Mounting Options

Do you have other mounting options for the Guardian Angel other than the magnet mount?

Yes, there are numerous mounting options. Please visit the ‘Accessories’ tab to see all available mounting options

Can you wear the Guardian Angel on any headgear, including soft caps, bike helmets, sweat bands etc.?

Yes, the magnet system allows it to be mounted to nearly any piece of headgear on the market.

Can I wear the Guardian Angel on my person?

Absolutely. The device can be mounted to any area of the body where there is clothing.

What if I want to wear the device where I don’t have clothing?

No problem, we have a mounting option for that too. Check out our Arm Strap Mount under the ‘Accessories’ tab.

Is there anything you can’t mount the Guardian Angel to?

Not really. If there is, we haven’t found it yet. Let us know if you do, we love a challenge!