Towing Safety Light

No matter the time, day or night, tow trucks and their operators are a sight for sore eyes for motorists in need. Regardless of the conditions, these true first responders are literally putting their lives on the line responding to nearly 15 million accidents per year. With statistics compiled by the the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, injury and fatality rates among emergency responders – including tow truck drivers – are more than twice the national average for all industries. This is a trend the Guardian Angel team is focused on reversing.

Often overlooked as part of a first responder team, tow operators need a safety lighting tool that can makes them easily seen. Guardian Angel’s mission is to make sure you can be noticed in any environment or scene you find yourself in day or night, and illuminate what matters most… you.

Our Guardian Angel Elite Series™ are lightweight 2-in-1 wearable and mountable personal safety devices with a 360º Illumination™ light aspect ratio with over 5+ miles of visibility, multiple colored lighting options, and a durable waterproof and shockproof casing that offers you complete peace of mind while keeping you seen and safe while you’re on the job.

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  1. Nonmetallic Surface Adhesive and Screw Magnetic Mount

    VERY Bright, but compact and LONG battery life....

    BlueKnight1600 (verified owner)

    As a retired LEO, and member of a law enforcement motorcycle club, we do a lot of group rides, charity runs, and even funeral escorts. I bought 6 of these units, and mounted them on various, non-painted, high visibility parts of my bike, because, I believe, you can't have too many lights on a motorcycle, when safety is a major concern. The day I bought my first 2 units, I tested them by running them for 13 straight hours, in the fully lit configuration. After 13 hours, they were still running bright. I ran them all day, on my dining room table, until I went to bed at night. They have never gone dead on me yet. I just recharge them before each use, just to top off the charge. I also charged them 2 years ago, and didn't use them at all last year, because of the virus, and 2 years later, they still have their full charge. And the true beauty of them is that there is no wiring, no permanent mounting. When I'm done with the run, I simply take them off, and stow them in my tail pack. Smaller than a pack of cigarettes, you can stick them in your pocket, if you choose. And the variety of different mounts is endless. I bought the rubber, magnetic mounts, with the 3M adhesive, that once you put them on, they're not going anywhere. And the magnet strength on these units, and their mounts, is EXTREMELY strong...there is NO WAY these are blowing off the bike, until you pull them off, and you feel the strength of the magnet when you pull them off. I also bought the arm strap magnetic mounts as well, and just like their many other other mounts, the magnets are rock solid, and going nowhere. Waterproof, and flashing from ALL sides (beside the bottom, where it mounts), the added safety, and visibility, goes without saying. My only little gripe is that I bought a set of 6 Elite Series units, but had to go online to buy a carry case for the units, the extra mounts and instructions. My only suggestion to GA is to offer a hard case, with foam interior, for easy, protective, long term storage, or just for stowing in your pack, or patrol bag. Also a good place for GA to advertise is on the case. But these lights are great. However, they are much more effective at night, than in the daytime, but I use them on day runs anyway, when riding in large groups. The flashing lights are still and attention-getter, as opposed to having none at all. A definite thumbs-up on these cool safety devices....

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  2. Tow truck operator

    Sidney Rigdon (verified owner)

    This light is awesome. Super bright . We needed this on every night calls !!! It never leaves my side now .

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  3. Amazing little gadget

    shelly craig (verified owner)

    love using this when it walking daughter at night, even had a guy say he thought I was a tow truck at first. its super light weight, and easy to put on/ take off. though it has a hard time staying on the shoulder of my shirt, the arm strap helps greatly, also fits around my kiddos waist and can keep better eye on her.

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  4. More useful than you know.

