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Towing Safety Light

No matter the time, day or night, tow trucks and their operators are a sight for sore eyes for motorists in need. Regardless of the conditions, these true first responders are literally putting their lives on the line responding to nearly 15 million accidents per year. With statistics compiled by the the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, injury and fatality rates among emergency responders – including tow truck drivers – are more than twice the national average for all industries. This is a trend the Guardian Angel team is focused on reversing.

Often overlooked as part of a first responder team, tow operators need a safety lighting tool that can makes them easily seen. Guardian Angel’s mission is to make sure you can be noticed in any environment or scene you find yourself in day or night, and illuminate what matters most… you.

Our Guardian Angel Elite Series™ are lightweight 2-in-1 wearable and mountable personal safety devices with a 360º Illumination™ light aspect ratio with over 5+ miles of visibility, multiple colored lighting options, and a durable waterproof and shockproof casing that offers you complete peace of mind while keeping you seen and safe while you’re on the job.

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  • Elite®

    White/Yellow White/Yellow Wearable Safety Light

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  • Elite®

    White/Red White/Red Wearable Safety Light

    (269) $109.99
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  • Elite®

    Yellow/Yellow Wearable Safety Light

    (139) $109.99
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  • Elite®

    White/Yellow Wearable Safety Light

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  • Elite®

    White/Red Wearable Safety Light

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  • Sale! Window Mount Bracket with Magnetic Mount

    Window Mount Bracket with Magnetic Mount

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  • Magnetic Cone Mount Attachment

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  • Universal Clip Mount with Magnetic Mount

    Universal Clip Mount

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  • Guardian Angel Jaw Clip Mount

    Jaw Clip Magnetic Mount

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  • Clamp On Strap Magnetic Mount

    Clamp On Strap Magnetic Mount

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  • Device Tether

    Device Tether

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Featured Reviews

  1. RF Kayak Kit & Remote

    Kayak - No drilling

    Ger Lor (verified owner)

    Purchased a new Old Town Auto Pilot and I did not like the idea of drilling holes, etc. Love the wireless remote and optional accessories. Works great and bright.

    (0) (0)

  2. Bike/Rail Strap with Magnetic Mount

    Quick kayak install

    Scott D Cornell (verified owner)

    This strap worked great on the front handle of my Old Town Autopilot 120. The magnet is strong and the strap is very functional for use with my navigational happy with this purchase!!!!

    (0) (0)

  3. RF Kayak Kit & Remote

    Simple and easy

    Scott D Cornell (verified owner)

    Wow....these lights work awesome and are so easy to install. I'm very happy with my GA navigational lights for my Old Town Autopilot 120 kayak.

    (0) (0)

  4. Tami (verified owner)

    We absolutely love this, they are easy to use and provide safety . The brightness of the device is superior. We ordered one for each of our tow truck drivers to add another step of safety while doing the job. The device is very easily seen and that's what we like to see out on the road while doing our job. I would suggest every tow truck driver having one. We will be ordering more for our safety people also.

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  5. Bike/Rail Strap with Magnetic Mount

    Perfect for Kayak Handle

    David Welker (verified owner)

    Bought this bike rail strap hoping that it would work for my Old Town kayak front handle. It fits perfectly and the magnets are very strong. Allows the light to stand a little taller on your kayak opposed to flat mounting it behind the handle. Love it!!

    (0) (0)

  6. Customer Service

    Robert Barkley (verified owner)

    I had an issue with my unit and called customer service explained the issue and they took care of everything with zero hassle. Guardian Angle has earned a customer for life…..

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  7. Great for day and night walks

    Arthur Gross (verified owner)

    My town has had several pedestrians and dogs struck in the past couple of years. I feel much safer now with one of these strapped to me and one to each of my dogs. Use them in the day and night. Solid, well built and durable. Happy with purchase Multiple mounting options are a real plus as well

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  8. RF Kayak Kit & Remote



    I bought my first GA in red and green to mount it on the front of my kayak or inflatable, while on the river in downtown Portland, OR. Back then it wasn't made for any boat. Can't believe you guys read my mind!

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    Doreen Strickland, Chief (verified owner)

    As a volunteer fire department first and formost is safty. We work a major part of interstate and in the last few years along with the two adjending departments 3 fire trucks hit, 1 ems unit,2 tow trucks hit and 2 firefighters lifes were taken. We bought the red blue, yellow and white, blues seams to help out more because they think it's law. Great lighting and also using the yellow to mark driveways to obtain access to structure fires. We are a very low budget fire dept running on 14,000.00 a year so every penny count's. These are the best lights we have come out with. Thank You

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  10. Everything

    Dayton Kasten Jensen (verified owner)

    Everything is awesome about the guardian elite, super bright and durable, I use the front light as a flash light and the amber towards traffic, I’d say this moves people over more then the sign board on my flat bed, will definitely be buying more for our other trucks.

