Getting started with your device

We sure to fully charge your device before using it.  A full-charge is indicated by the red work-light blinking twice in rapid succession every few seconds.

Are all Guardian Angel devices the same?

No. We have 4 different models: 100 Series, 200 Series, LE Series First Gen, and Elite Series.

What is the same on each Guardian Angel Device?

All devices come with a lithium ion rechargeable battery, built in rare earth magnet, a rare earth magnet mount, high powered LEDs offering over 2+ miles visibility, independent front, rear, and top light controls, ultra-bright white LEDs on the top (2 LEDs on 100, 200, and LE First Gen; 1 on Elite), emergency mode, power saving modes, 360° light pattern, polycarbonate exterior, and a USB charging cord.

How do the Guardian Angel devices differ from one another?

Guardian Angel 100 Series: These models are the first-generation Guardian Angels we produced. The buttons extrude from the top of the device, each side only flashes (no constant on light feature on either side), each device has a single white LED work light in the front middle of each device, and has two brightness settings.

Guardian Angel 200 Series: Same casing, weight, and size as the 100 series, except the control buttons sit flush with the top of the device. Each side of the device can either flash or stay on. The front side of this model is all white, and rear is either yellow (amber), red, or orange. This model also has two brightness settings.

Guardian Angel LE Series (First Gen): Same casing, weight, and size as the 100 and 200 Series. The control buttons sit flush with the top of the device, the work light in the front middle is red, it has an enhanced white work light (4 white LEDs in the front, two on each side of the red work light), and the rest of the device flashes either red and blue or just blue. This model also has two brightness settings.

Guardian Angel Elite Series: Our newest model, these devices are about half the size and weight of the 100, 200, and First Gen LE devices and has three brightness settings (low, medium, high). All Elite Series have a single red LED work light, and either side can flash or stay on. The Elite series has one ultra-bright white LED on the top of the device, whereas the other series have two. It has a universal micro USB charger, and polycarbonate snap close charging port, and a smaller battery.  The Elite Series also comes in a law enforcement (LE) version, which has the same light configuration as the LE First Gen Series (red work light, enhanced white work light, each side flashes either red and blue or blue only).


What are the sizes and weights of the Guardian Angel devices?

100, 200, First Gen LE Series: Size (cm): 9.4W x 7.2L x 2.5H; Weight (g): 144.9 (5.1 oz.)

Elite Series: Size (cm): 6.9W x 4.7L x 2.5H; Weight (g): 92.0 (3.24 oz)

How long does it take to charge the battery?

100, 200, First Gen LE SeriesIf the battery is fully depleted, it will take approximately 6 hours to fully recharge. While the battery is charging, the charging light will blink green. It will stay green once fully charged.

Elite SeriesIf the battery is fully depleted, it will take approximately 3 hours to fully recharge. While the battery is charging, the red work light on the front will blink every few seconds. Once fully charged it will blink twice in rapid succession every few seconds.

How do I charge the battery?

All Guardian Angels come with a micro USB charger. Simply plug in the charging cord to the device and plug the USB into any USB charger.

How many charging cycles will the battery last?

Up to 3,000.

How long can I use my Guardian Angel on 1 charge?

Depends on the brightness setting and the light pattern mode. The device can last anywhere from 4 to 150 hours on a single charge. The recharge time is shorter than the shortest battery run time as well.

Will my device drain the battery if it’s powered on but not in use?

No, the battery is only used when the lights on the device are engaged.

Do the lithium ion rechargeable batteries used in the Guardian Angel devices have a safety rating?

Yes. Each battery carries a UN38.3 safety materials rating.

How should I dispose of Lithium Ion batteries?

Lithium ion batteries, like all rechargeable batteries are recyclable and should be recycled.  They should never be incinerated since they might explode. Most places that sell rechargeable batteries will also accept them back for recycling.

Do the Guardian Angel devices carry an IP rating?

Yes. The 100, 200, and First Gen LE Series carry an IP67 rating, while the Elite Series carry an IP68 rating.

Does the Guardian Angel come in different colors?

Yes, several. Contact us to find the right color combination for you.

Can you customize the Guardian Angel for our company?

Yes. We can customize the color combination, the casing colors, and even include your company logo on each device. Contact us to learn more.


How do I turn my Guardian Angel on?

If your device is not powered on when you receive it simply plug it in and press any of the buttons to turn it on.

Do you have other mounting options for the Guardian Angel other than the magnet mount?

Yes, there are numerous mounting options. Please visit the Accessories link to see all available mounting options.

How do I activate the front and rear lights at same time without having the top white LEDs flashing?

Independently select front “F” or rear “R” to activate the 360 degrees light pattern. (Note: a third light pattern will activate – 360 degree revolving).

How Can the Guardian Angel be mounted to my hard hat?

Yes, we offer a mount for hard hats. The device can be mounted to any area on the hard hat. We recommend the Elite Series for this due to its smaller size.

Will wearing it on my hard hat interfere with my clip-on ear muffs, face shield, or any other gear on my hard hat?

Nope, not at all. You can position it anywhere you want on your hard hat.

Can you wear the Guardian Angel on any headgear, including soft caps, bike helmets, sweat bands, etc?

A. Yes, the magnet system allows it to be mounted to nearly any piece of headgear on the market.

Can I wear the Guardian Angel on my person?

Absolutely. The device can be mounted to any area of the body where there is clothing.

What if I want to wear it were I don’t have clothing?

We have a mounting option for that too. Check out our Arm Strap Mount.

Is there anything you can’t mount the Guardian Angel to?

Not really. If there is we haven’t found it yet. Let us know we love a challenge!

So it’s safe to say this is the most versatile personal lighting device on the market?

Yes, we would agree with that statement.

Can my Guardian Angel work if submerged in water?

Short answer is yes. The unit is designed to be water resistant if the charging port plug is securely put into place and not submerged to depths over 10 feet. The unit is not designed to be water proof. We would not recommend diving with the unit due the pressure.

Will my Guardian Angel work in the rain, snow, or cold weather?

But of course. Our company is based in Wisconsin, which throws us all types of horrible weather. They were designed to work in the toughest conditions.


What is the warranty on Guardian Angel devices?

We offer a 2 year warranty from the time of purchase on any defective parts. We will either fix your device or replace it entirely. The warranty does not include wear and tear or misuse.

Is my Guardian Angel still under warranty if I take it apart?

No, the warranty is void if it is taken apart by someone other than one of our employees or designee.


We use reflective vests, isn't that enough?

Reflective vests are effective from 250ft only if they are illuminated by light. The Guardian Angel can be seen up to 2+ miles away unassisted.

My organization would like to test some the Guardian Angel Devices, do you offer a test program?

We do. We secured the sample test with a credit card, and offer 30 days to evaluate. At the end of 30 days you can either purchase the device, roll it into a new purchase order, or return the device. If you need more time please let us know. Contact Us for more information on our testing program.

What is the best way to purchase the Guardian Angel?

You can either purchase directly from Us or contact a Dealer in your area.