Law Enforcement (LE) Hybrid

What are the Infrared Hybrid LE models?

The Infrared Hybrid devices have one non-visible light that can only be seen using some form of night vision. The TOP light is infrared, but the rest of the lights are normal LEDs.

What does infrared mean?

Infrared means the light is only visible by some form of night vision such as night vision goggles.

What is the difference between the Infrared Hybrid LE and the regular LE models?

The only difference between the two is the Hybrid LE models have an infrared TOP light that cannot be seen by the naked eye meaning you need some form of night vision to see the light whereas the regular LE models have a white TOP light.

What colors come in the Infrared Hybrid model?

We have two; Hybrid Red/Blue and Hybrid Blue/Blue.

Why don’t the LE models offer a constant on feature?

We spoke with hundreds of officers who said there is no need to have a constant on feature with the LE models so they were built without that option.