Newly Released Safety Lighting Device Aims to Save Lives

Number one cause of death for police officers is being struck by a vehicle

MILWAUKEE – According to a 5 year study conducted by the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund, the number one cause of death for police officers was being struck by a vehicle while outside of their squad car. The makers of the Guardian Angel™, a premium wearable LED safety device, announced today the release of the industry’s latest advancement to keep officers safer on duty: its ‘Elite Series’ of personal safety lights.

Every feature of the Guardian Angel™ ‘Elite Series’ was designed and developed with performance, safety, comfort and utility in mind. Some of the distinguishing features are:

  • Polycarbonate Exterior – The device is made from a virtually indestructible material so it can withstand a beating on the job.
  • Waterproof Casing – Rubber gaskets line the interior of the device allowing for complete submersion without causing any damage.
  • 360° Light Aspect Ratio – This innovative design feature provides over 2 miles of visibility.
  • Static and Flashing Modes – The device offers many different lighting modes, depending on what the situation calls for.
  • Universal Mounting Options – Comfort is key. The Guardian Angel™ ‘Elite Series’ features a built-in neodymium rare earth magnet mounting system as well several additional mounting accessories which allow the device to be mounted to nearly any surface.
  • One-Touch Emergency Light Activation – The Guardian Angel™ ‘Elite Series’ was designed to save lives, even in the most extreme conditions. One touch activation of the device allows for quick response and high visibility.

“This [Elite Series Device] is a resource magnifier in the sense that it can prevent officers from being injured. Compared to the limited options we had available before, this is a great tool to keep our officers safe,” stated Art Howell, Chief of Police for the City of Racine, Wisconsin.

The original line of Guardian Angel™ devices, the ‘100 Series,’ has already been adopted by thousands of police officers, firemen, EMS, and security guards across the world. With this new product release, the company looks to bolster its mission to keep first responders safe.

“Whether it’s a police officer, security guard, first responder, construction worker, roadside worker, or anyone else, our core mission is to keep individuals who wear our devices safer,” said Chief Designer Ron Dir. “We designed the new ‘Elite Series’ model based on the feedback we received from our customers using our devices in the field, and we’re confident that the improvements and compact design will be well received. Whether they are conducting a traffic stop and need to establish their presence, are creating a quick and seamless barrier of light, or they’re just using it to jot down information in a poorly lit area, the Guardian Angel is a tool that any first responder can benefit from.”

Guardian Angel™ devices are available for purchase through specialty dealers throughout the United States and abroad as well through the Guardian Angel™ sales reps: The website,, is coming soon.

About Guardian Angel™
Archangel Device LLC is a Wisconsin based company that designs, manufactures and distributes premium wearable safety lights. The primary industries the company serves are first responders, construction, and outdoor recreation. Visit their website at for more information on pricing and availability.