Reviews the Guardian Angel Elite Series

How many officers are hit on the side of the road? How many are injured? How many times have you needed to report your position to a fellow officer in a place difficult to describe? While small personal beacons and reflective vests are available, are there any effective alternatives?

The Elite Series personal light from Guardian Angel looks to address just that. At first glance, it’s odd and different. It takes the portable light concept in a new direction. But top of the list has to be what it’s not. It’s not just a flashlight. It’s not just a work light. It’s not just a beacon. Really, it’s all three.

The concept originated back in 2010 from a police officer in Milwaukee, Wis. The intent was meant to provide some officer visibility at night—to help make the officer more visible for safety. Since then the light’s form has changed for the better. Yet, the purpose has never dimmed—in fact it has become brighter than ever.

Today, the Elite Series includes four models. There are two designed for law enforcement, one featuring a wigwag blue/blue and a second model with a red/blue pattern. I was sent the red/blue version to test out. My neighbors must be quite confused with a flashing police light illuminating my dark windows at night. Other color combinations available seem to be directed towards other markets: a white/yellow for construction and a white/red for personal use.

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