Guardian Angel Saves Lives

Do you have a story of how a Guardian Angel Device has saved your life or the life of someone you know? We would love to hear it!  As a THANK YOU for sharing your light, you’ll get a coupon for a FREE DEVICE to help save another.

5 stars

“I was injured, working a DUI single vehicle accident. Another DUI driver struck me … traveling at a speed of about 55mph. …I was wearing my GA Device… Despite me having been struck, I am certain that the incident would’ve been more aggravated had I not been using the GA visual aid/deterrent; not only did it help make continued on-coming traffic aware of my location while I lay on the roadway after impact, but it was easily recovered by the civilians that rendered immediate aid, and used it as a flagging device to alert responding EMS, and as an aid in traffic control beyond the immediate area of the scene (and believe me, it was in a bad spot). The GA device disconnected from it’s magnetic base, due to the force of the impact, but survived in a very functional condition regardless of how hard it hit the ground… I was as impressed with its durability, as I was with mine (even though I required much follow-up medical attention… I have purchased a total of four GA Devices in the past and gave gifted three of those to new officers, whom in turn gifted hers to a new officer in her dept., and then replaced hers with a direct purchase from your site… in other words, we genuinely trust in the quality and reliability of your devices, and believe them to be an essential piece of gear which every LE officer should own. THANK YOU FOR HELPING TO SAVE MY LIFE!”

Taylor Co S.O. WV

Give A Light, Save A Life