Construction Safety Light

OSHA reports indicate 16.8% of construction deaths are due to the combined hazards of being struck by an object or being pinned by machinery or equipment. Many of these deaths could have been prevented if workers had been equipped with more advanced construction safety lights that exceeded Class 3 Reflective Apparel regulations and dictated a (minimum) 1,280 foot visibility distance. This is why we created the world’s most versatile and durable wearable safety light on the market today, and strive to make a safety product that is engineered to deliver unmatched, multi-use performance under any condition and in any work setting.

Lightweight 2-in-1 wearable and mountable lighting device with hard hat strobe light attachment, each light can be mounted where ever you need it, whether on yourself, construction cone or road-sign using the built-in rare earth magnet. Offering four levels of front work lights up to 800 lumens, these lights have the power and flexibility you need to illuminate any project – 360º Illumination™.

So, whatever the project, your personal safety device should be as reliable as your word and as strong as your work ethic.

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  1. law_enforcement_wearable_led_light

    Awesome Light

    Gregory Waldmiller (verified owner)

    I am a police officer and work a lot of night time road construction jobs. What a difference in my safety since I have been using the Guardian Angel light. This is a must for anyone working on a roadway at night. Be seen! Be safe!

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  2. Solid Construction and Extremely Bright LEDs

    Bryan Lamb (verified owner)

    I was impressed by the brightness of the LEDs and the solid construction of the device. The light required less than 30 minutes before it was fully charged. The light comes with a wide variety of mounts available for many applications. Prompt shipping got the light here quickly!

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    Ricardo Arizmendi (verified owner)

    I absolutely needed this guardian angel! It’s one of the best work lights that I have on my work bag, it’s easy! It virtually sticks to any metal, very durable construction. Absolutely amazing to charge in the truck during the day while i’m out doing my calls. I originally purchased this product for my safety while out at work. I’m a wrecker operator, but this device is quite handy for even everyday life! Even for going out on my ATV on certain trails! Thanks for building an amazing product that I will continue to purchase and recommend to all my other coworkers.

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  4. Super bright

    Dylan (verified owner)

    I got the orange safety light as a quick dash light for my pickup as I work construction and wow am I ever happy with its performance, and build quality it out of this world. 10/10 for guardian angel hats off to you !!

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  5. Brighter than I expected

    Brian Pierce (verified owner)

    I ordered one to use at work as I work in the construction industry, and also Plow snow in the winter this will be Great to help keep me visible especially at night when I am out of my truck checking equipment, I ordered a second unit to affix to my motorcycle as an added safety feature.

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  6. Brightness is Awesome

    John Sullivan

    I am a Street Sweeper and do a lot work on the highways cleaning up Millings and when they Pave and when have to get out my Sweeper I like to be seen and with the Guardian Angel it is so bright and I love that the most. I have received many compliments from other construction workers out there on the side of the roads. I will definitely buy more as I need them or for friends that could use a Guardian Angel on their shoulder out there.

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  7. High visibility!

    STEPHEN BENEDUM (verified owner)

    I work along the side of major highway systems as an inspector for highway construction. Day or night the Guardian Angle provides extra visibility that keeps me safe.

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  8. Bloody brilliant

    Mitch (verified owner)

    Great light for working in construction, on the road side or to keep in you car. It has heaps of different light patterns and is easy to use. I the only improvement for me would be to change the direction of the progressive pattern for people who live in countries where we drive on the left. (Pattern goes towards the right)

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  9. Guardian angel for construction security

    Emilio Leon Ramirez (verified owner)

    It has been very helpful in traffic control and helpful so that I do not get hit while at these high traffic construction sites

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  10. The size and brightness

    Sam Herald (verified owner)

    Love everything. Use it as a road construction foreman on interstate at night. Love it that I can be seen . Walking in and out of trucks waiting while marking out

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  11. Quick - Easy to Use - with 360 Safety

    CT Pham (verified owner)

    I ride Electric Unicycles , E bike, and One wheel at night often. so the need for lights to illuminate myself is a must. needed a system that works. pros: - the light guards you from every direction (360 performance) - the lights flicker so you have most everybody's attention when you ride by - the lights are super bright - the buttons are easy and quick to use with many modes - the mounting options are fantastic, i used the strap mount and the magnets are seriously strong and easy to use - solid construction and long lasting - i am good for 5 - 8 hours of riding will continue to tell all my friends about this product because it works and designed. - professional safety lights. BTW i wear a red light on my left shoulder and a green light on my right shoulder, kinda like the airplanes or boats..

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  12. law_enforcement_wearable_led_light

    Very well made & very bright

    Tommy Ruyle (verified owner)

    A "must have' for anyone that works near traffic; first responders, tow operators, construction, etc..

