Safety Device Reviews

They say praise for what you do is a sure sign of your success.  We are proud of our Guardian Angel Devices and could not be more thrilled that our devices are quickly becoming a trusted and essential tool for thousands of hardworking people around the world both on AND off the job.

Our innovative devices are being used in various fields from Law Enforcement, First Responders and Tow Operators to Construction, Roadside Safety, Security Personnel and everything in between.  We could tell you how awesome our product is,  but we figured it’s better to have actual Guardian Angel users tell you what they think – Be seen, be safe!

4.98 out of 5

Rated 5 out of 5
  1. Strap and Epaulet Clip Mount


    ggilbert1575 (verified owner)

    Very sturdy. I love the ability to mount the light by either magnet or screws. Considering wasting seatbelts, makes it more secure.

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  2. Amazing product

    ggilbert1575 (verified owner)

    I was amazed the first time using the device when people either slowed down or moved over. I used it while on a night call towing on a hwy notorious for people whipping by without moving over or slowing down. Also, the white work light is awesome. With the magnet mount, I could stick it to a point to light up my winch when it came to respooling the winch after using for winch outs. I endorse this product with 10 out of 5 stars!

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  3. Hard Hat Mount Elite Series

    External Carrier

    Mike T (verified owner)

    I'm in law enforcement and I used this to mount the device to my external carrier and it works great!

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  4. Must have tool

    Brad B (verified owner)

    This is simply one of the most essential devices to have. As a police officer, directing traffic is one of the most hazardous and unpredictable tasks we can do. It takes only one second for a driver to not see you in the road way. This device allows me to increase my visibility to drivers on the road exponentially.

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  5. Security


    Love it only had to charge it twice since I got it

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  6. Great device

    Johm DuBois (verified owner)

    I used this the same day I got it while working a crash in a snow storm. I had a tow driver ask about it and I also felt safer having it on. The red light is great for paperwork in my squad as I do not have to use the big red light in my car. I would recommend this device to anyone working in the field. It is so lightweight that I forget it is on my shoulder until I need to turn it on.

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  7. The difference a light can make

    Mark Bartlein

    We had been looking for something like this for over a year. We wanted something that would provide our night patrol with added security/safety while out on patrol, provide higher visibility of our patrol team while on-site at our client's properties, and help us stand out as a company overall. We have tested the product our for a few weeks now and have received nothing but great results. Our patrol team likes being able to have a hands free light source and residents/tenants have stated they like being able to identify us as security right off the bat with the steady light stream. The option to adjust light brightness is crucial to our operation as the device can last for a long duration (depending on setting). This allows our teams to have the steady light stream on for the duration of their shift. We equipped our patrol teams with body cams a few years ago and have found this to be another necessary tool while out on patrol. When working in teams, our guys are able to identify each other at a distance or in complete darkness, which is important when dealing with an alarm calls, trespass disturbances, etc... Overall, we believe this was a great, simple, and innovative idea. Sidenote: The product is built well. It feels strong and able to withstand weather conditions, falls, drops, etc...

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  8. For my husband

    Kimberly Jensen (verified owner)

    I love this light! My husband works for utah state parks as a park ranger. He is often in dark campgrounds, on atvs or a boat. This device is so helpful in keeping him safe. I can sleep better knowing that if anything happens to him in a remote area, he will be able to turn on his gaurdian angle and alert other rangers to his location. Awesome device, I would highly recommend it to all law enforcement officers!

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  9. Firefighter paramedic

    Jay Cohen (verified owner)

    It’s great both on the job and off. I have it window mounted on my day off and when I see other emergency vehicles or school buses stop I hit the red and yellow to the front. I Use it walking my dog, and on my side job as a plumber. One lady liked it so much she was getting it for Christmas for her son-in-law, a jogger and bicycle enthusiast.

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  10. Awesome device

    Mike McFeridge (verified owner)

    This is super bright, light weight, and easily adjustable. Great tool for work... Highly recommend.

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  11. Elite Series W/B/Y

    Kurt Pokorny

    Perfect for Security on duty in all situations! Every Officer get one in future!

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  12. Utilitarian 

    David Luger (verified owner)

    I use this device for many daily illumination applications. Great customer service as well!

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  13. BEST MONEY I SPENT IN 2018!!