    Curtis Jacques (verified owner)

    Law enforcement. I recently got reassigned to a downtown assignment and started seeing more occasions I thought this device would have come in handy. I finally caved and made the purchase after considering it for a few months. I’m the first in my department with one and as most have said it gets mixed initial attention from coworkers. “Hey inspector gadget”, “my flashlight was only $20”, etc. Most people are curious from seeing advertisement but like me hadn’t talked themselves into needing it. I bought primarily for the hands free lighting, red forward for paperwork and white forward for traffic interactions. I was skeptical about using the red blue flash on traffic as I deal with a high DUI area and had concerns about drivers being attracted to the flashing and veering towards me. I have been pleased with how much it assists in drivers slowing down or giving more room while I’m at the drivers vehicle, I guess it makes people realize that there is an actual person ‘beyond’ the patrol vehicle. Unexpected results: In my current assignment we are tasked with a high level of deescalation when dealing with large crowds, instead of enforcement. My partner and I were separated from the rest of our squad as the bars began letting out the mass crowds. Our Sgt informed us that there was reports of a large group in the beginning stages of a fight just beyond our view on our side of the road. We were able to locate the group quickly and realized the size was too large to intervene with just the two of us. So just for the heck of it I engaged the emergency button on my GA and what do you know, everyone scattered. I made the purchase to improve my visibility in the event I was caught up in a group fighting, but I didn’t anticipate using it as a deterrent in crowd control. Coworkers can judge all they want but I’m happy with my purchase and have found a use for it on every shift since I’ve stated wearing it. As for battery life, I run mine until about half battery and even then I only have to charge it every two weeks.

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  5. The device that everybody needs if you are a first Responder

    Brian Brown (verified owner)

    I have had my guardian angel elite device for about a month or so now I am a tow truck driver for AAA in the northern Virginia region and I wear and use this thing every shift. It has saved my life at least once having it just so that other motorist can see me when I’m on the side of the road helping a customer loading the vehicle up on my truck doing a tire change gas call lockout it just helps give more lighting of where you are at I love the feature where I can have the back strobe on and a solid white light on the front so kind of freeze my hands up so I can do my job because of the towing industry speed on the side of the interstate is a great thing to have less time on the interstate gives you more chance of survival

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  6. Be Seen! Be Safe!

    C.C. Teague (verified owner)

    This is a must have for personal and work use. I have been using the Micro for my early morning walks, and to be honest it's been a great safety tool for anyone who wants to be seen in the early mornings or at dusk when the risk for anyone to be involved in a very bad situation of being struck while walking. The magnet on the Micro is incredibly strong, and attaches to my shoulder area and stays there throughout without fail. So far I have used the Micro on 2 weeks of walking, and haven't had to charge it yet. That's approximately 16 plus hours of use! There are so many pluses for this device, not only does it allow you to be seen, it can be used as a forward facing light to light up your walking path in the dark or near dark times. As an EMS Paramedic, I feel that all Emergency workers, LEO's, tow truck drivers, everyone whether in emergency services or not have a Micro (or Elite)for personal and work situations. The Micro clips on to your shoulder tab of your uniform shirt, and allows you to be seen for safety for miles... This is a great product, and I am very happy with my purchase! BE SEEN! BE SAFE!

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  7. law_enforcement_wearable_led_light

    A must have Multi-Use light.

    James (verified owner)