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  13. Worth Every Penny To Be Seen

    William Adkins (verified owner)

    It's bright, east to wear on a uniform, vehicle, even a K9 vest. It's brightness helps keep you safe by showing others you are there. It's worth every penny and I would recommend it to anyone that works in roadway traffic, public safety, security, and construction at dusk or night time.

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  14. mark hime (verified owner)

    This is my second Device love everything about it I use it every single day I've been told by people driven by that they can see me much better i highly recommended for people who work in the field of road construction traffic control 1st responder police officers and paramedics

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  15. I ride Onewheels and EUCs

    Glenn Elliott (verified owner)

    Not only do I work I'm construction, which these help a LOT. But at night when I go riding with my group on our Onewheels and our EUCs we have these on for street riding. I can't tell you how much safer we feel having these on. It might have saved lives at this point. Love love love my light.

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  16. Innovative

    Mack McMullen (verified owner)

    I’m a captain for the fire department. The area I serve encompass a lot of highways, divided highways and dark roads. I believe the guardian angel is a well-built innovative device that will serve me well. The ability to have the light where I need it and increase my visibility, when I walk around vehicles in the dark is imperative to my safety. Also utilizing the forward white led’s has a flashlight on medical calls is awesome. Great construction with a strong magnetic system and the ability to select the brightness and where you need lights is well thought out.

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  17. Arm Strap with Magnetic Mount

    Hayden May (verified owner)

    works great for night construction work, very bright and visible!

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  18. Randy (verified owner)

    Great item I work road construction usually on the road it’s nice having this device just for extra security seems to me that cars notice you more with it on and with it off

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  19. Awesome JetSki Light

    Steven Rickard (verified owner)

    I purchased two of these units to use on my Jetskis for night time bottom fishing. When I received the mini guardian lights I was actually surprised initially on the packaging followed by the construction and attention to detail on the unit itself. I removed the units and charged them that didn’t seem long at all. As I cycled through the options i was amazed on its brightness and ease ability of use. I really like the fact that The light isn’t permanently installed allowing me the flexibility of also using the unit on my kayak or vest as an emergency beacon locator etc. Highly recommend device (Quality, Flexibility and ease ability)

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  20. A must have for anyone working nights!

    Jaimeson Swanson (verified owner)

    As the owner of a small security officer company I am constantly looking for ways to keep my team safe in the field. I purchased a Guardian Angel Elite to field test and this is a MUST HAVE for anyone working nights or in areas where increased visibility is vital (vehicle traffic, etc). It has been one of the most innovative and effective products I have seen. After fielding it for a week I have decided that it will be standard issue for each team member. I also just ordered a Micro to test as well. This is a well build and well thought out unit. Showed it to my brother who is in construction safety and he is going to order them for his job sites as well. Thank you Guardian Angel! Great product!

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  21. Nonmetallic Surface Adhesive and Screw Magnetic Mount

    Perfect for where ever you need it.

    Martin Allen (verified owner)

    Great product and went onto helmet perfectly. Adhesive really did the job and fastened well. Highly recommended if you need to put one on a construction helmet, Motorcycle helmet, or in my case, bicycle helmet. Very impressed with this product and may buy more to keep on hand.

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  22. Great for City Employee!

    Jon Noerenberg (verified owner)

    I purchased this for use in my personal vehicle as part of my work as a city planner, in which I spend a lot of time on construction sites and doing various sorts of inspections. With the suction-cup windshield mount, it's a great low-profile bit of additional safety for me and helps identify my vehicle as acting in an official capacity when I'm on a site or on the side of the road. This device is really quality and very versatile in the different ways it can be configured and used - I'm extremely happy with it.

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  23. law_enforcement_wearable_led_light

    Awesome! This what you are waiting for!!!

    Anthony Briggs (verified owner)

    I was not expecting such a well made pproduct. The reviews that I read were all on point! If safety is your goal look no more. The light construction is of high quality. The lighting functions are easily controlled. I am overwhelmed. I can't say enougn about this product. I use it on patrol everyday. I am the envy of the department. Several officers are ordering the Guardian Angel Red/Blue wearable police safety light as I write this review. You can go wrong only right if you purchase this light!!

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  24. law_enforcement_wearable_led_light

    The peace of mind knowing you will be seen in emergency situations is everything

    Tyler R (verified owner)

    I use this device for my job as an EMT and being that I work mainly night shifts it is very useful and can't imagine not having it now it goes everywhere with me. It is even useful during the day shift. I'd recommend it to anybody first responders LEOs even construction with the right light configurations. Just very happy I made the purchase and will more than likely be getting more in the near future.

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  25. Very helpful

    Marcus woods (verified owner)

    These are the best invention for firefighters, Ems , and construction people very helpful to help watch out back when we are bent over so that we don’t get hurt

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