Safety Device Reviews

They say praise for what you do is a sure sign of your success.  We are proud of our Guardian Angel Devices and could not be more thrilled that our devices are quickly becoming a trusted and essential tool for thousands of hardworking people around the world both on AND off the job.

Our innovative devices are being used in various fields from Law Enforcement, First Responders and Tow Operators to Construction, Roadside Safety, Security Personnel and everything in between.  We could tell you how awesome our product is,  but we figured it’s better to have actual Guardian Angel users tell you what they think – Be seen, be safe!

4.9 out of 5

Rated 5 out of 5
  1. Amazing product.

    Kirk Turner (verified owner)

    I really like this item. It is much brighter than I expected in comes in handy much more than at night. I am a game warden and constantly walking into bait sites where people are hunting it is so nice to turn the light on so people can see in midmorning

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  2. Eliminating Power

    Ken Griffis (verified owner)

    Whether you use the front display, rear or front/rear at the same time. This device lights it up and you can be seen for great distance. Perfect personal device.

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  3. Fantastic

    Ken Griffis (verified owner)

    This Clip is a Fantastic way to display and use your Guardian device on your personal car visor, clip to your jacket, pants or hat. The magnet is so powerful and no amount of body movement seems to dislodge it.

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  4. Chad Tidwell (verified owner)

    Super bright and works really good

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  5. Tony Surber (verified owner)

    Works perfect. Simple , self contained, waterproof, reliable. In use on the bow of our Feelfree lure 2 tanden kayak.

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  6. It’s perfect

    David Jensen (verified owner)

    It’s just exactly what I needed for my kayak. It’s bright

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  7. law_enforcement_wearable_led_light

    Great light to use on graveyard shift

    Logan Harris (verified owner)

    This light is great during traffic stops and filling out report paperwork. Puts the light right where you need it and has great back lights for working accidents and traffic. Recommend very highly.

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  8. Lighting at its finest!

    Tony Mendes (verified owner)

    This light has changed the way I do police work! The safety from the steady burn rear lights are amazing. They have help me identify myself during graveyard shift when citizens are wondering who’s in their yard at 3am looking for a suspect. I’ve used the device on numerous traffic to include a major accident. The Guardian Angle and be come the angle in my my shoulder! Thank you for such an amazing device

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  9. Awesome hands free device!

    Frank Giubileo (verified owner)

    After purchasing the full size Guardian Angel, I decided to try the Micro devices. I purchased them for all our officers and they absolutely love them. They don't have to tie up another hand to tackle a two-handed job - even shooting.

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  10. I love this device!!

    E. Brown (verified owner)

    I love this device. I use it multiple times when I’m out on the road. I feel safe whenever I’m out on a traffic stop or the scene of an accident using my Guardian Angel. All of my co workers also love it as well.

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  11. Very pleased with this item

    Susan K. (verified owner)

    I bought this item after a friend told me about it. I am happy I listened to him. I purchased one for me to use at work and one for my husband for when he's off fishing/hunting. This micro light does exactly as advertised. Its bright, effective and will keep you safe. It's easy to order online and arrived quickly. It was packaged well, no problems at all. Thank you for developing an awesome product.

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  12. Best of the Best

    Charles Russell (verified owner)

    I was skeptical even seeing a few of the lights that other people had, but now that I have mine I can say one of the best multi functional lights I have had

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  13. Small and bright.

    Jeremiah Torres (verified owner)

    I like that you can recharge it. It’s easy to use, extremely bright.

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  14. My 3rd Guardian Angel

    Bryan Chu (verified owner)

    Guardian Angels, expensive but well worth the premium as they are extremely durable and of great quality. My first unit was purchased over 18 months ago and is still going strong. My 3rd unit (white/red) offers the most utility out of the other two colors I own (white/green and red/red). The white/red is very useful for cycling as the strobing red serves as the rear lights and the solid white can illuminate the road ahead. I highly recommend to purchase the device tether to make sure you don't accidentally dropped them. A few of my friends lost their units because of this.

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  15. Universal Clip Mount with Magnetic Mount

    Very Durable!

    Monica Owens (verified owner)

    Definitely holds the device on! Is does not slide or toss around while on my shoulder! This piece holds it in place!

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  16. law_enforcement_wearable_led_light

    Very Helpful!

    Monica Owens (verified owner)

    The guardian angel light is amazing! It is SO bright, and makes me feel so much more secure out on scenes, knowing I am seen. Now all the guys on my squad want to get one!

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  17. Great LED light!

    TIM Severs (verified owner)

    Use this while out of my Security vehicle so that I can be seen, if I am in my personal vehicle and need to stop to assist someone it will stay on roof with magnet no problem, durable, bright and easy to use and easy to charge.

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  18. Very bright and easy to work

    Corey Price (verified owner)

    This light is awesome it is very bright and definitely gets the attention of passing motorists while working accident scenes

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  19. Love it

    tiffani Poole (verified owner)

    Bought this for my husband. He works heavy equipment. He loves how bright it is and makes easier when he works at night

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  20. law_enforcement_wearable_led_light

    Steven Weygand (verified owner)

    Well I Have bought 5 of these units and the reason for so many is that I gave them all to my local Sheriff Dept to keep them safe and the feedback that I’ve gotten is they love them and will be using them all the time. They said they are extremely bright even during the day. They also said they will save many lives as well not only there’s but also the people they serve as well.

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  21. Its SO BRIGHT!!!!

    Mark Boland (verified owner)

    I purchased this light for myself to use on the job (Paramedic). It attaches to my radio strap easily and provides ample amount of light. I have used this almost every shift since I got it and love it.

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  22. Excellent product

    Mark Boland (verified owner)

    I got this light for my son who LOVES to ride his bike, this light provides him with visibility even during the daytime. He absolutely loves it.

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  23. Raymond Hogue (verified owner)

    Brightness is great. Can see it still on a sunny day. Different patterns to help in what ever situation.

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  24. Universal Clip Mount with Magnetic Mount

    Great product

    Brian Johnson (verified owner)

    Your product exceeded my expectations.

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  25. law_enforcement_wearable_led_light

    Butch Gamache (verified owner)

    Works perfect used it the first time directing traffic in the fog and worked great might be looking to get another one

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