What devices are considered standard models?

White/Yellow, White/Red, White/Red & Yellow, White/Green, White/Green & Yellow, White/Blue & Yellow, White/White, White/Orange, White/White & Yellow and White/White & Red

What does a standard model mean?

The 10 standard models all feature a single red LED work light for low environments, four different brightness settings (low, medium, high & max) and either side has the option of the LEDs being constantly on or flashing.

How do the standard models differ from the beacon and multi-functional?

Our standard models feature an all-White front with a single red LED work light where the beacon models all feature a single white LED work light and the multi-functional models feature three red LEDs work light.

What does an all-White front mean?

Think of it as a flashlight. White LEDs are brighter and more natural light. The split color devices (beacon and multi-functional) in the front don’t offer a clean, BRIGHT hands-free option.

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