Micro™ Flash Patterns

Flash patterns:

  • Constant On | Front, Back, or Top LED’s
  • Standard Operating | Front On, Rear Flashing
  • Emergency | Both Sides & Top Flashing
  • WigWag | Left-Right Alt. Flashing
  • Strafing | Right-to-Left Flashing
  • SOS | 3x short/long & 3x short flashes
  • Battery Indicator | Left-to-Right Flashing

Micro™ Series



Magnetic Mounting System

Guardian Angel Devices & Mounting options are equipped with our patented magnet-mounting system. They both include a built-in neodymium rare earth magnet. Put them together and you have a super strong bond able to withstand 20 pounds of force.

The Guardian Angel is the most versatile piece of safety equipment you can own. With the right accessories you can take it anywhere.

Offering over 24 various mounting accessories, maximize your safety potential, maximize your light, maximize your possibility.

Body Mounts

$10.99 – $21.99

Vehicle & Other Mounts

$17.99 – $28.99

Battery & Charging

  • What type of charge does it take? USB Type-A charging cable
  • How long does it take to charge? Approx. 50 minutes
  • Where do you charge it? Charging port on side of device, allowing for hard-mounting on the bottom of the device
  • How long does a charge last? 1-150 hours
  • What is the battery life cycle? 3,000 cycles minimum
  • You control your power. Your charge will vary depending on brightness setting and light mode used.

GA Tip: Check battery life anytime by holding the “rear” button

Micro™ Series




  • • 360° Lighting Patterns
  • • 4 Individual Lighting Controls
  • • 4 Different Brightness Settings
  • • (on Select models) Red Work Light Feature for low light environments

GA Tip: Hold the work-light button for 3s for “standard operating mode”

Micro™ Series



Paddle with protection – Waterproof up to 1 meter, attach your GA anywhere and get out on the water with confidence.

Illuminate your campsite – Tentside lantern or trailside headlamp, our versatile devices shed light on your whole wilderness retreat on a single charge.

Bow to stern safety – Keep it safe on the open seas or just a cruise around the lake with multifunctional devices that exceed Coast Guard requirements.

Find your fun, find your light. If you can go there, so can Guardian Angel.

Micro™ Series



Micro™ – All White Front

  • Micro®

    White/Red Wearable Safety Light

    (172) $59.99Add to cart
  • Micro®

    White/Yellow Wearable Safety Light

    (72) $59.99Add to cart
  • Micro®

    White/White Wearable Safety Light

    (57) $59.99Add to cart
  • Micro®

    White/Orange Wearable Safety Light

    (41) $59.99Add to cart
  • Micro®

    White/Green Wearable Safety Light

    (45) $59.99Add to cart

Micro™ – Beacon

  • Micro®

    Red / Green Wearable Safety Light

    (82) $59.99Add to cart
  • Micro®

    Yellow/Yellow Wearable Safety Light

    (49) $59.99Add to cart
  • Micro®

    Red/Red Wearable Safety Light

    (44) $59.99Add to cart
  • Micro®

    Orange/Orange Wearable Safety Light

    (40) $59.99Add to cart
  • Micro®

    Green/Green Wearable Safety Light

    (39) $59.99Add to cart