there but not one that you can also put on your backpack shoulder strap while hunting or hiking when you need light in front of you. The red LED's and white general use light are a great addition for seeing what you are doing but not hurting your night vision.

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  6. Jeff (verified owner)

    This little light is awesome you can see it bright as day from half mile away use it when I go hunting as an emergency light in case I get hurt and need help

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  7. Excellent response time from medics!

    Scott K (verified owner)

    This is the best investment I’ve made for my work in the event security industry (concerts, sporting events, etc) and while I’m not crazy about the arm strap (just find it uncomfortable but I’ll try it for other purposes) the standard magnet is perfect for mounting the Micro to my uniform shirt. At a recent concert I required medical assistance for a guest in distress, first responders were able to locate my position in the crowd in less than one minute due to my visibility, this device is an incredible value for that reason alone. I intend to use it for fishing, kayaking, and hunting also. I’m thoroughly satisfied with my purchase!

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  8. “IN AND OUT” !!!

    whorace79 (verified owner)

    I Previously Had This Device In The Older Model ; So , This One Is The Newest Model. I Love The Updated Features ; Especially , The New Features Strobe Lights , S.O.S Feature And The Option Of Having Front And Rear Lights To Work Optional One From Another And The New Location Of The Charging Port! The Unit Allows Me To Get “In And Out” Of The Hunting Area Safely Where I Hunt And Allows Other Hunter’s To See Me From Distances Without Confusing Me For Game In The Low Light Conditions When It’s Time To Enter And Exit The Woods On Foot Going To Or From My Stand! I Also Wear It To Be Seen When I’m Out Walking Man’s Best Friend And Drivers Notice Me From Further Distances Than They Normally Wouldn’t Wearing This Device. I Can Honestly Say, That This Unit Definitely Can Make A Difference Between Life And Death In Both Of Those Situation! They Are A Must Have And Highly Recommended!!! Thank You Guardian Angle For A Well Built And Operational Unit That’s Also A Life Saver!

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  9. Bright and well constructed light

    Paul Rehorst (verified owner)

    This light is going to come in handy for many reasons. It’s compact and bright. Plan on keeping this light available for walking at night and hunting this season. Surprisingly it’s been a great addition to my nighttime fishing. The color is warm and doesn’t blind you in the dark. If someone is reading this at Guardian Angel. Please consider making a blue light in this size. I would buy one for my fishing kayak and have it under my seat.

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  10. Universal Clip Mount with Magnetic Mount

    Brandon Mott (verified owner)

    This Mount holds the device firmly. It is a great addition to my hunting gear.

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  11. Safety and Staying Noticed - A+

    Albert Quackenbush (verified owner)

    For the past two weeks, I have used my GA light for my nightly walks with my dog. Having the bright white front light on full power and the back orange liner light going ensures people in front and behind can see me. It's been a great help! I plan to use it on my hunting trips, too. I have a couple suggestions though. Offering an optional tether of some sort for those who wear this on their back would be one. If we are busting brush, the light could come off (it has, I verified). The lights, on full power, last around 2 hours before going completely dead. There is no warning that they are running low that I have found. Having the light go dim would be a benefit and allow someone to get a flashlight out of their pack with a little light left. Overall, this is a great light and I am glad I purchased one!

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  12. Couldn't hurt

    Rob Black (verified owner)

    I've been working this particular intersection after the local college football team game in order to expedite the influx in traffic after the game for several years. I've almost been ran over by drunks a few times and the occasional texting motorist every game. So I figured I would put one of these on cause it couldn't hurt. Even though I have a flashlight hanging from my vest and the typical neon traffic vest issued by the department I was still nearly hit every game. I placed it on my vest and was honestly surprised at how much it helped. Idk if it was the flashing red and blue rather than my typical flashing white flashlight that I typically used but everyone seemed to see me earlier and I didn't have any close calls from motorists at all. I plan on using the flashlight portion and hat clip for an upcoming camping trip also. Would buy again for sure. 100$ and seems to be super sturdy. Buy one.

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  13. Brightness and effectiveness

    Julia Storey (verified owner)

    I ordered this light for a friend's son to help keep him more visible while out in the woods hunting. I feel it has given an extra sense of security as if anything ever happened he would be easier to find. Truly love these products.

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  14. Universal Clip Mount with Magnetic Mount

    Secure, versatile and tough!

    Chris Bradford (verified owner)

    When you clip this onto something…IT STAYS PUT!!!! I chose this mount for the front of my hunting backpack. I can easily out my GA on for those travel times out of the clear cuts while hunting.

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    Eric Cline (verified owner)

    Great light. Will use while hunting and while working in low light conditions.

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  16. Outstanding light

    Jerome Slater (verified owner)

    I'm one of those guys with way to many gadgets, including flashlights. I have at least a dozen others but but that being said this is easily the go to for a multitude of reasons. Great build quality, strong magnet, rechargeable with great battery life. Useful for everything from changing my oil, to hunting, to work..would absolutely buy again

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  17. Green is the way to go.

    Michael Glista (verified owner)

    What a great light from the product right down to the packaging. The green light works well on a fire scene breaking up the color scheme from all the red and white lights flashing from apparatus parked, know where your people are at. Personal use doesn’t hurt your eyes at night if you are out hunting, camping or star gazing. I would recommend this product.

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  18. Amazing product.

    Kirk Turner (verified owner)

    I really like this item. It is much brighter than I expected in comes in handy much more than at night. I am a game warden and constantly walking into bait sites where people are hunting it is so nice to turn the light on so people can see in midmorning

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  19. Very pleased with this item

    Susan K. (verified owner)

    I bought this item after a friend told me about it. I am happy I listened to him. I purchased one for me to use at work and one for my husband for when he's off fishing/hunting. This micro light does exactly as advertised. Its bright, effective and will keep you safe. It's easy to order online and arrived quickly. It was packaged well, no problems at all. Thank you for developing an awesome product.

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  20. Guardian Angel Jaw Clip Mount

    Gregorio Alaffa (verified owner)

    This clip is perfect for almost all out door activities. I clip it to my backpack when hunting, fishing and bike riding with my family.

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  21. Safety light

    Richard (verified owner)

    This light is super bright that dims also. Different flashing patterns and a red read light for low light situations make it perfect for hunting

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  22. Gregorio Alaffa (verified owner)

    Love this device it’s one of these safety lights I’ve ever owned. The bright long range visibility is perfect for many outdoor activities like running, biking, fishing and hunting. As a law enforcement officer it is a great tool to have during night patrol. I highly recommend this product to everyone.

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  23. Very bright

    Brandon M.

    I got this light for hunting as most critters can't see in the green spectrum. I am very impressed with this light and how bright it is. It will make my hunting trips so much nicer and early morning or evening hunts will be much nicer.

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  24. Great product!

    Scott (verified owner)

    I purchased this after a fellow firefighter got one for christmas. This has many uses. I've used this on fire inspections, patient assessments at night, even needing a light that's hands free for home projects. Having the red light option is also an added advantage for hunting. This is truely a great multi-use product!

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  25. Outstanding product and customer service

    John A Cleveland (verified owner)

    This is an outstanding product. I work as a police officer and will be using the wearable safety light on my job. I also bought one for hunting, to have a way to mark my position if I find myself in a jam in the mountains after dark. Furthermore, I have found that Guardian Angel has truly outstanding customer service. This is a solid five star product and company.

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