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They say praise for what you do is a sure sign of your success.  We are proud of our Guardian Angel Devices and could not be more thrilled that our devices are quickly becoming a trusted and essential tool for thousands of hardworking people around the world both on AND off the job.

Our innovative devices are being used in various fields from Law Enforcement, First Responders and Tow Operators to Construction, Roadside Safety, Security Personnel and everything in between.  We could tell you how awesome our product is,  but we figured it’s better to have actual Guardian Angel users tell you what they think – Be seen, be safe!

4.98 out of 5

Rated 5 out of 5
  1. Excellent light! Can’t put a price on officer safety!

    Doug Belote

    My son who is also in law enforcement introduced me to the guardian and I absolutely love it! I use the white flood in the front and red in the rear and love the red rear because I don’t get lost in the blue lights on a patrol vehicle at wrecks and I like the white flood in the front because it illuminates subjects on Traffic stops while keeping my hands available to collect information or issue tickets etc without the worry of having to tuck a flashlight and restrict movement. Don’t let the price be a deal breaker because you can NOT put a price in officer safety! God Bless AMERICA and God Bless the BLUE!

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  2. this is a life saver for wheelchair users at night.

    Jared White (verified owner)

    This is an absolute life saver so a wheelchair user at. I worry constantly about being seen by cars even on a safe side walk, the Guardian Angel gives me excellent peace of mind. I bought another one soon as my first one arrived, I was that impressed. I also use a hand cycle on the roadway. and again the same peace of mine makes riding ALOT less worrisome. There are endless applications for this device. it's great!

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  3. Awesome

    James McGlocklin (verified owner)

    Love this. They keep on improving on it. Love they added the SOS feature. Very bright

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  4. This is a must have!

    Kenneth Miller (verified owner)

    This is a great device for any first responder, tow truck operator, security, even a school crossing guard. It’s very bright. Comes with front rear & all on (SOS) strobe lights. Drivers will be able to spot you a long time before they reach you. I think this should be in the budget for all LEO’S- get one if you don’t have one & you’ll probably wind up doing what I did, I purchased another & now have two! Ken - Community Security in Rural Pennsylvania

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  5. A must have !


    Great add on for your device! Works great ! Worth getting !

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  6. Nonmetallic Surface Adhesive & Screw Magnetic Mount

    Adam R Yeager (verified owner)

    Great mount to use for a kayak. The Nonmetallic Surface Adhesive & Screw Magnetic Mount allows an easy way to attach the Guardian Angel Device to the front of my kayak when operating the kayak at night. I use this mount with the lanyard for extra security of my device.

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  7. Amazing Device!

    Stephen Benson (verified owner)

    I love the brightness of the device, I use it when I'm on call at night, or even when im working during the day in the road and even on the side of the road. I believe more people see me when I have the GA turned on.

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  8. Justin Harris (verified owner)

    I love this device it’s bright handy and use it every day I’d love to have another trying to get my department to get us all one

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  9. Great light for multiple uses

    Trevor Ward (verified owner)

    Absolutely awesome light have used it for extra lighting on fire scenes and in the ambulance. Will definitely be purchasing more and recommending to fellow first responders.

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  10. It's okay.

    C. Parker (verified owner)

    I needed a new flashlight for my shoulder. My PD was testing them. It's a good shoulder light. The red and blue lights are a gimmick.

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  11. Good for purposes

    CJ (verified owner)

    Previous ‘shirt clip’ style mount was unusable for uniform shoulder straps due to width. This gator style fixes that problem. However it is still imperfect due to being a narrow design but still thick, creating an unstable teeter left and right. Best way to wear on shoulder is to face the jaw backwards and the spring in the front. Improvement for shoulder use, but still imperfect.

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  12. A must have!

    Fidelio Collacchi (verified owner)

    Device is small, light weight, and super bright. Magnetic mounts provide virtually unlimited attachment points. Traffic definitely notices you, I can see this becoming an industry standard

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  13. Easy to set up


    Was very easy to set up. Worked out well. Attached very will to my outer carrier.

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    Neal Riddle (verified owner)

    what can I say this has turned into one of the favorite items I use while doing my job. Im not the typical tow truck operator or a construction worker. What I do is haul cars up and down the east coast. Many dealerships don't truly give us places to load/unload so we end up having to work on the street which is not always fun. These lights have been a lifesaver! It grabs peoples attention, they slow down and give you space. The battery life is outstanding for a rechargeable battery. I have driven from Miami all the way to NC with it mounted on the back of the trailer turned on the entire way and it was still flashing when I stopped. Get yourself one I can promise you'll love it!

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  15. Awesome light for Kayaking and outdoor safety

    John Bratcher (verified owner)

    This light is bright and can be seen for a long distance. The enhanced visibility during early morning or late evening kayaking increasing boating safety. The quality of this product is second to none!

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  16. Community Service Officer

    Robert Michael McNeely (verified owner)

    this is by far one of the best purchases I've ever made. This light is fantastic for my job and helps me be seen when directing traffic at night. Alot of my co workers are interested in it and are trying to make these a standard issue piece of equipment department wide because of how useful it is.

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  17. Amazing visibility!

    Jerry Johnson (verified owner)

    I was skeptical buying this, but needed more then just a reflective radio strap for these night time calls out in the middle of nowhere. When I purchased this it came packaged nice, instructions were simple to follow. I keep this attached to my radio strap now and activate it when on calls where I feel the need for more visual awareness and it is amazing can be seen from really far away also works good as a personal light if you need to see better! Absolutely love it!

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  18. Bobby Vukanovich (verified owner)

    I work in a specialized law enforcement unit that takes me underground on a motorcycle. The Guardian Angel light has been a valuable tool to illuminate my surroundings when having to dismount said vehicle while in total darkness. I particularly like having my hands free as I currently use the lapel mount. I would highly recommend this to all law enforcement officers.

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  19. Best light ever

    Patrick Bardsley (verified owner)

    I use my light as a rear light on my bike I love this light because I can have a red and white light the white light is helpful when it's really dark and I want to know what is behind me

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  20. this is the best ever made

    william (verified owner)

    I like the brightness of it and how it's easy to use

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  21. Guardian ange

    Daniel Peters (verified owner)

    The Guardian angel is a great compact light 360 illumination around your area up to at least 8 miles of visibility using high power The product is not too heavy on the shoulder I like to have the back flashing and the front a solid color to hold me see when looking at people work or the computer This product is definitely worth the money had mine now for a couple months it is a great product Can't wait to check out some of those accessories

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  22. Strap and equipment clip

    Daniel Peters (verified owner)

    Strap and equipment is great for a duffel bag or a backpack and A tactical bag you can put it flashing or solid to give you excellent in the bag or extra visibility if it is on your back

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  23. Universal clip mount

    Daniel Peters (verified owner)

    Universal clip mount I love the clip I put on my belt or my hat depending on the situation in the road and Put it on the tactical bag For extra light sometimes great product

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  24. Car charger

    Daniel Peters (verified owner)

    it's great to have it on hand to be able to charge the device if it dies at night Also like the extra USB for my cell phone

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  25. Arm strap

    Daniel Peters (verified owner)

    Arm strap Use the arm strap to direct traffic at night it adds extra visibility but also people can see my hand better when it is up or down I put it particularly around the wrists Does not fall off at all Love this product

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