Construction Safety Light

OSHA reports indicate 16.8% of construction deaths are due to the combined hazards of being struck by an object or being pinned by machinery or equipment. Many of these deaths could have been prevented if workers had been equipped with more advanced construction safety lights that exceeded Class 3 Reflective Apparel regulations and dictated a (minimum) 1,280 foot visibility distance. This is why we created the world’s most versatile and durable wearable safety light on the market today, and strive to make a safety product that is engineered to deliver unmatched, multi-use performance under any condition and in any work setting.

Lightweight 2-in-1 wearable and mountable lighting device with hard hat strobe light attachment, each light can be mounted where ever you need it, whether on yourself, construction cone or road-sign using the built-in rare earth magnet. Offering four levels of front work lights up to 800 lumens, these lights have the power and flexibility you need to illuminate any project – 360º Illumination™.

So, whatever the project, your personal safety device should be as reliable as your word and as strong as your work ethic.