Mississippi Emergency Vehicle Light State Statutes

No need to overestimate the importance of emergency vehicle lighting. Such tools are literal life savers that provide the means for first responders, construction vehicles and utility vehicles to warn drivers to reduce speed or drive away from dangerous road situations. While there are many similarities among the United States with regard to emergency vehicle light use, the laws regarding light types and colors are not uniform. The demands of vehicle light vary greatly from state to state.

Mississippi requires the use of emergency vehicle lighting on designated vehicles. Miss. Miss. Ann Code. § 63-3-103(d) describes and governs State emergency vehicles as any vehicle operated by police, fire or EMS. The law dictates what types of warning lights and colors the state allows for emergency vehicles.

State Statutes Emergency Vehicle Lights

Police Lights

Miss. Ann Code. § 63-7-19 mandates police vehicles to use blue warning lights unless they are vehicles unmarked in accordance with Sections 19-25-15 and 25-1-87. The lights of the blue police may blink, rotate, or oscillate to alert other vehicles to yield. The legislation also requires that law enforcement vehicles and other approved emergency vehicles may use red police lights that flash, rotate, or oscillate.

Fire Truck Lights

Miss. Ann Code. § 63-7-19 specifies that red warning lights be displayed on fire vehicles. The lights may blinke, rotate, or oscillate.

Firefighter volunteer Lights

Miss. Ann Code. § 63-7-19 mandates that departmental or private vehicles used in the service of volunteer fire departments be marked with red warning lights blinking, rotating, or oscillating.

Lights Ambulance

Miss. Ann Code. § 63-7-19 that ambulances and special-purpose EMS vehicles described in Section 41-59-3 use red front and rear light. Ambulances used for emergency tasks may use red lights to blinke, rotate, or oscillate to alert other vehicles to yield. In combination with the red lights these vehicles may also use amber and white lights.

Emergency Management Lights

Lights to emergency management According to Miss. Ann Code. § 63-7-19 shall use blinking, oscillating or rotating red lights for emergency management or civil defense vehicles, including those of the Department of Environmental Quality. Official District emergency communication vehicles are authorized to use red and white lights.

Tow Truck Lights

Miss. Ann Code. § 63-7-19 authorizes the use of blinking, rotating or oscillating amber warning lights by wreckers;

Mail delivery Vehicle Lights

Miss. Ann Code. § 63-7-19 provides that U.S. mail carrier vehicles may use amber lights at the front of a vehicle and red lights at the rear. A flashing white strobe light on the roof may also be used by the vehicles to warn incoming motorists to slow down to avoid collision with the mail carrier.

 Sanitation Vehicle Lights

According to Miss. Ann Code. § 63-7-19, vehicles collecting sanitation may use oscillating or flashing amber or white lights to warn incoming motorists to slow down to avoid collision with the sanitation vehicle.

Military Procession Funeral Lights

Miss. Ann Code. § 63-7-19 specifies that spinning, flashing or oscillating purple lights may be used by any commercial or private vehicle used to promote or direct a military funeral procession.

Some Vehicle Lights According to the office of the Mississippi Procurator General, Miss. Ann Code. § 63-7-13, -15, and -17 describe general lighting requirements for automobiles, trucks, semi-trailers and tractors. These overarching statues apply to building vehicles, utility vehicles, pilot vehicles and private vehicles for security.

For more information on what lights are available to you, please call your State Highway Patrol office at: 601-987-1212

* Please note that these numbers are what we can currently find, and the numbers may have changed since this listing.