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At Guardian Angel we believe that firefighters are essential to the safety and security of our local communities, and we owe it to these brave men and women to provide them with best equipment available so they can do their jobs more effectively and safely. With a recent U.S. National Fire Protection Association report on firefighter fatalities stating that 10 firefighters lost their lives in the line of duty when they were struck by a vehicle at the scene of a response; it just further validates our mission to make sure you have the right tool to be seen by oncoming traffic as well as your fellow firefighters.

Our GA Elite Series™ are a lightweight 2-in-1 wearable and mountable personal safety device with a 360º Illumination™ light aspect ratio, 5+ miles of visibility, a heat rating of up to 300ºF and a durable waterproof and shockproof casing that offers you complete peace of mind while your on the job.

Whether you’re trying to save lives, property or find yourself injured, pinned, or in need of rescue yourself, our proven multi-use 360º Magnetic Wearable Lighting™ Safety Light is one piece of equipment you can count on to keep you seen and safe. You can mount it as a Firefighter Helmet Light or use as a Firefighter Beacon, either way you know every GA Elite Series™ device has got your back.

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  1. Amazing light for first responders!!

    Thomas Beichert (verified owner)

    I am a volunteer firefighter in upstate New York and we get a fair amount of car accidents at night. There are so many great attachments that you can get for this light and my favorite is the adhesive mount. I put it on my fire helmet and am able to use the light to alert traffic with the rear of the light while using the steady burn feature as a hands free flashlight in the front. This light is insanely bright with a long runtime and fast charging. The cone mount allows you to use the light as a flare to give attention to where you are moving traffic. Not only is this light great for first responders but also construction workers. You will always be seen with this light on you. Very pleased with the build quality of this light and will tell everyone where to get their own!!

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  2. Very versatile light! Highly recommend.

    George W Contreras (verified owner)

    As a paramedic in NYc and volunteer firefighter, this light has been most useful in both settings. It increase my visibility and also makes my working environment a much safer place because I can see what I am doing. I would highly recommend this light to all ems, firefighting and law enforcement agencies.

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  3. A Good And Reasonable Choice

    Niko Dominguez (verified owner)

    I am currently working as an EMT, and am a volunteer firefighter. I saw this device from someone who had it, and thought I would give it a shot because safety is priority. I got this color configuration because of the versatility of using red light. My main worry when ordering was if the work light single LED was bright enough to fulfill the position of a flashlight. My goto was maybe get all white front with red worklight, but thought I wanted all red led. I ordered and fiund the light everything I wanted it to be. And the work light was more than bright enough for low light situations. I would highly recommend this product to other first responders or anyone who needs to be seen in the dark.

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  4. Where safety is an issue

    Shane Hatch (verified owner)

    I am a Truck Driver at work and also a firefighter, this light is a perfect fit in both aspects of both. The light emitted off is so powerful. I deliver chemicals and offload next to highways and dirt roads I wear it each time I offload at night for my safety as well when on a call with the fire department. It’s worth the money, and is as tough as they say. Great job!

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  5. Be insane in any conditions and in any light

    Dorman King

    Served as a first responder for many years and I have seen the importance of being able to be seen this is great for firefighters in the open grass fire feels to be seen, I carry this device in my personal truck so it’s with me almost everywhere I go even though I have a grill lights and deck lights on the truck having something on me makes you a little safer. Thanks for a great product

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  6. Very versatile!

    Chuck Mullen

    I am a career firefighter, part of my job is water rescue. I use this light to attach to my life vest, so that is I go in the water at night, I can be easily seen. I also like the work light feature, it allows me to use both hands and still see what I am doing in the dark. I use the strap mount and the gator clip the most, to attach the light to my vest, and even to my ballcap! Great little product!

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  7. The is a must have product!!!

    Andrew Winans

    It all started when I saw Knockout lights on Instagram show off this product. As soon as he demonstrated the safety light I knew right there and then I had to have it for patrol! This safety light has come in very useful day and night, from having it activated while directing traffic, and during traffic stops. The fact that I can use the take down lights in this product during a traffic stop being able to keep my hands free and at the ready has been very useful. I prefer this over using my stream light flash light which I have to hold, tuck into my armpit, and/or hold it between my neck and shoulders! With this safety light mounted on top of my left shoulder I can easily activate and illuminate the entire inside of the vehicle when approaching driver side door or passenger door. I can go on and on. This is Must have product definitely for any type of job you have in any field of work that requires that’s extra lighting! I have recommended this product to several of my law enforcement partners along with EMS and firefighters. My uncle was actually interested in it and was able to purchase one cause he is a firefighter. Amazing product!

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  8. Justin (verified owner)

    I’m a volunteer firefighter from Indiana. I looked at this device for about a week, watched the video reviews, etc. because I thought $100 was a lot to spend on something like this.... but I was WRONG!! Customer service was excellent when I ordered. They swapped out one of the free mounts for a different one that I wanted instead, and when the package arrived BOTH were in it! I got the windshield mount so I can use it as a back up POV light, then when I get to station, I just grab it and go! It is awesome for scene safety. I can wear it on my bunker coat for personal safety and a handy work light. I’ve used it for traffic control. I’m trying to talk our Chief into a bulk order now to at least get a couple per apparatus. Well worth the money after your first close call is missing!!

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  9. Nothing Beats It

    Rex (verified owner)

    I love this thing. As a firefighter, I spend more time than I like on the side of the road at night. I’ve had more close calls than I care for. I wanted something to stack the odds a little more in my favor of being seen by drivers. Nothing else on the market provides that in a small package like the guardian angel. It’s bright. It’s tough. It’s small and light. The universal clip lets me attach it to my safety vest easily and remove quickly if I need to. The only thing I wish they would change is the ability to control the crazy bright LED on the button side of the device. It’s would make a great hands free light when clipped to my chest.

