In an effort to help our customers in various industries gather the knowledge they need to buy the right hands free wearable safety light and accessories for their profession, we have collected information about each state statute in our Emergency Vehicle Light State Statutes Guide.

Suggested Devices

We have some specific web pages for certain Professions that highlights suggested light color options, mounts and video testimonials. There are also pictures of the light on so you can see how the colors will look. Click on any of the headers below to be linked to the market page.

Law Enforcement (LE)

Elite Red/Blue, Elite Blue/Blue, Elite Red/Blue Hybrid IR, Elite White/Red Hybrid IR, Elite Blue/Blue Hybrid IR, and Elite All-Infrared

First Responder

Elite White/Red, Elite White&Red/White&Red, Elite White/Blue&Yellow, Elite White/Red&Yellow, and Elite Blue/Blue


Elite White/Red, Elite White&Red/White&Red, White/Blue&Yellow, Elite White/Yellow, Elite White&Yelllow/White&Yellow, and Elite Blue/Blue


Elite Yellow/Yellow, Elite White&Yellow/White&Yellow, Elite Orange/Orange, Elite White/Orange, Elite White/Red&Yellow and Elite White/Yellow


Elite White&Yellow/White&Yellow, Elite Green&Yellow/Green&Yellow, Elite White/Blue&Yellow, Elite Yellow/Yellow and Elite White/Yellow


Elite Orange/Orange, Elite Yellow/Yellow, Elite White/Green, Elite White/Red, Elite White&Yellow/White&Yellow, Elite Green&Yellow/Green&Yellow


Elite White&Yellow/White&Yellow, Elite Green&Yellow/Green&Yellow, Elite White/Red, Elite White&Red/White&Red, and Elite White/Green


Elite White/Red, Elite White/Blue&Yellow, Elite White/Red&Yellow and Elite White/Yellow


Elite Yellow/Yellow, Elite White/Blue&Yellow and Elite Blue/Blue


Elite Red/Green, Elite White&Yellow/White&Yellow, Elite Red/Red, Elite Green/Green


Elite Yellow/Yellow, Elite White/White and Elite White/Red

Water Rescue

Elite White/Red, Elite Red/Green, Elite Blue/Blue