Roadside Wearable Safety Light

The Guardian Angel roadside safety light exceeds Class 3 Reflective Apparel regulations that dictate a 1,280 foot visibility distance. The portable and rechargeable Guardian Angel Elite Series™ device is the world’s most versatile, durable and wearable roadside safety light on the market today. We strive to make a led emergency road flare that is engineered to deliver unmatched, multi-use performance under any condition, in any work setting. This devices functions as an excellent tow truck safety light, roadside strobe light, roadside emergency warning lights, led roadside flares, or roadside beacon, depending on what your job requires.

Visibility while working on-or-near the road can be the difference between life and death, especially when completing roadside and nighttime projects. Low-visibility accidents can happen even on the most visible work sites. This danger increases exponentially when civilian drivers who may not be paying attention are added into the equation.

This virtually indestructible and waterproof wearable roadside safety light has several mounting options, including a powerful built-in magnet that easily attaches to anything metal, allowing you to effortlessly and wirelessly illuminate any area or create a beacon that can be seen for over 5 miles.

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  1. Very useful and amazing device!!!!

    Travis Smith (verified owner)

    So I hesitated at first spending $100 on a blinking light at first and when I received my guardian angel I immediately started noticing a difference in the amount of people that moved over and slowed down while I was helping a motorist on the side of the highway. Especially at night. I am so pleased with this device that I'm ordering another one here in the next couple of days. I am a tow truck driver in Pensacola, Florida and people for the most part do not care or pay attention to the move over slow down law . They don't pay attention to yellow emergency lights at all!!!! So I ordered the blue, yellow and white device and I really have seen a huge difference in the amount of people that move over and slow down when they see the blue flashing lights . But as a tow truck driver in florida we are not allowed to display blue or red lights on our trucks so when you take the blue light and put it on your person those DOT statues do not apply to that . So when I'm using it on a crash seen or the side of the highway people pay more attention to the blue lights alit more than they do the yellow that's displayed on my truck. And the work light is so handy when I'm putting straps on the wheels of a vehicle and working in side of the highway. Thank you so much for making such a great product and such a durable device that could potentially save someone's life working on side of the roadway .

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  2. Unbelievable Bright

    Tim Lewis (verified owner)

    I was kind of doubtful that this light would be any good but man it is one bright light. If you look directly into it up close will leave dots in your eyes. It works great esp for towing vehicles on the side of the road at night. I was impressed enough to buy a second one.

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  3. This product is as essential as your flashlight!

    Corey Holcomb (verified owner)

    Since purchasing this product, I cannot begin to explain how much it has changed things for the better! I’m a patrol officer who rotates from night shift to day shift. I am a Traffic Homicide Investigator as well as a DOT Inspector. This product allows me to be highly visible on crash scenes, and while directing traffic (no joke, this device is brighter that some patrol cars I have seen). It also makes the document examination process of DOT that much easier at night. Now for the IR function. My agency implemented an Aviation Support Unit a few years ago and we continue to increase those capabilities. As they increase, the need to determine friend from foe, at night from the air, has become increasingly important. We recently tested the IR feature and needless to say, there is no doubt they will know which one I am! Guardian Angel couldn’t be a better name for this product as it is such an increase to Officer Safety. I can see this device being standard issue in the near future, however until then, its is a MUST HAVE for me!

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  4. law_enforcement_wearable_led_light

    The uses are completely practical and effective.

    B. Kaszubski (verified owner)

    I had the honor of helping escort the mobile wall that heals memorial for my humble little community. I also did it in an unexpected downpour. My very first use of the guardian angel proved it will remain a tool to use for me. Not only did it prove it's water resistance, but DOT workers and fellow leo's in my community remarked at the visibility it provided while i provided traffic control. I wish i had a second for my part time gig. Highly recommend.

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  5. law_enforcement_wearable_led_light

    Charles Pantti (verified owner)

    Lightweight and user friendly. Very functional. I like all the different lighting options.

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  6. Oustanding Depndability / Versatility

    Jonathan W. Norris (verified owner)

    These Guadian Angel Safety Devices, are a great *First-Alert* tool for just about any situation, first responders working a roadway scene, hikers lost in diverse terrain, biking at night, boating, or open water emergency, ... this little gizmo can be used just about anywhere! Ultra Light, Adaptable with outfitted attachments, suitable for any lawful justification, or excursion warranted reliability. I would, AND have -- recommended This Product to peers, and friends who wish to be seen, or found in their line of duty, or potential hazard-awareness situation(s). As a freeway safety patrol agent, helping to establish quick-safe-clearance for operators and responders working a scene on the roadways, visibility is paramount...Today's Drivers are ever more distracted with bright colored on-board notification screens mounted in their standardized vehicles, and even handheld devices....these Archangel Devices are super bright, have rapid flashing micro dot LED lighting, in distinctive color options for visibiltiy at night, in rain or fog conditions...absolutely worth every penny! AND These guys back their product 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!! I was sceptical, until I saw it save my life, around a partial blind curve on a a raintstorm, traffic was doing at least 60mph coming around that bend and headed straight for us...all you need is one driver to tap a brake pedal...its magical, everybody starts slowing down. I questioned the cost...100 bucks, or me getting run down while trying to assist stranded motorist(s)...worth it? YES Sir/Ma'am....absolutely, worth it!!

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  7. Great being more visible when exposed to highway traffic at night


    Our DOT folks are subject to being called out at night for all kinds of emergency highway work, everything from snow removal, flooding, accidents, to fallen trees in the highway. A few years back one of our guys was struck by a vehicle and killed while cutting a tree out of the road on a foggy night, had a bright flashing light like this been on his hard hat maybe this tragedy could have been avoided.You have a great versatile product that will give any night time operation extra protection.Thanks!

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  8. Great light

    Josiah Naeve (verified owner)

    Great visibility in low light conditions. A real asset when dealing with the motoring public on accident scenes. Also the flashlight function is very bright and extremely useful.

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  9. It gets your attention

    Steven Rockwell (verified owner)

    the unit is very bright and gets drivers attention when working on the road at night. Much brighter than the headlamps we had been using.

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  10. Easiest way to stay safe while working!

    Joseph Meinhardt (verified owner)

    As a construction inspector for a state DOT, safety is always on my mind. I’ve tried traditional headlamps and additional reflective equipment to be seen on the roads at night, but nothing makes me feel safer than when the guardian angel is on me. I wear this with the universal clip on my waist and have noticed an increased buffer distance between myself and the traveling public while on the roads. I can only attribute this to the light getting their attention sooner as opposed to just wearing my class 3 vest. I would definitely recommend this to my coworkers and anybody else who feels the need to be safe.

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  11. Extremely great product

    Brian Martin (verified owner)

    Working on the highway as a vdot safety service patroller I have been looking for ways to make myself and coworkers more visible as we are working emergency scenes and other scenes since I have gotten my guardian angel light i have gotten several comments about the brightness and how they noticed me more I highly recommend this light for all safety personnel whether Leo, fire, ems, or ssp it is extremely effective as long as used properly

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  12. law_enforcement_wearable_led_light

    Emergency Response

    Tony Setzer (verified owner)

    Purchased this product for our overnight operators to use. It is an invaluable resource for them on routine assists on shoulders and especially important safety device when dealing with traffic in lanes.

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