    This is the multi tool of police lights. For starters, this thing is bright. Even in the daytime on the interstate I can be seen. But it’s especially useful of course after the sun goes down or in lowly lit buildings. When making a traffic stop after sundown, I can turn the rear red and blues on for traffic visibility. Meanwhile I can have the front white lights set to a steady burn. This allows me to deal with the driver and passengers completely hands free and see in the vehicle. It’s bright enough it illuminates the interior of the entire vehicle. I’d I need to go hands on, I don’t have to worry about trying to free my hands of my flashlight, and then not being able to see anything. This also makes sure my body camera is able to see what’s going on at all times. It also works well if you’re in a larger city for details such as parades, traffic, or foot beats. I can lower the brightness of the light and turn the rear red and blue lights to an arrow pattern. This allows people to find me and identify emergency services in large crowds and gatherings. This also has an effect of being s crime deterrent. However, be mindful of your surroundings because something like this can also make you an easy target. “Head on a swivel”. This is great for navigating alleyways and gangways at night too. The white LED’s are very bright. The red reading light is also great for interviewing subjects and trying to write things down or read documents without blasting the the sun into your partners retinas with the white LED. A few nights ago I had s bad rollover accident on an interstate at 2am. We didn’t have enough cars to properly and safely block off traffic the way we needed to. So this device along with flares really helped me avoid being hit and allows me to be seen. Sure our department had traffic vests, but people’s eyes focus on the bright red and blue lights. This device places the same visibility your emergency vehicle has, directly onto your person. Easily some of the best money I’ve ever spent on police equipment. I’ve been recommending this to other officers and tow drivers since I got it. Another I instance where I could see this being useful: a foot pursuit at night time. If you’re in a pursuit, can’t call out your next location, and something happens to you… your buddies will find you if you’ve got this turned on. The magnetic mount supplied is also very strong. It sits well on my outer vest. If I need to throw on a rain coat or winter jacket over the top, the magnet has no issue getting through they either. That being said, I’d suggest purchasing the tether as well as one of the screw on clip mounts. If you work a violent city like mine, it will prevent you from losing your investment in a resisting or fight for your life. Oh and the build quality of this device is amazing. I didn’t expect the material to be feel as sturdy as it does.

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  8. Worth the purchase

    Gordon Mark (verified owner)

    I purchased 2 of the guardian angel lights for myself and my son. We both work for a towing company and do alot of work on the side of a extremely busy highway in Alberta Canada. We havd found that the added visibility has assisted drivers in recognizing that we are on the roadway edge and vehicles are moving over to allow us to do our work a bit safer. I would recommend this product to anyone working on the side of the road for added visibility.

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  9. Robert cuddeback (verified owner)

    I'm a tow guy and it helps when I'm on the ride of the highway trying to hookup to a car

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  10. Best color for night!!! GA lights are the absolute must have for working at night or roadside!

    Thomas (verified owner)

    I am the overnight manager, dispatcher and primary tow operator for Cricket Towing in Cary, NC. Long story short I multitask constantly. These lights have been an absolute GAME CHANGER for me with my quality of work and safety on the side of the road. I do NOT miss struggling to hold a flashlight while working or Looking for a good place to place flashlights that will light up my work area. These lights take a LOT of stress off of me and give me 2 less things to worry about: being able to see what I’m doing wherever I’m working and being seen by traffic. If you’re on the fence about these lights pull the trigger, you will NOT regret it!!!

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  11. This is the BEST in SAFETY

    Linda McMahan/ for ASAP Towing and Recovery (verified owner)

    My son owns ASAP Tow and Recovery Service (5) trucks including rolls backs and also has a contract with AAA and is on Highway Patrol and County Rotation. I have always worried about the middle of the night calls. Completely by accident I found the Guardian Angel light and without hesitation bought it. Some of his employees also bought them. My son LOVES this light and the amount of light and the distance he has thanked me a million times, the NCHP has commented on it. Thank you for this AWESOME light and the clip that came free with it. I highly recommend this product.

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  12. Daniel Richards (verified owner)

    I drive a tow truck and before getting my guardian angel, I've had some scary nights on the side of the road. Since I have been using my guardian it's been alot safer at night . The array of light options helps get you noticed. Every tow truck driver should wear one along with all first responders. Just a added benefit to be able to see your family at the end of your shift. Everyone be safe.

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  13. law_enforcement_wearable_led_light

    Extremely bright

    Adam (verified owner)

    I’m a reserve police officer and we have a major highway running through the town. The guardian angel is far brighter than I would’ve ever expected it to be and has an incredibly strong magnet.

