Safety Device Reviews

They say praise for what you do is a sure sign of your success.  We are proud of our Guardian Angel Devices and could not be more thrilled that our devices are quickly becoming a trusted and essential tool for thousands of hardworking people around the world both on AND off the job.

Our innovative devices are being used in various fields from Law Enforcement, First Responders and Tow Operators to Construction, Roadside Safety, Security Personnel and everything in between.  We could tell you how awesome our product is,  but we figured it’s better to have actual Guardian Angel users tell you what they think – Be seen, be safe!

4.98 out of 5

Rated 5 out of 5
  1. As advertised - Compact and Bright!

    Erik Blackwell (verified owner)

    Where I live in Texas, it's a bit of drive to the nearest large city, and there's on an almost daily basis a vehicle wreck on one of the connecting roads to the main highways. Because of speeding drivers, I decided to get an emergency light that I could put on my vehicle for when I might have a break down or I stop to help someone whose been in an accident. While the GA was initially meant to be wearable, the magnet is strong enough that I can easily reach out the window and attach it to the roof of my car and not worry about it getting blown off. Pros: Compact (about the size of a deck of cards), exceptionally bright despite it's small size. Can be charged with a cellphone cord. Cons: No real cons at this point in time. I would like to see successor models upgraded to work off the newer cell-phone cords which are Type-C and are meant for express charging.

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  2. A Must Have!

    Shon Johnson (verified owner)

    I'm a Deputy Sheriff in Lancaster County, SC. A small county with large rural areas. Something I enjoy about this nearly weightless device is that if I jump out of my cruiser with a dead flashlight or no flashlight at all, I have all the light I need resting on my shoulder. This light is bright, or dim when necessary, and doesn't require you to position yourself awkwardly to light up the target. The strong magnetic mount fits nicely on my should and I don't have to worry about losing the device while running through the woods. I'm confident that this will be one of the best investments you'll make; it's worth the money!

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  3. Could be brighter for extreme sunlight areas. But, overall solid product!

    Michael A Kaeo (verified owner)

    I really like the ease of operation and the brightness in low light situations. I own the amber/green and amber/white. Great quality on both products!

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  4. Awesome attachment!

    Daniel (verified owner)

    This is awesome to use my Guardian Angel in my Jeep while out on the job site. This makes it easy for my subs to see where I am at all times and it makes my vehicle seen by traffic. Highly recommend!!

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  5. Wearable Construction Safety Device

    Best Thing Out There!!!

    Daniel (verified owner)

    This device is awesome! If you want to give yourself or family piece of mind while out in the field this is what you need!! Being on construction sites as a home builder safety is number 1 that’s why I trust Guardian Angel.

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  6. Very versatile

    Joseph GIGLIO (verified owner)

    Product is easy to mount and magnet is strong. Great for kayak.

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  7. Innovative and practical

    Joseph GIGLIO (verified owner)

    I purchased this product for several reasons. Product is waterproof, easy to use and recharge, compact and rugged. Product allows for lighting without having to wire my kayak. Great product

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  8. Extremely great product

    Brian Martin (verified owner)

    Working on the highway as a vdot safety service patroller I have been looking for ways to make myself and coworkers more visible as we are working emergency scenes and other scenes since I have gotten my guardian angel light i have gotten several comments about the brightness and how they noticed me more I highly recommend this light for all safety personnel whether Leo, fire, ems, or ssp it is extremely effective as long as used properly

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  9. Must have for Patrol

    J. Carden (verified owner)

    I used the regular magnet mount that came with the product and after tackling a suspect, the GA light went flying. Thankfully it was located, but this mount better secures the device and should be included with purchase out of the box; especially the obvious red/blue law enforcement elite series. Amazing product so far and cant wait to ask Air One if they could see me from the IR flasher.

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  10. Great customer service, fast shipping, and just a well built product!

    culzheimer (verified owner)

    I would say that this is the best product on the market today for what I use it for, I'm using my Guardian Angel device on my Dualtron Scooter for night time riding in New York- NYC, it is extremely bright and visible for quite a distance. Not having one while riding any Electric Mobility Device in NYC is flat out suicide, I'm extremely happy with the product and I even got the clamp to mount it to my handlebars, which they sell, they have numerous options for attaching the device to either you or your bike-scooter or helmet.

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  11. Law Enforcement Wearable Safety Device | Guardian Angel

    I feel safer

    Byron G. (verified owner)

    It is really amazing on how bright this little thing is my goal bully the end of this year is to get into a foot chase and in that foot chase be caught by a squad members camera chasing the subject while running a 3 ( guardian angels lights on ) ... boy that would be a story to tell.

