Law Enforcement (LE)

What devices are considered LE models?

Our Red/Blue and Blue/Blue models

Do you need to be in Law Enforcement to order the Red/Blue and the Blue/Blue devices?

No you do not. Anyone can purchase these color combinations as long as you aren’t imposing as a cop.

Do the LE and Infrared Hybrid LE models offer a constant on feature?

Yes. Our newest Elite Series launched in fall of 2020 now offer the LE and Infrared Hybrid LE models to have a constant on feature.

What is the difference between the LE models the Infrared Hybrid LE?

The only difference between the two is our standard LE models have a white TOP light whereas the Hybrid LE models have an infrared TOP light that cannot be seen by the naked eye; meaning you need some form of night vision to see the light.

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