Battery Powered Navigation Lights – Kayak Light Kit

Whether you’re paddling on a pond, river, lake, or ocean we want you to enjoy every moment you’re on the water without having to worry about a Kayak Light Kit or have working marine led nav lights. Regardless if you want to see your way forward, be seen by other boaters, or comply to coast guard regulations, Guardian Angel has got you covered. All our devices are tested 5+ miles visibility, waterproof up to 3 meters. wireless, rechargeable and with our multiple mounting options can easily be mounted to your kayak, boat, life vest and anywhere else you need it.
So get paddling with the confidence that our durable lighting devices can stand up to the toughest conditions and allows you to see or been seen – no matter the situation you find yourself in, day or night.

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Featured Micro™ Devices

  • Micro®

    Red / Green Wearable Safety Light

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  • Micro®

    White/Green Wearable Safety Light

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  • Micro®

    White/White Wearable Safety Light

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  • Micro®

    White/Red Wearable Safety Light

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Featured Elite™ Devices

  • Elite®

    Red/Green Multi-Functional

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  • Elite®

    White/White Wearable, Rechargeable Flashlight LED

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  • Elite®

    White/Green Wearable Safety Light

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  • Elite®

    White/Red Wearable Safety Light

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Featured Mounts/Accessories

  • Bike/Rail Rubber Strap Mount with Magnetic Mount

    Bike/Rail Rubber Strap Mount with Magnetic Mount

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  • Nonmetallic Surface Adhesive & Screw Magnetic Mount

    Nonmetallic Surface Adhesive & Screw Magnetic Mount

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  • Magnetic Suction Cup Mount

    Magnetic Suction Cup Mount

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  • Device Tether

    Device Tether

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Featured Reviews


    Daniel Adolfson (verified owner)

    I just got into fishing kayak and at night I needed a light that you can see from a long way. I heard about guarding angel lights I was Leary at first so when I I got my boat on the lake it was very bright and to hold it to the kayak it has a strong magnet Pluse their customer service is top knotch because I had a problem with the light I called them up and they replaced it with no problem

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  2. Nonmetallic Surface Adhesive & Screw Magnetic Mount

    Great customer service

    Scot pears (verified owner)

    I bought the guardian angels to swap between my fishing kayak and my aluminum 14 foot fishing boat. They have been amazing… I bought the adhesive mounts for both boats and take my guardian angel lights when I am operating in dark conditions on the water. I had a mount fail randomly and I sent photos and the incident information to Guardian angel. They replaced it within a week. Great service and a product that really works…. Way brighter than most other systems and I can use the white light for a flashlight that is hands free! This is a great company that stands behind their products.

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  3. Nonmetallic Surface Adhesive & Screw Magnetic Mount

    Adhesive magnet mount works amazing!


    I bought these adhesive magnet mounts to allow me to use my guardian angle nautical boat lights on my 14 ft aluminum boat and my ocean kayak. These mounts work great and the guardian angle boat lights are really bright and durable. The mounts are incredibly sturdy and the guardian angle stays secure on the bow of my kayak even as I head out in rough surf (2-3 foot waves). I am so glad I went this route for lighting my small boats. No wiring to worry about at all! I totally recommend guardian angle as an option for small boats that operate during hours of darkness. if you want to have lightning on small boats but don’t want the hassle of wiring lighting this is your best option. I also use the stern white light as a flashlight as i get ready in the morning. These are long lasting and I love these lights and their durability.

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  4. Best wearable light available!

    David Fox (verified owner)

    As an air ambulance pilot, I need a reliable light source both in, and out of the cockpit. The Guardian Angel Elite does exactly what I need. I get plenty of light, when & where I need it, and the red/green allows me to keep my night vision. It also works PERFECTLY on the bow of my kayak during low-light conditions.

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  5. I Feel Safe With These Lights at Night

    Irene Hahn (verified owner)

    As soon as I opened the package, I could tell the Guardian Angel gear is well made. It isn't the cheap plastic you so often see when buying gear for your kayak. I can now fish at night and feel confident that I will be seen! Great product and fast shipping!

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  6. The Best

    Alan Abara (verified owner)

    I had this Elite model for over a year now and absolutely love it. Use it mostly on my fishing kayak to let other boaters know where I am. I use the magnet function to attach to my truck for anytime I work around my truck in the dark, cleaning my fishing catch, also when I get to my fishing spot super early in the morning to prep my kayak before heading out. Duel purpose TOOL that i keep in my truck for any emergencies.

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  7. Compact yet powerful

    George (verified owner)

    I like everything about it. This price point is a little high but it’ll run full bore for hours on end and is super bright. I’m using it as a kayak night light.

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  8. Bright and well constructed light

    Paul Rehorst (verified owner)

    This light is going to come in handy for many reasons. It’s compact and bright. Plan on keeping this light available for walking at night and hunting this season. Surprisingly it’s been a great addition to my nighttime fishing. The color is warm and doesn’t blind you in the dark.If someone is reading this at Guardian Angel. Please consider making a blue light in this size. I would buy one for my fishing kayak and have it under my seat.

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  9. Nonmetallic Surface Adhesive & Screw Magnetic Mount

    Perfect for what I needed!!

    Jamey Lemken (verified owner)

    So just started kayaking and needed the perfect light with a mount that would work for my kayak. Well this is it! Sits perfectly up in the front of my kayak and the magnet holds my guardian angel just right. Thanks so much for quick shipping and easy purchasing.