    (0) (0)

  11. Amazing quality

    David VanCannon (verified owner)

    Working for a tow company we’re always looking for more ways for our drivers to be seen especially at night. We decided to give these a try and the drivers as well as local Leo partners absolutely love them!

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  12. Great for Tow Drivers

    Eva Davis (verified owner)

    We love it! As Tow Truck Drivers on the side of the interstate at dark they are amazing thanks for keeping us safe

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  13. Essential Safety Device!

    Lindsey (verified owner)

    My husband uses this light for his towing job. It is very dark in the mornings in MN and it's easy to see the tow truck lights but very difficult to see the driver in the dark so this device is a life saver! Anyone out walking or working in the dark should have this bright, lightweight light!

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  14. Great Safety product

    Bob Paulino (verified owner)

    I work heady duty towing. Vehicles on the highway don't like to get over to allow you to work even with your overheads on. Using this allows for me to be seen. Additionally it provides more lighting so i don't always have to hold a flashlight.

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  15. Tiny but mighty!

    Rk (verified owner)

    Love this, very visible to drivers. As a first responder AND a tow truck driver this product is a God send. With all of the vehicle lights sometimes responders can be hard to see, even with pur vests and gear on, this product just adds another level of visibility.

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  16. safety device

    dawn (verified owner)

    bought this for my son as he is a tow truck driver for safety

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  17. safety device

    dawn (verified owner)

    bought this for my son he is a tow truck driver and has wanted one for safety

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  18. Night time safety

    Scott Whitfield (verified owner)

    I purchased 6 units this was my Christmas gift to my crew at the airport firehouse. We have duties we are required to do on the airfield at night with all the other colored lights on the field orange is not one so if we are out of the vehicle we stand out with the control tower

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  19. Dennis Matz (verified owner)

    I am a tow truck operator. Great for night use. In the world of towing safety is a big thing so we make it home to our families.

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  20. Safety

    Bethany Fortney (verified owner)

    It helps when someone is being towed so they can see me better.

    (0) (0)

  21. Exceptional

    Robert Painter (verified owner)

    As advertised , it is a must have for the towing industry!

    (0) (0)

  22. Johnathon Lipply (verified owner)

    Great product I drive a tow truck and I love them this we be the 3rd one iv got. Not because they brake but because I lose them

    (0) (0)

  23. Great item

    Blake huckabee (verified owner)

    This item helps keep me visible no matter if I'm on patrol or in my tow truck when I'm away from the vehicle and out in the road

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  24. BEST XMAS for my husband

    Lina De souza (verified owner)

    My husband is a tow truck operator, mostly does highway, and he recently got hit. Came across this and immediatley purchased and gave it to him early. Even cops who see him have it are wanting to buy. So thankful i made this purchase.

    (0) (0)

  25. Guardian Angel device SAVED MY LIFE

    Lucas Cordova (verified owner)

    This device is nothing short of a true guardian angel to myself and my family. I was out tending cattle on horseback on a ranch couple hundred acres outside of town. It was just getting dusk and I was out checking the last part of herd, it started raining and I noticed one of the female cows seemed to be having some Issues out by a tree. Upon further inspection I came to realize she was having issues birthing a calf. As I started to help her deliver the calf off in the distance I heard a pack of coyotes howling off into the moonlight. Shortly after delivering the calf, I realized it wasn’t taken to its mother, so I’m beginning to grow concerned of it being pray that night. So I rode off back towards the barn to get the truck and trailer to haul momma and baby back to the barn for safety. A short time later that pack of coyotes was upon me and spooked my horse who ultimately threw me off. As I lay there fearing the very worst, with a hurt shoulder and twisted up body I heard the sounds of the howling growing closer. Fearing the worse I remembered I had my guardian angel light in my inside jacket pocket. I swiftly retrieved it and stuck it up on my hat put it on full power hoping it deter coyotes coming for me or the calf off in the distance as well as serve as a becon for me to be able to be found. Well as luck would have it, the GA safety light did just that, it’s flashing light reach off in the distance so far that I heard the pack of coyotes as they raced off far far away from myself or the herd of cattle. I laid out there till just before midnight when a fellow wrangler came to my aid, he exclaimed he was able to see the flashing light from as far as the road. He smiled and was simply impressed by its power and told me first thing the next day he was ordering him up a couple. From that day forward I have spoken of the highest remarks for the small compact light that saved my life to anyone I come across that I feel will benefit from it. These devices are simply amazing, they hold a charge for It seems like these on end. I charge once maybe twice a week and have it turned on for 9-12 hours a day 7 days a week. I plan to purchase many more in the future for my truck, boat, side by side and person, so I know I’ll never be without a GA device no matter where I am. The brightness is beyond any measure I have ever seen from a device of this size, it truly will amaze and astonished. I highly recommend to everyone who deals with outdoors, dark areas, or anyone who wants to have the peace of mind of knowing that if ever in need of being found in a bad situation this thing will be your saving grace. Just like it saving my life it has done so for many others, the proof is in the reviews.

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