Arm Strap with Magnetic Mount

How long is the Arm Strap?

The Arm Strap Magnetic Mount comes in two lengths. The Long is 19.5″ and the Short is 15″. Both are 2″ wide

How does the device attach to the arm strap?

There is a magnet sewn into the arm strap that connects to the device magnet.

Can the arm strap be attached with screws (hard mounted)?

No, the arm strap mount cannot be attached to the device using screws. The magnets are designed to withstand up to 20lbs of pressure. If you are concerned about the device being knocked from the mount, we recommend using the device tether to prevent loss.

What is the best use of this strap?

The arm strap secures the Guardian Angel to be attached to your arm, wrist or leg by using a built-in neodymium rare earth magnet. It’s made with soft, strong and stretchable neoprene material and can be adjustable to fit any body type. This is perfect for any activity that needs to be hands free such as early/late night running or walking your dog.