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  10. Love the lights and the really neat mounts

    Kevin L Perry (verified owner)

    I really think these guys did a great job with this product. I’m very happy with the items I received. Im a volunteer firefighter. And it’s easier to mount these lights in the window of newer vehicles then just grab one to go with u while directing traffic. The lights are really bright, and it makes it easier for someone else to see you when their distracted by all the other activity going on around them. All and all very happy with this product and thinking about getting a Red/Green to mount on the bow of my kayak.

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  11. Ethan moses (verified owner)

    Ordered for a bow light to be used on my kayak. Light is very bright and has multiple settings. Also purchased the magnetic mount separately. Works great so far.

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  12. Safety, compliance and awesomeness!

    Bob Knauf (verified owner)

    During the warmer months here in Florida, I get out on the water very early in the AM. The micro nav lights provide a lot of light as I'm cruising into bays or down the intercoastal waterway. I have a kayak tour business and have a few sets of these light for guests that want to do an early morning cruise as well. These lights keep my legal, safe and it doesn't hurt that they are 100% cool!

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  13. Great Nav Light for the Kayak

    James Sipprell

    My wife loves to take the kayak for sunset cruises and the lake is really busy with traffic. This light is really bright and allows them to see them.

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  14. Kayak safety and reliability

    Joe Monaco (verified owner)

    I mounted the GA Red Green on the bow of my kayak. Wow, it can be seen across the harbor.I searched for many applications for required lighting and all of the quality lights required drilling, except Guardian Angel. My fear was that if a drill mounted light failed in the future, my kayak would be stuck with mounted holes which another product probably would not match up. Not an issue here. I used 3M tape it with the magnetic mount, I can remove my light for other uses. I plan to buy another red / white light for hiking at night. They are small but have many light options/ dimming and a strobe for emergencies. I paid $ 2,000 for my kayak. Only the best lighting will match the kayak performance and function. This is the light you want

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  15. Extremely versatile light!

    Patrick Kerr (verified owner)

    One system for all my nocturnal hobbies (kayak fishing, jon boat fishing, biking, running). I used to have a different lighting setup for each activity, each having a number of shortcomings. This is the best setup I’ve found so far. I primarily use the micro series on the water (red/green in front, white in back). I’m confident in the micros on the water and don’t have to worry about AA, AAA, 3v batteries corroding or petering out at the wrong time. Just keep the micros charged up and you’re g2g.

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  16. Safety

    Robert Parker (verified owner)

    The light is so much brighter than any other kind of light I could have mounted on my kayak. With a little mounting know how I was able to attach the light to pvc piping and make a nice addition to the boat for the visibility at night and early morning. Would highly recommend. Will send photo later.

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  17. Very bright light

    Daniel Adolfson (verified owner)

    I just purchased this product one week ago and last night I went fishing on my kayak on a very big lake house it was getting dark I activated the light it was very bright and people could see me far away and they were amazed how bright this product was I just purchase the red and green light also in the micro series the magnet is very strong I would recommend this To everyone

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  18. Excellent Removable Light System

    Jimmie Ellard (verified owner)

    Very bright stern light for my kayak. Great as an emergency flashlight. The magnetic attachment feature is a real safety plus.

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  19. Excellent Removable Light System

    Jimmie Ellard (verified owner)

    This system works! I use it on my kayaks, and it is great, especially in congested areas where I live in Miami on the Intracoastal Waterway. When using these lights, early morning snook fishing just became a whole lot safer. Really bright!

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  20. Device Tether

    Kayak Night Fisherman

    Kenneth Nightingale (verified owner)

    I bought the tether to ensure the security of my Guardian Angel kayak light. It gives me peace of mind when fishing around banks with low limbs and brush, especially at night. Nothing worse than watching your light going to the bottom of the body of water you're fishing. It's awesome and I can't wait to actually use it along with the magnetic base I also purchased. Thanks Guardian Angel, for all three devices. I feel safer and more secure when fishing on busy waters at night.

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  21. Device Tether

    Back up insurance

    Jim Litwin (verified owner)

    I use my Guardian Angel on my kayak for night navigation lights. I never have to worry about losing my light because the tether is back up insurance in case the magnet that most likely will not fail should prove me wrong.

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  22. Bright light and easy to install

    Gordon Roessler (verified owner)

    I purchased two of these lights - one for the front of my kayak and one for the cavity.These lights are really bright and super easy to install. I love the magnetic mounts which allow me to store the units until need but they hold firmly when in use.They last a long time on time on a charge too.Can’t recommend them enough for your kayak.

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  23. Durable, bright and long battery life

    John Lummis (verified owner)

    I have bought 4 Micros and 2 Elites for the 3 family kayaks. The battery life on the Elites is really good. On steady low they lasted 24 hours and at that point I flipped them on to Max Brightness and they went out within 5 minutes so that should give you a good idea regarding battery life on steady low mode. I would bet on low flash mode they would go 30 to 40 hours. The Micros are less robust but you can go all night on steady/low and much longer on low/flash. These are well built, plenty bright and will insure your safety. The magnets are really strong. I just super glued my magnetic disks to my Yak and have not had any issues. Great Product for sure!

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  24. Great product!

    Jon Via (verified owner)

    Loving the kayak light kit!!! No wires or holes in your kayak! Easy to install with the magnetic mounts that are amazingly strong,and the assories to double secure just in case are a plus! Excited to use this for years to come and looking to purchase another for deck lighting!

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  25. Perfect light for Kayak fishing big lakes

    Frank Nardomarino (verified owner)

    Love this little light! It’s perfect for staying safe on the big lakes when I’m fishing out of a kayak. I’ve since ordered 2 more!

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