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Bouncing Back After Being Blindsided

How one officer turned his tragedy into an opportunity to protect his colleagues. PORT ST. LUCIE, Florida – Richard Mazzio flew through the air 25 feet, suffered multiple serious injuries and spent… Read more

Cool Ways to GA: Electric Unicycling in Abu Dhabi

Ali Al Hammadi loves to go fast. He rides high-speed motorcycles. He floats over desert sand on his ATV. But his favorite? Cruising the streets and trails of Abu Dhabi on his… Read more

Light Your Kayak Like a Pro: Angler Edition

For all of us who paddle, and especially for anglers fishing in low-light conditions, ensuring boaters can see you is a big part of staying safe. But, we get it – not… Read more

Seeing Through the Dust Storm

One officer’s response to a crash involving nearly 100 vehicles and zero visibility Kenneth Reardon had never seen anything like what he pulled up to in early May. A massive plume of… Read more

Airplane Drag Racing: GA Lights the (Run)way

In Wayne, Nebraska, whipping winds are notorious during the day – something you obviously don’t want to deal with when racing backcountry airplanes side-by-side, only feet off the ground at speeds hovering… Read more

Police: Tips to Mount Your Light Right 

Your uniform: Standard issue. How you wear your GA: Well, that’s personal. Whether you prefer a classic shoulder mount, or like to wear it on the front of your vest, our goal… Read more

Firefighter EMT / Auburn, IL | Fire & Rescue

“Everybody…My name is Ben Royer. I’m a firefighter EMT here at Auburn fire and rescue protection district in Auburn, Illinois. And I was deciding on whether or not to purchase a guardian… Read more