How long does it take to fully charge the battery?

If the battery is fully depleted, it will take approximately 2 hours to fully recharge. While the battery is charging, the red work light on the front will blink every few seconds. Once the device is fully charged, it will blink red twice in rapid succession every few seconds.

How do I charge the battery?

All Guardian Angel devices come with a Type-C charger. Simply plug in the charging cord to the device and plug the USB into any USB charger.

How do you access the charging port on the device?

The charging port is on the backside of the device at the top. It will look like a plastic door that you will have to open. It can be tricky at first so you may have to use a pen or something similar to help pry it open.

How many charging cycles will the battery last?

Up to 3,000

How long can I use my Guardian Angel device on a single charge?

The Guardian Angel will run anywhere from 1.5 hours on the most severe mode, to over 150 hours on the lower power modes. The most commonly used modes typically last between 8-20 hours continuous. The recharge time from dead to full is under 2 hours.

How to check battery level?

To check the battery level of your device (2020 or later), hold down the “R” button for 3 seconds. You will see a flash pattern which indicates the “percentage” of fully charged. All lights means 100%, 1 light means approximately 10%.

Can you use a mobile phone fast charger to charge the device?

Yes, but it must be a Type-C charging cord.

Can I leave my device plugged in overnight?

Yes, although we don’t recommend leaving it plugged in for extended periods of time (days).

Will my device drain the battery if it’s powered on but not in use?

No. The battery is only used when the lights on the device are engaged.

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