Infrared (Hybrid)

What are the Infrared Hybrid model?

Elite Hybrid Red/Blue, Elite Hybrid Blue/Blue and Elite Hybrid White/Red.

What is an Infrared Hybrid model?

The Infrared Hybrid devices have one 850nm infrared LED on the top of the device that can only be seen using some sort of night vision equipment (not included). The rest of the LEDs would be consistent with the standard device of the same color.

What does infrared mean?

Infrared means the light is only visible by some form of night vision equipment, such as night vision goggles.

What is the difference between the Infrared Hybrid LE and the LE models?

The only difference between the two is the Hybrid LE models have an infrared TOP light that cannot be seen by the naked eye meaning you need some form of night vision to see the light whereas the standard LE models have a white TOP light.

Why would someone need a Hybrid Infrared model?

The top Infrared LED provides stealth visibility for air support. Another application is on K9 units without having visible light on the K9.

Are the Infrared Hybrid devices compatible with Thermal Location?

No, the Infrared LEDs are only visible through night vision equipment, not thermal location equipment.

Do the Infrared Hybrid LE models offer a constant on feature?

Yes. As of fall 2020 the LE and Infrared Hybrid models have a constant on feature.