OSHA reports indicate 16.8% of construction deaths are due to the combined hazards of being struck by an object and being pinned by machinery or equipment. Many of these deaths could have been prevented if workers had been equipped with more advanced construction safety light that exceeded Class 3 Reflective Apparel regulations that dictate a 1,280 foot visibility distance. This is why we created the world’s most versatile and durable wearable safety light on the market today, and strive to make a safety product that is engineered to deliver unmatched, multi-use performance under any condition and in any work setting.

You stake your reputations and livelihood on the quality of your work, so when you say something will get done on time, it gets done on time. Period.

And while you’re willing to sacrifice a lot to get the job done – personal time, energy, sleep – your safety and the safety of your co-workers isn’t something that will ever be put at risk.

Visibility on job sites can be the difference between life and death, especially when completing roadside and nighttime projects. Low-visibility accidents can happen even on the most visible work sites. This danger increases exponentially when civilian drivers who may not be paying attention are added into the equation.

This virtually indestructible and waterproof wearable construction safety light has several mounting options including a powerful built-in magnet that easily attaches to anything metal, allowing you to effortlessly and wirelessly illuminate any area or create a beacon that can be seen for over two miles.

So, whatever the project, your personal safety device should be as reliable as your word and as strong as your work ethic.