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  12. Mr. Blue (verified owner)

    Super bright and well seen day or night when I'm needed to be seen. Thank you for a great product!

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  13. Mr. Blue (verified owner)

    Love it, easy to use and no issues so far. Great product!

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  14. Law Enforcement Wearable Safety Device | Guardian Angel


    Justin Rodriguez (verified owner)

    This item is literally a game changer !! From something as simple as getting out on a traffic stop to something as easy as just needing to be seen in a heavily dark area this device got you covered. With a magnet so strong it’s easily able to be applied to a vehicle or to one of the great accessories Guardian Angel has to offer. One thing that I always tell everybody you cannot put a dollar on safety please guys don’t think twice before hitting the purchase button!

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  15. Wearable Construction Safety Device

    Amazing product.

    Mike Prather (verified owner)

    I love the feeling of being safe and being seen at night when I'm either riding my mountain bike or on the side of the road helping broken down vehicles.

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  16. Chad Keller

    Thanks for the review Davin! Another option for LBV/External carrier is our Universal Clip Mount.

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  17. I can’t stop buying them

    Tony (verified owner)

    This was my third light I use the blue/blue on duty I gave the white Yellow/blue to my brother and the most recent the white Green/yellow went to my sister. We all love this light it so versatile you can mount it anywhere on your body. The light is bright and will get you noticed on the roadway or just walking around your neighborhood at night. I love the hands free flash light function as well as how light and small it is. It is water proof as I was on the highway in pouring rain and had no problems with the light at all. I’m saving up for another one as a backup since my family loved them so much that I gifted mine. You should get yourself one of your on the fence. It can be used by anyone in almost ever situation.

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  18. Law Enforcement Wearable Safety Device | Guardian Angel

    Great Safty device

    Samuel Blackwell (verified owner)

    Safty means everything and this product does its job. It is extremely bright

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  19. Not ideal for LBV/External

    davin.hwang (verified owner)

    Purchased this mount for my patrol LBV/External. When clipped across or perpendicular to the shoulder portion of the vest, the GA Light sits into the mount so that the front or rear of the light faces toward the center of the body. I would need to lift the light out of screw slots so that the light sits on the magnet causing the light to move rotationally whenever touched. In other words, the screw holes should be on all four sides so that the user can choose the desired seated position of the light. The light is great. I just need to find a secure way of wearing the light on my shoulder

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  20. A must have but if kit.

    Mark Avery

    Hi folks, I’m a Police Constable in The Metroplolitan Police Service in London. As you can imagine it’s a busy fast paced place. I recently purchased this product and all I can say is it’s amazing. WOW. It’s lightweight, yet has the feel of being robust. The lights and features surpass expectations. I now have a number of colleagues here asking about it and considering purchasing one, speedy delivery as well. I couldn’t promote this any harder. I used it today whilst I was on a pedal-cycle operation at a very iconic home today and have attached a picture for you. Superb kit, bright during the day.. Can’t wait for nights. It’s a MUST HAVE.

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  21. Guardian Angel safety light

    Jordan Beach (verified owner)

    I love the Guardian Angel safety light. I wear it in my job of lawn care and especially near roadways. I have notice that people driving by look to see what the light is from. So it is highly visible to traffic. I have the yellow,red and white one. I have also used this when I have gone bike riding at night, I noticed cars move over more than with other lights I have used.

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  22. Haven't Used The Clip Yet

    Kelvin Hallums (verified owner)

    So I bought a Guardian Angel (red/blue) light with IR on Amazon because it is sold out or on back order through GA. I bought the Universal Clip Mount for my outer vest carrier epaulet... Little did I know, the magnet that comes with the light is perfect for sliding under the shoulder part of the vest and the light mounts perfectly. So I haven't needed to use the clip as if yet but I can tell it is of great quality and the magnet is great. But it is still in the original packing until needed as a back up. Oh and the original mount is curved as if it were purposely made for shoulder mounting.

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  23. Wearable Construction Safety Device

    Great for fuel deliveries at night.

    Eric Meyer (verified owner)

    I couldn’t wait to play with my new toy the first day I received the GA. By the second night I needed it in a real way. It is very versatile and can be used as a safety device or simply a great flashlight. The magnet makes the mounting options almost limitless.

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  24. Law Enforcement Wearable Safety Device | Guardian Angel

    Great product

    kd5ood.ds (verified owner)

    The unit is lightweight and very bright I would recommend this unit to any one

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  25. Law Enforcement Hands-free Light


    Joshua Warren (verified owner)

    Great device, stays attached to uniform with magnet very easily. It is very bright and easy to use.

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