Infrared (All Infrared)

What devices are considered all infrared?


What is an All Infrared Guardian Angel device?

The All-Infrared models have the same light settings as our other devices, but all the LED bulbs are Infrared. The naked eye cannot see ANY light on this device without some form of night vision equipment. ALL LEDs on these models are infrared.

What are the All Infrared models used for?

Most commonly All-Infrared are used in stealth Law Enforcement and Military tactical applications.

Are the Infrared Hybrid devices compatible with Thermal Location?

No, the Infrared LEDs are only visible with night vision equipment, not thermal location equipment.

Do you sell night vision equipment?

No, Guardian Angel Devices does not sell night vision equipment.

I still do not understand how the infrared lights work; do you have any examples?

This video is a customer using our all infrared device with night vision goggles showing how bright the infrared lights really are.