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  14. Absolute MUST have

    Jonnell Jordan (verified owner)

    I do alot of towing at night and this device greatly helps me be seen at night especially when I have to work on roads that doesn't have street lights. I definitely recommend to anyone that works outside at night to invest in one of these. It'll increase your safety by a big margin.

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  15. High Visibility, Versatility, and Quality

    Mike Goslin (verified owner)

    One of my favorite things about this is the versatility. Great for motor vehicle crashes, traffic stops, and everything in between. First shift with the GA device and directed traffic at an interstate off ramp for about 45 minutes while waiting for a tow truck. The red lights set me apart from my cruiser and made me highly visible for the morning commuter traffic.

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  16. Great, compact light

    Thomas Atkins (verified owner)

    i work night shift for a tow company in Cary, NC. I have around 12 Guardian Angel lights and this one performs just as well as all the others. Bright, reliable, rugged, and incredibly versatile. Cant tell if I like this color over the others better or not but it’s still a great little device. Wish they would add screws and divots so I could keep them facing the same direction but it’s not a deal breaker they generally stay facing the direction I want

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  17. A must have!

    Brian Heinz (verified owner)

    I drive a lot downtown in the metro area and this is SUPER useful. Very bright and visible!

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  18. law_enforcement_wearable_led_light

    So bright

    American Towing (verified owner)

    I'm a tower always on the interstate, people move over when they see this light

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  19. Very useful and amazing device!!!!

    Travis Smith (verified owner)

    So I hesitated at first spending $100 on a blinking light at first and when I received my guardian angel I immediately started noticing a difference in the amount of people that moved over and slowed down while I was helping a motorist on the side of the highway. Especially at night. I am so pleased with this device that I'm ordering another one here in the next couple of days. I am a tow truck driver in Pensacola, Florida and people for the most part do not care or pay attention to the move over slow down law . They don't pay attention to yellow emergency lights at all!!!! So I ordered the blue, yellow and white device and I really have seen a huge difference in the amount of people that move over and slow down when they see the blue flashing lights . But as a tow truck driver in florida we are not allowed to display blue or red lights on our trucks so when you take the blue light and put it on your person those DOT statues do not apply to that . So when I'm using it on a crash seen or the side of the highway people pay more attention to the blue lights alit more than they do the yellow that's displayed on my truck. And the work light is so handy when I'm putting straps on the wheels of a vehicle and working in side of the highway. Thank you so much for making such a great product and such a durable device that could potentially save someone's life working on side of the roadway .

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  20. Amazing light

    Jason (verified owner)

    Awesome light, way better than the micro light. This light flashes way faster on the front or rear setting than the micro.

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  21. More Visible at night!

    Tony Roche (verified owner)

    This product is great for your night time work. As a LEO, the first night I wore it, I was more visible to traffic that was coming toward my location. Very bright, even on lowest light setting. I have also been hands free while using as a flashlight at night during traffic stops.

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  22. Getting every one home safe

    Mike Porter (verified owner)

    Top quality. We are a tow company, and Keeping our drivers safe is one of our top priorities. This is worth every penny. the front work light it. great, and the flashing lights helps the motoring public see us moving around. Everyone at Newhouse Towing thanks you for such a great product.

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  23. It’s all in the name

    Brittany Ruff (verified owner)

    What I mean when I say it’s all in the name is that it’s truly a guardian angel I bought this for my husband since he is a nighttime tow truck driver and a volunteer fire fighter and it definitely has helped people be aware that he is on the side of the road . And it has allowed me to sleep better at night !

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  24. Updated review with video!!! Buy this light!!!

    Thomas Atkins (verified owner)

    Worked on a little video for this, again I can’t emphasize how versatile this light is. Best by far for Towing or roadside for both seeing and being seen! Check out what it can do in my video!

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  25. Best one I’ve bought yet!!!!

    Thomas (verified owner)

    This light pattern is absolutely fantastic and the most diverse one I have this far!!! My review is just a quick video from the cab of my tow truck, I’ll be working on a more extensive version to show you all more!

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