Elite Series

What exactly is this device?

It’s a hands free wearable safety device. You can wear it or mount it onto your body, clothing or accessories. Watch over 100+ of customers talk about what they like about their device here: https://www.guardianangeldevices.com/video-testimonials/ 

Can you tell me more about each device?

All devices come with a rechargeable lithium ion battery using Type-C charge, built in Neodymium magnet and corresponding magnet clip, high powered LEDs offering over 5+miles of visibility, independent front, rear and top light controls, 1 ultra-bright white LED on the top, emergency mode, SOS mode, 360 degree light pattern, four brightness settings (low, medium, high & max), battery life indicator with a poly-carbonate exterior and a Type-C charging cord.

What are the differences between the 2020 and 2022 Elites Series Devices

The New 2022 Elites have a number of updates. A detailed comparison chart is available on each 2020 Elite product page. Some of the key feature changes on the 2022 Elites include:

Charging Port on the side to allow charging while attached to a mount, 4-threaded inserts (instead of 2) for increased hard mounting direct options, Magnetic Base Mount includes a velcro strap, new button to control the single top LED, device magnet is fully enclosed, GA Emergency mode now has 2 settings with the top led on or off, a new battery indicator pattern, top LED lens is domed for a beam effect.