    Robert Marquez (verified owner)

    Let me start by saying that I work nights out at LAX setting up temporary traffic control inside and outside of the airport, so I'm hit with a double wammy! 1. Night work on the busiest streets of Los Angeles is always high risk 2. People are already lost because 90% of them aren't local to the area, now enter me and my crew shutting lanes and diverting traffic is just an accident ready to happen BUT now with my new guardian angel safety light I feel like I have half a chance of making it home after each shift. Not only that its versatilitys are wonderful, I can have the back side of my light on strobe mode while the front is set to spotlight so I can read my traffic plans.If my device ever broke or I lose it I would not hesitate for a second to purchase another one, please believe me you will not regret purchasing this device for yourself or a loved one. AND THE CUSTOMER SERVICE IS SECOND TO NONE!!!

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  14. Fantastic light

    Michael Puttin (verified owner)

    Compact device that puts out a lot of light. I show the light to others and they think it's a great product. When I tell them the price they hesitate a little and then I ask them how much is their life worth. I perform traffic duties and with 3 brightness settings this light works great both daytime and nighttime. As a volunteer Fire Police Officer, I never know when I will have to respond, so I keep the light with me all the time. Shoulder magnet mount and I am always visible in traffic no matter what I am wearing. I love the light so much that I bought two. This way if someone else is directing traffic with me, I have one for them.

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  15. Best safety light

    John taylor (verified owner)

    This is my go to light from pretripping my t tdd uck or equipment to flagging on a busy roadway. This light but extremely bright light has never let me down. I've had many people stop and ask questions about it. These awesome lights really catch the public's attention.

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  16. Perfect product

    Todd Zwetzig (verified owner)

    This light is the perfect combination of size, performance and durability. What great features and upgrades from the original model.

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  17. Great tool

    Andy (verified owner)

    I was hesitant in buying this product at first with price tag. No regrets at all now. Once I had it in hand and felt the quality of the product I was pleased. I have been looking for a hands free light on vehicle searches and this by far the best option with multiple purposes. I have been and will continue to recommend to every one.

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  18. Universal Clip Mount with Magnetic Mount

    Perfect for On and off duty wear

    John Crayton

    The clip is extremely durable and fits the unit perfectly. Highly recommend!!!

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  19. Ray (verified owner)

    The device is bright and the runtime is great. When you are out in the street it’s an awesome active warning even just standing there. Worth every penny

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  20. Awesome light

    Ed McLean (verified owner)

    Well built. Super bright Led lights. Plenty of mounts to fit your application.. Not to mention the choice of colors..

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  21. Really good safety light

    Peter Fercher (verified owner)

    Greetings from Austria! Since I've been looking for a long time to be better used in the fire department, I have decided for this. The first time in service, the part was a great help, traffic accident in the dark and heavy snowfall. From a distance I was seen by other road users. Furthermore, I like that the brightness is adjustable to adapt to the conditions. The most ingenious is that the front and back can be switched on separately. Some colleagues are also considering buying something like that.

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  22. Kristopher Bolton (verified owner)

    Love the bright white led lights. Keeps the flashlight out of my hands or from under my arm pit.

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  23. Quality product all around!

    kls21483 (verified owner)

    This is very well made! I love the fact it is waterproof and seriously durable! The LED functions are easy to use and the actual LED’s are bright as well! This item is great for every type of police situation! I highly recommend this to any working man or woman in any profession! I feel a bit safer with this item on my person!

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  24. Fantastic Equipment

    Robert Thompson (verified owner)

    I purchased this device for traffic details. It was explained to me that it was clearly visible from 400 yards away at night. The white light is great for walking through yards and grassy areas. The blue light is crisp and projects well. The best feature is the magnets. I put the general purpose magnet inside my cargo pocket and attach the device to my leg instead of on my shoulder. Placement is unlimited and fantastic. I will be purchasing a second device. blue/blue

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  25. Really bright and effective tool

    Kenneth Gillett (verified owner)

    I love this product, I use it everyday. I work graveyard patrol for a private security company and I check on a lot of distribution centers. I use this when I have to walk around the loading areas so that truck drivers can see me. I also use it when I have to walk fence lines near active roadways. I have used it when I'm waiting for law enforcement response to a incident so that when they arrive they can locate me even in a busy shopping center. The device is bright and does its job at grabbing someone's attention very well. The green gives a nice contrast paired with the yellow. The device is very easy to use and easy to attach to all of the uniform apparel that I'm issued. I like that its micro USB rechargeable so if needed I can top off the charge when traveling between sites. Battery life is good I used the light for a 8 hour special event and it was still going strong after. Highly recommend this light to anyone thinking about it, I feel it's worth every penny spent.

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