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  10. These lights are very bright

    Howard Dewain Brown (verified owner)

    I bought two of these lights to check them out an see how they were. After receiving them I was very impressed with how bright an durable they were. Being a tow operator an a volunteer firefighter I would highly recommend these lights for anyone that has to deal with or be around traffic these lights will for sure make you more visible an safer. After my initial two lights I purchased I ended up buying 3 more for friends an co-workers.

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  11. Here is why you NEED this light day or night!

    Arthur Richardson (verified owner)

    I work nights as a police officer, but this light is so bright and safe this will keep you safe of you area tow truck Opreater, hunter, construction work, highway worker, firefighter, I mean you name it. It has all different colors patterns! I've had it for almost 6 months and it pays for it self. This light is high quality and there is nothing even close to this out there. Even if you work day shift and your working a crash they will see you better when you get out of your patrol car! Sometimes you want and NEED to be seen. The battery life is awesome! Hard to brake! And it really is water proof/ if you are any type of fire fighter and you plan on doing any kinda night operations you need this! I like this product so much I got two! You can't put money on safety!

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  12. Excellent product- Excellent customer service. SUPER BRIGHT!

    Christian Brashear (verified owner)

    I Volunteer as a Firefighter/EMT in NY and have been keeping my eye out for this thing for weeks. I finally sealed the deal and I couldn't be happier. The brightness is incredible, there will be no more close calls when wearing this device. It has many different flash patterns to suit anything that comes your way. The flood light is super useful for hands free lighting. The battery is outstanding and I haven't needed to charge it after continuous hours of use. THE MAGNET! Incredible strength. I still don't understand how a magnet so small can be so strong. It clings through the thickest clothing/uniform. The mounting options they have can suit any of your needs. If you're hesitant like I was. Just buy it. This product does not disappoint!

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  13. Marcus Cranford (verified owner)

    I’m a volunteer firefighter in NC I use my device on every call, I like the fact that the lights are bright, and highly visible from a long distance away. It’s only a small clip away from being seen on the road and on job sites. Trust in this company.

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  14. A great piece of safety gear

    Chris J (verified owner)

    Bought this for my other half that is a police officer. I am a firefighter and I am thinking about purchasing one for myself. The lights on this device are very bright. I am really happy with this purchase and I am looking to buy another one soon.

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  15. Keeping my firepolice safe

    Paul Ozimek (verified owner)

    Word can’t say how safe I feel being out on the road directly traffic through accident scenes and knowing I’m protected And can do my job. I am the Firepolice Captain and I feel every Firepilice, Firefighters, and Ambulance Squads should them.

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  16. A must have.

    Brian Hultman (verified owner)

    I have 3 of these i personally bought for when on scene as a Firefighter. I use 2 in my windshield as my strobes, and 1 I wear on my bunkerpants so I'm easily visible.

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  17. Perfect for setting up a traffic stop

    Brian Hultman (verified owner)

    As a Firefighter the cone mount is perfect for setting up where you need traffic stopped. This gets the attention of drivers so they can see personal giving traffic directions and where to stop at.

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  18. Quality is there. Would definitely recommend to my fellow firefighters

    Kyle Lopez (verified owner)

    I bought myself (firefighter) and my father (firefighter/medic/policeman) one each and so far nothing but great things to say. Easy to use, durable and hopefully our chiefs will looks forward to doing business with guardian angels devices for larger orders soon

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  19. Amazing

    Tarek saade (verified owner)

    Great product great team and great experience! Thanks for this amazing product I am a firefighter and now my crew and I are safer.

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  20. Fire / EMS / Motorcycle

    Gordon (verified owner)

    I love my Guardian Angel Red and Green Light. I use it as an EMT, volunteer Firefighter and while riding my motorcycle. It's super bright and definitely grabs people's attention on scene and on the road. I chose the color scheme because of how well the contrasting colors stand out. This device definitely increases my visibility and safety. Awesome product!

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    Marco Rodriguez (verified owner)

    I love this light because it is super bright when on the highway in the night time. As a volunteer firefighter I believe it is a must have for anyone that is a first responder. I highly recommend this light to anyone wanting to be seen in the night. Thank you guardian angel for making an amazing product.

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  22. Colin (verified owner)

    We bought this light for my brother in-law who is a police officer after watching reviews on YouTube and doing some research. We were very impressed with the quality, durability and brightness. We purchased the Elite series law enforcement one and will probably be purchasing a few more as my wife and I are volunteer firefighters and this will help with maintaining high visibility during collisions

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  23. Hands Free

    Brett VanZant (verified owner)

    Love the hands free feature, magnet is strong and reliable. Wish the was an option for red flashing lights on the front while maintaining the red work light.

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  24. Super Bright attention Grabber

    RICHARD WALSH (verified owner)

    I am a firefighter and bought this device to enhance my visibility on fires as well as roadside incidents. Although I have not yet had an incident to use it on for visibility, it has already come in handy during power outages which occur frequently where I am. I like the multiple mounting options it has and it's compact size allows me to carry it in a pocket with ease. It seems really durable as well. My only complaint is the lack of flash patterns and the inability to turn the white LEDs off in the front flash mode which seems to wash out the red and blue.

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  25. Super Bright / Works both Day and Night

    rclanton (verified owner)

    I love my new device. I have already used it many times while on and off duty. I am both a Deputy and Firefighter. Working at night is usually a hassle trying to hold a flashlight but, now I don't have to. This frees up both hands to work on a patient or to be prepared if a situation turns the wrong way. I have even lent it to other Deputies on scene with me so they can see what they are doing if I am in the car on the computer. Several of the Deputies have told me they needed one and I have recommended it. Great Product!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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